[pp 1100-1119 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]

[Class K 12.]

ASHE, ('Thomas). The / Manks Monastery: / or, Loves of / Belville & Julia. ,/ Nusquam tuta fides. / By Thomas Ashe. / Douglas. / Printed for the author, / by C. Briscoe. / 1792. / 170x110. pp. 112.

This little volume, which comes from the collection of G, W. Wood, is probably unique. Wood says: ' I never heard of any other copy.' A facsimile of the title page is shown opposite. The translation of the Latin quotation is, 'We cannot trust a single person.' The printer vas Christopher Briscoe, who in the beginning of 1793 published the Manx Mercury, the first Manx newspaper. It is well printed in pica type, and the pp. have good wide margins.

The author is somewhat of a mystery. He is sometimes confounded with a Trevor Ashe; whether they were one and the same person is not known, Thomas Ashe early in the nineteenth century started a small Museum in a house on the North Quay, Douglas; but be soon got into difficulties, and his collection and show cases were sold by the coroner.

Besides the novel 'The Manks Monastery,' he brought out two notable booklets: First, 'The Pier and Bay of Douglas,' 1825, a collection of short poems; and, second, 'The :Manx Sketch Book,' which contains twelve lithographic prints of local scenery with appropriate text. On the title page it is described as ' No. 1 '; evidently it was intended to continue a series. There is also on the title an original verse which reads:

I love thee, dear Isle, my affections are wound
With thy Glens and thy Mountains, thy Oceans and Streams,
A thousand endeared recollections surround
The land where my childhood indulged its fond dreams.

Both these publications are now very rare. Whether Ashe was native born as the above lines suggest, is not known. The surname appears in at least two parish registers in the early part of the 19th c. A baptism occurred at St. George's Chapel, on 9th Oct., 1825, of James Ash, son of William Ash, and Christian (late Dalton). The father was a private soldier in the 2nd Royal Veteran Company. See also p. 842.

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It tells the story of King Edward's visit to Peel Castle. The author was the wife of the Vicar of St. George's Church, Douglas.

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The scenes are chiefly laid in the Isle of Man. There is a portrait of the author.

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The heroine represents Affreca, daughter of Godred, King of Man, and the hero Sir John de Courcy. The legends are from Waldron's account of the Isle of Man.

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Also in " I.M.Ex.," 1892,
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BRISCOE (J.). Literary Lovers; an original Manks novel. 12mo.
Not in Library. The compiler of the Bibliography has never seen a copy. The authority for its existence is G. W. Wood.

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Also in the same issue: An Old Manx Local. By ' M.A. N .' Illus. [6799] Coodcam and the Three Heiras. Illus. [6799]
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- Ramsey- Treasure Hunt : complete story. Ry. Courier, 24th July, 1931. [6380]
' John Shenvalley' 'was Christian Callister's father (the Shenvalley is the Glebe hy Ballaconlcy); 'Dan the Master' taught at Jurby East; ' Billy the Banker' was a Teare of the Kerroo Croic; ' Adam ' was Adam Hampton of the Lhen Mooar. In 'Juan Lewin ' there are two photographs of Ballaconley, where the author lived The old woman is 'Mairy Gilrea, who lived at the Nashin Moar just opposite Jurby School.

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The work first appeared in the ' I.M.T.' in 1913.

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Fifty-two Stories for Children (a column each). In Prim. Meth. Leader. Not in Library.

