[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]

pp728-744 of section - note all Manx Quarterly, Manx Worthies refs are online


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__William Edward Quine (1847-1922) : a Biog. sketch with portrait. In Ellan Vannin Mag. No. 1, Dec. 1923, by G. Fred Clucas, S.H.K.
Dr. Quine was born in Chicago on February 9th, 1847, the son of William Quine and Margaret Kinley, who emigrated from Kirk Santan when the boy was only six years old. He became Professor Emeritus of the College of Medicine in the University of Illinois. He wrote many theses. In 1905 he privately printed a little work entitled 'The Doctor's Wife,' written as a tribute to his wife, who had been a missionary in China. This booklet is in our Library. He kept in touch with relatives in Man, and in 1905 stated that he was writing some biographical sketches of his early career, with a genealogical tree of his family, but they do not appear to have been finished. He died in 1923, A brief sketch of his career, with portrait, is given in 'The Alumni Record of the Univ. of Illinois,' 1921.

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The above had a brother, the Rev. Charles Radcliffe, who as a missionary went from the Isle of Man in 1810, retiring in 1848.

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__ St. George's Church, Service in Memory of George Fitzroy Henry Somerset, 3rd Baron Raglan, G.B.E., C.B., Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man from October 21st, 1902, to 31st March, 1919. Born 18th September, 1857. Died 24th October, 1921. B. & S. 1921. pp. 7. 200x 129. [1651]

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__Samuel Rutter, Bishop and Poet. In The Times Literary Suppleinent, Aug. 9, 1923. pp. 3. 216x170. [4644]
The article states that an unpublished volume of poems by Rutter was sold at the Anderson Galleries, New York, in May 1923, consisting of 76 leaves, 12 mo. The poems extend in point of date from 1630 to the fateful year of 1651. A poem, 'Sitting on a Mankes Rock,' would seem to have been written between 1640 and 1650, There is also a 'Song of Priests' in honour of sherry.

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Man, pp. 109, 169.

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In 1393 Sir William le Scrope, K.G., Earl of Wiltes, acquired the Isle of Man by purchase from William de Montacute, second Earl of Salisbury, and became Sovereign Lord of Man with the style and title of King. He was beheaded by Bolingbroke in 1399. Illus. of the seal of the Earl of Wiltes as Lord of Man and the Isles also portrait.

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The first edition was published in 1832 in three vols. The author is said to have been a native of the Isle of Man (See p. 142 Bib. Mon.)

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Man, pp. 446-505. He was enthroned in February 1847, and died at Bishopscourt in April of the same year.
There was also an impression in 1850, with revisions of the text. Vigorous resentment of reflections upon Manx people and clergy expressed in 'Manx Sun' of Nov. 10th and 17th, 1849.

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Reprinted from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register for October, 1914

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The author exhausts the connection of Myles Standish with the Isle of Man, and is confirmed in the opinion that his hero may have been of the family of Standish of Ellanbane, Kirk Christ Lezayre.

__The Pilgrim Fathers: or, The Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, New England, in 1620. With Historical and Local Illustrations, by George B. Cheever, D.D. Glasgow : William Collins. N.D. pp. 309. 186x110.[1355]
Miles Standish, said to be an Ellanbane Standish, was the Captain of the Pilgrims.

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Bishop Thomas Stanley, by A. W. Moore, M.A. In M x Ch. Mag., June 1900; see also Records and Documents collected by Rev. W. Percival Ward, Seacome's Hist., and Cumming's Isle of Man.

__ and MOORE (A. W.), by Theophilus Talbot. Manx Sun. 1900. pp. 14. 159x100. [1643]

See also ' Pre-Reformation Bishops' by Rev. H. C. Cradock, in Proc. iii, pp. 321-346.

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STAPLETON (Major-General William). Case / of ; Major General Wm. Stapleton / on / The Investigation / Ordered by His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for / the Home Department / into / The Charges / preferred by General Stapleton / against / His Honor John Lace, Esq. / His Majesty's / First Deemster in the / Isle of Man. 1809. pp. 34. 210x139. [1641] Case arose through an affray at the Theatre in Douglas caused by Major-General Stapleton having, in a tttere frolic, pushed a Mr. John Johnson forward on the stage. The General and Sir John Bennet Piers and Captain Edwards were summoned to the Deemster's Court in Castle Rusher. Deemster Lace took occasion to address the General in language so offensive to his feelings and so injurious to his reputation that he could not, as a man of honour, pass it over unnoticed.

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STOWELL (Bellanne, Authoress, 1814-1889). In :M.W. p. 107.
She was a niece of Rev. Hugh Stowell the Elder, Rector of Ballaugh.

