South Side Sale, Old Deed #2 Bride (Court May 1712)

Dan Lace and Issable Kerruish

Janury the 13th 1700

Articles of Marriadge concluded condescended & agreed 
upon by the betwixt Will Lace of the parrish of K 
Bride in the behalfe of his son Daniell Lace one the 
one part and Isable Kerrish in the behalfe of hr daughter 
Isable Kerrish on the other prt of the followeth

It is agreed upon by and betwixt the sd partyes that the 
young coople []. Daniell & Isable shall enter into the 
Holy Estate of Matrimony and solemnize the same at the 
prish church of K Maugoll before the 10th of Febry next 
ensueing  God and holy church allowing the same

1st The said Will. Lace doth hereby covenant & promise to 
give unto the young coople viz. Dan. & his intended 
wife the on halfe on his hereditary lands as also halfe 
his houses or edifices & to entr or take posession of the 
same whensoevr they think fitt or are in capacity to 
manage the same

2ndly The said Isable Kerrish doth hereby covenant and promise 
to give or endowe hr daughter wth in mariadg dowry 
or porcon unto the sd Daniell the just sum of 
fifteene pounds sterl and a heiffer of 2 years and 
a feather bed furnished and her fathrs goods included 
therein and the sd dowry to be pd wthin two years 

3rdly And whereas the mothr of the sd Daniell Lace left in 
her will her part of two day moth of hay in Close e 
Kewn to her eldest son, therefore his father doth give him 
his halfe also and to posess the same at the aforesd 
and the said lands to run or be as heyreship to the tene=
mt for evr as also the sd Dan: had the halfe the crop of 
corne wth othr goods left him by his sd mothr deceasd 
in hr will as is extent and yt the sd goods should descend to 
his second brothr if in case the sd Dan. shold dye 
Therefore tis agreed upon betwixt the sd partyes that if 
it soe happen that God call for the sd Dan. wthout 
issue to inherit that then his sd intended wife 
shall have as much of other goods as will countervayle or ballance 
the same goods that falls to his brothr.

4thly Also it is agreed upon that the sd Will. Lace and 
Isable Kerrish Senr is designed and concluded to entr 
into the Holy estate of Mattrimony forthwth and that 
shee is to have but the fourth part of the estate or tenemt
 of Will. Lace as shee is his second wife aftr hr said 
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husbands decease, Therfore it is furthr agreed upon that 
the sd Dan. doth give his sd mothr in law the on halfe of his estate 
wth the appurtances dureing her natureall life 
to geathr with halfe the crop of corne, wth the consent of his 
fathr aforesd all wch is to return to Dan. aftr his sd mother 
in laws decease ; In considracon thereof his sd mother 
in law doth leave Dan. wt right she hath in halfe the 
teame or plow aftr her death and hr part of the 
seaven pounds that is in morgadge of Ballecowls land

5thly It is also agreed upon that if the sd Dan Lace dye and 
leave issue to inherit the estate and yt his sd wife doe 
remove or mary that then shee is to have but a quarter of 
the crop of corne and of all othr goods and chattels ^of^ what the 
lawe prvides in cases of that nature, And for the per
formance hereof the sd parties have bound them selvs 
eythr to othr in the penalty of on hundred pounds sterl
wt stand to and perform the above agreemts halfe to the 
Honble Ld, & the othr halfe to the party performing. In witt
ness hereof wee have caused this to be written & thereto sub
scribed the day and yeare wch is written

Witnesses hereof           Will Lace his
Will: Christian            Isable Kerrish hr
Patrick Quark              Daniell Lace his
Jon Xtian
Will: Xtian
Wittnesses prsent when the Isable Kerrish junr
did signe this agreemt

10th Octbr 1706
Wm Lace Dan: Lace and Isssable Lace als Kerruish came
this day before me, and acknowledged all
the wthimn & above articles of marriage
to be their mutaull agreemt
Dan Mcylrea

Dan: Lace doth likewise own to be
fully satisfied & paid in his portion promised
him by his mother in law, that is to say
15 a heiffer & a furnished feather
bed, as is mention'd in ye wthin bargain
before me sd day & year above written
Dan Mcylrea

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Att a Sheading Court holden at Peeletown ye 21th May 1712
The within articles of marriage being acknowledged
before ye Deemster and now published in open court
and no objections made agt it therefore ye same is
allowed of and confirmed according to Law
         Robt Mawdesley
  Jon Parr  J Rowe
  Dan Mcylrea  Wm Sedden 


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