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South Side Sale, Old Deed #11 Braddan (Court October 1703)

Ro Kinley to Tho Kinley

Know all men by these presents that I Robert Kinley of the parish of
KK Braddan with the Consent of my wife Marie Kinley alias Christian have
for divers good causes and Considerations us thereunto moving but Espetially for
and in Consideration of the Intire sume of two pounds fifteene shillings &
eight-pence of Good and Lawfull moneys of England to be pd to us as follow
=eth:  ??? thirtie seven shillings to be pd to John Kneale of the parish of KK
Santan: at or before the Expiration of twelve yeares after the date here=
=of: and six shillings and eight pence apeece to be pd to our Brothers
Christopher Kinley and Thomas Kinley which was due to them by the
Last will of our Late Diceased father Christopher Kinley: with the
Iniunction Laid upon the above Robert Kinley by his fathers will
for the maintenance of his Mother during her naturall Life and
twelve shillings to be pd to us the above Robert Kinley and Mary my
wife: our heirs or Assignes at or before the feast of St Andrewes
next after the date hereof:  by and from the hands of  our Loveing
Brother Thomas Kinley:  whereof and wherewith upon the payments of
the above parcels of moneys:  and the maintaining of our above sd
Mother: wee the above sd Robert Kinley and Marie my wife doe
Vouch our selves to be pd and fully sattisfied:  and thereof and of every
part and parcell thereof doe Clearly aquitt and discharge out above sd
Brother Thomas Kinley his heirs Executers Administraters or Assignes 
by these presents:  have Given Granted Alienate pass over and absolutely
Sell for ever all our interest right and tytle: in and to one small croft
situate and being in ye above parish of KK Braddan: Commonly knowen
and Called by the name of Mathewes Croft and of the yearly rent of nine
pence to our Honerble Lord with all wayes watercourses Easments proffitts and
Comodity as thereunto belonging or Apperteining:  to him the above
Thomas Kinley his heirs Executers Admers or Assignes:  to hold and
enioy the same forever:  from us our heirs Exrs Admers or Assignes
as afore sd and wee the above Robt Kinley and Marie my wife
doe further:  hereby promise and obleidge our selves our heirs Exers:
Admers and Assignes to uphold warrant and defend him our afore sd
Brother Thomas Kinley his heirs Exers Admers or Assignes in ye interest
of the sd Croft:  Against all persones whatever:  the Right Honerble:  the
Lord of the Isle only Excepted:  And to have the sd Tho:Kinleys name
entered in our Honerble: Lords rentall books for the premises: and use
our endeavor to procure the Honerble Courts probation and Alowance
hereto:  and for ye true and punctuall performance:  of all and singular ye
premises herein spercified wee bind ourselves our heirs Exers: Admers and
Assignes in the penalltie of  six pounds sterling the one halfe to ye use of
our Honerble Lord and the other halfe to ye above Thomas Kinley his
heirs Exers: Adminers or Assignes  As wittness our hands this fourth of December

Signed and delivered in ye        Robert Kinley my marke  R
presents of                 Marie Kinley Alias Christian 
    Phillip Cloaige his mrk  P                my marke    M   
    Willm Flexney

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31 May 1703

Wm Flexney and Phill:Cloage wittnesses to the within
Bargand have deposed the Same to be the Act and
Deed of the parties thereunto before me.
                    Jon Parr

I the within Robt Kinloe doe hereby acknowledg
my selfe to be fully Satisfied and paide the
full of the within saile in every perticular from the
hands of my Brother Thomas Kinlo therefore I doe
aquitt and discharge him my sd Brother his heirs or
Assignes As Wittness my hand this Last of  May 1703

wittness present        Robert Kinloe my marke  R
   John Creling [?]
   Willm Flexney

        At a Sheading Court holden at
        Castle Rushen the 15th Octobr 1703

The within Bill of Sayle being acknowledged before
the Deemster as is above certifyed, the Same is therefore
allowed of and confirmed according as the Statute
provides in that behalfe by us
                Jon Parr
                Chris Parker
                R Powe
                Dan Mylrea
        Jon Bridson    Will: Ross


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