[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


(See also 'Relations with the British Government,' pp. 232-255.)

Atholl Case. Parliamentary Register. vol. xxi, p. 348, vol. x]iv, pp. 307, 385-395, 561. Not in Library.

Atholl Case. Parliamentary Debates. vol. v, pp. 776-8. Not in Library.

The Case of James, Duke of Athol, Lord of Mann and the isles, etc., claiming the Barony of Strange, created by Writ of Summons, 3 Car. I, directed to his Great-Grandfather (whose Heir he is) James, the Son of William, Earl of Derby by the name of James Strange, Chevalier, in virtue of which the said Lord Strange sat and voted in several Parliaments. Privately printed. 1736. pp. 4. Folio. With a Pedigree at the end. An important case giving the List of Proofs.

The / Case / of / James Duke of Athol, / Lord of Mann, and the Isles, &c., / claiming the Barony of Strange, &c. [Pedigree.] N.D. [ 1736] pp. 4. 440x276. [2754, F 70.]

Earl of Derby v. Duke of Athol. Feb. 8, 1748-9. Vesey's Reports, i, p. 202. The decision of Lord Chancellor Hard wicke as to the effect of clauses against alienation, and the general title of the Isle of Man. 1748. Not in Library ; but is printed in Gell's Abstract, M. Soc. xii, pp. 65-67. 1866.

Reasons for annexing the Isle of Man to the Crown of Great Britain. In London Mag, 1754, pp. 7-8, 485-7. [5105, G.F.C. Coll.]
Engraved map by T. Kitchin, printed for R. Baldwin.

The Running Trade from the Isle of Man. In London. Mag., Aug. and Nov. 1754, Nov. 1764. [3030, L 6 Wood fol.]

Accession of Lady Charlotte Murray as Lady of Man. In Scots Mag. Feb. 1764, p. 107. [2783]

Copy of a Letter from the Duke and Duchess of Atholl to the Commissioners of the Treasury, dated February the 27th, 1765. In The Diary, April 8, 1790. [3978, G.W.W. Coll.]
The Duke gives an abstract of revenue and agrees to accept the offer of the Treasury to purchase the revenue for £70,000.

Case of John -Duke of Athol and Charlotte his wife respecting the Isle of Man. In Scots Mag. 1765, pp. 77-82, 165, 337, 385, 386, 391, 392, 398, 467. Also in 1765, pp. 302-9, 361. [2784, F 70, G.W.W. Coll.]

Atholl Case. By the King, a Proclamation for continuing Officers in the Isle of Man. London Gazette, 21st June. 1765.

The Proceedings in the British Parliament relative to the Isle of Man and the Duke of Athol, in 1765. In London Mag,, Feb. 1765, Mar. 1766, Ap. 1766. [3030, L 6 Wood fol.] Univ. Mag., March 1765 ; Gent's Mag; 1783.

The Family of Murray: Baroness Strange. In Collins's ' The Peerage of England,' 1768, pp. 1-13. [4021, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
Plate giving the arms of Baroness Strange.

A MANX COBLER . Letter to the People of the Isle of Man, dated March 2, 1772. No publisher's name.] 1772. pp. 4. 238x182. [4121, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
A very rare broadside. It is the reply to a letter issued by ' A Friend,' written in the interests of the Duke of Athol.

The Act of Revestment, 1765. London: Charles Eyre and William Strahan. 1780. pp. 487-512. 300x185. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
A reprint of the 1765 Act. Black letter. It has a schedule giving an abstract of the clear revenue of Man for the ten years 1754-1763. The revenue for the period was £72,930/5/7 Brit., viz.: £7,293/0/6½ per annum.

The / Evidence / taken at the Bar / of the / House of Lords, / on the 18th, 22nd, and 26th days of June, 1781, / on the part of the Petitioners, / against his Grace / the Duke of Atholl's Bill / respecting the Isle of Man. / With the speech of John Lee, Esq. / one of his Majesty"s Counsel, / to support of the Bill. / Taken by / T. Gurney, short-hand writer. / London : Printed in the Year 1781. pp. 50. 230x180. [4910, W. Sayle's Coll. F 70I A rare and important document. It contains the evidence and cross-examination of Mr. Lutwidge, the Receiver General, and of Sir George Moore, Speaker of the House of Keys.

Copy / of the / Report / of the / Deemster, Clerk of the Rolls, / and / Attorney-General of the Isle of Man; / on a / Bill proposed to be brought into Parliament / entitled / " A Bill to explain and amend an Act made in the Fifth Year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, 'An Act for carrying into Execution a Contract made . . . between the Commissioners of H.M. Treasury and the Dulte and Duchess of Atholl,' " &c. Feb. 12th, 1781. pp. 94. 262x210. [1713, R.J.M. Coll. F70]
A rare pamphlet. This copy is inscribed: ' Miss Leonora Munn to Robert J. Moore.' It has also the signature of Angus Munn of Peeltown.' The Report, which is made to Richard Dawson, Lieut.-Governor, is signed by John Quayle Clerk of the Rolls, Tho. Moore Deemster, and Wadsworth Buk Attorney-General. The Report contains many curious particulars respecting the laws of the Island.

