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Following Moore and Bird the history of elementary education on the Island can be split into the following phases

What would now be called secondary education developed along similar lines:

Tertiary education however progressed little beyond Earl James' dream of setting up a University on the Island; however Bishop Barrow also institued the Academic Students who were students trained for the ministry as part of the Academic School at Castletown. Bishop Wilson later instituted a more rigorous theological education and in the 1880's a Theological College was briefly established though later merged with that at the University of Durham.

Online Pages:

R.B. Moore History of Education in the Isle of Man in Education Week 1926

E.C. Owen A Hundred Years of Education 1930

IoM Charities 1831 lists all Parish Schools, their endowments and their teachers of the time.

H Syndd-Kinnersley Some Passages in the Life of one of HM Inspectors of Schools London 1907 (Chap 19 deals with Man)

(some Individual schools under History/Education)

Offline References:


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