North Side Sale, Old Deed #3 Ballaugh (Court May 1712)

John Corlett and Catherine Shimin

Article of marriage agreed and concluded upon by &
betwixt John Corlod of Ballaugh and Catherine Shimin
of ye parish of KK German with the consent of there
parents in maner following

1st It is agreed upon that the forsd young copole shall enter
into the holy estate of matrimony within a month, God
and the holy church admiting the same

2ly It is agreed that John Curlod and his wife doth give unto ye
young copell half the teame falf the cropp of corn with
half the hay and half of all the gears belonging to hus=
bandry, with half there housses and land, all this
whenever required by the young cupell, and the other
half of the housses and land after the death of the longest
liver of them, moreover the young coppell is to have half
of all the woden vessels belonging to the house, besides the
smith working of all the iron gears belonging to ym [?blot]
as all nessasarys elxxx during there parrents natural life
which work is is to be done by there brother William Corlet
and if he the sd will: refuse to doo, then it shall be lawful
for the young coppell to recove from their brother wil[]
half the gears or tools bought by his parrent for him
to work with, or half the price of them

3ly It is agree that Hugh Shimin and his wife doth give in
doury or prtion unto ye young coppell twenty pounds
sterlin at or before the term of five yeares next
after the date hereof and a furnist fitte bed And to
perform all and every of these covrnants both partes
doth bind themselves there heires exectors and assines
in the penallty of forty pounds in the nature of all
fines and to witness the [lost in fold] put to our names
and markes this 19th January 1703
Witnesses                   John Corlod his mark
present                     Cathrine Curlod alis Xtn her mark
Will Canan                  Hugh Shimin his mark
Tho: Corlett                Margaret Shimin als Canan her mark
Cha Cowll                   John Corlod his mark
                            Cathrine Shimin her mark
        23th Novr 1705
Hugh Shimin Jon Corlet
& Jon Corlet junr came to
day before me and acknowle[]
all the within articles of marriage
to be their [lost on fold] act & deed
and mutuall agreemt    Dan Mcylrea

At a sheading court holden at Peeletown ye 20th May 1712
The within Articles of Marriage being acknow=
ledged before ye Deemster and now published in open
court and no objections made agt it therefore the
same is allowed of and confirmed according to law
          Robt Mawdesley
Jon Parr  J Rowe
Dan Mcylrea   Wm Sedden


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