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Rev. Hugh Stowell the Elder was an accomplished writer. Hiis great work 'vas a Life of Bishop Wilson pub. by Rivington, London, in 1819. Other works were Lives of F. D. P. Geneste, William Leece, Mrs_ Stowell, Rev. Joseph Stowell, several sermons, a Spelling book in Manx, an Essay on Early Rising, and several Tracts.

__A Sermon on the death of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, preached in Christ Church, Manchester, by the Rev. Hugh Stowell, M.A., incumbent. London Seeley, Fleet-street. 1836. [4153]
Particulars are given in ' Manks Advertiser,' Feb. 2, 1836.

__The Rev. Hugh Stowell [the Elder]. By Rev. T. E. Brown, M.A. In Ry Ch. Mag., Aug. 1896.

STOWELL (MIrs. Hugh). Memoirs of Mrs. Stowell by Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh. Wellington Houlston & Son. 1817. pp. vii,143. 170x100. [4354]
The subject of the memoir was the wife of the author. She was Amelia, daughter of William Callow, merchant, of Douglas, and was born in 1777 and died in 1814. Copy inscribed 'for Mrs. Heywood, with affectionate regards from the author.'


STOWELL (Rev. Hugh, the Younger). Memoirs of the Life and Labours of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, M.A., Rector of Christ Church, Salford; Hon. Canon of Chester, etc. [1799-1865.] By the Rev. J. L. 'Marsden, ILI.A. London 1-lamilton, Adams & Co. 1868. pp. viii,476. Portrait. 218x140. [2833 and 4356]
Hugh Stowell was the elder son of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh. His uncle was the Rev. Joseph Stowell.

__Hugh Stowell : A Lite and its Lessons. By the Rev. Charles Bullock, B.D. London: Home Words. 1881. pp. 94. Portrait. 183x121. [2828]
The subject is the Rev. Hugh Stowell the younger, the Rector of Salford. See 'M.W.' p. 38 ; ' Mx Liberal,' 12th Aug., 1848 ; Press cuttings, vol. iii.

__A Sermon preached on the occasion of the death of the late Canon Stowell, M.A., on Sunday evening, Oct. 22nd, 1865, in St. Stephen's Church, Bowling, Bradford, by Rev. Thomas Alfred Stowell, M.A. London and Douglas: Hatchard & Co., Mylrea. 1865. pp. 20. 180x120. [4155]

__Popular Preachers : a Lecture containing Sketches of the Rev. Hugh Stowell . . . . By Argus the Younger [Joseph Johnson of Douglas]. Manchester: Abel Heywood. c. 1870. pp. 16. 192x129. ld. [39631
Hugh Stowell the Younger was a prolific writer and published many works, including essays, speeches, lectures, sermons, addresses to societies, and a volume of poems.

STOWELL (John, Poet, 1762-1799). In M. W. p. 97.

STOWELL (Rev. Joseph, 1772-1801). In 4IW. pp. 31-32. Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Stowell, by the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh. Wellington : Houlston and Son. 1821. pp. xi,141. 170x100. [1735]
The Rev. Joseph Stowell was the son of Thomas and Ann Brown Stowell of Douglas, and was born in that town in 1772. He was the eighth of fifteen brothers, and was educated under Rev. Philip Moore of the Douglas Grammar School. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Lamothe of Castletown, where he opened an academy. In 1799 he became master of the Peel Grammar and Mathematical Schools. He died in 1801. See ' Manx Worthies' p. 31 ; 'Monthly Mag.' Sept. 1802.

STOWELL (Thomas, Clerk of the Rolls, 1764-1821). In M.W. p. 85.
Thomas Stowell (born at Ballastole, Pirk Braddan) was the first compiler of the Mana Statutes and Ordinances in 1792. It is worth recording that a miniature portrait of Thomas Stowell was drawn by Thomas Hargraves, 1773-1847. It is owned by Mr. W. Howard.

STOWELL (Canon Thomas Alfred, M.A., Canon of Manchester). 1n Mx Quar. No. 17, 1916.

STOWELL (Rev. William Hendry, D.D.). A Memoir Of the life and Labours of the Rev. William Hendry Stowell, D.D. By William Stowell, B.A. London: Judd and Glass. 1859. pp. xii,307. Sermons clxxxiv. Engraved portrait by J. Cochran. 190x120. [2826]
The subject of the ineinoir was a nephew of the Rev. Hugh Stowell the Elder, and was born in Douglas. He was a Congregationalist and became the President of Cheshunt Coll. in 1850. He died in 1857.