__Ibid. 265x205. 1295. Deemster Gill's copy.

__Ibid. Untrimmed. 280x220. 1296. G.W.W. Coll.

__Ibid, in MS. 1297. P.M.C.K. Coll.

An / Address / to the / People of the Isle of Man introductory to the / Report / of the / Attorney and Solicitor-General / of England, / upon the / Late Bill ! of the / Most Noble John Duke of Athol, / Respecting the said Isle. / By order of the House of Keys. / Nescio qud natale Solum dulcedine cunctos ducit. Ovid. By secret charms our native land attracts. Whitehaven Printed by J. Ware & Son. 1781. pp. 28. 210x160. [5250, L.S.K. Coll. F 70]
The Keys in this rare pamphlet spiritedly criticises the Duke of Athol, his claims, and exposes his methods in attacking 'the rights and privileges of Mona.' Pp. 15-28 give the Report of the Attorney and Solicitor-General on the Duke's Bill. It also gives an authoritative account of what led to the Act of Settlement in 1703.

__Ibid. 4913. W. Sayle's Coll. F 70.

Observations / on some / Acts of Tynwald, / enacted in the / Isle of Man, / since the re-vesting the Sovereignty / thereof in the Crown. / Misera Servitus est ubi Jus est Magum- aut Incognitøso7.! 4 Inst. 246, 332. Whitehaven Printed, and sold by J. Ware & Son. 1782. pp. 46. 216x128. [3984, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
Mr. Wood could only secure an incomplete copy (pp 1-24) of this very scarce pamphlet. It was written in the interests of the Duke of Athol and against the House of Keys.

__ Ibid. A perfect copy. 215x134. 5587. P.M.C.K. Coll.

Cursory Remarks / on a / Bill, / signed by Part of the Legislature of the / Isle of Mann, in 1781, / And intended by them to pass into an Act of Tynwald, / . . . entitled / " A Bill to establish and regulate the Proceedings of the / Manor Courts of . . . John Duke of Atholl," &c. Qui non prohibet, quod prohibere potest, assentire videtur, etc. London : Printed in the year 1783. pp. 29. 245x160. [5588, P.M.C.K. Coll. F70]
This copy. which is the only one known, has pp. 3-8 missing. It was written in the interests of the Duke, and against the Kevs. The title has the following quotations in Latin and Manx : ' Qni non prohibet, quod prohibere potest, assentire videtur.' ' Eshyn nagh jean lhiettall shen ny t'ayns y phoca, dy lhiettall, t'eh jeaghyn myr dy beagh a ghoaill frans.: He ,vho sliall not prevent that which is in his power to prevent, it seems as though he were confessing (or acknowledging).'
' Dic illis non quod volant audire, fed quod audisse semper volent ; - Plenais aures adulationibus aliquando vera vox intret.'
' Insh dauwe, cha nee slaen ta'n aigney oc dy chlash tyn, agh shen nee ad bwoishal dy beagh ad er chlashtyn ; -Lhig da choraa yn irriney ne cheartyn roshtyn ny cleashyn stien ta dy kinjah geaishtagh rash, as lhieent lesh brynneragh.' - Trans. : 'Tell there, it is not that which they have a mind to hear, but that which they would have liked to have heard ; - Let the voice, of truth sometimes reach the ears of those who are continually listening to it, and filled with boasting.'
The ' Remarks' conclude with the following :
'Cha nee Leigh, agh Bondiaght, d'an Thea dy veh kianlt fegooish Cordail y Thea.' - Trans.: ' It is not law but bondage, to the people who are bound vithout the agreement of the people.'

HARGRAVE (Francis). Opinion / of / Mr. Hargrave / on the / Case of the Duke of Athol / in respect to the / Isle of Mann. Dated 30th May, 1788. pp. 30. 243x190. [1250, G.F.C. Coll.]
Mr. Hargrave argues the case in favour of the Duke of Athol. In Juridical Arguments and Collections, 2 vols. 1797-99. See xii Mx Soc., 1867. (Sir James Gell.)

Case / of / John, Duke of Athol. The Duke of Athol's Claim, under a Parliamentary entail, to the Isle of Man. [No printer's name.] N.D. [c. 1788] pp. 29. 251x205. [1250, G.F.C. Coll. F70]
The well-argued case of John, Third Duke of Athol, presented to the English Parliament

__Ibid. 267x220. 1291. Deemster Gill's copy. Some few copies mere printed and circulated by order of the Duke.

Letters between the Commissioners of H.M. Treasury and the Duke of Atholl in 1764 and 1765, relative to the Isle of Man : and Abstract of the clear Revenue from 1754 to 1763. Ordered to be printed 24th March, 1790. pp. 10. 330x210. [3935. G.W.W. Coll. F70]
These are the first letters between. the Government and the Duke.

