B22 Water driven mills

Grenaby Mill
Grenaby Mill c. 1886

Canon John Quine writing in 1896 notes some 40-50 water corn mills, at that time falling into disuse - added to which would be many other water driven woollen and threshing mills as well as many water wheels providing power for mining activities - he states that some 31 of these water-corn mills are to be found in the earliest Manorial Roll (1511-1515) which mills would date from considerably earlier.

In his 1911 book "The Isle of Man" he states:

A picturesque feature of the Manx rivers to be noted is the number of old cornmills and woollen mills along their banks. There are four on the Sulby and three on the Glen Auldyn Rivers. On the Rhenass River there are eight; on the Foxdale, three; and three more on the lower course of these united streams. There are nine on the various streams that unite to form the Douglas River, six on the Silverburn, three on the Colby; and every considerable stream generally has one or two mills. But with the altered conditions of modern life this industry has decayed, and in many instances the mills are idle or even in ruin.

The Manx section of the International Molinological Index is discussed elsewhere - I have started to use this as an index to various pages dealing with specific mills or uses of water wheels - the few windmills are considered elsewhere.


The Mill Archive holds many photographs, documents &c relating to Mills
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BallaSalla Cotton Factory
Colby Mill

Lady Isabella Wheel (Laxey)


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