[pp 1467-1493 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1933]


From time to time, and more especially during the middle of the nineteenth century, when periodical literature printed and published in the Island enjoyed free postage to any part of the United Kingdom or abroad, a number of publications appeared with the imprints of local printers, but containing little or no reference to Manse affairs. At this time too there was a great output of tracts and journals for the propagation of Temperance principles, mainly from the offices o f Livesey, William Robinson, and Robert Fargher, and these are noted briefly in their proper dotal order; whilst the more important periodicals are also noted with a reference to the fuller description which is given under section L 6 [pp. 1181-1320].


THE SQUIB. An Epistle from a Gentleman in the Country, To his Friend in Town. Nemo me impune lacessit. Isle- of-Man : Printed in the Year, MDCCXLIII. 212x172 mms, pp. 24; J 8, 4047 (G. W. Wood).

On the title-page is the signature of 'Thos. Mitchell, August 3rd, 1777.' The epistle, written in verse, is a satire in condemnation of the vice and depravity of town life. The imprint is almost certainly false, there being no printing-press in the Isle of Man before 1767. 'The Squib' is not known to the British Museum Library, and does not appear in any of the bibliographies.


THE RIGHTS OF KINGS: Or, Monarchial Government defended. (By an Inhabitant of the Isle of Man.)

It is not known whether the work was ever actually printed. Our knowledge of it is from an advertisement in the Manks Mercury of Tuesday, 12 March, 1793, which stated that it would shortly appear 'provided a competent number of subscriptions can be procured, price 2s. 6d. British.'


M'KEON. An Essay on Politeness; wherein the Benefits Arising from, and the Necessity of being Polite, are clearly Proved and Demonstrated from Reason, Religion and Philosophy. To which is Prefixed an Alegorical Description of the Origin of Politeness. By a Young Gentleman. Revised and Improved by J. M'Keon. Published by George Jefferson, price 6d. on Saturday, November 21st, 1801, and announced in the Manks Advertiser of that date.


SNOWE, W., Capt. North Cork Militia. A Pair and Candid Statement of Transactions at Enniscorthy, on the 28th Mav, and at Wexford, on the 30th May, 1798; in a Letter, addressed to the Reverend Tames Gordon, Author of the History of the Rebellion in Ireland, in the Year 1798. Published by George Jefferson. Announced in the Mank, Advertiser of November 21st, 1801 : 'This day is published, by the Printer of this Paper, price 6d.


STOWELLL (REV HUGH). A Sermon preached at St. George's Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man, on Sunday the 25th July, being the Anniversary or Yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the Daily and Sunday School in the Town of Douglas. By the Rev. Hugh Stowell. Published at the request of the Committee of the School. Douglas Printed by G. Jefferson. 170x110, pp. 16. D 454, 6650.


A Collection of Hymns, Selected for Private Use. Douglas Printed by G. Jefferson, 1814. Contains sixteen hymns. 157x91, pp. 16. H 398, 3332 (G. W. Wood).




CHRISTIAN, CHARLES. An Abridged Statement of Facts, supported by respectable and undeniable evidence: with Strictures on the Injurious Influence of Calumny, and a display of the Excellence and Invincibility of Truth . by Charles Christian. Douglas: Printed at the Phoenix Press, for the author. 1818. pp. 28. 195x156.
The author appears to have been a medical man with service in India and on board vessels sailing to foreign ports.


HAINING, SAMUEL. A Sermon on Regeneration, to Shew that it is Essential to Salvation; Explain its Nature; Exhibit the Advantages arising from it; and to Rectify the 'Mistakes into which many have Fallen on this Important Subject. Douglas : Printed at the Phoenix Press, on the Parade, for M. A. Mills. 1818 245x160 mms, pp. 44; E 74, 2276.
The author was a schoolmaster in the Island, and wrote one of the first Manx guide-books in 1822. See page 527-528.


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM, Bart. An Appeal to the British Nation on the Humanity and Policy of Forming a National Institution for the Preservation of Lives and Property from Shipwreck. London: Printed for G. & W. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane, by Thomas Davison, Whitefriars. 214x135 mms, pp. 25. B 162, 6983 (The Deemster Farrant).

