[pp 1467-1493 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]

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The World Manx Association was inaugurated at Rushen Abbey on July 17th, 1911, in order that Manx Societies at home and abroad might be brought in closer touch with one another.

An annual gathering is generally held in the Isle of Man on the afternoon of Tynwald Day, July 5th, which representatives of societies abroad attend.

An Annual Report was issued at. the meeting up to the year 1924, and a series is kept at the Museum. Latterly only a short programme has been issued. Programmes of the W.M.A. annual T. E. Brown Festivals, held on Hollantide Day since 1913, are also kept.

Reports of Annual Gatherings and other articles connected with the World Manx Association appeared in the Manx Quarterly, 1907-22.

1911. Second Gathering at Ballasalla, i 1009.
1912. Letters by the Cleragh concerning the Operations of the W.M.A., i 1179-1186.
1913. Letters by the Cleragh, ii 100-118; Annual Meeting at Ballaquane, ii 105; and Dramatisation of Betsy Lee, ii 114-118.
1914. Fourth Annual Gathering and Report of Meeting, ii 207-218.
1915. Second T. E. Brown Festival, ii 335.
1916. Third T. E. Brown Festival, ii 471-473.
1916. Reunion at Great Meadow and letters by the Cleragh, ii 405-420.
1916. W.M.A. at Bishopscourt, iii 5-12; Letters by the Cleragh, iii 13-21.
1917. Fourth T. E. Brown Festival and Letters by the Cleragh, iii 67-78.
1918. W.M.A. at Billown, iv 121-131.
1918. T. E. Brown Festival and Letters by the Cleragh (S. W. Lynn), iv 182-186.
1919. Annual Meeting, iv 316-318.
1920. Annual Meeting, v 116-122.
1920. Notes by the Cleragh, v 209.
1920. Annual Meeting, v 288-292; Notes by the Cleragh, v 293.
1921. W.M.A. Notes, vi 72.
1921. Annual Meeting, vi 172.
1921. Gathering at the Nunnery, vi 265-269.
1922. Annual Meeting; Gathering at the Nunnery; Aims and Objects of the W.M.A., vii 93-99.

In 1912 an 'Account of the Birth of the World Manx Association'was published in the Mona's Herald of October 16th.


Various small items have been published in connection with the Manx Homecomings of 1927, 1930 and 1937, in which the W.M.A. played a very active part. The following items are worthy of note, and are kept in the Library:

1927. List of passengers on the White Star liner ' Albertic ' (pp. 16); souvenir song-sheet (pp. 8); souvenir programme (B. & S., pp. 16); The Manx Homecomer (The Examiner, 4-pp. Supplement) ; The Full Story (I.M. Times, June 18th) ; souvenir programmes of home-comers' receptions at Port Erin (June 20th), Castletown (June 24th), Peel (June 28th), etc; Pageant of Manx Folklore held in Laxey Glen Gardens (N.M.P., pp. 4); souvenir programme of W.M.A. Tynwald Day gathering (B. & S., pp. 20); article in Ellan Vannin Mag., No. 9, Dec., 1928, pp. 367-370.

1930. Programme of N.A.M.A. Third Annual Convention at Douglas, June, 1930 (S.K.B., pp. 4); I.M. Examiner, June 27th (pp. 2-8) ; I.M. Weekly Times, Homecoming Supplement, June 28th (pp. 4); The Homecomer, souvenir book- let and programme (I.M.E., pp. 48) ; Homecomers' reception at Ramsey (June 26th), etc.

1937. W.M.A. welcome to Homecomers, May 9th (B. & S., pp. 4) ; N.A.M.A. Third Homecoming, programme of arrangements (B. & S., pp. 8) ; Borough of Douglas Reception, May 10th (pp. 4) ; Homecomers' reception at Peel (May 10th) ; Banquet and Final Rally (B. & S., pp. 4) ; also I.M. Examiner, May 14th, and I.M. Times, May 15th.

The Ellan Vannin Magazine, published 1923-28 by B. & S. (see Bib., pp. 1282-1284) was a W.M.A. venture, and contains many articles and reports concerning W.M.A. activities.

On Tynwald Day, 1939, the W.M.A. Twenty-ninth Annual Gathering at the Villa Marina was marked by the unveiling ceremony, performed by His Excellency the Norwegian Minister in London, Erik Andreas Colban, of a perfect scale-model of the Gokstad Viking Ship, which had been constructed to the order of the Friends of the Manx Museum by Mr. Fr. Johannessen, of Oslo. The model was presented to the Chairman of the Trustees, the Deemster R. D. Farrant, by the Chairman of the Friends, High-Bailiff Ramsey G. Johnson.

A Souvenir Programme was issued, comprising 8 pp. and 4 plates, and measuring 267x212 mms. It was printed by the Norris Modern Press for the Manx Museum and Ancient Monuments Trustees.

[Class L 13]

Yn Cruinnaght Vanninagh Ashoonagh (The Manx National Assembly) has been held each year under the auspices of the W.M.A. and the Manx Society since 1924, with the exception of 1938.

Publications include a demi-octavo Syllabus of the Competi- tions (usually held at Hollantide), 24 pp.; and between 1924 and 1927 a List of Awards was printed, comprising from pp. 40 to pp. 52. The following articles in connection with the Cruinnaght appeared in Ellan Vannin Magazine:

1924. Cubbon, William. 'The First Cruinnaght.' No. 3, pp. 135-138.
1926. Creer, Miss Margaret. 'How to Promote the Aims and Obiects of the Cruinnaght.' Prize essay. No. 5, pp. 198-203.
1926. Quayle, Mrs. J. E. 'The Second Cruinnaght.' No. 5, pp. 218-221.
1927. 'The Cruinnaght, 1926.' No. 7, pp. 297-298.


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