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These references to entries in Lib Canc etc preceed the index to old deeds
LibCanc 1631 47    Edw Curghey & Nicholas Keig a Sale of 6d rent adjoining Dan Keigs his fathers house & another prcell of 12d rent which the sd Dan formerly held hath for furrther assurance to Nich relinquishes his right thereto
LibCanc 1631 65    Alice wife of Tho Norris to Wm Tyldesley a confirmation of her sd husbands sale of half a quarter of land of 7s 6d rent which Norris had sold him formerly called Balley duck
LibCanc 1633 17    A setting for 21 years given to Rich Waterson by Jo Gell of a croft
LibCanc 1633 63    Wm Read + wife to Jo Cubbon a sale of part of the Qrland of Ballabrew of 2s 2d rent & if Read is to dispose of the reaminder Cubon is to have the preference
LibCanc 1636 75    Gilbt Cooney & Robt Cubon + wife a sale of half a qr of ground of 11s 10d rent ½ given in portion with Conneys sister to Cubon
LibCanc 1637 81    Issable Cubon to Wm Cubon a sale of a cottage or Intack in Ballabeg of 3d rent
LibCanc 1639 46    Hen Waterson + wife to John Cloage a sale of 20d rent which was forfeited by Wm Keig a felon
LibCanc 1640 18    Rich Corrin + wife to Tho Curghey a release of a pcell of Qr land of 5s 10d rent in Arderry treen
LibCanc 1641 29    Finlo Cregart + wife to Tho Cubon a sale of the one half of their lands of the whole rent of 4s 4d
LibCanc 1641 81    Wm Corrin + wife to Nich Harrison a setting for 21 years of a pcell of 5s 6d rent
LibCanc 1644  3    George Squire & Rich Stevenson's quitt claim to the Honble Lord of the Calf of Mann
LibCanc 1644  9    A certificate at Capt Rich Stevenson's request that he was allowed 500 puffins yearly out of the calf Isle which is also allowed by Fairfax & Chaloner who orders the same & more depositions annext
LibCanc 1647 11    Ro Clague + wife to Wm Clague a sale of a pcell of ground of 4s 9d rent & Tho his son consents
LibCanc 1647 58    Pat Kelly + wife to John Harrison a sale of his quarter land of 8s rent
LibCanc 1655 87    John Read to Wm Quayle a sale of a parcell of land of 4s 6d rent
LibCanc 1655 89    Doncan Keig + wife to Wm Quayle a sale of a parcell called Maughar ne carrane of 15d rent
LibCanc 1655 95    An exchange between John Read & John Cubon who gives his land of 4s 6d to Read for his land of 4s 10d rent & if Read disposes of the same David Cubon is to have it before another
LibCanc 1656 65    Rich Stevenson's lease of Balladoole the Intacks in Lezayre &c from Js Earl of Derby
LibCanc 1656 88    John Shurlock to Hen & Wm Corrin a sale of the moiety of Colby Miln with all crofts &c of 10s rent & 1s 8d for 1/2 a hogg rent
LibCanc 1657 112   Robt Clague to Wm Harrison a sale of half a Qr of land of 7s 8d rent
LibCanc 1657 116   Jane Stanley to Wm Comish a sale of Kinnish's house & garden of 1½d rent
LibCanc 1657 154   John Quiggin to John & Tho Costean a quitt claim of a qr of ground in the treen of Austine of 8s 3d rent his father having formerly sold the same unto them & they lost it
LibCanc 1659 45    Edw Charry + wife to John Lowey a sale of the 3d rent of a quarter of 5s 6d rent
LibCanc 1664 29    John Gell to Hen Waterson a sale of half a Qr of land of 10s 8½d rent
LibCanc 1665 62    Jo Queelin junr to Jo Queelin senr his father a sale of Ballaquestin of 4s 5d rent at the confirmation it is indicated that the son owms he was no way entised allured or threathed by his father or any in his behalf to make this bargain & it appears he was 21 years old by a copy of the registry therefore it is confirmed
LibCanc 1672  7    John Kinvigg & Bessie Cubon's contract bargain
LibCanc 1672 84    Wm Corrin + wife to Hen Corrin their brother a sale of a Qr of Colby Miln of 5s 10d rent
LibCanc 1673 79    Sir Robt Parr to John Parr his son a deed of gift of all the Bps land & intacks & rent of Ballakermene in KK Conchan half of the water corn milns (the other half reserved for Hen his son) in Laxey
LibCanc 1673 80    An award between John Parr & Tho Parr relating the above houses &c
LibCanc 1674 20    Wm Kinvigg + wife to Paul Christian a sale of part of Balloe ne loltan ? of 7½d single rent
LibCanc 1676 43    Kath Keig to Tho Norris comptr & Wm Preston a sale of Ballalanney of 10s 6d single rent
LibCanc 1676 59    Wm Kinney to Paul Christian a sale of a field called tellavare ? of 6d single rent & Wm Christian his son to be half interested
LibCanc 1677 120   Wm Norris + wife to Tho Norris a sale of a field called Maughermore with the great meadow and two crofts of 2s 10½d rent
LibCanc 1678 74    Wm Harrison & Kath Tyldesley's contract
LibCanc 1681 19    John Cubon + wife to John Moore a sale of a prcell of Qr land called Close begg of 2d sing rent
LibCanc 1681 27    Nich Harrison senr & junr to Hen Corrin a sale of 8yds long & 4 broad for a house with ladder room of 1/2d sing
LibCanc 1681 38    Wm Kermott to Tho Karran a sale of a house adjoining the pinfold with half of the garden of 1d rent
LibCanc 1683 13    Ann Jones als Tyldesley to Mr Jo Parr & Hen Corrin a sale of Ballablack of 8s 7d sing rent
LibCanc 1684 53    Hen Corrin & Ann his mother their agreement concerning the estate & miln
LibCanc 1685 37    John Duke + wife to Tho Costean a sale of a pcell called Boaley moore of 7½d sing rent
LibCanc 1687 21    Mrs Eliz Stanley to John Standish a setting of Ballacagen for 11 years
LibCanc 1699 29    Tho Corrin + wife to Wm Clague a sale of Ardwelly of 2s rent
LibCanc 1699 85    Wm Harrison to Rich Corrin a sale of part of a croft joining Hen Corrin's croft of 6d rent
LibCanc 1703 32    Wm Harrison to John Scarff a sale of a croft called Cubon's croft of 3d with liberty of a swine & goose in the lane & [] ?
LibCanc 1704 36    An agreement between Henry Corrin & Tho Corrin his son
LibCanc 1704 39    Tho Corrin + wife to Mr John Parr a sale of Ballablack of 8s 3d rent
LibCanc 1704 40    An agreement between Deemster Parr & Hen Corrin concerning the sd [Ballablack] estate

LibVast 1646 --    Robt & John Parr to Sr Robt Parr a sale of their houses &c & a piece of Bps land the Bps consent thereto
LibVast 1675 --    Wm Comish a mort to Wm Quayle a sale of a pcell of Qr land called Glan y Comish of 8d single rent
LibVast 1688 --    Jo Queeney + wife to John Kinvegg a sale of Balnagreney of 7s 10d single rent
LibVast 1689 --    Willm Norris + wife to Mr Tho Norris deemster a sale of Beemackan of 11s 3½d sing rent
LibVast 1693 --    John Corrin + wife to Jo Scarff a sale of a house & croft near Colby Miln of 3d sing rent
LibVast 1710 --    An exchange or agreement between Christo Bridson & Thomas Waterson

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