North Side Sale, October 1771 #10 Ballaugh

Agreement to pay Fish Tythe

Indexed as "Agreement to pay Fish Tythe"but actually a mutal defence agreement between Fishermen opposed to the Fish Tythe -
Whereas the Fishermen of the parish of St Mary of
Ballaugh in his Majesty's Island of Mann are now very
apprehensive that they may be persecuted sued and
prosecuted by the Proctors, Tyth-gatherers or exhorbitant
demanders of tythe fish which fish is or are fished and
taken in his Majesty's seas by the sd fishermen - they the sd
fishermen and others in the sd parish maintainers of the
welfare and liberties of their ancient place of navity and
to protect themselves and their posterity against such
unreasonable and violent attacks and attempts suspected to
be made by the sd tythe gatherers for tythe fish hereafter for
their fishing in his Majesty's seas as aforesd to avoid and
guard and protect themselves against such dismal disasters
tending to the bondage of posterity, they the sd fishermen
and parishioners of St Mary of Ballaugh aforesd for them=
selves respectively and for their successors have unanimously
and as one body incorporate condescended to the following
obligations in the subsequent covenants and articles of
agreement particularly mentioned and by the fraternity
understood and agreed upon as aforesd.
And in the first place it is hereby covenanted
and agreed upon by and between the several persons
whose names are hereunto sett subscribed or with
a usual mark to any person's name annext or opposite sett
whether boat-master skippers, fishermen or boats crew or any
other person or persons of what denomination or occupation
soever who shall or may sign this publick-good obligatory
deed that they and every one of them shall and will freely
and voluntary contribute towards a lawsuit against the
suspected exorbitant tythe-gatherers at all times hereafter
in case they the sd tythe-gatherers should attack us or our
our posterity in that manner, and every one of us the annext
subscribers to contribute and pay upon demand such
sum or sums as are respexctively sett down in an opposite
margin to our several names and so the same to be paid
by us respectivelt in proportion between us in case any
of us should be attacked at law by any of the tythe gatherers
aforementioned in which case all of us are and is hereby
obligated to assist and support such a person or sersons
that shall or may be distressed by such a prosecution
to defend our right in that respect to the utmost
period of law and incorporately or as one body
with him or them that may be so prosecuted to bear in
proportion such expences as may be incurred by such
a lawsuit, to exonerate such person or persons that may
be so sued of the buthen of such a defensive law suit and
that neither or either of them upon any account whatsover
shall not nor will not fail or decline the defending
of this cause nor suffer or see any of the fraternity distressed
relative this matter at law without their proportionable
contribution to support him or them, untill the same
shall bear the utmost determination of law.
And secondly we do hereby nominate and appoint our
right trusty friends Wm Stephen of Ballamoar in the sd
parish of Ballaugh and Wm Boddaugh of the sd parish
our trustees to receive and collect the sd severall sums
to our respective names opposite in the margin sett
and they to be responsible for the same to us or our
agent or attorney as shall or may be required of them
in that respect, under the penalty hereafter mentioned.
Lastly for the true and faithfull performance and
due observance of all and singular the beforegoing
covenants obligations and articles of agreement all and
every one of us whose names are hereunto sett subscribed
or annext do hereby firmly bind and oblige ourselves
the either one of us to the other and every one of us the
one to the other and our respective heirs execrs admrs
and assigns in penalty of five hundred pounds sterling
the one half thereof to and for the use of our sovereign
Lord the King and the other half to such of usc as shall
or may be agrieved by the non performance hereof.
As witness our respective names hereunto sett subscribed
and annext with the particular sums to our names
in the margin oppositely sett this 1st of July 1771
witnesses present to
the signing hereof
Dan Cowll
Thos Cowley
William Tear sum 1-4 -6
Wm Cannon X X - 1-4 -6
Thos Cowle X - 1-4 -6
John Gawn X - 1-4 -6
Thos Kneen X - 1-4 -6
John Sayle X - 1-4 -6
John Corlet X - 1-4 -6
Wm Boddaugh X - 1-4 -6
Thos Cowley smithy - 1-4 -6
Thos Corlet - 1-4 -6
John Cain - 1-4 -6
John Gawn X - 1-4 -6
Michael Caine X - 1-4 -6
Phinlo Quayle X - 1-4 -6
Wm Gawn X - 1-4 -6
Philip Christian X - 1-4 -6
Wm Boddaugh X - 1-4 -6
Thos Stephen X - 1-4 -6
James Cowle - 1-4 -6
Thos Tear X - 1-4 -6
Wm Stephen X - 1-4 -6
Patrick Kelly X - 1-4 -6
Patrick Clarke X - 1-4 -6
Wm Clarke X - 1-4 -6

John Cannell X - 1-4 -6
Wm Craine - 1-4 -6
Robert Corlet - 1-4 -6
Philip Craine X - 1-4 -6
Robert Craine 1-4-6
John Craine X - 1-4 -6
John Cannel X - 1-4 -6
Daniel Bodaugh 1-4 -6
Wm Cowley X - 1-4 -6
Wm Brew X - 1-4 -6
Patrick Cowley X - 1-4 -6
Philip Boddaugh X - 1-4 -6
Wm Killip X - 1-4 -6
Thos Callister X - 1-4 -6
John Caine X - 1-4 -6
Thos Crellin 1-4 -6
Jon Cowley 1-4 -6
John Tear X - 1-4 -6
Patrick Caine X - 1-4 -6
Thos Killip X - 1-4 -6
Patrick Quayle X - 1-4 -6
William Corlett X - 1-4 -6
John Mcyllecharane X - 1-4 -6
Wm Corlet X - 1-4 -6
Wm Quayle X - 1-4 -6
Wm Corlett X - 1-4 -6

John Corlet X - 1-4 -6
David Crellin X - 1-4 -6
Philip Stephen X - 1-4 -6
Wm Corlet 1-4 -6
Patrick Morison X - 1-4 -6
Wm Mcylcarrine X - 1-4 -6
Philip Stephen X - 1-4 -6
Anthony Kewley X - 1-4 -6
Wm Corlet X - 1-4 -6
John Kneen X - 1-4 -6
John Keig X - 1-4 -6
Wm Stephen X - 1-4 -6
Patrick Smelter 1-4 -6
John Corlet X - 1-4 -6
July 9th 1771
The above executing parties
acknowledged the before written
Articles of Agreement to be their
proper & mutual act and deed
before me ? Heywood


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