Accounts of amount of Revenue of Customs collected in Man; and of Harbour Fund, and Herring and Salmon Fisheries. Ordered to be printed 29th March, 1790. pp. 5. 330x210. [3935. G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
The accounts are by Senhouse Wilson, Dep. Rec.-Gen.

An Account of the amount of the balance of the Revenue of the Customs of the Isle of Man from 5th July, 1765, to 10th October, 1784. Ordered to be printed Ist April, 1790. pp. 2. 330x210. [3935. G.W.W. Coll. F70]

SMALL (Charles). To the / Anonymous / Author / of a / Publication / distributed amongst the / People of Douglas, / and the / Inhabitants of the Isle of Man at Large, / on Saturday, the 12th current; / and who signed himself / A Manx Man and Friend to his Country. [No ,printer's name.] Douglas, June 25th, 1790. pp. 16. [2753, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
A rare tract. It is not known that it was printed by a Douglas press : it probably was. ' Charles Small' was, in all likelihood, the anonymous name of one of the Duke's paid henchmen. The tract is said by Harrison to have been translated into Manx.

__Ansoor gys y Screeuyn currit magh mastey. Sleih Ghoolish, as Cummaltee Vannin, fo'n Ennym, Mannanagh. as Carrey da eh Heer. Doolish : prentit horish Christopher Briscoe. Sm. 4to, pp. 20, dated at end 1790, and signed Charles Small. The translation was made by the Rev. John Cannell, father of the late Chaplain of S. Matthew's, Douglas. Not in Library.

Letter from the House of Keys to the Honourable the Commons of Great Britain. In one of the periodicals of the time. 1790. [4023, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
John Taubman, on behalf of the House, of which he was the Speaker, requests that they may be heard by Counsel against the Duke of Athol's Bill.

A / Short State / of the /.Proceedings / in the / House of Commons, / in the year 1765, / on the / Petition of the Duke and Duchess of / Atholl, against the Bill 'For the more / effectual preventing the Mischiefs arising / to the Revenue and Commerce of Great / Britain and Ireland,/, from the illicit and / clandestine Trade to and from the Isle / of Man.' / With the / Speech of Sir Grey Cooper, then one of the Counsel against the said Bill. / London Printed for G. & T. Wilkie, St. Paul's Churchyard; and J. Debrett and J. Stockdale, Piccadilly. 1790. pp. 35. 200x120. 1/6. [4064, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
This gives a record from the journals of the House of Commons relative to the bargain in 1765 with john, Duke of Athol and his wife Charlotte, for the sale to the Crown of their rights in Man for £70,000, according to their letter dated 27th February, 1765. This pamphlet is very rare.

The Struggle in Parliament between the Duke of Athol and the House of Keys. In Gent. Mag., July 1790. [Wood fol.]

PITT (Right Hon. William). Speech on the additional compensation to the Duke of Atholl. Douglas C. Briscoe, 1790. Broadside. Not in Library.

Notice of a Court Baron given at the Parish Churches for four Sundays in March 1796, relative to laying Title Deeds before the Setting Quest. [No printer's name.] 1796. Broadsheet. 300x190. [6575, F 70]

Atholl Case. Case of the Most Noble John Duke of Atholl. pp. 18. Appendix to ditto. pp. 13. London. 1801. Folio. pp. 18,xxiiL Not in Library.

Manksmen ! A public statement made to their Countrymen by a Committee of the House of Keys, concerning an application to Parliament by the Duke of Athol. Douglas Jefferson, printer. 1805. Broadside. 315x195. Probably unique copy.

Broadside issued by the House of Keys relative to the claims of the Duke of Atholl. Douglas: T. Whittam. 1805. Broadside. [3935, G.W.W. Coll]
In G. W. Wood's Coll. there is the MS copy of a hand bill printed by T. Whittam in 1805, now in the possession of James Holmes, Esq. [banker] of Douglas. The broad side states that the Keys ' feel great pleasure in being able to announce to their countrymen that whatever sums may be granted to the Duke . must now come from British funds,' No copy of this broadside exists.

The Opposition / of / The Twenty-Four Keys / to / The Duke of Atholl's Claim; / contrasted with / the / Sentiments of the Landholders, Merchants, / and / other Inhabitants of the Island. / London: Printed by B. McMillan, Bow-street. 1805. pp. 12. 265x210. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
Only one copy of this tract is known. It is dated 25th April, 1805, and was issued by ' a Committee of the Land holders, Merchants,' etc.

