[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


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Lawrence A. Adamson was born near Douglas in 1860, living for six years at Ballabrooie, on the Peel road. His father, Lawrence William Adamson, was Seneschal, and had charge of the Manorial Rolls. He went to Melbourne in 1886. In 1902 he was appointed headmaster of Wesley College, Melbourne, and returned in 1932 after thirty years' service. This copy has Mr. Adamson's signature and bookplate, and is sent by the publishers to the Governor of the Isle of Man in the hope 'that it will be used in causing a record to be made on Manxland's Roll of Fame,' according to a suggestion made in a Melbourne newspaper by a. Manxman named F. D. Leece.

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In one of the two pamphlets in the Library is a MS. dated 1868, in Baume's writing, addressed to Mr. T. Cubbon, of 25 North Quay, Douglas, asking him and another gentleman to arrange with the directors of the Isle of Man Banking Co. Ltd. to take charge of his American securities for the sake of protecting them against fire, thieves, etc. The securities amounted to ten thousand dollars.

__In Mrs. Forrest's Manx Recollections, 1894, and Mx Quar. No. 12, 1913.

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She was the wife of Sir Thomas Stanley, the first Earl of Derby. Man, pp. 109, 155 and 219.

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i Michael the Cistercian (1180-1203)-Jan. 1896.
ii Reginald (1217-1226)-Feb. 1896.
iii Symon (1229)-Mar. 1896.
iv Mark (1276-1300)-April 1896.
v William Rnsselļ (1348-1374)-May 1896.
vi Rutter (1661-1662)-June 1896.
vii Barrow (1663-1671)-July 1896 and Aug. 1896.
viii Wilson (1697-1755)-Sept. 1896 and Oct. 1896.
ix Hildesley (1755-1772)-Dec. 1896.

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BORROW (George). Expedition to the Isle of Man: A hitherto unpublished Diary by George Borrow. In Mannin pp. 197-228, 263-267, 301.
Borrow wrote this Diary when on a visit to the Island in 1855. It was, he said, his intention to publish a book on the Isle of Man, which was to be called ' Bayr Jiargey and Glion Doo : the Red Path and the Black Valley Wanderings in Quest of Manx Literature,' but the intention was never fulfilled. The original of the Diary was in the possession of the late Clement Shorter of London. Borrow's step-daughter, Henrietta, also wrote a diary of the same tour. (See p. 301 of ' Mannin.')
The pages of the above Diary were re-imposed and re-paged in pamphlet form and one dozen copies only printed. In Quaritch's catalogue a copy which had belonged to Clement Shorter and later in the possession of Sir Edmund Gosse, was priced at £18.
It is strange that the above Diary runs only from Aug. 20th to Sept. 3rd. In Knapp's Life of Borrow, the Diary is continued from Sept. 4th to October 10th. Clement Shorter seems to have got possession of the MS. of the earlier portion, and Dr. Knapp the MS. of the later portion of the Diary. Life, Writings and Correspondence of George Borrow, derived from official and other authentic sources, by William 1. Knapp, Ph.D., LL.D. London: John Murray. 1899. Vol. i, pp. xix,410 ; vol. ii, pp. ix,406. Portrait and illus. 222x140. [4352]
In vol. ii there is an account of Borrow's visit to the Isle of Man in 1855, covering pp. 125-162. There is a charming sketch of Kirk Braddan by F. G. Kitton, 1855, p. 140, vol. ii.
The Diary which appears in ' Mannin' (commencing on Aug. 20th and finishing on Sept. 3rd) is taken up in Knapp from Sept. 4th to Oct. 10th.

BORROW, George, Lord of the Open Road, by R. Thurston Hopkins. London.: Jarrolds Ltd. 1922. pp. 254. Portrait. 211x138. 5/6. [5368]
Contains an interesting record of Borrow's visit to King William's College, 'the town with the grand castle,' pp. 141-149. The record is from the account of W. Wilmott Dixon, the son of Dr. Dixon, principal of the College.

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__A Biographical Sketch, including references to Man. [3031, Wood fol. L6]

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The authoress was a sister of Rev. William Hendry Stowell]. She was a schoolmistress and wrote 'Manxland,' a novel. (See p. 107, 'Manx Worthies.')