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Through an error this rare item was omitted in the Poetry section: it should have appeared on p. 847. It is set down here for the purpose of record.
The Story of a Telegram, by William Cubbon. Mx. Quar., 22, 1920. [L 6]

DAVIDSON (Hugh Coleman). The Green Hills by the Sea. A Manx Story. In 3 vols. London: Hurst Blackett. 1887. pp. 314x299x254. 187x122. [2977, G.W.W. Coll]
The story is laid chiefly in Castletown. The author was the son of the Rev. H. C. Davidson, assistant master at King William's Coll., 1845-1883.
- Mad or Married' A Manx Story. London: W. H. Allen & Co. 1887. pp. iv., 212. 186x118. [5676]
Although the scene is laid in the Isle of Man, the chief incidents are stated to have taken place in Cornwall,,
- Under a Sunny Sky; Priscian Prim; A Tontine of Two. Home Chimes (periodical). 1885. Not in Library.
- The Benaaishnee, and The Three Card Trick. Belgravia, 1885. Not in Library.
- A Drifting Cloud, Crystal, Stories. 1885. Not in Library.
- Robin y Ree : a Story. All the Year Round, 23rd Feb., 1884. [3031, L 6]
- The Blankshire Bank Robbery Whit eh all Review. 1885. Not in Library.


From a cast of the medallion by Dorothy Stanton Wise, A.R.C.A.

Miss E. C. Wilson, the daughter of the first principal of King William's College, has written a memorial sketch of her friend, Catherine Isabella Dodd. It is published by Sidgwick aud Jackson, by whose favour we are enabled to give the above portrait. Miss Dodd's mother was Christian Kelly, of Castletown. When she was in her twenties she wrote a little guide to St. Michael's Isle, Derbyhaven. Her first book, 'The Farthing Spinster,' was brought out in 1925. The next was her charming Manx story, 'Clad in Purple Mist.' In her will she left 100 to the Library of the Manx Museum.

DAWSON (Mulvey) [pen-name of Captain Leonard Radcliffe.] Garlic Town. A novel. London: Arthur H. Stockwell, Ltd. N.D. [1935]. pp. 293. 180x120. [7421] Although it is stated that 'the characters in the book are all imaginary, and bear no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name,' it is believed that Garlic Town is Ramsey and that some of the characters are well known people belonging to the town, now,deceased.

DIOGENES ANTI BOMBASTES. The Rowin Dame Orry's School. A Serio-Comic Christmas Story. I.H.Times, 15th Jan., 1876. [4454]
It is suggested that the author is T. E. Brown, the Manx poet.

DODD(Catherine). The Farthing Spinster. Jarrolds, Ltd. 1925. pp. 307. 183x119. [5618] Not in Library.
- Clad in Purple Mist. London : Jarrolds. 1926. [7146]
This is from the point of view of the Manx reader, the most compelling book written by this author. She was born in Castletown in 1860.
- Three Silences. First printed March, 1927; re-printed May, 1927; cheap edition, Dec., 1928. London Jarrolds. 1927. pp. 284. 182x118. Price 3/6. [5862]
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- Lords of Red Lattice, being some Chronicles of the Crathornes of Crathorne. London : Jarrolds. 1930. pp. 285. 190x130. [6203] Some of the scenes are set in Man.
- Ming and Magnolia. London : Jarrolds. 1931. pp. 285. 187x130. [6734]
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Although the author states that 'no place of education can be identified with Roslyn,' it is well understood that the scene of the story is King William's College.

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GREEN (Mrs. Eliza Craven). The Special Constable : a London Love Story.
This short story appeared in the columns of 'Manx Sun,' 20th Dec., 1848.

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HALL (R[ichard] N [icklin] ). Gilbert Vince, Curate, and His Struggle to Attain the Ideal. A novel largely founded on fact. London : Western Mail. 1897. pp. viii., 383. 185x120. [4373 ]
The chief figures are inhabitants of Conchan and Braddan parishes. The author was born in Conchan. A review appeared in "M, Herald," 30th June, 1897.

HALL (James Norman) and NORDHOFF (Charles). Pitcairn's Island. Illus. by W. H. D. Koerner. Saturday Evening Post, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A., issued weekly from 22nd Sept., 1934 - 3rd Nov., 1934. [C88, 7041

HEYWOOD (Eliza). Emangarde, a tale of the Twelfth Century. Cheltenham. 1837. pp. 140. 8vo.
This is a rare book, and, notwithstanding many efforts to secure it, it is still lacking in the Library. It is not mentioned in Harrison's Bibliotheca.

