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"James Stevens I" Crew List

The following names were extracted from the Service Returns from 21st October 1899 to 5th March 1917, a total of twenty services.

William Kelly (Coxswain)
William Clugston
Paul Kelly
Robert Cain
Ambrose Qualtrough
Richard Moore
John Moore
John Kelly
Francis Corris
William Keggan
Thomas Kneen
Thomas Kermode
Robert Clewis
J A Kissack (Hon Sec)
T J Qualtrough
J Koyl ?
J M Kinley
Jerry ? Driscall
J T Halsall
(John) John Hugh ?
William Quillin
Jack Kelly
Thos H Cregeen
William Clucas (Bowman 1910)

Edward Kneen (2nd Cox 1910)
John Cain
Thomas Cannell
James Kelly
W S Qualtrough
Henry Kermode
H Taylor
John Bell
J N 0 (?) Kneen
William Coole
William Corris
John Moore (Hon Sec)
Stanley Williams (Hon Sec)
William Moore
Walter Gawne
J T Carien ?
Tom Kelly
Edward Quirk
H Y Kneen
Chas Kneen
T J Sansbury
W Gale
J Driscol
James Driscol

Charles W Leigh (Chairman, Hon Sec)
Thomas Moore
William Hudson
Fred Green ?
William Curphey
James Clugston
T Moore
H Moore
J Quirk
W Watterson (Bowman Pt Erin Boat)
W Cubbon
W Watterson
R Kelly
R Kneen
J Crix (Ramsey Fishermen)
C Godfrey ,,
C McCormick ,,
W Gawn ,,
T Kneen
J Cubbon
F Stringer Kelly
W Clugston

Lifeboat "Marianne" Crew List

The following names were extracted from the Service Returns from 31st March 1918 to 29th December 1924, a total of six services.

Ed Kneen (Coxswain)
John Kneen
Henry Kneen
Richard Kneen
W Keggan
Paul Kelly
James Kelly
T Moore
L Cain
W Corris
D Halsall
W Gawne
J Driscoll
Fred Kneen
W Quillin
T Cregeen
J A Qualtrough
E Quirk

G Kelly
J J Sansbury
J Cubbon
J T Halsall
H Cregeen
Chas W Leigh (Hon Sec)
W Hudson
H Kermode
J Cowie (Coura ?) Part of Crew of Buckie Drifter BCK 43
J Cowie (Tanich ?
R Clouter ,,
J Cove ,,
C Watterson
W Cubbon
H Moore
T Woods
J Clugston

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