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JAMES, SEVENTH EARL OF DERBY. Allessage sent from the Earl of Derby, Governor of the Isle of Man, to his Dread Sovereign Charles II King of Scotland, etc. And his Lordship's Declaration to His Majesty concerning the Treaty and Major-General Ireton, etc. Printed at York, and reprinted for W.R. Quarto. 1649.

This concerns the Parliament's attempted treaty with the Earl respecting the surrender of the Island to them in consideration of taking off the sequestration of his estates, and his celebrated indignant reply to Commissary- General Ireton, dated 12th July, which has often been quoted.-Harrison's Bib. p. 6. Not in Library.

A / Declaration / Of the Right Honourable / James, Earle Of Darby, / Lord Stanly, Strange of Knocking, / and of the Isle of Man, / Concerning his Resolution to keep the Isle of Man, / for his Majesties service, against all force whatsoever. / Together with / His Lordships Letter, in Answer / to Commissary Generall Ireton. London Printed in the Yeare, 1649. pp. i,5. 176x113.

2766, G WW. Coll. Purchased by him for £2/10/0. An excessively rare tract. Both the documents mentioned in this title were sent from Castletowne in July, 1649.

- Another and better copy (B variety) on larger paper, 180x138, of same date, but from different setting-up of the type.

The initials and ornamentation and spacing different to 'A' variety. 823, G.F.C. Coll. See pp. 280-5 in Tracts relating to the Military Proceedings in Lancashire, Chatham Soc. 1844.

A / Declaration / Of the Noble Knights, / Sir Marmaduke Langdale, / and / Sir Lewis Dives; / In Vindication of the Right Honourable James. / Earle of Darby : / and / Remonstrating their Resolutions to keep / the Isle of Man against all opposition, / for His Majesties Service. / August the 5th ]649. London : Printed in the Yeare 1649. pp. 5. 180x138. [823, G.F.C. Coll.]
Very rare tract bound up with ` A Declaration of the Right Honourable James,' etc.

Mercurius Pragmaticus. 1649. Quarto.
In. this newspaper, pub. for Charles II, are articles relating to the surrender of Man by the Earl of Derby. Harrison's Bib p. 7. Not n. Library.

Mercurius Politicus. An Exact Relation of the manner of our Enterprise upon the Isle of Man, with the success it pleased God to give there unto our forces. By a gentleman that was ane eye witnesse. 1651.
it has articles touching the surrendering of Castle Rushen tind Castle Peel, account of the arms and ammunition and provision in Andrew Fort, the Proposals of the Countess of Derby, etc. The first number was published 13th June, 1650. - Harrison's Bib. Not in Library.

Speech of William Christian (Illiam Dhone) : executed 2nd January, 1663. A broadside. Not in Library.

The Earl of Derby's case stated for the Vindication of the Proceedings at Law in the Isle of Man against William Christian. N.D. [ 1663] Broadside.

Not in Library : there is stated to be a copy at Knowsley. The Case of the Isle of Man, with respect to the Trade thereof, etc. N.D. [c. 1710] [1504, G.F.C. Coll.]
A very rare broadside, directed to the Parliament of England, asking for the taking off of certain duties so that ' a free People' may be ' preserved from Ruine.'

An Act for the Improvement of His Majesty's Revenues of Customs, Excise and Inland Duties, enabling the Lords of the Treasury to purchase from James Earl of Derby. 12 George I. Cap. 28. Black letter. 1726.

PECK (Francis). Desiderata Curiosa; or a Collection of Divers Scarce and Curious Pieces . . . containing upwards of one hundred and sixty choice Tracts 1732. ' In the second vol., 1735, is 'The History and Antiquities of the Isle of Man' by James, Earl of Derby and Lord of Man, beheaded at Bolton 15th Oct., 1651, with an account of his many troubles and losses in the Civil War, and of his own proceedings in the Isle of Man during' his residence there in 1643, interspersed with large and excellent advices to his son Charles, Lord Strange, upon many curious points. From the original (all of his Lordship's own writing) in the hands of the Honourable Roger Gale, Esq., the whole divided into chapters, and illustrations with contents and notes ; as also an Intro duction and Appendix collected by the Editor.

An edition was published in 1779. This has been reprinted by the Mx Soc. vol. iii, 1860, ed. by Rev. W. Mlackenzie.

