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Moore's papers give a brief history of the relatively undistinguished military history of the Island until the 20th century. Sargeaunt continues this history to include the Manx Servicemen in WW1 and WW2.

Online Pages:

A.W.Moore Military Organisation of the Isle of Man YLM i pp141/153

A.W.Moore The Northern Manks and Southern Manks Volunteers YLM iv pp096/110

A.W. Moore Royal Manx Fencibles YLM iv p162/167

M. Faragher Manx Military History IoM FHS Jnl vol 12 #4 pp140/1

Bertram Edward Sargeaunt The Isle of Man and the Great War Douglas: Brown & Sons [1921] & 2nd ed [1922]

Lists of Soldiers, war memorials etc are under Military History

Offline References

Bertram Edward Sargeaunt, The Military History of the Isle of Man Arbroath: Buncle [1949]

Bertram Edward Sargeaunt The Royal Manx Fencibles Aldershot: Gale & Polden 1947


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