The First edition, the copy signed 'From the Author.' The Fourth edition, London, Geo. B. Whittaker, 1825, 210 x 125 mms, pp. 54, is B 162, 2065 (G. W. Wood) and 7652 (R. Cobbold Cain) ; whilst the Fifth edition, published in the same year (pp. IV, 64) records in detail the founding of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. B 162, MR7


BYRON, LORD. The Corsair, A Tale in Three Cantos. Douglas : Printed for the Proprietor by J. Penrice, Manx Rising Sun Office; Published by L. Lane, at the Public Reading Room, North Quay; and Sold by the Principal Shopkeepers, 1825. 143x95 mms, pp. 72.
This most interesting item appears to be an obvious piracy. It is not known to the First Edition Club, on behalf of which the publisher John Murray wrote to the compiler of this Bibliography: ` I never heard of the Isle of Man edition of the Corsair before and am interested to hear that such a book exists. I think it must have been a piracy: as you probably know many of Lord Byron's works were pirated in his lifetime or soon after- wards. An edition of the Corsair was published in London in 1825 by W. Dugdale, 23 Russell Court, Drury Lane. This also extends to 72 pp. and is described as 12 mo.'
Penrice's edition is also quite unknown to the British Museum Library. It was printed on Manx-made paper, having the watermark of William Walker & Co., 'W. W. & Co.' above the date 1824. A facsimile of the title page is shown on p. 1451.
Lord Byron died in 1824, and the date of publication of the Manx edition of the Corsair was February 12th in the following year. The Corsair had first appeared, printed by Thomas Davison, of Whitefriars, in 1814.


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM. A Sketch of Ireland in 1824: the Sources of her evils considered, and their remedies sug- gested. London : Printed for W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, by Bradbury and Dent, Fleet Street. 210x128 mms, pp. 37. 11) 162, 2065.


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM, Bart. A Plan for the Construction of a Steam Life Boat; also for the Extinguishment of Fire at Sea, &c. London : Printed by Thomas Davison for Geo. B. Whittaker. Second edition. 210x125 nuns, pp. 20. B 862, 2065 (G. W. Wood).


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM, Part. Suggestions for the Improvement and Embellishment of the Metropolis. London Printed by Thomas Davison, Whitefriars, for W. Simpkin & R. Marshall. 210x125 mms, pp. 34. B 162, 2065 (G. W. Wood).


PRINCIPAL OF HAMPTON COURT AND THOMAS STREET ACADEMIES. Filial Duty: a Religious Discourse. Douglas J. Quiggin. Size 8vo, pp. 8.
There is no copy in the Library.


THE / EXTRAORDINARY CONFESSION / OF A / FRATRICIDE, / addressed to the Editor of the Literary Museum, / by the Perpetrator, / who, there is every reason to suppose, has since / Committed Suicide. / Douglas : Printed for J. Hughes (no printer's name). 150x95 rams, pp. 36. H 398, 5604 (W. Cubbon).
No other copy of this rather remarkable story seems to be in existence. The Fratricide, whose name is not given, belonged to Whitehaven. It does not appear who the 'J. Hughes' was. In the last page is inscribed 'Ann Sayle her book.'


WOOD, LIEUT. G. H. The Believer's Guide to the Study of Unfulfilled Prophecy. Containing the Scripture Testi- mony Respecting the Gentile Apostacy, the Second Advent of Christ to judgment, His Personal Reign on Earth with all His Saints, the Restoration of the Jews, the Restitution of All Things, Hades, or the Intermediate State of Departed Spirits, and other important subjects, with an Appendix, containing the Testimony of the Fathers, Reformers, &c., to the Truth of the Above Doctrines. London : Published by J. Nisbet, 21 Berner's Street, 1831. 206x126 mms, pp. 92, H 398 (W. Cubbon).

Although not Manx-printed this work is included here on the strength of the author's connections with the Isle of Man. He was the son of General Wood, the grandson of John Wood who was Lieut.-Gov. of Man from 1761 to 1777. He was a soldier in India, and also fought in the ' Peninsula war, and later he served at St. Helena when Col. Mark Wilks w as Governor there. Lieut. Wood had two volumes of poetry printed, the first appearing in 1827 and the second in 1853 (see Bibliography p. 888). He was a capable musician and belonged to a Douglas society of amateur players as late as the seventies. He died on February 24th, 1874.