__Dr. W. H. Stowell of Cheshunt College.
See Reminiscences by James Cowin, 1902 ; ' M.W.' p. 51 ; '.Mx Sun.,' 16th Jan., 1858. Dr. Stowell wrote 'The History of the Puritans in England under the Reigns of the Tudors and the Stuarts' [London, Nelson, 1849].

STRATON (Bishop). Great Preachers : their Homes and Households. The Bishop of Sodor and Man, the Right Rev. Dr. Norman Straton, by Rev. W. Llewellyn Williams. Portrait. In Sunday Strand, Aug. 1901; Ch. Monthly, 1892. [5434]

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TEARE (James). The History of the Origin and Success of the advocacy of the principle of Total Abstinence from all Intoxicating Liquors; by James Teare, one of the originators of the total abstinence system. 2nd edn. London : Charles Gilpin. 1847. pp. 37. 213x135. 6d. [6663, D 36]
James Teare was born at Cronk Shoggle, K. Andreas.

__Memoir of James Teare, by Dr. F. R. Lees. c. 1869. Not in Library.

__Prophet and Preacher. In Meth,. Ch. Record, Oct. 1932. See also Mx Sun, Jan. 1840; M.W. p. 188; P. T. Winskill's Hist. of Temp. Movements; I.M.E. article by James Cowin, c. 1901. [L 6]

__Printed notice announcing his death at the Trevelyan Hotel, Manchester, on 16th March, 1868, signed by T. H. Barker and James Cowin.
See W. Sayle coll. 5614, Class D.36.

TEARE, (Jane). Early Piety, or the Life and Death of Jane Teare, by Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh. Liverpool: Marples. 1827. pp. 12; woodcut.

TEARE (John E.), of the Liverpool Mx Soc. In Mx Quar. No. 2, 1907.

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TEARE (Robert, H.K., of Ramsey). In Mx Quar. No. 11, 1912.

TEARE (William, of Michael),by Miss Christian Callister. In Meth. Recorder, Christmas 1901. [Fr. fol. p. 337]

THOMSON (William, Auctioneer, of Douglas). In Mx Quar. No. 18, 1917.

THORNTON - DUESBERY (Bishop). In Mx Ch. Mag. Dec. 1924.
How I spent my Holiday [in Man]. In Mx Quar. No. 5, 1908.

TODHUNTER (William, J.P., of Douglas). In Mx Quar. No. 18, 1917.

THUROT(François), Surgeon and Corsair, according to the Biography written in 1791 by one of his cousins, Guillaume Thurot. In ' The Scourge of the Indies' ; from original texts and contemporary engravings ed. by Maurice Besson. pp. 245-303. Pub. by Routledge, 1929.
This biograpliy comes from the Archives de la Bibliothèque Nationale, and is from the pen of Guillaume Thurot, a cousin ofthe Captain and a business man of Nuits who, in 1791, desired to show the kind of man the corsair really was. It should, however, be pointed out that Sir John Laughton, in his 'Studies in Naval History,' has questioned the reliability of this account of Thurot's life. Not in Library.

__Genuine and Curious Memoirs of the famous Captain Thurot by Rev. John Francis Durand, with some of Monsieur Thurot's original letters to that gentleman . . . to which is added a much more faithful and particular account than has hitherto been published of his proceedings since his sailing from the coast of France. London: J. Burd. 12mo. 1760. Not in Library,

__Popular Songs illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland. Part I. Edited, with introduction and notes, by T. Crofton Croker. London : Reprinted for the Percy Society. 1845. pp. viii,44. 196x129. [3354]
This reprint by the Percy Society contains no collection of songs, but is a reprint of a Memoir of the famous Captain Thurot printed in London in 1760. ' Number 2 of the Percy Society's reprint will contain Songs illustrative of Thurot's capture of Carrickfergus to 1760.Number 3 will illustrate the French invasion of Bantry Bay in 1796, and No. 4 the Landing of the French at Killala in 1798.' From advertisement by T. Crofton Croker.

__Jean Bart, Privateer. In Old-Lore Miscellany of the Viking Society; vol. ix, pt 2; 1929. pp. 110-118.[F 66]
An account of the engagement off the Isle of Man is given.

__Thurot and Elliot. A Journal of M. Thurot's Expedition, from his leaving Dunkirk to his being taken by the brave Commodore Elliot off the Isle of Man. In Roy. Mag. March 1760, pp. 156-160.

