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Hen Corrin & Ann his mother their agreement concerning the estate & miln

[right margin worn]
Whereas there hath some differences arrisen betwixt Henry
Corrin of Colby and Ann Corrin als Tubman his mother for
and concerning ye setlem and estatinge of yr quarter of the
milne of Colby & ye lands & goods now in strife betwe[en]
them; for ye ending & determining of ye same differences
It is aggreed and concluded upon betwixt ye sd parties in maner
and forme following.

Itt is covenanted and aggreed upon betwixt the sd parties yt
the said Henery Corrin is to have and enjoy all ye said Ann
her parte of the said milne, house, garden, and the parcell of
lands called ye Ardwelly during his naturall life only and
after his decease that the whole shall ^come^ fall and discend
unto his sonn Tho: Corrin, and in case he die wth out issue
there to fall and discend unto his son Donold Corrin, & soe
from child to child afterwards by way of hairshipp, he ye [sd]
Hen: Corrin yielding and paying yearly & every year unto ye sd
Ann: dureing her naturall life ; three firletts of meal corn half
a firlet of baley or malt & a kishan of wheate in for & in the?
consideracon of her right and propriety in ye said miln house
and premises afforesaid. provided always that if it place God
to call for ye sd Hen Corrin before ye sd Ann, that then it shall
be in the choice of the said Ann either to accept ye sd annuity
from her grandchild Tho: or any of ye other children that
shall happen to be heyre or else to another upon her sd part
againe during her life and afterwards to return to ye children
in manner afforesaid. note that thom: & his heyres are to pay all
rents & dues.
[2]ly Itt is aggreed upon ye sd Ann is to have a house in 
Castletown called Gellin's house during her life and
after her decease to dispose of it to whome she pleaseth
and in consideracon thereof doth relinquish all her part
in ye monys of Ballablack for ever And as concerning ye
8th in Kentraugh lands, it is aggreed upon betwixt
them ^that^ not withstanding the grandfathers will the
same shall be eqaly divided betwixt ye foure children
after the decease of the said Ann and Hen: and in case any
them die it shall be still amoung the survivors for ever after
[page 2 - right margin lost in binding]
3ly Itt is aggreed upon that the said Hen is to have all ye [] 
fishing geares paying unto the said Ann every year three []
of herring while she liveth, and in case these can ^bee^ not []
gotten, then the said Henery is to give her 2 shills worth []
every year during her life as afforsd And as ye division []
other goods in difference betwixt ym ye same is concluded
and enter in a schedule wch is to be hereunto annexed wch they
oblighed themselves to stand to and observe in all partic[ulars]
And for ye performance and also observance? of all and sigu[lar]
the condition before expressed; boath parties have bound th[]
in ye penalty of double ye value; and have here unto in=
scribed there markes to there names this 12th day of May [anno]
Domni 1684 Note yt ye wd (to [] in ye fifth line ([]) in ye []
was interlined before signed
          Hen: Corrin his mrk H
          Ann Corrin als Tubman her mrk AT
Jon Norris his mrk X
Hen atterson his mrk X
John Parr

The accompt of the []
other goods as the are divided
betwixt ye said parties
Hen Corrin's part                     Ann Tubmans's part
due from Edman Christian 1 16 00     Hen Crebin   1 []
    fro  Dan: Cluccas  1 0 0         Jon Nelson   1 0[]
    fro uxor Harison   0 14 0        Jon Harrison 0 10 []
    fro Ricd Hingley  0 10 0         Bessy Nelson 0 []
    fro Jon Kelly     0 12 0         Tho: Moore   0 []
    fro Jon Lowey     0 4 0

The goods divided thus
  one cow a mare & coalt              an ox a heffer a young
  a horse called willyboy a           mare & 8s wch Hen is []
  stoned horse and an old bock?       gives to balance ye horse []
  and all ye sheep except what        sheep and a lamb all H[]
  is on ye other side                 Wattersons & 8 muttons []
                                      John Gells
Wittnesses Jon Norris his mrk X       Hen Corrin his mrk H
          Hen Watterson his mrk X     Ann Corrin als Tubman 
          John Parr                   her mrk AT

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