CURRAN, J. Truth no Calumny; or, Additional Arguments, to Prove that Salvation is not partly by Works and partly by the Merits of Christ; in Answer to Calumny Refuted, by Mr. Thomas Stephenson, with Remarks on the Strictures of his Coadjutor. Douglas : Printed and published by G. Jefferson, 1833. 170x110 mms, pp. 60. H 398, 6572 (Ven. John Kewley).


THE ISLE OF MAN TEMPERANCE GUARDIAN AND RECHABITE JOURNAL. Published by Walls and Fargher. See p. 1192. 1837.
These three periodicals were all Douglas printed.


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM, Bart. The Naval Ascendancy of Britain. London: John Mortimer, 2 Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square, 1838. Printed by G. Jefferson, Duke Street, Douglas. 209x129 mms, pp. 60 B 162, 526-534 (Mrs. J. Kewley).


LEE, WILLIAM, The Curative Virtues of Brandy and Salt as an efficacious Medicine in several Dangerous Diseases Incident to Mankind; published by William Lee, Esq., of Leeds for the benefit of the community. Douglas: Penrice and Wallace, Liberal Office at the Museum, Great George Street. 165x100 mms, pp. 12. H 398, 3077.
The pamphlet states that ' a highly respectable lady residing in Athol Street, Douglas, has been effectually cured of a long-standing erysipelas by the use of the medicine.' There was a second edition in 1840, which is not in the Library.


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM, Bart. A Letter to the Shipping and Commercial Interests of Liverpool, on Steam Life and Pilot Boats. Douglas : G. Jefferson, Duke-street. 208x128 mms, pp. 8. B 162, 526-534 (Mrs. J. Kewley) ; also 2066.


BRITISH TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE, AND TOURNAL. Printed and Published by Walls and Fargher. See p. 1192.
An agreement was made at the Fifth Conference of the British Association for the Promotion of Temperance. held in Birmingham in 1838, to discontinue the publication of the Leeds Advocate and Herald and the Isle of Man Guardian, replacing them by the new British Temperance Advocate and Journal - in order that a united effort might be made to place it on a high and secure founda- tion. In order to cope with the tremendous circulation of this free Journal Robert Fargher installed a new printing machine 'capable of throwing off 1,500 impres- sions per hour.'


HAINING, SAMUEL. Mormonism Weighed in the Balances of the Sanctuary, and Found Wanting: The Substance of Four Lectures, by Samuel Haining. Published by Request. Douglas : Printed for the Author, by Robert Fargher ; and may be had of all Booksellers, 1840. 170x115 mms, pp. 66. H 398, 6571 (Ven. John Kewley).




HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM, Bart. An Address to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, on the Christian Occupation of the Holy Land, as a Sovereign State under their Dominion. London : John 'Mortimer, 21 Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square. Printed by Penrice and Wallace. 208x127 mms, pp. 15. 13 162, 526-534 (Mrs. J. Kewley).
Also another issue, ' Suggestions for the Christian occupation of the Holy Land as a Sovereign State by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.' Douglas: Penrice and Wallace. 210 x 125 mms, pp. 8, 2066.


STEVENSON, REV. J. H., N.A. The Church the Spouse of Christ : A Sermon, preached in St. Stephen's Chapel, Sulby, on Sunday, Time 20, in St. Patrick's Church, on Sunday, June 27, and in the Marine,-s' Church, Douglas, on Sunday, July 4, 1841, after which collections were made in aid of the funds of the Isle of 'Man Diocesan Association, by the Rev. H. J. Stevenson, M.A., Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Worcester, to whom (by permission) it is dedicated. London : T. G. F. & J. Rivington ; Hatchard Son; Hamilton, Adams & Co. Isle of Man : Printed by R. Fargher ; sold by G. Jefferson, J. Quiggin, W. Dillon, and J. R. Wallace. 1841. 206x130 mms, pp. 23. H 398, 4154.