__A Manx Methodist Worthy, by Joseph Johnson. In Mx Wes. Meth. Ch. Record, vol. 3, pp. 2, 11, 18, 28.

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Rev. Robert Brown was father of the poet T. E. Brown. He wrote a volume of poems, published in 1826, entitled ' Poems, principally on sacred subjects,' dedicated to his kinsman the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh. (.See ' Manx Worthies,' pp. 34-35.)
In lecture given by T. E. Brown at Douglas, 10th January, 1895. [1186, J 10] By Rev. T. E. Brown. In Ramsey Ch. Mag., Dec. 1896; Jan., Feb., 1897.

BROWN (Rev. Thomas Edward, M.A., Poet). (See under POETRY, Section J 10.)

BROWN (Rev. Hugh Stowell), 1823-1886. Hugh Stowell Brown, his Autobiography, his Commonplace Book and Extracts from his Sermons and Addresses. A memorial volume edited by his son-in-law, W. S, Caine, M.P. London : Routledge. 1887. pp. xix,548. Three portraits. 190x125. [350]
Hugh Stowell Brown was a brother of the Rev. T. E. Brown : his account of his early experiences in Douglas created, when published, a, great deal of angry comment. A second edition was published also in 1887 ; and a third in 1888, the selections from sermons and addresses being deleted.

Hugh Stowell Brown was a popular figure in Liverpool. In the Myrtle Street Baptist Church there is a tablet with the following wording : 'In memory ofHugh Stowell Brown, by the grace of God pastor of this Church for 38 years. Born Aug. 10, 1823, died Feb. 24, 1886. With goodwill doing service, holding forth the word of life. To a wise teacher, a faithful friend, a loving father, this Tablet is erected by his children.'
There is also a fine marble statue at the front of the church, on public ground, erected by the City of Liver- pool.
Hugh Stowell Brown wrote a large number of pamphlets which were very popular during the 38 years of his ministry. He instituted working men's Sunday services, and delivered to large audiences, in outspoken language, weekly lectures on social topics.

__By Joseph Johnson. In Popular Preachers of our Time. London: Cassells. [c. 1860] 202x212. Portrait. [2836]

__Popular Preachers: A Lecture containing Sketches of the Rev. Hugh Stowell Brown, by Argus the Younger (Joseph Johnson). Manchester: John Heywood. c. 1870. pp. 16. 190x132. [3964, G 88]
References to, in lecture given in Douglas by T. E. Brown, 10th Jan. 1895. [1186, J 10] His much criticised Liverpool speech on the Isle of Man, 1876. In Mx Quar. No. 5, 1908; also in M.W., p. 53.

BUCHAN, Lady Laura, of Kirby (1797-1888). In M.W. p. 202.

BUSHELL (Thomas). The Superlative Prodigall. A life of Thomas Bushell. By J. W. Gough, M.A. Pub. for the Univ. of Bristol by J. W. Arrowsmith Ltd., 1932. pp. viii,172. Portrait.

A carefully prepared biography of Thomas Bushell, who in 1626, for the space of three years, lived in 'unsociable solitude in the desolated isle called the Calf of Man . . . where I resolved to make a perfect experiment upon myself for tire obtaining of a long and healthy life . . .

__The Recluse of The Calf, by De la Pryme. In Mx Soc. xxx, pp. 1-18 b; also in Mx Soc. xvii, pp. 32-3. The Hermit of The Calf, by P. W. Caine. In I.M. Ex., July 2, 1926. [5392]

__Thomas Bushell (1594-1674) and his Seclusion on the Calf of Man (1628-1630). By C. Roeder. In I.M. Ex. [3930]

CAIN, Captain W. S. Autobiography of and Biographical Sketches of Relatives, Reminiscences of, 1861-1865. Also some Opinions and Reflections concerning Public Duty.
Topeka: Crane & Co. 1908. pp. 126. Many portraits of Cain family. 196x131. [1356, G88]
The writer, who was born in 1836, tells the story of his life, which was a remarkable one. He first emigrated to the Bendigo gold mines, Australia, and was a Captain in the Federal Army.
Also in Mx Q uar. No. 5, 1908.

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W. S. Caine's wife was Alice Brown, daughter of Rev. Hugh Stowell Brown. The latter in 1865 married W. S. Caine's sister as his second wife.

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Also in M.W. p. 210.

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Also Sketch of his life, by Cumming. In Mx Soc. x, pp. 63-4.
There are several contemporary papers in the Manx Museum regarding the Governor's imprisonment in Peel Castle. Some of these are printed in 'The Manx Museum Journal' No. 25, Dec. 1930.

