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These references to entries in Lib Canc etc preceed the index to old deeds
LibCanc 1617 17    Wm Cretney & John his son & their wives to John Oates a sale of 4th part of a quarter called Balleynd Cley baney of 3s rent
LibCanc 1629 21    Robt Moore & wife to John Crain a sale of Ballaquinnish
LibCanc 1630 27    Wm Kelly to Wm Gellin a sale of half a quarter of land of 9s rent called Balley veg molley
LibCanc 1631 33    An exchange between Jo Moore & Jo Quinney gives Moore a Qr of Lords land of 12s rent & Moor gives Quinney a Qr of Bps land of 3s 8d rent custom 1 [] wheat, 1 mutton 1 lamb 1 goose 1 hen 12 carrs turff 2 days shearing, a pcell called Largy brishey of 12 rent & 12 ? in money 1 Milk cow a couple of sheep; an acquitance endorsed
LibCanc 1634 75    Witnesses prove and declare the contract bargain between Jo Quine & Margt Creetch & the goods the father was to give
LibCanc 1637 64    Margt & Bahee Clague & Joney Cain their mother to Wm Fale a sale of a parcel called the Negane of 4d rent
LibCanc 1641 16    Wm Cannon & [] to Jo Lewn a sale of the Burn Close of 12d rent
LibCanc 1641 88    An exchange between Tho Quine & Wm Cashen, Quine gives Strenaby
LibCanc 1641 90    Wm Cowne & wife to John Quine a sale of part of their farm of 5s double rent
LibCanc 1645 55    Paul Bridson & wife to John Moore a sale of half a Quarter of land called Knock Bane of 5s 9d rent
LibCanc 1645 62    An exchange between Wm Gellin & Jo Cowley, Gellin gives his Qr land of 4s & intacks of 13d rent for Cowleys Qr land of 7s 8d & 19.5 d intack rent. Allowed off per officers
LibCanc 1655 96    Gilbt Cubon to John Kelly a sale of half a quarter of Boldall Miln with his pt of the croft to the sd miln belonging
LibCanc 1656 83    Wm Cannon & wife to John McFaile a sale of Algare of 8s 2d rent
LibCanc 1659 65    Marriot Creer to Wm Clague a sale of a 4th pt of a Qr called Ballavollen of 4s 6d rent
LibCanc 1659 69    Jo Cowley to Jo Kelly a sale of his farm of 4s 10d rent & intacks of 12d except Maugher bane which Cowley reserves for himself and is to pay 1d rent
LibCanc 1660 35    John Stean to Tho Oates a sale of Crotten Bana of 8d rent
LibCanc 1660 134   Hugh Brown & wife to John Moore a sale of half a Qr of land of 5s 9d rent
LibCanc 1661 21    John Craine and Christian his wife to Wm Craine in contraction the 4th part of a Qr of land called the Whitstone of 6s rent to him and his heirs after their decease proved by witness
LibCanc 1661 89?   Jo Stean & wife to John Stoale a sale of half of Balla Oates of 4s 6d rent & the customs also menconed
LibCanc 1663 ??    Nich Gellin & Bessy Bridson's contract his mother settles on the purchased lands as wells as Knockbreck on herv sd son and his issue after her decease
LibCanc 1663 ??    Robt Kinnish to Robt Hampton a sale of Balla Crunk of 15s 5d rent
LibCanc 1665 49    John Carrown & wife to Wm Gellin a sale of a pcell of Qr land of 15d rent & an intack of 63/4 d rent in Camslodge ? treen
LibCanc 1665 51    Wm Christian to Wm Gellin a sale of half a croft being intack of 5d rent called Kelly's Croft
LibCanc 1666 60    John Quine & wife to Phill Karran a sale of the 4th part of a Qr of Abbey Land of 2s Rent
LibCanc 1669 17    John Clucas to Robt Clucas his brother a sale of Ballneshamragg of 8s 6d rent
LibCanc 1671  6    Wm Curghey & wife to Wm Crayne a sale of his estate of 9s 2d rent single
LibCanc 1672 29    Tho Stoale & Margt Oates contract
LibCanc 1674 113   John Quirk & Dorothy Stoale's  contract
LibCanc 1676 136   Jo Creer & Margery Quayle's contract - declared & proved by witnesses
LibCanc 1679 65    Robt Calcott esq to Dav Murrey, Mrs Margt Murrey senr & junr a sale of the Nunnery Milns with a close of two little meadows of 17s 8d rent with a provision of redemption by his heirs, & the Govrs order directing the Att Genl to give Murrey possession the same being forcibly kept from him by the sd Calcotts heirs