MEARNS, P. Tirosll lo Yayin ; or, the Wine Question considered in an extremely novel point of view; with a Scheme of Hebrew Wines, and Illustrations (Philosophical and Critical) of the Principal Passages of the Bible connected With the Subject. London : J. Pasco, 12, Paternoster Row; Walker, 37 Briggate, Leeds; Rewcastle, Dean Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Gallie, Buchanan Street, Glasgow; Zeiglar, South Bridge, Edinbro' ; and Livesey, Douglas, Isle of Man. 1841. At the end are the words ` Printed by J, Livesey, Douglas, Isle of Man.'
The author, who was a well-known temperance reformer, 'attempts to classify the Hebrew Wines, and connect them with the known wines of Ancient Greece and Italy.' The printing is very creditable, there being many Hebrew and Greek terms throughout. 190 x 120 mms, pp. 164, with an additional pamphlet as follows:

LEES, FREDEiIC, History of the Wine Question and Defence of Ultra Teetotalism from Recent Attacks. (Re- printed from the Supplement to the British Temperance Advocate). Douglas : Published by F. R. Lees, Advocate Office. Sold by J. Pasco, London, and Jowett, Printer, Leeds. 1841. Price 3d. This pamphlet, printed in Douglas by J. Livesey, is 190x]20 mms, pp. 24, and the whole volume is registered H 398, 2590 (G. W. Wood).
A short note on the printer Livesey appears on p. 1155. There are but few pieces of printing recorded as his work.


HILLARY, SIR WILLIAM. A Letter to the Right Honorable Lord John Russel, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, on the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck. Douglas : Printed by Robert Farther, Mona's Herald Office. 225x143 mms, pp. 1], 3. R 162, 526-534 (Mrs. J. Kewley) ; also 4011.
The extra three pages contain ' Wreck of St. George, Royal Mail Steam Packet,' 'Copy of a Letter from Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth, G.C.B., to Sir William Hillary, Bart.,' and 'Number of Persons saved from Vessels wrecked since 1822 on the Coast of the Isle of Man.'

c. 1841 ( ?)

CHRISTIAN COURAGE. A lecture. Author and date of publication unknown. Printed by R. Fargher, 9 Mona Terrace, Douglas. 230x145 mms, pp. 16, H 398, 5756 (N.H.A.S.).


C. J. Defence of the Apostolic Faith, in Strictures, On the Rev. Dr. 13.'s `Vindication of Distinguishing Grace,' &c.,by a Layman. Douglas, Isle of Man: Printed at the Manx Sun Office, North Quay, 1842. 218x140 mms, pp. 66.

In ten letters to the Rev. Dr. B. H 398, 5015 (W. Cubbon).


THE NATIONAL TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE, the organ of the British Association for the Promotion of Temperance. See pp. 1194.


THE ODDFELLOWS CHRONICLE, Journal of Literature, the Arts and Compendium of News. See p. 1195. The Pub- lication Committee of this periodical comprised A. Lemon, P.G.M.; T. Anderson, P.C.S.; M. Lemon, P.P.G.M.; F. B. Byne, P.P.G.M. ; S. S. Rogers, P.G. ; R. H. Corrin, P.G. ; and R. Donaldson, V.G.


THE TRUTH-SEEKER AND CHRISTIAN THINKER, organ of Free Enquiry in Literature, Philosophy and Religion; edited by Dr. P'. R. Lees and G. S. Phillips. See p. 1196.
One volume only was published in Douglas, in 1845. In 1846 it was printed at Leeds and continued to five volumes.


THE TRUTH-TESTER, TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE AND MANX HEALTHIAN JOURNAL. Nos. 1 to 23, new series, August 20th, 1846, to June 15th, ]848. Post free 2d. Monthly 4 pp. Reg. 2585. Published in Douglas by William Robinson, 66 Athol-street. See p. 1197.

c. 1846.

CLARKE, REV. DR. ADAM. An Account of the Extraordinary Noises and Disturbances (Supposed to be Preternatural), in 1715 and 1716, at the Parsonage House, Epworth, carefully collected and arranged by the late Rev. John Wesley, A.M. ; Extracted from the Memoirs of the Wesley Family. Douglas : Printed and Published by John Cain, Bookseller, Bookbinder and Stationer, Great George Street. From the Machine of R. Fargher & Co., Mona's Herald Office. 160x104 mins, pp. 32, H 398, 6570 (Ven. John Kewley).



c. 1846.