The 24 Keys of the Isle of Man: / - their Mode of Election, / the Character given of them by the Inhabitants, / with / the Opinion of the Commissioners of inquiry; / and / a Description of the present 24 Keys. / [No printer's name.] N.D. [c. 1805.] pp. 3. 310x196. [2550, G.W.W. Coll.]
Exceedingly rare : gives a list of the Keys and the relationship of many of them to John Taubman the Speaker. Harrison suggests 1804 as date of publication.

Return to an order of Account of the Surplus Revenue of the Isle of Man, between the 5th January, 1798, and 5th January, 1804. Ordered to be printed 2nd April, 1805. [71] [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]

Observations on the Atholl Revenue in the Isle of Man. Octavo. 1805. Not in Library.

Duke of Atholl's Claim for Compensation. In Cobbett's Parliamentary Debates. Octavo. Vol. v. 1805. Not in Library.

Report of the Lords of the Committee of H.M. Privy Council, dated 21st July, 1804; upon the [Supplemental] Petition of the Duke of Atholl. Ordered to be printed 29th March, 1805. [64] pp. 5. 330x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]

Observations / on the / Case now Depending in Parliament, / respecting / the Isle of Man, / in reference to the / Statement and Appendix circulated / in / support of / the Duke of Atholl's Petition. London: Printed by B. McMillan. 1805. pp. 16. 290x220. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
Very scarce. A statement of the Duke's claim to further compensation.

__Another copy. 250x204. 1251. G.F.C. Coll,

Address / of / His Grace the Duke of Atholl, / to / the Gentlemen of the Keys, / the Landholders, the Merchants, / and / Inhabitants in general of the Isle of Man. / London Printed by B. McMillan, Bow-street. 1805. pp. 10. 286x210. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
This rare pamphlet is dated 'Portman-square, April 10, 1805.' Harrison says it passed through two editions.

Memorial of the Landholders, Merchants, and Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, to the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Keys of the Island of Man. G. Jefferson. 1805. Broadside.
Praying that their 'agents be instructed not to oppose any fair compensation his Grace may seek.' This accompanied the Duke's Address of 10th April.

Papers, / presented to the House of Commons, / respecting / the Isle of Man. / Ord. to be printed 10th April, 1805. [79] pp. 113. 340x205. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
1. Petition of the Duke of Atholl for further compensation.
2. Order in Council. 1801.
3. Order of the Lords of the Committee of Council, etc. 1802.
4. Petition of House of Keys. 1802.
5. Order in Council. 1802.
6. Letter from H.M. Attorney and Solicitor-General. 1802.
7. Further Order of the Committee. 1802.
8. Minute on the Petition of the House of Keys. 1802.
9. Report of H.M. Attorney and Solicitor-General. 1802.
10 Memorial of the Duke of Atholl.
11. Committee's Report. 1804.
12. Letter from the Duke of Atholl. 1804.
13. Letter from the Clerk of the Council to the Duke. 1804.
14. Supplemental Petition of the Duke.
15. Order in Council, 1804.
16. Order in Council. 1804.

Papers / presented to the House of Lords, / respecting the Isle of Man. / Ord. to be printed 6th July, 1805. pp. 113.

340x205. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F 70] The contents are the same as those presented to the Commons,

Observations / on / the Measure of Creating / by authority of Parliament / an / Hereditary Rent-charge, / payable out of. / the Revenue of the Isle of Man, / in favour of / the Duke of Atholl. / On behalf of the House of Keys. London: R. Wilks. 25th March, 1805. pp. 23. 204x127. [1262, R.J.M. Coll. F70]

Further Observations / on the measure of creating / an Hereditary Rent-Charge, / payable out of the Revenue of the Isle of Man, / in favour of the Duke of Atholl. / On behalf of the House of Keys. / London: R. Wilks. 9th May, 1805. pp. 16. 204x127. [1262, R.J.M. Coll. F70]

Analysis / of / the Petition of the 24 Keys, / of the 16th April, 1805. London: Printed by B. McMillan. May, 1805. pp. 21. 280x215. [2550, G.W.W. CoM F 70]
A rare pamphlet. It attacks the House of Keys, its Speaker John Taubman, and Mr. John Christian Curwen, M. P.

Letter / to their / Colleagues, / from / Messrs. Bridson and Stowel, / members of the Committee appointed by the / Merchants, and other respectable inha- / bitants of the Isle of Man, to attend / to their interests before / Parliament. / London: Printed by B. McMillan, Bow street. 1805. pp. 20. 225x140. [1266, R.J.M. Coll. F 70]
This now rare tract was printed in opposition to the House of Keys.

Report / from the / Committee / on the / Petition of the Duke of Atholl ; / and other matters relating to / the Isle of Man. / Ordered to be printed 23rd May, 1805. / [1391 Pp. 9.310x200. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F 70] The Committee, appointed by Parliament, recommended a further compensation to the Duke, and that such compensation should be charged on the island's revenue.