LibCanc 1679 69    Edw Fletcher & Eliz Murrey's contract
LibCanc 1679 85    John Stean & wife to Margt Elletson a mort of the moiety of a water corn miln & a croft
LibCanc 1680 115   Tho Creer & wife to Paul Creer their uncle a sale of a pcell called Ballateare with Knockbane of 8s 6d rent
LibCanc 1681 30    Wm Cown & wife to John Lewn a sale of a half of Ballacreggy of 15s rent & half their intacks
LibCanc 1684 37    Tho Creer & wife to their father-in-law John Cowley a sale of Aryween of 5s 9d sing rent
LibCanc 1684 41    Robt Clague & wife to Finlo Clague a sale of half a Qr of land of 19s double rent
LibCanc 1689 35    John Hanton & Mally Quay's contract - she to enjoy the estate till the heir come to age
LibCanc 1689 55    Gilbt Cashen and Christian Cubon's contract
LibCanc 1690 43    Humphrey Quay & wife to John Bridson a sale of a pcell of heathy land called Knockglass of 2d rent
LibCanc 1690 67    Tho Creer & wife to John Quilliam a sale of Aryween & the intacks thereto belonging of 11s 6d rent and John Quilliam to John cain a surrender of the bargain
LibCanc 1697  9    Tho Kinley & wife to Robt Brew a sale of Knockbane of 3s 8d rent and Robt Brew to Christor his son an assignment thereof but the assignmt being passed over before the bill of sale was confirmed therefore the same is cancelled & made void & another to be drawn
LibCanc 1697 19    Robt Brew to Christo his son a sale of Knockbane of 3s 8d double rent
LibCanc 1697 21    A slandr jury between Tho Quine pltff & Tho Cannell deft - Quine left to fine
LibCanc 1703 22    Cubon & Jony Knackill's contract
LibCanc 1703 28    John Quay to Edmund Moore a sale of a pcell called Beal y vare of 6s 6d single rent except a croft called Knock Corrent and the Garey of 6d sing rent

LibVast 1650 **    Oates Kelly with his supervisors consent to Robt Creer a sale of half a Qr of ground of 6s 8d sing rent
LibVast 1672 **    Edmund Keig having fallen into poverty & unable to pay the rent Hen Clague hath the same from the Officrs
LibVast 1680 **    The divuision of Algare betweenn James Fayle & John Fayle several ways & fern & water reserved for both parties
LibVast 1685 **    Jo & Paul Creer to their brother Robt Creer a surrender of all their lands of 8s 8d sing rent
LibVast 1686 **    Dan Kneal & wife to Wm Cubon a sale of Knockbane of 4s 10d rent sing
LibVast 1686 **    Wm Bridson to Tho Gellin a sale of the other half thereof and Tho Gellin & father & mother to Robt Stean a sale of [the above]
LibVast 1687 **    Gilbt Cubon & wife to Wm Kelly a sale of a pcell of Qr land of 19d sing rent
LibVast 1687 **    Jo Gellin to Wm Stean a sale of a pcell of Qr land of 3d sing rent & Paul Gellin the sd John's son his oblication not to disturb or molest the said Stean in the possession thereof.
LibVast 1688 **    Cath Moore als Bancks & [] to Tho Gellin a sale of their estate being 1/2 a Qr of land of 12s rent double except the Close
LibVast 1689 **    John cannon to John Looney a sale of a pcell of Qr land called Cannons place of 16d sing rent & Jo Looney & wife to Gilnow Quine a surrender of [the above]
LibVast 1689 **    Tho Gelling & father & wife to Tho Kinley an exchange of Knockglass of 22d sing rent & Ballamartin of 4s for Tho Kinley to Tho Gelling an exchange of Balle ne clough bane of 9s sing rent for [the above]
LibVast 1689 **    Jo Cowley junr & wife to Wm Fayle a sale of Ballacarrowne of 2s 4d rent & 7d intack and to have the liberty of water in the curraugh
LibVast 1691 **    Kath Cowley to Jo Cowley a sale of a tenemt of 9s 1s rent
LibVast 1691 **    Jo Cowley to Mich Oates a sale of [the above] who surrenders a parcel thereof to Nich Fayle in court as per entry
LibVast 1692 **    Tho Kinley to Tho Kinley a sale of Ballacubon of 4s sing rent
LibVast 1692 **    Jo Gellin to Wm Fayle a sale of pcell called boaley Kelly comon a teare of 5d sing & an intack of 9d rent

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