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[pp694-726 of section - note all Manx Quarterly, Manx Worthies refs are online]

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Francis De la Pryme Geneste, the subject of the memoir, was the son of Lewis Geneste and Catherine, and was born in Douglas Sept. 20th, 1804, and died there in 1826. A poem on his death was written hy the Rev. Robert Brown, Vicar of Kirk Braddan. The family of Geneste is understood to be French Huguenot.

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__ Extracts f rom the Manx Press, 1928.

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Contains a portrait of the author, and a brief sketch of his life. There are also portraits of Nessy and Peter Heywood and illustrations of the Nunnery mansion in 1815, Douglas in 1805, and the Old Pier m 1797. See also , M.W.' p. 95.

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Contains voluminous correspondence with Rev. Philip Moore, Chaplain of Douglas, Rev. Dr. Kelly, Rev. J. Wilks, and others, concerning publications in the Manks hwguage, etc. Index (in MS.) of books in Mank; language, made by G. W. Wood. G. W. Wood's copy.
__ Another copy G.F.C. Coll.

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In Hitchen Worthies, by Reginald L. Hine, F.S.A., London; Allen & Unwin, 1932. [6675, G 88]
The biographical sketch of Bishop Hildesley is excellent, and contains new material from unpublished MSS. There are three portraits : i, of Bishop Hildesley from the painting by Van Reyshoot, at Bishopscourt ; ii, Bishop Wilson from an engraving by Vertue ; iii, Rev. Philip Moore from a photograph in the Manx Museum. See also p. 363 of this catalogue.

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See N.M.P. Ann. 1909, p. 12, and N.M.P. Weekly Diary, 24th June, 1933. Also pp. 100-104, under heading ' Lifeboat Institution.'

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George Alfred Holt was born in Douglas 18th May, 1852 ; died at Sale, Cheshire, 19th December, 1921.

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A scarce tract. The second edition was printed at Chelsea by Tilling & Hughes, c. 1821, 163x92. The third edition, numbered 108, was issued by the Religious Tract Society, c. 1825, 176x100. The fourth edition is in French.

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There is a portrait of the artist and reproductions in half-tone of eight paintings. There are also lists of Nicholson's paintings in the Manx Museum and in private hands.

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The exhibition was organised by the Fine Arts and Industrial Guild.

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Very rare : this is the only copy known. The duel originated in a difference of opinion between Sir John Piers and Meredith relative to a bet at dinner, on 24th Dec., 1806. Meredith was afterwards killed in a duel by a man named Boys, in a field near Mount Murray, and the body left in the field : Boys fled.

A Statement regarding the duel between Sir John Piers and Meredith was issued in broadsheet form in 1807, by S. Turner, and printed by G. Jefferson. A copy of this has not been seen by the compiler.

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An obit. notice in the ' Manx Sun' of March 19th, 1833, records the death of Mrs. Judith Corrin, the subject of the tract, entitled 'The Pious Schoolmistress.'

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Robert Quayle was born in Kirk Santan, emigrated with his parents at the age of 14, and became one of the greatest experts in road-making in the States.

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