Minutes of the Evidence relating to the House of Keys; taken before the Committee to whom the Petition of the Duke of Atholl is referred. Ord. to be printed 27th May, 1805. [1431 pp. 60. 340x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
All these particulars are taken from the printed Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry, 1792,

Isle of Man: Revenues and Payments, from 1786 to 1799, [ 159] 24th May, 1805. pp. 4. 330x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
The period is that covered by George Watts, Receiver General.

Amount of Revenues and Payments of the Isle of Man received and paid by George Watts, Esq., Receiver-General, between the years 1786 and 1799, etc. Ordered to be printed 7th June, 1805. Folio. pp. 2.

Amount of the Revenues and Payments of the Isle of Man, received and paid by William Scott, Esq., Receiver-General, between the years 1799 and 1804, etc. Ordered to be printed 7th June, 1805. Folio. pp. 2.

CURWEN (John Christian, M.P.). Substance of the Speech / of / J. C. Curwen, Esq. / in the / House of Commons, / on the 7th June, 1805, / on the consideration of the / Report of the Committee / to whom was referred the Petition of John, Duke of Atholl, / praying further Compensation, chargeable on the Revenue / of the Isle of Man, &c. / to which is prefixed / A Short Statement of the / Proceedings in the House of Commons / and the / Petition / of the / Inhabitants and Proprietors of Estates in the Island. London: R. Wilks. 1805. pp. 73. 197x127. [4062, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
Curwen, who was also a member of the House of Keys, puts the case of the Isle of Man before Parliament.

__Ibid. 203x127. 1261. R. J. M. Coll.

Statement / of the / Case of the Duke of Atholl / claiming a / Compensation / out of / the Surplus Revenues of the Isle of Man. / London: Printed by B. McMillan, Bow-street. 1805. Statement pp. 21, App. pp. 33. 298x240. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
An uncut copy of a rare and important pamphlet, in which the Duke argues his case against the House of Keys, and, among others, its Speaker, John Taubman.

__Another copy. 250x204. 1251. G.F.C. Coll.

Isle of Man Revenue. Views of the Revenues of Duties and Customs on Imports; as they stood in 1765, showing the Duke's view of the inadequacy of the Compensation.London: Printed by B. McMillan. N.D. [1805] Broadside. 486x310. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
This was put forth on behalf of the Duke of Athol.

Bishop of Man v. Com. Derby; and Com. Derby v. Duke of Atholl. In Case, 1751, July. House of Commons Paper, No. 79. Session 1805. p. 42. Also in Vesey's Reports, vol. ii, p. 337.

On the Alienation of the Isle - The Lord Chancellor's Judgment. Printed in Gell's Abstract, vol. i, pp. 67-74. Manx Society series, vol. xii, 1867. See on the same Case, 1748.

Statement of the amount of Customs on Imports for dif ferent periods; compared with the estimated amount of duties which would have been payable on the same commodities to the Lord Proprietor according to the Ancient Book of Rates; and calculation of the total produce of the revenue and total amount of the expenditure from 6th July, 1765, to 5th January, 1805. N.D. [1805] pp. 2. 310x200. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
This was put forth by the Keys.

'' Copy of a Letter / from / John Woodhouse, / in answer to one published in / The Manks Advertiser, / by / Paul Bridson and William Stowell, Esqs. / dated 31st August, 1805. Liverpool: W. Jones, Chronicle Office. 6th Sept., 1805. pp. 8. 216x142. [1267, R.J.M. Coll. F70.1
This appears to be the only copy existing of this tract. The writer was a fish curer in Douglas, and was interested in the bounties given for cured herrings. He objected to the Duke's claim for a rent-charge.

Memorandum. No. I. Printed by B. McMillan. N.D., [1805] pp. 2. 277x210. [2550, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
The Memorandum states that ' the British Government had itself only to blame for the renewal of the practices that injured its revenue.' The Memorandum, which is rare, appears to have been issued on behalf of. the Duke.

Memorandum. No. II. Printed by B. McMillan. N.D.[1805] pp. 2. 277x210. [2550, G.W.W. Coll.]
Relates, as Mem. No. 1, to the intended purchase of the Customs revenue. Very rare.

The Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry for the Isle of Man, 1792. Ordered to be printed 8th July, 1805. Folio. Report pp. 3-137. List of Papers pp. 139-150. Appendix PP. 151-802, A to 5 M. Seven maps, 1-7.

Articles of Agreement between the Duke of Atholl, Earl of Derby, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, Lord Stanley, and the Clergy of the Isle of Man, respecting the Ecclesias tical Rights and Properties on the Island. Privately printed. 1811. Folio. Not in Library.

MILLS (Mark Anthony). An Impartial Inquiry respecting the Duke of Atholl's right to Licence Intacks, &c. Douglas, 1813. 8vo. pp. 27.