QUANE, WILLIAM, 'of the Isle of Man.' The Northern Light, Part 1. The Second Dominion. London: Printed for the author and published by J. Leath (P. P. Thoms, Printer, Warwick Square), 1843. Reprinted by Penrice and Wallace, Parade, Douglas, 1847. An improved edition. 212x132 mins, pp. 119. 11 398 (W. Cubbon).
The book is in three parts, as follow: Part 1, pp. 34, December 10th, 1833; Part 2, pp. 37-93, May 24th, 1837; and Part 3, pp. 97-119, September, 1843 (Revised to 1847). William Quane resided in London.





c. 1847-48.



THE TEETOTAL Topic. See p. 1206. 1847-48.


c 1847-49.



THE TEMPERANCE GAZETTE. See p. 1207. 1848-49.


THE CAUSE OF THE PEOPLE. See p. 1209. 1848.

Newspaper. See p. 1369-


FORBES, REV. EDWARD, B.A. A Sermon preached before the Bishop and Clergy, at the Convocation held at Bishops Court, May 18th, 1848. Douglas : R. H. Johnson. 230x145 mins, pp. 14. Price 6d. 1685, E 74.

1848 or 1849.




REPORT OF THE FIRST ANNUAL MEETING OF THE VEGETARIAN SOCIETY [in Manchester, July 28th, 1848]. In vol. 1, Vegetarian Advocate. Douglas : William Robinson, 66, Athol Street. Pp. 20, 247x165 mms, 2588.


Report of the Proceedings at the Conference of Ministers of Various Religious Denominations held at Manchester to Consider the best means of promoting the Temperance Reformation; on April 12, 13 and 14, 1848. Douglas Printed and published by William Robinson at No. 66 Athol- street. 260x160, pp. 32; H 398, 124 (W. Cubbon).


FORBES, REV. EDWARD, and ALCOCK, RIw. JOHN, M.A. Papal Aggression : address delivered at the Protestant Meeting held in Douglas, 3rd December, 1850. Douglas Peter Curphey, Manx Sun Office. 172x105 mins, pp. 16. 4874, D 200.


FORBES, REV. EDWARD, B.A., of St. George's, Douglas. Address on Missions to the Heathen, Douglas : R. H. John- son. 220x140 mins, pp. 8. Price 2d. 4099, E 76.


DIXON, ROBERT, D.D. Principal of King William's College, Mann. A Sermon preached in the Chapel of King William's College, Isle of Man, at an Ordination held by the Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. Douglas : Peter Curphey. 219x140 mins, pp. 10; 1406 and 1684, E 74.


ADAMSON, REV. H. T. The Seventh Day. ("We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.„ 2 Con, xiii, 8.) By the Rev. H. T. Adamson, Theological Associate of King's College, London, and Curate of St. Barnabas' Church, Douglas, Isle of Man. Price 8d. Douglas : M. P. Back- well, Atholl Street. London: Wertheim & Mackintosh,Paternoster Row, 1856. 213x138 mms, pp. 31. H 398, 454,3 (Miss Talbot) ; also E 42, 4959.


WATKINS, JAMES. Poems, Original and Selected, by James Watkins, a Fugitive Slave. Douglas : Printed 'bv iM. A, miggin, 52, North Quay, 1858. 185x120 inns, pp. 16; H 398, 4573 (Miss Talbot).
On p. ii of the thin yellow cover are printed two verses by Whittier, on American Slavery, and the other poems are as follow: The Slave; The Blind Slave Boy (air Sweet Afton) ; The North Star (air Oh Susannah) ; The Fugitive's Triumph; Rescue the Slave; The Bereaved Mother (air Kathleen O'More) ; Lord Brougham on Slavery; Slave's Escape to Canada; An Appeal to the Briton on Behalf of the Slave; The Slave's Home; A Hymn; The African Woman's Lamentation; The Poor Slave's Joy; Song of the Coffee Gang.


