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South Side Sale, Old Deed #40 Braddan (Court May 1714)

Thomas Kinley + wife to Christopher Kinley - Sale

Know all men By these presents that I Thomas Kinley of the parish
of KK Conchan with the Consent of my wife Joney Kinley alias Kneale
many Good Causes and Considerations us hereunto moving But Espetially for and
in Consideration of the Just sume of seven pounds four shillings and
five pence of Current moneys as passes now in this Isle to be pd as followeth
that is to say thirty four shillings and five pence to bee pd before Chrismas
next Ensuring this sate and the other five pounds ten shillings to be
paid at the end or Expiration of two years after this date : of and from ye
hands of our Loveing Brother Christopher Kinley of the parish of KK
Braddan have Given Granted past over and sould and by these presents doe
Give grant pass over and Absolutely sell for Ever All our interest Right and
Tytle in and to nine pence yearely intack Rent Knowen and Called by the name
of Mathews Croft sittuate and being at the far End of the Knock Glass
in the fore sd parish of KK Braddan and also the new inclosure of one shilling
and six pence yearely rent of late taken from the Commons on the easte side
of the sd Croft with all the houses Libertyes and wasmwnts of wayes
water or watercourses belonging or aperteining to the sd Rents to him our
above sd Brother Christopher Kinley his heirs Exers Admers or Assignes to
have hold occupie possess and peacably to Enjoy the same for Ever
from us or either of us the above sd Tho: Kinley or Joney my wife
our heirs Exers Admers or Assignes : only that if the afore sd Tho:
Kinley departs this Life before his above sd wife that yn if shee have
occation for A shelter to Live in, that the afore sd Christopher is to
give her the our new house to Live in duereing her Life and shee
to Keepe it in Repaire Lickewise that as the above sd Croft of nine
pence rent is Mortgaged to Robt Quirke of KK Malew for the tearme
of five yeares of wch there is two yeares Un Expired that the fore sd
Christopher is not to molest the sd Mortgage till the Tearme be ended
and if to Redeeme and pay of the same wch sd sume is to remain in
his hands till hee thinks fitt to pay the sd for the redemption thereof
wch is five pounds ten shillings And that wee the above Tho: Kinley and Joney
my wife dee hereby binde and obleidg our selves our heirs Exers or Assigns
to Uphould warrant and defend him the sd Christopher his heirs Exers
or Assignes in the interest of the premises Against all persons whatever
the Right Honerble the Lord of this Isle or his heirs only Excepted
And to performe and Execute all and Every such Lawfull act or acts
thing or things Ass shall or may by Law be for the better security
of him the afore sd Cristopher  his heirs or Assignes better security in ye premises

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And that in the penalty of fifteene pounds sterling in the nature of
all fines Ass wittness our marks to our names this fourteenth of
November one thousand seaven hundred and thirteene

Signed and Delivered
in presence of               Thomas Kinley my marke  T
   John Corlett my mrk  ?    Joney Kinley alias Kneale my marke  ?
   Tho: Claigue my mrk  T
   Willm Flexney

            28th May 1714
            Tho: Kinley & Joney his wife have
            acknowledged all the wthin & above
            Bill of Sayle to be their voluntary Act
            & Deed.  Before me
                    Dan Mylrea

        At a Sheading Court holden at Castle Rushen
        the 31th May 1714
The within and above Bill of Sayle being acknowledged before
the Deemster and now published in open Court and noe
objection made agt it therefore ye same is allowed of
and confirmed according to Law
                    Alexer  Horne
                    J Rowe
      Dan Mylrea    Wm Sedden


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