STOWELL (Kermotte). A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Atholl, embracing various subjects, with notes; containing much valuable information, and deserving the particular attention of the inhabitants. 1814. pp. 12. 225x140. 1/-. [4887, F 70]
A rare tract, written in a highly critical vein.

A / Letter / addressed to the / Hon. John Moore, / (one of the Hon. Commissioners of Harbours) embracing / Various Subjects. / Dublin: Printed by William Espy. 1815. pp. 34. 230x145. [3302, G.W.W. Coll.]
The writer was a free-lance and had no sympathy with 'the Duke's party' and their 'host of hirelings.'

An Address to the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, embracing various subjects. Presented to ......... By the Society for upholding the Rights of the People. Dublin: printed by J. J. Nolan, 3 Suffolk-street. 1816. 8vo. In a note the author says : 'Two clergymen informed me that to the few public institutions which are in the country, they did not know of his Grace the Duke of Atholl contributing one farthing.' Stowell refers to his Grace enclosing part of the sea beach extending towards Pollock Rocks and conveying the same to Wm. Scott the Collector of Douglas Port, and nephew by marriage to his Grace, and that the said Scott took the stones from the Old Fort to enclose the same, praying that the enclosures be demolished (dated 18th May, 1816).

CLARKE (James, Attorney-General). A View of the principal Courts in the Isle of Man founded upon authentic documents, accompanied with practical remarks. By a Member of the Council. Liverpool: Harris & Co. 1817. pp. 60. 200x120. [3661, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]

STOWELL (Kermotte). The Seneschal's Creed. [No place or printer.] Dated at end of text, March 1st, 1818. pp. 12. 209x120. [2769, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
The only copy of this remarkable tract known to exist. The publication gave much offence to the Duke and his party. At the end appear the words, 'N.B. The Litany, and the old woman in breeches in a few days.' The latter never appeared in print.

A Correct Report of the Speech of His Grace, John, Duke of Atholl . . . to the Court of Tynwald, assembled at Castletown, &c. Douglas, 1821. 8vo. Not in Library.

A Return of the Civil Establishment, stating the name and office of each person . . . stating also the amount of Salaries and Allowances of every kind . . . in the year 1822. [477] pp. 1. 330x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
There are 43 persons on the Civil List.

Extracts / from the / Reports / given in the / Isle of Man Gazette / and the / Rising Sun, / of the / Proceedings, / at the / several Tynwald Courts, / held in the / Isle of Man, / by his Grace, / John, Duke of Atholl, / Governor-in-chief, and Captain General of the Island, ,1 and / Cornelius Smelt, Esq. / Lieut.-Governor thereof, from the 5th July to 1st October, 1822, inclusive. Douglas printed by T. Davies at the Phoenix Press. 1822. pp. 130. 215x130. [1265, R.J.M. Coll. F70]
This very rare book illustrates the long-continued strained relations between the Duke of Atholl and the Keys. It is not known by whom the Reports were written, but they are undoubtedly written in favour of the Duke. It is thought that Mark Anthony Mills was the writer.

__Another copy, interleaved. 213x128. 2767. G.W.W. Coll.

Returns of the produce of Customs, and Expenses of its establishment. Ord. to be printed 25th June, 1823. [492] pp. 4. 330x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]

Reports of the Tithe Commutation Committee delivered to the Hon. Court of Tynwald on Wednesday, 29th October, 1823. J. Sumner, printer. 1823. pp. 4. 324x200. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F 70]
This is the only complete copy known.

Copy of the Instructions to his Grace the Duke of Atholl directing him to exclude the Keys from further attendance at Courts of Tynwald, for the purposes of General Gaol Delivery, agreeably to the ancient custom and constitution of the Island . . . . Ord. to be printed 20th Feb., 1824. [47] 1824. pp. 4. 330x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
Quotes an abstract from ' Liber Scaccar' 1616, referring to ' a brawle' in Kirk Christ of the Ayre, whereby Ralf Salter lost his life.

Petition / to / the House of Commons, / of / the House of Keys of the / Isle of Man, / presented May, 1824, with Observations. / London: printed by A. J. Valpy. 1824. pp. 43. 200x120. [3661, G.W.W. Coll. F70] A spirited statement of the Keys case against the Duke of Athol. The original MS. is in the Speaker's room in the Keys Chamber.

Ibid. 214x134. 3280. G.F.C. Coll.

Ibid. 210x130. 1269. R.J.M. Coll. Annotated. This copy belonged to James Holmes the banker.

ROPER (William). A / Short History / of the / Transactions, / in the / Isle of Man, / on which the / House of Keys / founded their late / Petition to the House of Commons, / against / His Grace the Duke of Atholl; / together with / Answers to the charges / therein con tained. / Published from authentic documents. / 1st edn. Douglas : Printed by G. Jefferson, Duke-street. 1825. pp. 128. 200x120. [3661, G.W.W. Coll. F70]
Commonly called 'The Blue Book.' This is a reply to the charges of the House of Keys. A second edition was issued in the same year on larger and better paper 225x152.