BUTLER, REV. THOMAS, D.D. Lecture by the Rev. Thos. Butler, D.D. (late a Priest of the Church of Rome, and Chamberlain to Pope Gregory XVII, now a Clergyman in the Church of England), Being his Reasons for Leaving the Church of Rome, delivered in the Wellington Hall, Douglas, May 1, 1858. The Rev. J. H. Gray, M.A., Incumbent of St. Barnabas', in the Chair. Douglas : Printed by H. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King Street, 1858. 185x120 mms, pp. 8. H 398.


SMITH, J. 'Manliness' : A Lecture delivered by T. Smith, Esq., H.M. Customs, in St. James's Hall, Douglas, Thursday, February 6, 1862. Senhouse Wilson, Esq., High Bailiff, in the Chair. Price Twopence. Douglas : Printed by Robert Fargher, MDCCCLXII. 186x110 mms, pp. 12. H 398, 4565 (Miss Talbot) ; 4214 (G. W. Wood).
The proceeds of the sale of this pamphlet were devoted to the Isle of Man Hospital and the House of Industry.


CHRISTIAN, ELIJAH. The Priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the Law. Printed at Douglas. 344x280 broadside. E 142.


CARDEN, REV. R. A., ,B.A. Oxon., Asst. Minister, St. Thomas'. Evil Speaking. A Sermon, Preached at St. Thomas', Douglas, Man, Feb. 23rd, 1862. Douglas: M. P. Backwell, Atholl Street. 210x135 mms, pp. 22. Price 6d. E 74, 4139.

? 1862.

MACRAE, DAVID. `Book of Blunders.' Douglas: J. S. Doidge, 21 Duke Street. 180x125 mms, pp. 122, VI, 14. H 398, 7049.


LEES, DR. F. R., F.S.A. Lectures by Dr. F. R. Lees, F.S.A., Edin., in the Wellington Hall, Douglas, March 25, 27, 28, April 1 and 4; including the Discussion with the Rev. J. H. Gray, incumbent of St. Barnabas', Douglas. (Reprinted from Mona's Herald and Fargher's Isle of Man Advertiser.) Douglas, Isle of Man : Robt. Fargher, Printer, Mona's Herald Office. MDCCCLXII. 173x110 mms, pp. 40; H 398, 3648 (N.H.A.S.).
The lectures are: The Philosophy of Temperance, p. 3; The History of Discoveries on the Action of Alcohol, p. 7; Particular Texts of the Bible Considered, p. 14; The Principles of True Temperance deduced from the English Bible, p. 18; Reply to Objections raised by Clergymen and Others, p. 33.


GRAY, REV. J. H., M.A. Our Lord's Portrait of Himself; or the Lost Sheep sought out and carried home. Price 2d. Douglas: Robert H. Johnson. 180x100 mms, pp. 14. E 42.


GRAY, REV. J. H. Art Thou Reconciled to God? A Question asked in Affectionate Earnestness. Price 2d. Douglas : Robert H. Johnson. 180x100 mms, pp. 14. E 42.


GRAY, REV. J. H. Grace All Sufficient: Where it is found; what it effects; and how it is communicated. Price 4d. Douglas: R. H. Johnson. 180x100 mms, pp. 24. E 42.

c. 1865.

LADY, A. Turn Not Your Back Upon Your Saviour. Douglas : M. P. Backwell, Atholl Street. Castletown : M. J. Backwell, Malew Street. Price Two Shillings per Dozen.
Signed on the title-page, ' With the Christian Regards of the Authoress.' 181xl09 mms, pp. 16; H 398, 4520 (Miss Talbot).

c. 1865.

P.D. The Duty and Dignity of a Christian Mother. Signed ' P.D.' Douglas : Printed by R. H. Johnson, Stationer, &c., 2 Great Nelson Street. 172x108 mms, pp. 8, in thin paper cover. H 398; 3585 (G. W. Wood) and another copy.




GRAY, REV. J. H. The Godly Man Presenting His Body a Living Sacrifice to God. Douglas : Harriet Curphey. 180x115 mms, pp. 14. Price 3d. E 42, 4499.


PEET, REV. J. Cromwell. A Lecture (Published by Request). Douglas : Matthew Glover, Printer, 52 North Quay, 1871. Price 4d. In two parts. 166x107 mms, pp. 52. H 398, 4143 (G. W. Wood), and 4396 (N.H.A.S.).


