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South Side Sale, May 1752 #81 Arbory

John Kinley & Thos Kinley to Wm Kneale

Know all Men by these Presents that I John Kinley
of KK Arbory & Thomas Kinley of Malew diverse good
Causes & Consideracons us hereunto moving but more
especially for & in Consideracon of the Sum of two Pounds
seventeen Shillings & six pence Currency of this Isle to be to us
in hand paid at or before the perfection of this Deed – Do Give
Grant & for ever absolutely Sell from us our Heirs Execrs – 
Admrs & Assignes all the Right Title & Interest that we now
have or hereafter may have unto a certain piece of Ground – 
commonly called the long Garden together wth the old Walls on
the Premises – adjoining to Mr Parrs Garey on ye one side & to
the high Road on the other side & to John Caveen’s Garden on the
upper End; of the Yearly Rent of one Penny – Unto Wm Kneale
of sd Parish his Heirs & Assignes – to have & to Hold the
Premises from us our Heirs Execrs Admrs & Assignes for Ever
with all Way’s Waters Watercourses Easemts & Libeerties belonging
or in any wise appertaining to the Premises – He the sd William 
Kneale Paying Yearly the accustomed Lords Rents with all – 
Boons Suite & Services Payable out of the Premises at the
times & Seasons accustomed – And forasmuch as the above men-
-coned Thomas Kinley, Son of the above sd John Kinley is under Age
And for the further Security & Awarranting unto sd Wm Kneale
of the Premises the above sd John Kinley doth hereby Bind
himself his Heirs & Assignes that his sd Son Thoms shall
when come to Age, Establish Confirm & Ratifie the above
Sale unto him the sd Wm Kneale his Heirs or Assignes – 
For the true & faithful Performance of all & Singular the
Premises I the sd John Kinley ^& Thos Kinley^ do Bind & oblige ourselves
our Heirs & Assignes in Penalty of six Pounds to be Levied
according to Law as Witness our Mrks to our Names this
4th day of June 1750
                    John Kinley his Mrk  X
                    Thos Kinley his Mrk  X
Signed & Delivered in presence of
        John Moore
        Richard Cubbon

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Witnesses present to the within sd Thomas Kinley’s
Assent to the within Deed -     Nich Bridson
                Wm Corrin

10th July 1751
Mr John Moore and Richd Cubbon
the ^within^ Subscribing witnesses made
oath that the within John Kinley
duly executed the within Bill of
Sale in their presence – 
Nichs Bridson and Will Corrin
the above Subscribing witnesses
made oath that Thos Kinley did
duly execute the within Bill of 
Sale as his proper Act and Deed 
in their presence this Before
    Jon Taubman

At a Sheading Court holden at
Castle Rushen the 13th May
The within Bill of Sale being proved before the
Deemster and now openly published in Court, and
now openly published in Court, and no – 
objections offered agt it – Is therefore allowed off
and Confirmed according to Law
    Dan Mcylrea        Paul Cochrane
    Jon Taubman        Jon Quayle

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