CHRISTIAN Sword, the. Presented by His Majesty George III to Admiral Sir Hugh Christian, K.B., in 1798. A page of History edited by Mrs. Arthur Traherne, nee Christian; privately printed. Clifton: J. Baker & Son. c. 1909. pp. 10. 65x115. [G 88] Not in Library.

CHRISTIAN (Bishop) of Candida Casa. In Mx Museum Journal No. 33, Dec. 1932.

CHRISTIANs , The. Romantic Annals of a Naval Family, by Mrs. Arthur Traherne. London: Henry S. King & Co. 1875. pp. 282. 185x120. 10/6. [G 88] Not in Library.
Mrs. Traherne was Harriet Margaret Anne Christian, daughter of Rear-Admiral Hood Hanway Christian, and grand-daughter of Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian. She was born 1816 and died Sept. 1913.

CHRISTIAN. A 'Christian' Slave in Barbary in A.D. 1699, by W. Cubbon. In Ellan Vannin Mag., 4th Sept., 1925.

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CHRISTIAN, The Letters of Lieutenant Edward, of Lewaigue. by A. W. Moore, M.A., S.H.K. Douglas S.K.B. 1898. pp. 32. 166x105. [1669, 3410, 3674, 4772]
Lieut. Christian was one of the Christians of Lewaige, and was born about 1784. The account of his career ends in 1809: what became of him afterwards is not known. See 'Manx Worthies,' p. 143.

CHRISTIAN, Ewan, father of Illiam Dhone (1579- 1656). In. M.W. p. 59.

CHRISTIAN, Ewan, H.K., of Lewaigue (1644-1712). In ,11.W. p. 71.

CHRISTIAN, Ewan, Architect. By Elizabeth Rundle Charles. Cambridge : Univ. Press. 1896. pp. vii,103. Autotype portrait from one by Richmond. 186x120. Printed for private circulation [No. 106].
Christian, who was of the Milntown stock, became Architect to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners of England. A list of the important works executed by him included St. Thomas', Douglas. Not in Library.
Also in Mx Ch. Mag. Anril 1895.

CHRISTIAN, Fletcher. See under 'The Mutiny of the Bounty' in pp. 88-95 of this Catalogue. Also the following additional 'Bounty' items

CHRISTIAN , Fletcher, and the Mutineers of the ' Bounty,' by William Fletcher, F.G.S. Carlisle: G. & T. Coward, for the Cumberland Association for the advance ment of Literature and Science. 1877. pp. 77-106. [1644] See 'Manx Worthies,' p. 137. Sketches in the Pacific: the South Sea Islands. [Includes a sketch of Pitcairn. ] By Lieut. Conway Ship- ley, R.N. London: E. McLean. 1851. pp. Iv,36. 25 litho'd sketches. 320x330. [391]
Among the plates are Thursday October Christian's house on Pitcairn, Bounty Bay (in which the ship ' Bounty' was set on fire by the mutineers in 1788).

__The Court-Martial of the 'Bounty' Mutineers. Ed, with an Introduction and Notes by Owen Rutter, F.R.G.S., late District Magistrate, British North Borneo Civil Service. In Notable British Trials series. Edin burgh: William Hodge & Co. 1931. pp. xi,202. 10 illustrations. 212x137. 10/6. [6705, G 88]
The author has contributed an admirable introduction. The mutiny, he says, would not have taken place but for the clash of two strong personalities - Bligh the coni- wander, and Christian the master's mate. The mutiny was the climax to a series of incidents between two men who had once been friends. The author does not apparently know that Bligh had Manx connections : that he was married in St. George's Church in Douglas to a daughter of the chief Customs official who was on duty in Douglas in 1777. There is a deal of unpublished material in Rutter's book. The author does not seem to he aware of the work on 'Nessy Heywood,' written by A. W. Moore, the Speaker of the House of Keys. There is at the end a most useful Bibliography. ' The Mutiny of the Bounty' items are set down in pp. 88-95 of this catalogue.

__Pitcairn. Letter from Richard Bentley Fairclough, one of the inhabitants of Pitcairn, describing the descendants of Fletcher Christian. In Mx Museum Journal No. 34, pp. 102-105, 1933.

CHRISTIAN, Captain Sir Hugh Cloberry (1747-1798). In M.W. p. 133.

CHRISTIAN, Hugh George. Biographical Sketch of Hugh George Christian of the Bengal Civil Service. By Major Hugh H. Christian. Edinburgh: Rawford & McCabe. 1876. pp. 196. 165x115. [G 88]
There is an error on page 150, line 20, where the age given as 73 shouid be 75. Not in Library.

CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Margaret. (d. 1825.) In Rosser's Wesleyan Methodism, pp. 155-6, 1849.

CHRISTIAN, Philip, the Peel Clothworker. (d. 1652.) By Joseph E. Leece. In M. Hld. 24th Feb. 1897. [ Fr. fol. p. 176 et seq.]
Also in N.H.A.S. Proceedings iii, pp. 83-9; and M.W. p. 190.

CAIN, Lieut. R. C., D.F.C. In Barrovian, Nov. 1919.

CHRISTIAN, Captain Robert Edward (1817-1891). In M.W. p. 183. Also in 3Ix Ch. Mag., July 1891.

CAIN, The Hon. William, of Melbourne. (Portrait,) In Mx Quar. No. 15, 1915.

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CAIN, William J., Manx Scholar. In Mx Quar. No. 10, 1911.

CHRISTIAN, William Watson (1799-1893). In M. W. p. 67.

CAI N E, Sir Hall. See under Caine, Sir Hall. K 15.

' Illiam Dhone.'

CHRISTIAN, William. Illiam Dhone and The Manx Rebellion, 1651, with various depositions touching the Insurrection. Being Mx Soc. vol. xxvi.

Depositions touching the Insurrection are given by :-
Cesar, John, of Ballahick, pp. 4-6 ; Garwe, William, of Ballagawne, p. 7 ; Norris, Sir Robert, pp. 8-9 ;
Moore, Hugh, of Douglas, pp. 8-9 ; Moore, Phillip, of Douglas, p. 11 ; Bancks, James, of The Howe, pp. 10-11 ; Radcliffe, Samuel, of Gourden, pp. I1-12 ; Cannell, Philip, of Kirk Michael, p. 12 ; Clarke, Dollin, of The Nappin, p. 13 ; Curghie, Ewan, of Ballakillingan, pp. 14-15 ; Mylecharaine, Wm., of Kirk Christ, Lezayre, pp. 15-17 ; Craine, Thomas, of Ballaugh, pp. 17-18 ; M'ylrea, William, of The Dollin, Ballaugh, p. 18 ; Standish, William, of Ellanbane, pp. 18-20 ; Teare, William, Sertfield, p. 20 ; Curghey, Ewan, of Ballnacarga, pp. 20-21 ; Lace, John, of Ballavoddan, p. 21 ; Parre, Thomas, Vicar of Kirk Malew, pp. 22-25 ; Qualtrough, William, of Kentraugh, pp. 25-27.

CHRISTIAN , William [Illiam Dhone]. Order in Council respecting William Christian's case. Resolutions made at the Court at Whitehall, August the 14, 1663, on the complaint of George Christian, son and heir of William Christian, deceased. London: Printed by John Bell and Christopher Barker. 14th August, 1663, pp. 8. 277x170. [4123, G 88]
The document orders the restitution to the widow and heirs of William Christian of William Christian's estates; that restitution be made to Ewan Curghey, Samuel Ratcliffe, and John Cesar, who had been imprisoned with Illiam Dhone ; that Thomas Norris and Hugh Cannell be committed and made prisoners for their 'guilt of the blood which had been unjustly spilt'; and that Henry Nowell, Deputy Governor, be forthwith discharged, etc. This print is very rare. There are two copies in the Library, one of which is annotated in contemporary script. See Manx Soc. Vol. xxvi, p. 54.

The Earl of Derby's Case stated for the vindication of the proceedings at law, in the Isle of Man, against William Christian. In Hist. MS. Com. 14th Rep. pt. iv, 1894, pp. 73-5. [5898, G 88]

Illiam Dhone : The Earl of Derby's Case against William Christian (1664). In Mx Quar. No. 3, 1907.

__The Descendants of William Christian (Illiam Dhoan), by A. W. Moore, M A. In :Manx Note Bk, vol. i, pp. 98-101.

__In Manx Note Bk, vol. ii, p. 49-57. By A. W. Moore, M.A.

Genealogical particulars of Christian are given in M.N.B. p. 17.

In The Antiquary's Portfolio, by J. S. Forsyth. Vol. ii, pp. 118-151.

Lines on the Death of William Christian, who fell a Martyr for Manx Liberty, 2nd January, 1662-3, by James Bamford. Douglas: P. Curphey. 1851. pp. 12. 181x108. [4574, G 88]
A scarce pamphlet.