__Captain Thurot : a Memoir. In second series Mona Miscellany, Mx Soc. vol. xxi, 1873, pp. 66-72. In the same vol. are the following Ballads : Thurot's Dream, p. 73; Battle off Ramsey, p. 76; Thurot as Elliot, in Manx and English; the work of the Rev. J. T. Clarke and John Quirk, pp. 79-86; Epitaph on Thurot from Gent. May., pp. 87-88. See also Train's Hist. ii, pp. 326-8.

TRAIN (Joseph). Memoir of Joseph Train, the Antiquarian Correspondent of Sir Walter Scott by John Datterson. Glasgow : Thomas Murray & Son. 1857. pp. vii,194. 166x ]03. [28021
The subject of the Memoir was the author of the ' History of the Isle of Man' printed by Mary A. Quiggin in 1845. See also biog. sketch in Train's Hist. i, pp. 1-29. WAL D R o N (George), in Mann from 1710 to 1730. Sketch of his life. In Mx Soc. vol. xi. Intro. by Harrison.
Waldron's first edn. was in 1726, in 12 mo.; the second edn. in 1731, after the author's death. This was in folio, and only 110 copies were printed The third edn. was in 1744 to 12 tno. It is said some copies have the date 1745.

WALKER (Sir Baldwin Wake, K.C.B., 1802-1876). In M.W. p. 147.

WALKER (James, C.E.). In Mx Quar. No. 7, 1907.

WALKER (Rev. William, LL.D., Vicar-General of the Isle of Man). pp. 65-67 in an old work lacking a title. pp. 7 - 260. 124x70. [4865]
Vicar-General Walker was born in 1679 and died Rector of Ballaugh in 1729. Sec: 'Manx Worthies, pp. 21-23.

__By Rev. Ernest B. Savage, M.A.; M.W. p. 21; Mx Soc. xxi, pp. 53-63. In Mx Note Bk vol. i, pp. 90-97.

__A Sorrowful Ditty on the Death of Dr. William Walker by widow Teare, his mother, in Manx and English. In Mona Misc. Mx Soc. vol. xxi, 1873, pp. 53-63.

WALPOLE (Sir Spencer), Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man, 1839-1907. By A. C. Lyall. In Pro. Brit. Academy iii, pp. 6. [6215]

WALSH (Rev. Edmund, of St. Mary's). With portrait. In Mx Ouar. No. 15, 1915.

WALTERS (Rev. F. B., M.A.), Principal of K.W. Coll. 1886-1899. I n Mx Ch. Mag., Sept. 1899, Sept. 1900.

WARD (The Hon. James K., of DJontreal). With portrait. In Mx Quar. No. 9, 1910.

WARD (Bishop William, D.D.). An Island Bishop, 1762-1838. Memorials of William Ward, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Mann 1828-1838. Compiled by his granddaughter, Edith Caroline Wilson. S.P.C.K. 1930. pp. 220. [6266]
The Bishop is best remembered for his successful efforts to defeat the project of the English Ecclesiastical Cotnmissioners to annex the See of Sodor and Man to that of Carlisle. Portraits of the Bishop and Mrs. Ward (the latter by Opie), Rev. Edwd. Wilson, M.A., Rev. W. H. Perceval Ward, M.A., Miss Caroline Ward ; views of Bishop-court and K.W. College. 600 copies printed.
See also Mx Ch. Mag. July 1896; Train's Hist, p. 395.

WATTERSON (Henry, of Colby). d. 1834. In Rosser's Wesleyan Methodism, pp. 171-2. 1849.

WATTERSON (Henry), editor Louisville Courier Journal, U.S.A. In Mx Quar. No. 28, 1922; Chr. Science Monitor, Boston, 19th Dec., 1925, by Harrison Robertson, ed. Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky.
Henry Watterson was born in the States, his father and mother having emigrated from the Isle of Man.

WATTS(A. F.), Drawing Master at King William's Coll. 1833 - 1835 [ ?]
The first part of four lithographic views was pub. in 1833, the second in 1834, and the third in 1835. There are no records in the K.W. Coll. Register about him.

WENTWORTH (Sir Thomas). Letters and Dispatches. 2 vols. 1739. References to Edward Christian, Governor of Man. Vol. i. pp. 118 et seq.

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Buck Whaley selected the Isle of Man for his retirement about 1797, and built Fort Anne soon afterwards. Ten illustrations, including portraits of Buck Whaley and Capt. Hugh Moore ; views of Fort Anne and 86 Stephen's Green, Dublin.

WHITE (Rev. Henry Grattan, Vicar of Kirk Maughold). In Mx Ch. Mag. July 1894.