The Potato and Turnips Tithe. Report of a petition to the Privy Council, made by Cæsar Tobin, of Middle, protesting against the payment of potato and turnip Tithe to Bishop Murray for the years 1817 and 1818. 5th July, 1825. 330x205. [6464, F 70]
Tobin lost his appeal to the Privy Council, and Bishop Murray proceeded to exact potato tithe wherever he could. Stranger servants of the Bishop were used for the purpose ; but opposition was so strong and the riot ing so general that the Bishop had to forego his exactions. Two years after (1827) the Bishop had resigned. Not oniy did Cæsar Tobin object to pay the Bishop the tithe, but other landholders objected. Robert Farrant, who was, it would appear, the man of the same name who had a seat in the Keys, also persisted in his objection. There is in some papers presented by the Archdeacon a list of persons in the parish of Arbory who subscribed over £12 in order to resist the Bishop's exactions.

The Potato and Turnips Tithe: James McCrone's printed notice, as Proctor of the Bishop, as to the collection of the Tithe on Potatoes and Turnips. 1825. 197x165. [6464, F 70]
The order is dated as from Castle Mona, 23rd August, 1825, and has the signature in writing of James McCrone, and addressed to 'Henry Watterson, Colby.'

Account from The Manx Rising Sun of Sept. 1825, of the Riots associated with the collection of Tithe. [6464, F 70]

MURRAY (Lady Sarah). A Memorial of the Isle of Man, 1825. London: Church Printing Co. N.D. [ 1825] pp. 16. 220x137. [763, G.F.C. Coll. F70]
Privately printed. The account was drawn up by the author on the subject of the riots in Man in 1825, which were the cause of the Bishop (her husband, the Rev. George Murray), with herself and their family, being obliged to leave the .Island.

__Another copy. 2773. G.W.W. Coll.

Copies of the Contracts and Agreements between the Lords Commissioners of H.M. Treasury and his Grace, John, Duke of Atholl, respecting the sale and conveyance of the Isle of Man. Ord. to be printed 18th May, 1829. [252]PP. 16. 330x210. [3935, G.W.W. Coll. F70]

The Athol Lords of Man and their Acts. In Mx Soc.. Vol. xii, pp. 94-125. 1866.

GELL (Sir James). Account of the Connection of the House of Murray With Man after the Revestment in 1765. In Mx Soc. vol. xii, pp. 141-152. 1866.

James, Duke of Atholl's Entry into Man, 1736. In Mx Soc. vol. xix, pp. 100-113. 1867.

Church Accommodation in Douglas, 1829: Correspondence between Bishop Ward and the Duke of Atholl. In Mx Soc. vol. xxi, pp. 268-271. 1873.

The Keys and the Duke of Athol : Petition to the House of Commons, 1824. In Jefferson's Almk, 1885.

The Athol Family. See A.W.M. Hist. pp. 384-391, 527 549, 1900.

Fourth Duke of Athol's Letter re Act of Settlement, 1788. In A.W.M. Notes & Docs. pp. 107-8, 112, 1902. [758]

GRINDLEY (Thomas). The Story of the Manx Crown Revenue. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1903] pp. 18. 247x150. [3288]

The Story of the Revestment : a sketch of Manx History in the 18th century. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1903] pp. 28. 243x 148. [106]

The Athols. See Walpole, Land of Home Rule, pp. 202 248; also Callow, From King Orry to Queen Victoria, pp. 72-83; and other Historians.

See also

Relations with British Government in Sec. D 153, pp. 232 255.
Parliamentary Papers, Sec. 70/1.
Acts of Parliament relating to Man, pp. 280-287. The Derby Family. Sec. F 69.
Commissioners' Report, 1792.

ATHOL CASE: LIST OF PAPERS. (Compiled by G. W. Wood.)