DUMERGUE, CAPT. E. Machærus, the Prison-House of John the Baptist : Its Geographical and Biblical Locality Identified. By Captain E. Dumergue, Retired Madras Army. Douglas, Isle of Man: Matthew Glover, Printer and Publisher, North Quay. London: Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; G. Philip & Son. 1875. Price 6d. 215x137 mms, pp. 11; H 398 4546 (Miss Talbot).
Pasted on p. ii of the cover is a printed extract from the Illustrated London News of August 21, 1875, dealing with the same subject.

c. 1875 - 80.

THE GOLDEN Ass (Translated from Appulieus). Privately Printed. Isle of Man : J. C. Fargher, 'Herald' Office. 120x87 mms, pp. 70, H 398, 3466 (G. W. Wood).

c. 1880.

HOBSON, REV. W. T., M.A. Everlasting Punishment, as Taught in Scripture. Douglas : Mylrea & Allen. 180x120 mms, pp. 118. Price 2/-. E 74, 2283.
The Rev. W. T. Hobson became Vicar of St. 13arnabas' in 1872.


HOBSON, REV. W. T. 'False Doctrine, Heresy and Schism'; an Eirenicon for home use. A Lecture delivered in the Masonic Hall, Douglas, on February 21st, 1881. Douglas Mylrea and Allen. 210x130 mms, pp. 28. Price 3d. E 42, 4498; E 74, 3579.


HOBSON, REV. W. T., M.A. Humanitarianism not Christianity. Two lectures on Unitarianism . . . in reply to a lecture by the Rev. S. F. Williams. Douglas: Manx Sun Office. 180x105, pp. 74. E 42, 3919.


WILLIAMS, REV. F. H., and JOHNSON, JOSEPH. Unitarian Discussion on 'What Must I do to be Saved?' Douglas S. K. Broadbent. 180x105, pp. 15. Price 1d. E 42, 3688.


BRIDGMAN, REV. A. A. Religious Doubts and Difficulties, and how best to deal with them. Douglas : Brown & Sons. 160x100, pp. 10. E 42, 149.


WALSH, REV. EDMUND (Rector of St. Mary's Douglas). Sequel to the Continuity Controversy. Chap. i : The Bible and the Christian Church; Chap. ii : The Bible and the Pope. Douglas: Clucas Unsworth & Co. 210x135, pp. 45. E 42, 3768.


[BARDSLEY, BP.] 'Woe unto the World because of offences for it must needs be that offences come, but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh.' Matt. xviii, 7. King William's College Chapel, Whit-Sunday, 1889. Douglas G. and R. Johnson. 210x135, pp. 11. E 74, 1678.

c. 1890.

[DAWSON, G. W. ?]. Money: How to get it! A Book for those who wish to rise in the world. Omnia vincit labor. Union Mills: Printed and published by G. W. Dawson, The Manx Echo Office, Union Mills, Braddan. 145x110, pp. 192. H 398, 6475 (W. Cubbon).
The printer was a compositor in The Manx Sun Office in 1885. It is assumed he was also the author of the book, which is rare. He moved from Douglas to the Union Mills, and established his printing works there; where exactly is not known.

c. 1890.

DESMOND, HALL. The Language of the Gypsies. Published in Douglas. 180x120 mms, pp. 8.
Twenty-five copies only were printed, and there is none in the Library.

c. 1890.

BELL, H. The True Cause of Rain. A New Theory. Price 3d. John Heywood, Excelsior Buildings, Ridgefield, John Dalton Street, Manchester; and 18 Paternoster Square, London, E.C. 184x121 mms, pp. 12, H 399 (Ven. John Kewley).
H. Bell lived at Ballavell, Kk. Malew.


HOBSON, REV. W. T. The Parable of the Fig Tree or the Signs of the Second Advent. A Sermon preached in St. Thomas' Church, Douglas, on the 2nd Sunday in Advent, 1890, by the Rev. W. T. Hobson, M.A., Vicar of St. Barnabas', Douglas. Reprinted from the `Manx Sun.' Douglas : F. W. Spencer, Victoria Street. The price of the pamphlet was ld. 145x108 mms, pp. 16. H 398, 4192 (G. W. Wood).


