[p1501 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]

[Class L 15]

Aeglagh Vannin (The Young Manx) was founded in 1931. The only publication is Yn Lioar Aeglagh Vannin, which is dealt with on p. 1304.

[Class L 16]

The Manx Field Club was formed on March 12th, 1938, in order to carry out field-work in connection with ornithology and other aspects of natural history on behalf of the Manx Museum. Notes on its activities appear from time to time in the Journal of the Manx Museum, the following having been published to date:-

1938 (June). The Manx Field Club, pp. 20-21.
1938 (Sept.). Bird-Ringing by the Manx Field Club, p. 46.
1939 (March-Sept.) Williamson, K., and Cowin, W. S. Bird-Watching in 1938 - Some Results of Field Club Observations. Pp. 102-104; and
1939 (June). Field Club Notes, p. 129.

The Annual Ornithological Report for 1938, compiled by F. A. Craine from notes supplied by members of the Field Club, is published in pamphlet form by the Manx Museum Trustees.

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