WILKS (Rev. James, 1719-1777). In M. W. pp. 26-28; . Mx Note Book iii, pp. 67-72, by Rev. S. N. Harrison.
He wrote a letter to Dr. Ducarel (Oct. 1774) on the bog timber found in Man, pub. in ' Gent.'s Mag.' 1785, p. 503. See ' Mx Note Book' iii, pp. 67-72.

WILKS (Col. Mark). Colonel Wilks and Napoleon, by Julian S. Corbett. In Monthly Rev. Jan. 1901. [6750, G 88]
Col. Wilks was a son of Rev. James Wilks, Rector of Ballaugh. See ' M.W.' pp. 26-28, 154-157, and 'Ry. Ch. Mag.' 1900.
He wrote the History of the Mahratta War, and Historical Sketches of the South of India in an attempt to trace the History of Mysore. Sir Mark Cubbon, Governor of Mysore, was his nephew.

__Col. Mark Wilks and his daughter Laura, afterwards Lady Buchan. In The St. Helena Journal of General Baron Gourgaud, 1815-18. Quotations from the vol. (pub. ]932) in Manx Museum Journal No. 35, 1933. [6745, G 88]

__The Wilks Family and the 1733 Coinage, with a genealogical account showing their connection with two Governors of the Bank of England, by W. Cubbon.

WILLIAMSON (Rev. John, MA.). " My Career." In South Wales News, 30th Dec., 1925. [5178]
John Williamson was a brother-in-law of Rev. T. E. Brown. In 'Mx Quar.' 17, 1916.

WOOD (Lieut. George Horseley, poet, 1794-1874). In M.W. p. 103; Mx Sun, 28th Feb., 1874; Mrs. Forrest's recollections, 1894. See Poetry, Section J8.

WOOD (Miss M. L.). In Mx Quar. No. 9, 1910.
Many of Miss Wood's compositions are in the Library.

WOOD (Dr. Thomas Arthur, of Douglas). Testimonials, dated 1865. London: H. K. Lewis. 1865. pp. 10. 210x137.[6736, G 88]
See 'Mx Quar.' No. 14, 1914.

WOOD (George William).
There are few printed references to George W. Wood, even in the newspapers. He was a member of the Nat. Hist. and Antiq. Society from 1889 until his death, which occurred about 1924. He succeeded in building up the most complete library of books of Manx interest known. '1 he library was ultimately sold to the Manx Museum Trustees, and became the basis of the present National Manx Library. He contributed many contributions to the Proceedings of the Antiquarian Society. (i) Description of an Ancient Document (1666- ). (ii) George Borrow. (iii) Collection of Manx Mollusks, Hydroids, etc. (iv) The Hydroid Zoophytes of the Isle of Man. (v) Description of Denton's MS. 1681. (vi) Lhuyd's ArchæologiL (vii) Fin as Oshin. (viii) Earliest Drawings of the Runic Crosses. (ix) Sir William Hillary, Bart (1771-1847), an account of his writings ('Mx Quar.' 14, 1914). Mr. Wood was a model bibliophile, and would have made a perfect Librarian.

WOODS (Rev. John, junr., 1695-1740), Vicar of St. Germans, V.G. In M.W. p. 23.

WILSON (William Gilchrist), Vice-Principal of King William's College, by Rev. E. C. Owen. In Barrovian, No. 153, June 1930. pp. 63-69.

WILSON (Rev. Edward, M.A.), First Principal of King William's College. See 'The Island Bishop' by Miss E. C. Wilson. Rev. Edward Wilson pub. a volume of sermons in 1833.

WILSON (Canon James Maurice). An Autobiography. Sidgwick & Jackson. 1932. pp. xii,307. 218x140. [6433, G 88]
Four portraits and four facsimiles. As the author was born at King William's College, where his father, Rev. Edward Wilson, M.A., was the first Principal, the Isle oi Man takes a good portion of the book. T. E. 1:lrowrn lie describes as his 'oldest and dearest friend.'

WILSON (Bishop Thomas, 1698-1755). See pp. 335-351 of this catalogue. For extracts from Bp. Wilson's Memorandum Book see Mx Ch. Mag. Oct. 1897.

WILSON (Dr. Thomas), son of Bp. Wilson, short account of. In ' The Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley' by Rev. Weedon Butler. pp. 267-270. See p. 24 'Manx Worthies.'

WYMUND (Bishop, 1113-1151). In Mx Soc. i, pp. 176-8, by hev. J. G. Cumming. See Haile's Annals of Scotland.

For further Biographical details, see Manorial Rolls, 1792 Commission Report, Mx Soc. vols., Early Statutes, King William's Coll. Registers, Mx Note Book, Church Mags.,Mx Museum Journal, N.M.P. Who's Who, the Manx Press. G 90

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