Historical Notices of Edward and William Christian : two characters in Peveril of the Peak, by Marsden. London: B. Bensley. 1823. pp. 42. 196x120. [3855 The author believes Edward Christian to have been ' amiable, patriotic, honorable and good'; and William Christian (Illiam Dhone) ' a true patriot.' See 'Manx Worthies,' pp. 60 and 64.

Edward and William Christian : two characters in Peveril of the Peak. In Mx Soc. vol. xxvi, pp. 83-104. See also Manx Soc. vol. x, pp. 108-111. A. W. M. Hist pp. 265-280 ; 375-382. A. W. M. Notes and Does. pp. 64-74. A. W. M. 'Manx Worthies,' p. 64. Train's Hist. i, pp. 224-8.

CLAGUE, Dr. John. (With portrait.) In Barrovian, Mar. 1921; also Mx Quar. No. 5, 1908.

CLAGUE , Rev. John, Vicar of Rushen, 1782-1816 Biographical Account, by George W. Wood. In Mx Ch. Mag., Jan. 1895.

__Parson John Clague's Forms Book [Vicar of Rushen, 1782-1816], by W. Cubbon. In Mx Quar. No. 12, 1913.
References to the state of the churches, Constitutional Reform. intoxicating liquors, Manx Fencibles, early Methodism, early Schoolmasters, apprentices indentures, old-time recipes, 1784 Census, Port Eirne the correct spelling, witchcraft, the frail fair, perambulating the boundaries, Impropriate Tithes, re-building Rushen Church, the Manx Scriptures, the first Sunday-school.

CLAGUE , Thomas, of Peel. (With portrait.) In Mx Wes. Meth. Ch. Record, vol. i, p. 99.

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CLAGUE, Thomas Hugh, bookseller. In Mx Quar. No. 10, 1911.

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CLARKE, Rev. John Thomas, Chaplain of St. Mark's. In Mx Soc. vol. xxviii.

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Captain Hugh Crow was born in Ramsey in 1765. His first voyage was in 1782 on a large Dutch-built ship, to the West Indies. His life abroad was an adventurous one. On retiring in 1808 he came to live at Crowville, near his native town of Ramsey ; he was elected a member of the House of Keys in 1812, but he died in Liverpool in 1829. He is buried in Kirk Maughold Churchyard. The Memoir is dedicated to the Under- writers of London and Liverpool by his executors. The book is now rare. (.See 'Manx Worthies,' pp. 166-171.)

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The author spent two years in London studying his subject at the India Office. He also visited the Island and gave a lecture at the Manx Museum. Sir Mark Cubbon was the ruler of the Great Indian State of Mysore for 27 years, and died on his way home to his native land in 1861. He is buried at Kirk Maughold, where his father, Vicar-General Thomas Cubbon, had been Vicar.- General Sir Mark Cubbon, K.C.B., Governor of Mysore (born in Kirk Maughold 1775; died on voyage home 1861), by Rev. S. N. Harrison. In Manx Note Book vol. i, pp. 51-54.

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John Christian Curwen took the surname Curwen on his marriage with his cousin Jane, the eldest daughter of Eldred Curwen of Workington Hall. John Christian was the son of Ewan Christian of Ewanrigg Hall, Cum- berland, and tivas horn on 5th October, 1719. He was heir-at-law of Milntown in Man, as well as of Ewanrigg. He was a Member of Parliament as well as a Member of the House of Keys. See A. W. Moore's 'Manx Worthies,' pp. 73-75 ; also Extracts from the Journals of the self-elected House of Keys, pp. 114-116. He wrote several works on the subject of Agriculture, and was the founder of the Isle of Man Agricultural Society. He was twice offered a peerage hut declined it.

CURWEN (John F., F.S.A.). A History of the Ancient House of Curwen of Workington in Cumberland, and its various branches, being a selection of extracts from the Monastic Chartularies, Inquisitions, Wills, English and Scottish Public Records, Hist. MSS. and other available sources. Kendal : Titus Wilson & Son. 1928. pp. 363.
Many illus. 280x210. [6636, G 88] This is a valuable record of an important family associated with Man. John Christian, one of the Cumberland Christians, married Isabella the heiress of Workington Hall, in 1778. Portraits of these as well as of many others, with their arms, are illustrated.

CUSTINE , General: Was he a Manxman? In Manx Note Bk, vol. i, p. 73; vol. ii, p. 91. By A. W. Moore, M.A.

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