1. 1726-Act for Improvement of Revenues of King George. 12 Geo. I.
2. 1736-Case of James, Duke of Athol claiming the Barony of Strange. Fo.
3, 1748-Earl of Derby v. Duke of Athol. Decision of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke as to title of Isle of Man. (Vesey's Reports.)
4. 1751-Reasons for Annexing Isle of Man to Great Britain. (' Gents Mag.')
5. 1754-On Annexing Isle of, Man to Great Britain. (' Gents Mag.')
6. Letters between Treasury and Duke of Athol. See 1790.
7. 1764-English Comm'rs Report respecting Smuggling. 8. Succession to Lordship of Man ('Scots Mag.')
9. 1765-Do, do. do.
10. Proceedings in Commons. (See 1790.)
11. Duke of Athol's Letter to Lords of Treasury. (Cutting.) 5 Geo. III, c.26.
12. Act of George III for carrying into execution, etc. (Revest. Act.)
13. Mischiefs Act. 5 Geo. III, c.39.
14. Proclamation of King for continuing officers. ('Lond. Gaz.')
15. 1766-Case of Duke of Athol. ('Scots Mag.')
16. Act for Encouraging Trade. 7 Geo. III, c.45.
17. 1780-Bill to explain and amend an 'Act for carrying into execution,' etc.
18. MS,, copy of petition of Duke of Athol.
19. 1781-Address to people of Isle of Man upon the bill of the Duke of Athol.
20. Report of the Deemsters and others on the same. 21. Evidence in House of Lords on behalf of the Duke of Athol respecting Isle of Man.
22. 1782-Observations on some Acts of Tynwald since the revestment.
23. 1783-Cursory Remarks on a Bill, etc. 24. 1788-The Duke of Athol's Claim. 25. Opinion of Mr. Hargrave thereon.
26. 1790-Answer to a publication by ' Manninagh.'
27. Letters between Treasury and Duke of Athol. k (No. 692)
28. Revenue of Customs, 1765-1784 (No. 694)
29. Do. 1765-1790 (No. 693)
30. MS. Petition against Act for Registering Deeds.
31. A Short State of the proceedings in the House of Commons in 1765 in the petition of the Duke of Athol against a bill for preventing mischiefs. 32. Petition of House of Keys to House of Commons against a Bill to appoint Commissioners. (Cutting.)
33. 1797-Juridical Arguments, etc., relating to Claim.
34. 1798-Bill for Encouraging Trade. (No. 858)
35. Act for Encouraging Trade. (38 Geo. III, c.63)
36. 1801-Case of the Duke of Athol. Folio.
37. 1802-Notice to Manksmen from Keys with letter from Duke of Athol's son.
38. 1804-The twenty-four Keys - their mode of election.
39. 1805-Notice to Manksmen from Keys.
40. 1805-Observations on the measure of creating Rent Charge.
41. Duke of Athol's Claim. (Cobbitt's Parl. Debates.)
42. Case on behalf of the Keys.
43. Report of the Privy Council. (64)
44. Return of Surplus Revenues 1798-1804 (71).
45. Observations on the Case of Duke of Athol.
46. To the Gentlemen of the Keys. (A broadside.)
47. Address of the Duke of Athol to the Inhabitants of Isle of Man.
48. Memorial of the Landholders.
49. Papers presented to the House of Commons. (79)
50. Further Observations on creating Rent Charge.
51. Analysis of the Petition of the Keys.
52. Opposition of the Keys to the Claim.
53. Memorial of the Keys.
54. Memorial of the Landholders to the Keys.
55. Letter by Bridson and Stowel.
56. Correspondence between a committee of the Land holders and Speaker.
57. Petition from the committee to Parliament.
58. Report from the committee on the Petition (139).
59. Minutes of Evidence before Committee (143).
60. Amount of Revenue 1786-1799 (159).
61. Do. 1799-1804 (160).
62. Speech of Curwen. Handbill MS.
„ Papers presented to Lords (75).
„ Bill on Encouraging Trade (57).
„ Act on Encouraging Trade. 45 Geo. III, c.99.
„ Bill for Settling and Securing an Annuity (194).
„ Act do. 45 Geo. III, c. 123.
„ Statement of Case of Duke of Athol. „ Appendix to do.
„ Views of the Revenues. Broadside.
„ Bishop of Man v. Com. Derby. (Vesey's Reports.)
„ Statement of Customs, 1765 to 1805.
„ Copy of a Letter from John Woodhouse.
„ Memorandum No. 1.
„ Memorandum No. 2.
„ Report of Commissioners.
1810-Act for Consolidating the Duties of Customs. 50 Geo. 111, c. 42.
1811--Articles of Agreement between Duke of Athol and others.
„ Act to Confirm do.
„ Original MS. of do.
,, Hargrave's Jurisconsult Exercitations. 1813-Do. do.
1814-Stowell's Letter to Duke of Athol.
1820-Trial of McCrone.
1821-Speech of Duke of Athol to Tynwald.
1822-Reports on proceedings at Tynwald.
,, Return of Civil Establishment (477).
1823-Return of Duties of Customs (492).
,, Report of Committee of Tynwald. 1824-Petition to House of Commons of the Keys.
,, Papers presented to House of Commons (47).
1825-Short History of Transactions.
„ Bill to empower Treasury to purchase Annuity (301).
„ Act do. 6 Geo. IV, c. 34.
„ Bill for Regulating Trade (251).
,, Act do. 6 Geo. IV, c. 115.
1829-Copies of Contracts between Treasury and Duke of Athol (252).
„ Bill for Confirming Sale (261).

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