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South Side Sale, Old Deed #17 Andreas

John Kinley to Samuel Kinley

Whereas A part of a croft belonging unto me John
Kinley in ye parish of KK Andreas hath for several
years past fallen due unto my son Sam Kinley, and
having left ye same in my own hands, & alsoe  
binding himself by these presents to leave the
same in my possession & to my use & advantage  
during my life, for which & divers other consi-
derations, I doe make it known unto all whom
it may concern that I ye sd John Kinley doe
settle & estate all ye right, Interest & title that
I have, may & can have in or unto ye sd Croft
or lands as I bought ye same of 2 pence year=
=ly Rent scituate & being in ye foresd parish; - 
upon my sd son Saml and his Exers & Assigns
To have and to hold ye same with all easmts
liberties & advantages thereunto belonging or
in any wise apertaining for ever after my
decease without any molestation by any person
on my account.  And for ye true performance
of all which they bind themselves their Exers
Admers & Assigns either to other in penalty of
Ten pounds str? in ye nature of all fines, As
witness their marks to their names this 21st of
                    May 1711
Wittnesses hereof are ye Setting=
Quest                Jo: Kinley his mrk
   Tho: Cowle his mrk        Saml Kinley his mrk
   Jo: Quark his mrk
   Jo: Kneal his mrk
   Jo: Clater his mrk
            24th May 1711
            Jon Kinley & Saml Kinley his
            son have acknowledged the
            premisses to be their voluntary
            Act & Deed.  Before me
                Dan Mylrea

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        At a sheading Court holden at
        Peeltown the 24th Oct 1711

The within Bill of Sayle be acknowledged before mr Deemster
Mylrea and now published in Court and no objections made
agt it the same is allowed and confirmed according to Law.
                    Robt Mawdesley
            Jon Parr    J Rowe
            Dan Mylrea    Wm Sedden

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