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Illustrated by Manx scenery. [29811

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This book was afterwards published under the title of 'The King of the Island.'
- The People of the Caves : a Tale of Mystery and Adventure in the Isle of Man. Illus. by C. Sparrow. Serial in The Captain, vol. xxi., 1909. pp. 67. [2984]
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Relates chiefly to the south coast of the Island, where the author lived.

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Contains a portrait of the author, Chalse y Killey, Parson Drury, Manx; Giant Arthur Caley, A. W, Moore, and Sir James Gell.
- A Manx Cooish at Ille Raglan ';ilven Wedding Celebration. I.M.T. c. 1916. [1640]

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LEE, (Mrs.) Clara Lennox ; / or / The Distressed Widow. / A Novel. / founded on facts. / Interspersed with an Historical Description of / the Isle of Man. / by Mrs. Lee. / Dedicated, by permission, to / H.R.H. The Duchess of York. / Teach me to feel another's woe Pope. / In tvo volumes. London : Printed for the authoress, by J. Adlard, No. 39, Dulte Street, West Smith-field, and sold by J. Parsons. No. 21, Paternoster Row. 1797. pp. x., 199. 178x103. [2966, GWAV. Coll.]
Very rare. No other copy known. Isle of -Man on pp. 1-10, 30-42, 100-107; vol. ii., pp. 4-13, 78-91, 124, 144-147, 196-22.3.
' We lind fidlcrs I assure you, for never was there such a race of dancers! They played all the way to church, to my great delight, the scene being quite novel and rural.'

LORIMER, (Norma) . Minry-Ann. London : Methuen & Co. 1900. pp. 294. 190x121. [2982]
The authoress is a daughter of T. W. Lorimer, of Mount Rule, and later Ballasherloge, Colby. The scene is laid in the parish of Kirk Christ, Ruslien.

MacKILLIP (K. Caley). The Holy Well. :Meth. Leader, 3rd Dec., 1931. [64101 Not in Library.

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McGOVERN (J. B.) [The Rev.] The Maid of Mann a Tale of Creigneish. .S't. Stephen's Parish Mag., Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester. 1896 pp. 77. 245x175. [4407]
The story is descriptive of the customs and superstitions of the south of the Island.

MANX MOAR. The Ranther's' Goose. Tom the Ranther's Weddin.' In I.M. Short Stories. [1119]

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- Dooinney-Oie, the Night-Man : a Manx Folk-Tale. In Folklore, Sept. 30th, 1912, vol. xxiii., No. 3.

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NORDHOFF (Charles) and HALL (Norman). Mutiny. London: Chapman & Hall. 1933. pp. viii., 416. 201x130. Price 7/6. [6840, G 88]
This is the story of the historic " Mutiny of the Bounty," retold as a novel. The narrative is full of new material, for the authors have ransacked all available records and documents to add to the vivid detail of their story, and it is related through the month of a young midshipman \whose witness is founded upon that of Peter Heywood, who was one of those brought up for trial and eventually acquitted when the mutineers of the Bounty were at last arraigned and sentenced.
- Men Against the Sea. London: Chapman & Hall, Ltd. 1934. pp. 275. 201x130. [6988, G 88]
Second volume of a trilogy telling the entire story of the mutiny of the Bounty.
- Pitcairn's Island. Boston : Little, Brown & - Co. 1934. pp. viii., 333. 206x140. [7122, G 88]
Contains also four pages " The Trilogy of the Bounty.-

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Considered to be one of the best works of fiction whose scene is laid in the Isle of Man.
- The Chimney of the Rev. Luke Transept. The Tourist, No. 3. 1897.
- The Counterstroke : a Manx Sketch. The Tourist, Feb.. 1928, pp. 206-207; No. 7, 1898; The Manxman, No. 1, May, 1911. [L6]
- A Christmas Story. Ramsey Courier Christmas Annual, Dec., 1912.

