Lib Canc 1684 p37 - [Ballaugh]

William Killip and Cath Cannon

This appears to be related to some dispute - it is possible that it refers to the double contract indexed as LibCanc 1676 126 but dated as 1629 of Tho Corlett & Mally Killip (parents Thos + Averick Corlett, Wm + Kath Killip;Corvalley) and Wm Killip & Joney Corlet (parents John + Margt Corlett,Wm + Kath Killip;Ballnamoney beg)
37 Feb ye 14th 1673/4
Here followeth a true forme of ye contrac or bargain of Wm Killip senr and Kath Canon and Wm Killip his sone and
the sd Kath: daughter at one time contracted & marryed as as farr as wee can to or best remembrance set down

1 It was agreed & concluded upon yt whatever goods the said Kath: Canon had then to bring with her, that
she could fully dispose therof at ye latter day to whom shee pleased, and no more but soo much

It was futher agreed & concluded upon betwixt ye fore said prties that whatever prte or share the
said Katherin should have to bee due to her of the sd Wm Killips senr her husbands prt of goods, that
the sd prt or share of goods should bee excepted out for ye young cooples use  at ye sd Kath: latter day
if it should please God that ye sd Kath: should live after the said Wm Senr her husband, that the said 
young coople was to mantaine her in consideracon aforesd

It was further agreed and concluded upon betwixt all ye foresd prties that if it please God that no
issue should happen to bee betwixt Wm junr and his wife that ye sd wife next relatives should have
her right in ye prcell of intacks wch is due to ye sd Wm junr by his mothers will and fathers consent, but 
whilst shee lived.  This truth as witness or subscriptions. And the foresd prties did subscribe
and consent to all the wthin agreemts before us the witnesses
John Killip his mark
Tho: Killip his mark
Tho: Killip his mark

March ye 9th 1673
The witnesses to ye within contract have deposed the same to bee true in
every prticular wthin written before me
   Edward Christian
March 12 1677
Wee ye wittnesses to ye contracon bargaine of ye above Will Killip junr and his second wife Jony Corlett
doo declare and the same if ready to depose that it was concluded upon at the same time, that Wm
Killip Senr, was and did oblige him selfe to give halfe of all his worldly goods to make good the first
contracon, that is, to give halfe his goods besides the former contraction : and that the sd Wm Killip
senr further gave at the same time unto this young couple, the above close called Kinleys Close 
and to their issue for ever after his own decease, but if no issue, then to the longer liver of ye
sd younge coople. And this as wittness or subscripcons. Also they were to have in imediate possess=
on halfe the farme & benefitt during his life
     Tho: Cowley his mark
     Wm Killip his mark
March 19th 1677/8
Wm Killip and Tho: Cowley wittnesses to the within contract have deposed the same 
to be true in every prticular as within written before mee
    Edward Christian
Exam: per me Richd Fox Episcop: Registr


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