SAVAGE, REV. ERNEST B., M.A. F.S.A., Vicar of St. Thomas', Douglas. A Sermon preached in the Church of S. Thomas, Douglas, at the Ordination held by the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, S. Thomas' Day, 1890. Douglas G. & R. Johnson. 141x111 mms, pp. 20. E 74, 1661.


M'CLOSKEY, J. H. Pamphlet with reference to the Criminal Procedure Amendment Ireland Act (the Coercion Act), June, ]887. By J. H. M'Closkey, Eglish, Dungannon, and 4, Nelson Street, Douglas, Isle of Man. Ist December, 1903. Printed by Brown and Son. Price 6d. 227x145 mms, pp. 4. E 186.


CAINE, E. A Manx Lady's Visit to Palestine. A Series of Letters. Douglas: S. K. Broadbent & Co. Ltd., Printers 'Isle of Man Examiner' Office. First published as a series of letters in the `Examiner.' 217x141 mms, pp. 37. H 398, 3901 (G. W. Wood).


IRVING, WASHINGTON. Rip Van Winkle, A Legend of the Hudson. Printed for Private Circulation by G. & L. John- son, 12 Prospect Hill, Douglas, mcmix. This is a beautifully printed little booklet, and the story is entitled ` Rip Van Winkle-A Posthumous Writing of Diedrich Knickerbocker.' 155x120 mms, pp. 24; H 398, 3764 (G. W. Wood), and another copy.


[GREENE, A. C.] The Traveller's `Remembrancer' for Gentlemen. For Travellers and Holiday Makers. Price 2d. All Rights Reserved. Published by The Remembrancer Company, Kirk Michael, Isle of X-Ian. Registered at Stationers' Hall and U.S.A. 135x95 mms, pp. 40. H 398, 4621.
The Copyright of A. C. Greene, Viking Cottage, Kirk Michael. The booklet, which in addition to lists of articles of clothing, etc., likely to be required by travellers, contains information for Seaside, Ocean and Continental travel, was printed by W. H. Smith, 55 Fetter Lane, London, E.C.


SAVAGE, REV. E. B., M.A., F.S.A., V.D., Vicar of St. Thomas. A Sermon preached in St. Ninian's Church, Douglas, on Sunday Morning, 30th March, 1913, The Sunday next after the Dedication. Douglas : G. & L. Johnson. 142x110 mms, pp. 21. E 74, 1665.


CATALOGUE OF THE REFERENCE LIBRARY IN THE RAMSEY LIBRARY. Ramsey : J. W. Strickett, 69 Parliament Street. 240x155 mms, pp. 14. H 364, 6654.
The Library is composed in the main of books given by P. M. C. Kermode.


TAGGART, REV. HUGH S., M.A. The Difference between Roman and Anglo-Catholicisin : Lecture. Ramsey : The Ramsey Courier. 247x152 mms, pp. 8. E 42, 5801.


LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE MASTER PRINTERS' ALLIANCE. Autumn Meeting held at Douglas. September 18th-21st, 1925. Headquarters : Hotel Majestic, Douglas. Printed by a Member of the local Association (Samuel Norris). Programme, 179x135 mms, pp. 4; 11 398.


SMITH, PERCY J. G. How to Make a Sundial. Price 1/6d. To be obtained only from the Author, Address : `Moorland Cottage,' The Sound, Port St. Mary. S. K. Broadbent, Ltd., Printers, Douglas, Man. 201x127 mms, pp. 30, with Supplement 212x135 mms, pp. 3 ; H 398, 5612.


RITCHIE, FRANK (of Douglas). Poems, written in Northern Rhodesia, 1927-28. Portrait and illustrations. Douglas L. G. Meyer Ltd. 194x145 mms, pp. 71.
The author, who was born and educated in Douglas, died abroad soon after the publication of the book.


THE REFORMATION IN DANGER. Douglas: W. R. Fleming Ltd. 135x96 mms, pp. 96. E 42, 5949.

The following titles are also known of Manx printed tracts issued from the ` Mona's Herald' Office :-

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