[courtesy Sally Ann Kinley]

South Side Sale, May 1751 #52 Braddan

Robert Kelly and Margaret Kinley

Articles of Marriage Agreed, And Conclu[obscured by fold]
upon, by, and betwixt Wm Kinley of the
Parrish of KK St. Anne And Mary his wife
in behalf of their Daughter Margarett Kinley
on the one part And Wm Kelly of the parrish
of KK Braddan in behalf of his son Robt Kelly
on the other part, are as follows 

First      It is Agrees upon that the sd Robt Kelly
And sd Margarett Kinley Shall Enter into the
Holy Estate of Matrimony upon Tuesday next  
Ensueing the Date hereof ^in the parrish Church of St Anne^ God And Holy Church  
permitting the Same  

2ndly    The sd Wm Kinley And Mary his wife Doth here=
by Settle upon the sd Young Couple in proper
possession the one half of all their houses And
Lands And Also half of their Crop of Corn And
the other half of the sd Houses and Lands to be
possessed by the sd Young Couple at the
Death of the Longer Liver of the sd Wm Kinley
and Mary his wife, And Also the other half of the
sd Crop of Corn Further the sd Wm Kinley And Mary
his wife Doth hereby Engage to give unto the sd
Young Couple in proper possession one half of
all their Hooped Vessels.  And A Sufficient Suite of
of Bed Cloaths, And Also one half of a heifer
of Two Years Old.

3rdly    The sd Wm Kelly Doth hereby Engage to give to
and with his sd Son Robt Kelly in Marriage Dowry
or portions the Sum of Five pounds Manks Currency

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To be paid before the Expiracon of Three Years
after the Date hereof

4thly    The sd Robt Kelly And his Intended Wife Margt
Kinley Dos hereby Engage themselves that they
or Either of them will Neither Sell or Mortgage
the Land herein Menconed nor any part thereof
During the Life of the sd Wm Kinley And Mary his
wife without their Consent  

5thly    The Sd Wm Kinley Dos hereby Covenant that if
in case his sd Wife Mary will Expire before him,
and he marry a second wife And by her have any
male Issue whereby his sd Daughter Margt May be
Deprived of the before menconed Land that then
sd Wm Kinley is to pay unto his sd Daughter Margt
the Sum of Eight pounds Imediately after sd
Male Issue will be born

Lastly    All parties herein Concerned Dos hereby Bind
And Oblige themselves And their Heyres & Exrs
Each to the other to the performance hereof in the
penalty of Fourty pounds Sterling To be Levyed
according to the Law of this Isle in Witness to hereof
they have hereunder Set their Marks to their
names this 24th of Febry 1749  

Signed and Delivered     Wm Kinley his  X
in presence of us        Mary Kinley her  X
   Thos Kelly his  X     Wm Kelly his  X
   Robt Moore            Robt Kelly his  X
                         Margt Kinley her  X
                         Anne Kelly als
                             Kinley her Mrk  X  

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7th May 1751
Thomas Kelly and Robert Moore
the Subscribing witnesses made Oath
that all the Subscribing parties  
(except Robt Kelly) duly executed the
Before written Articles of Marriage
in their presence Robt Kelly came
this day and Acknowledged the Same 
to be his Act and Deed Before me
            Jon Taubman

At a Sheading Court holden at Castle
Rushen the 7th May 1751

The within articles of Marriage being proved & 
acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly
published in Court and no objection offered agt them
are therefore allowed off and Confirmed according to
                    Dan Mylrea
                    Jon Taubman
                    Wm Christian
                    Jon Quayle

I the before named Robt Kelly do hereby acknowledge
to have already recd from my father Wm Kelly The
portion of Five pounds promised my be the Third 
Article of this Settlement and do forever acquit  
Exonnerate & Discharge him his Execrs Admrs & assign[edge of page]
of & from the same  As witness my hand this 4th[edge of page]
1752                Robt Kelly my mark  X
Before me    Jon Quayle
            Compr & clers Rotul 

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I the within Robt Kelly do further acknowledge to have
recd from my father in Law Wm Kinley The one half
of the Hooped Vessells, the suit of Bed Cloaths and one half
of a Heifer of two years old promised by him in & by the
Second Article of this Settlement And do for ever Acquit and
Discharge him & his Execrs Admrs & assignes of & from the
same As witness my hand this 4th Augt 1752
Executed Before me                Robt Kelly my mark  X
    Jon Quayle
    Compr & clers Rotul (comptroller and Clerk of Rolls)


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