ROYSTON (Mrs. F.). The :Miller's Glen : an Island Story. Douglas : S.K.B. & Co. 1917. pp. 40. 170x95. Price 1/-. Proceeds for Manx Disabled Soldiers and Sailors' Fund. [2989]

RUTTER (Owen). Cain's Birthday. Hutchinson. 1930. [G 88, 6606]
The story of the Bounty from Fletcher Christian's point of view,

RYDINGS (Egbert). How Our Thobm and Kirryo got back from Midsummer Fair to Laxey. Ry Courier, 1893. [3747]
- How Our Thobm tuk Wit the Day after the Feer. Ry Courier, 12th May, 1894. [4431]
- Manx Tales. Introductory preface by Rev. T. E. Brown, and vignette by J. M. Nicholson. Manchester John Heywood. 1895. pp. 127. 182x120. Price 1/-. [1113]
i. An Angler's Holiday Among, the Manx Mountains.
ii. How our Thobin an' Kirree went to Midsummer Fair.
iii. How our Thobm took wit the day afther the Fair.
- How " Our Kerree " Won the Election in Garff Sheathin'. 1.M. Ex., 1902. [3747]

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A second edition was published by Abel Heywood.

STOWELL (Rev. Hugh). Notes from the Diary of a Manks Clergyman. In The Glasgow University Album for 1840. pp. 79-95. [2914, K 12]
Although the name of the author is not given, it would seem quite clear that he could be no other than the Rev. Hugh Stowell, the Rector of Ballaugh. The following introductory passage is quoted:-' To make the following ' pages assume the aspect of a connected tale, it would 'perhaps be necessary to reverse the order of incident 'and convert the style from Diary to plain narration, ' but we prefer preserving the original form in which ' they were found among the papers of the late Dr. --, ' Rector of the parish of , Isle of Man.'

STOWELL. (B[ellanne] ). Manxland : a Tale. With an introductory sketch of Manx Home Missions. By- B. Stowell. London: James Nisbet & Co. 1863. ph. viii, 199. 165x108. [1111, G.F.C. Coll.]
There are illustrations of Laxey Chapel, Foxdale Mines, Cronk y Voddy Chapel, and Grenaby Schoolhouse, by C. A. Ferrier.
Bellanne Stowell was a sister of the Rev. William Hendry Stowell, President of Cheshunt College in 1850, and a niece of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh. She was a schoolmistress in Castletown (see p. 107 Manx Worthies).
- Brave Manx Women and other Narratives. Brown & Sons. 1880. pp. 124. 163xl04. [7315]
Believed to be by Bellanne Stowell, 1814-1889.

ST. GEORGE (Mrs.). Edwardine : a Novel. 3 vols. Scene in Isle of Man. 12mo. Not in Library.

ST. GEORGE (Catherine). Maria, a Domestic Tale. 3 vols. (Scene partly in Douglas.) London. 12rno. Not in Library.

TAYLOR (E. M.). In the Isle of Man. Cleckheaton Siddall. 1893. pp. 142. 182x115. [3439, 906]

TALLANT (Miss Anne). Octavia Elphinstone, / A Manx Story. / and / tois, / a Drama, / founded on a Legend in / The Noble Family of / by Miss Anne Tallant. /
In two vols. London: J. Hatchard & Son, 187, Piccadilly. 1834. pp. vii., 304x316. Price, one guinea. [2967, G.W.W. Coll.]
Rare; in orig. boards. Deals with adventures on Conister and Douglas Head. A second ed. appeared in 1839.

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' A WIDOW LADY.' Little Alice:/ or,/ A Narrative/ relating to the origin of / The Isle of Man Steam-Packet / Company. / written by a Widow Lady, / in her seventy-fifth year. / Price 6d. / Douglas : Brown & Son. 1881. pp. 20. 135x105. [p 160, 1117]

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