[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, Old Deed #10 Braddan

William Kellwey and Ann Kinloey

Articles of Marriage Conditioned Concluded and agreed Upon By and between Jea[obscured
?????? of the ????????????????????? of KK Marown for and in ye behalfe of his [obscured]
William Kelley on the one party, And Thomas Kinloe and Ann Kinloe al[obscured]
Crebbin his wife for and in behalfe of their daughter Ann Kinloey on the
other party As followeth:  That the above sd William Kelley and Ann [obscured]
Shall Enter into the holy State of  Matrymoney soone after the date [obscured]
God and holy Church permitting the Same

First it is Concluded and Agreed upon that the above sd Jeames Kelley doth 
[obscured by fold] permit him [obscured] the young Couple
Shall ???? with him [obscured by fold]
of halfe of his part of the tenement hee Lives in and Lickewise [obscured]
part of the Cropp now growing with halfe his part of his husbandry gears
Imeadiatly after their marriage they yielding and paying halfe of  ???
proportion of all rents suits and services with the same proportion of  ??????
and ???????? and all other necessarys belonging thereto: and after the ??????????
of the fore sd ??????? thereof are to Leave the Cropp and Geares after the ?????
nature that this now receive them

2ly  It is Concluded and agreed upon that the above Thomas Kinloe and Ann Kin[obscured]
allias Crebbin his wife doth hereby promise to give in portion or dowry goods
with there above daughter the whole of the halfe quarter of Land We now[obscured]
in which they themselves purchased as Followeth that is to say the one halfe[obscsured]
thereof with halfe the Crop and halfe there husbandry geares of all sorts [obscured]
[obscured by folds] of immediately after the death of ye fourmost of the above the
[obscured by folds] Land Called by the name of [tears and folds]
and the other halfe of the ?? Lands and [obscured by folds]
the death of the Longest Liver of the fore sd Tho:Kinloe and wife [obscured by folds]
the above William Kelley and Ann his intended wife [strikeout] accord[obscured]
to there takeing possession to pay proportionably all rents suits and ser[obscured]
and Further it is Agreed upon that there is a parcell of the above sd Land
Latly purchased by the fore sd Tho: Kinloe and his wife wch Cost ym five pou[obscured]
thirteen Shillings it is Agreed upon that the above young Couple is upon
there first Entering on halfe the above sd Lands to pay to the [strikeout]
Surviver of the above Thomas or his wife the sume of  fifty Shillings
and after the death of ye Longest Liver of the sd Tho: or wife ye young
Couple is to pay fifty Shillings more to the Executors of the foresd Tho
or wife

3ly it is Agreed upon that if the above sd Ann Kinloe Junr departs this Life wit[tear]
[tears and fold obscure] and ?? ?? Case the whole of the above Lands is to [obscured]
to her second sister and [obscured by fold]
next in age for the want afore sd and y? the one halfe of the above
sd five pounds being fifty shillings to be pd back by the posser of the
sd Lands to the fore sd Willm: Kelley or his Executers And ?????????
of ten pounds Sterling in the nature of all Fines to be Levied of the good ???
Chattles of the disserver  As wittness our hands and Seals this twenty march of

Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of    Jeames Kelley my mark  ?  and seal [red seal]
Thos Kinloe my mrk  T                Thos Kinloe my mark T and seal [red seal]
Willm Brew my mrk  W                Ann Kinloe alias Crebbin my mrk A and seal
Nicholass Kelley my mrk  N
Willm Flexney                    Willm Kelley my mark W and seal [red seal]
                        Ann Kinloe Junr my mark A and seal [red seal]

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11th July 1709
    All the parties to the within Contract have acknowledged the
    Same to be their Act and Deed, before me
                            Jon Parr

        At a Sheading Court holden at Castle
        Rushen the 24 of October 1709
The wthin Articles of marriage being accknowledged by all the
ptys thereunto before ?? Deemster Parr & publis?????? ?????
in open Court & noe objection agt it the same is hereby
[line obscured by fold]
            Jon Parr    ?? Rowe
                    Chris Parker
                    Wm Sedden


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