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North Side Sale, October 1769 #23 Andreas

John Cowle to Samuel Kinley

Know all men by these presents that I
John Cowle of Balnalargey in the parish
of KK Bride with the full Consent of Alice
Cowle alias Tear my Wife Divers Good Causes
and Reasons us hereunto moving But Chiefly
and more Especially for and in Consideration
of the Just and Enitre Sum of Forty pounds
of Good and Lawfull money according to the
Currency of this Isle to us in hand already
Paid and Satisfied at and from the hands
of Samuel Kinley of the parish of KK Andreas
(for which these presents are a full Receipt
and Discharge) Have Given, Granted, alienated
passed over and Sold; And by these presents
Do Give, Grant, alienate, pass over and for
ever absolutely Sell unto him the sd Samuel
Kinley his Execrs and assigns all and singular
a certain parcell of meadow land belonging – 
unto us Commonly Called Leany Balnalargey
situated at Mullin-lowne in the parish of
KK Andreas and adjoining to Shellaig’s – 
Meadow on the North, to Balla yuan-aige’s
Meadow on the East to Close lake on the
South and to the Land of John Christian on
the West as the same is at present fenced
about and the yearly Lord’s Rent thereof to be
ascertained by the Setting Quest – from me
the sd John Cowle and Alice my Wife aforesd
 our Heirs Execrs Admrs and assigns, To Have
and to Hold unto him the sd Samuel Kinley
his Execrs Admrs and assigns the premises
and Every part thereof with the Whole Issues
and profits of the same together with all
Ways Waters and Water courses Easements
and Liberties unto the premises belonging
or in any wise appertaining forever as
aforesd Commencing from the Day of the
Date hereof – He the sd Samuel Kinley his
Execrs and assigns yielding and paying – 
such Annual Lord’s Rent as the Setting Quest
shall adjust upon the premises and doing – 
and performing all other Dues and Duties
annually Incumbent upon the same at times
and seasons usually accustomed for ever as
aforesd – I the sd John Cowle and Alice my Wife
aforesd obliging ourselves to Defend, maintain

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Uphold and awarrant him the sd Purchaser
his Execrs and assigns in the peaceable – 
possession of the premises and Every part
thereof against the pretended Right Title
Claim or Demand of any person or persons
Whatsoever and to do and perform any – 
other Act or Deed that at any time hereafter
(Either in Law or Equity) may appear further
Necessary or Requisite for his the sd Purchaser’s
better Security and Sure holding of the
premises for ever as aforesd Reserving for
John Radcliffe the benefit of half the Crop of
Corn that may grow upon what he has marked
of the premises for nine ensuing Crops, and
the purchaser thereupon to be satisfied with
half of Crops for nine years according to
the Agreement made between me the said
John Cowle and John Radcliffe , touching the
marking of the premises as aforesd And for
the true and faithfull performance of all and
singular the above within and beforegoing
Deed of Sale And Every thing therein Contained
I the sd John Cowle and Alice my Wife aforesd
Do hereby firmly Bind and oblige ourselves
our Heirs Execrs Admrs and Assigns In and
under the penalty and forfeiture of Eighty
pounds sterling to be levied and paid – 
according to the Law and practice within
this Isle, As Witness our names hereunto sett
and Subscribed this 6th of Janry 1769.

Signed and Delivered    )    John Cowle my mark X
in presence of        )    Alice Cowle her mark X
   Wm Kewn                   alias Tear
   Dan Cowell

                8th August 1769 John Cowle & Alice
                Cowle acknowledged the before written
8th August 1769             Bill of Sale to be their proper Act and
The Setting Quest of        Deed - and also to be paid the full
KK Andreas are              consideration money therein mentioned
required to Settle          Before me – 
Rent hereon                    Dan Mylrea
          Dan Mylrea

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We the Setting Quest of KK Andreas do Settle upon the
within Bill of Sale to pay the yearly Rent of Ten – 
pence half penny witness our sudscriptions This 2d day
of October 1769
                Thos Radcliff
                James Waid’s X
                Cha Lace
                Jon Kneale

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at [Peel?] for
Ayre Sheading the 4th Ocr 1769 – 

The before written Bill of Sale being acknowledged
before the Deemster & now openly published in Court
& no objection offered agt it  The same is therefore – 
allowed of for and in the Name and behalf of the Most
Noble John Duke of Atholl & Charlotte Dutchess of
Atholl Lord & Lady of the Mannor & confirmed by
this Court – 
            Dan Mylrea

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