South Side Sale, Old Deed #1 Andreas

William Radcliff to Catherine Sayle

Articles of marriage agreed and concluded upon by
and betwixt William Saile of ye Pish of KK Andreas
in the behalf of his daughter Catherin Saile and
Wm Ratcliff of ye said pish in the behalf of himself
the said William as followeth -

First it is agreed and concluded upon that the said
Wm Ratcliff and Catherin Saile shall joyn together in
holy matrimony at or before the first of August next
ensuing the date hereof God and his holy church
prmitting the same &c

Item Itt is agreed and concluded upon that the aforesaid
William Saile doth give to and with his sd daughter in portion
to the said William Ratcliffe, the full and just sum of
seventeen pounds Sterll: to be paid at the expiration
of a Bill of mortgage which one Jon: Xtian of Balla=
callow in ye parish of KK Bride had [] the sd
Wm Ratcliff of a prcell of intack in ye parish of KK ^Xt Lezayre^ Andreas(xd thru)
called Cloase Ratcliff being ye one half of the same of
9 pence rent (together wth half a Quarter of his executr=
ship) the said portion of 17 is agreed upon to be paid towards
the redeeming of the afforesaid cloase of 9d rent
and in regard that the said portion goes to redeem ye sd cloase
of 9d reant from ye said Jon Christian It is therefore agreed
upon that the said Cathrin is ^to have^ the full power & benefitt of
half the said bill of mortgage - to dispose of the same as she
ye said Cathrin Saile thinks fitt, untill the consideration mony
mentioned therein is fully repaid unto her the said Catherine
Saile her heirs exextrs & assignes, by the right heirs of
the said cloase, and the said Catherin doth hereby aquitt and discharge
her said father of all that is due to her by the death of her mother
as by any other way excepting her shaped cloaths linnin and
woolin. And lastly all parties doe bind themselves to
prform all the above articles and condissions above said
under the penalty of fourty pounds sterll half to the Rt
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to the Right Honrble Lord of this Isle and the other
half to ye party keeping covenant as witnessed there
subscription this the 21 day of July 1708
      William Saile his mrk X
      William Ratcliffe his mrk X
      Catherin Saile her mrk X
Signed and delivered
in the prsents of us witnesses
Jon Ratcliff his mrk
Phill Kneal his mrk 
Cha Cowle his mrk
Ewan Moore

29th Novembr 1710
the above Wm Sayle and Wm Rattcliff have acknowledged
all the within & above articles to be their mutual agreement
before me  Dan Mcylrea

We the setting quest of KK Andrews
having view'd the within mentioned
do allow & allot on the sd intack
9pence rent as wthin specified
as wittness our names & marks this
the 20th of May 1712
Jon Quark my mrk
Tho Cowley my mrk
Wm Kneal my mrk
Jon Quark my mrk

At a sheading court holden att Peeletown the 21th May 1712
The within articles of marriage being acknowledged
before ye Deemster and now published in open court and
no objection agt it therefore the same is allowed of and
confirmed according to law
                  [lost in fold]
    Jon Parr        J Rowe
                     Wm Sedden
              Dan: Mcylrea

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