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South Side Sale, October 1738 #45 Arbory

Rich Kinley & wife to Tho & John Cubbon

Whereas I Thomas Cubon of KK German and I
John Cubon of the parish of KK Arbory and I Richard
Kinley and my wife Ann Kinley allis Neal of the sd parish
Having had serverll Contraveryes and Dsiputts touching
and concerning William Cubons will being brother to
the above saide Thomas Cubon & John Cubon.  We all parties
having made this agreement is as followeth.  Be it Known
unto all men & by these presents that I Thomas Cubon and
I John Cubon for Divers good Causes we there unto moving do
give unto the above said Richard Kinley and ^his^ wife all our right
title or interest we have now, or might have hereafter Concee=
=ning our brother William Cubons Effects and his Childern late
Deceasd from us the sd Thomas Cubon & John Cubon our heirs  
Exetor admrs & assignes Excepting the Croft called after ye
Name of Croft Eney Coonell in Arronack being one Shilling
and 10? Lords rent [strikeout] or there abouts to which I Richard  
Kinley & my wife do freely Consent, provided that I Richard
Kinley & my wife our heirs Extrs Admtrs and assignes is to Enjoye
and possess the above sd Croft for the space of foure years  
three years under [?corn omitted] & one yeare hay[?], and at or after the time
and space of the foure years I Richard Kinley and my wife Ann
Kinley Alls Neall our heirs Exeters admtrs & assings Do give &
freely quitt for ever all our Right & title of the above sd
Croft lying and sittuat in Arroneck treen unto the above
saide Thomas Cubon & John Cubon theres heirs Extrs admtrs & assng
with all Easments Liberties and advantages belonging to the
Same, they paying yearly & every year the above rent  
with all Dues & Duties payable out of the premises
and for the true and faithfull perofrmance hereof and of
every Clause article and Sentence herein menconed & Incerted
We all the above saide parties do bind and oblige our
selves our heirs Excrs admrs and assignes in and under the
penalty & forfiture of Twenty pounds Sterl one halfe
to the Right Honrble the Lord of this Isle and the other
halfe to the party greived as Wittness our marks to our  
Names this 9th day of March 1737/8
                            Tho: Cubon my mk  X
Wittness present            Joh: Cubon my mk  X
   John Preston my mk  X    Rich Kinley my mk  X
   Richard Corrin           Ann Kinley als Neal my mk  X

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11th of Octor 1738

All the written Subscribing persons Came and
have acknowledged ye within Settlement and
agreement to be their Voluntary Act and Deed
Before me
        Cha: Moore

    At a Sheading Court holden at Castle Rushen
    the 11th Octr 1738

The within Settlement and Agreement being Acknow=
=ledged before the Deemster and now openly published
in Court and No Objection agt them are therefore
allowed of and Confirmed According to Law.
                Cha: Moore
                Dan: Mylrea
                Cha: Stanley
                Jon Quayle
                Wm Christian

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