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F 74 PEEL.

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Organised to procure funds for the preservation of the ruins of Peel Castle.

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The Epistle of Iliam John to the Promenadians. N.D. [c. 1895] Broadside. 510x380. [4320, G.W.W. Coll.]

A parable of 'Port ny Hinshey,' and concerning ' Harrydrach, Robertach, and Laughdednego'; who these names represent is not now known.
A unique broadside, said to have been written by Dr. Friend.

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Gives a history of the foundation from the date of Philip Christian's will, 6th Dec., 1653.

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A similar Guide was published in 1900 by William Cashin, custodian (died 1912), and in 1913 by W. A. Kelly, custodian.

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See also

In Thwaite's History, 1863, pp. 282-304. In Brown's Directory, 1882, 1894. pp. 573-614. Guide Books, etc.

KNEEN (J. J., M.A.). Place-names of Peel and district. In P. N. pp. 319 et seq. 1928.

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