SEACOM E (John). Memoirs: / containing / a / Genealogical and Historical / Account / of the / Ancient and Honourable House of / Stanley, / from the Conquest to the Death of James / late Earl of / Derby, / in the year 1735 ; / as also / a full Description of the / Isle of Man, &c. / By John Seacome of Liverpool Gent. 1st edn. Liverpool: Printed by A[dam] Sadler. N.D. [1741] pp. vi,203 ; Isle of Man ii,54. Illus. by woodcuts. 248x193. 743 G.F.C. Coll.
Had been in possession of James Crossley.

The first edition is of great rarity: has been sold at Sotheby's for £3. Adam Sadler of Harrington-street, Liverpool, the printer, was the father of J. Sadler, the inventor of printing upon pottery from copper plates. See Chaffer's 'Pottery and Porcelain,' 1872, p. 547.

__Another copy. 2756. G.W.W. Coll.

__Another copy. 831. G.F.C. Coll. Has the title of the Manchester edition of 1767.

__Another copy. 4692.
This has the engraved stamp ' Musevn Britanicvm 1831 Duplicate for Sale' impressed upon it. The book was found in one of the rooms of Castle Rushen by the Librarian of the Museum, and was presented to the Museum by the Insular Government.

Earl of Derby v. Duke of Athol, 8th February, 1748-9. Vesey's Reports, i, p. 202. Also ii, p. 237.
The decision of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke as to the effect of clauses against alienation, and the general title of the Isle of Man. Not in Library. Printed in Gell's Abstract, Mx Soc., 1867.

Memoirs . . of the . . . House of Stanley from 1066 to 1735, etc. . . . Coats of arms. Liverpool : Sadler. pp. 250. 2nd edn., 1750.

Reasons for Annexing the Isle of Man to the Crown of Englant'.. In Gents. Mag., May 1751 pp. 201-2; and 1754, p. 485.

Edward Smith Stanley, Earl of Derby, b. 1752. In The English Peerage. pp. 154-9. N.D. [ ? 1760] [5114, F 69]

A Genealogical Account of Stanley Earl of Derby. In Brit. Mag. London. Aug. 1762. pp. 425-434.

The Annual Register for the Year 1765. Man, pp. 70-76, 262.

SEACOME (John). Memoirs, containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of the Antient and Honourable House of Stanley, &c. 3rd edn. Manchester: John Harrop. 1767. pp. ii.238. Woodcuts. 253x200. [2757, G.W.W. Coll.]

__Another copy. 240x200. 5247. L.S.K. Coll.

James Stanley, Seventh Earl of Derby. . The History and Antiquities of the Isle of Man . . . to 1643. In Peck's Desiderata ii, pp. 429-455. 1779. [F 69] Also in Mx. Soc. v, 1860.

SEACOME (John). Memoirs, &c. 4th edn. Manchester Joseph Harrop. 1783. pp. ii,238. 266x208. [2568, G.W.W. Coll.]
An exceptionally fine copy in tree calf of this very rare edition.

A Description of the Memorable Sieges and Battles in the North of England that happened during the Civil War in 1642, 1643, &c., chiefly contained in the Memoirs of General Fairfax and James Earl of Derby, &c. Bolton: J. Drake. 1785. pp. 476. 190x115. [2762, G.W.W. Coll.]
Man is mentioned on pp. 123-4, 126-7, 132-4, 175-6. Mr. G. W. Wood states this is the first book printed at Bolton.

SEACOM E (John). The History of the House of Stanley, &c. 5th edn. Preston : E. Sergent. 1793. pp. ii,616. 192x120. [2758, G.W.W. Coll.]
Frontis. portrait of Edward 11th Earl of Derby. - Another copy. 190x120. 744. G.F.C. Coll.

__Another copy. 202x130. 745. G.F.C. Coll. The last has a copy bound up with it of ` A Brief Account of the Travels of the Celebrated Sir William Stanley, son of the Fourth Earl of Derby'; printed by J. Nuttall, Liverpool. c. 1801.

A Declaration of the Right Honourable James Earl of Derby . . . concerning his Resolution to keep the Isle of Man . . . In European Mag. Jan. 1795. [3030, L 6 G.W.W. Coll.]

A Brief Account of the Travels of the Celebrated Sir William Stanley, son of the Fourth Earl of Derby of Lathom-Hall, Lancashire. Liverpool: J. Nuttall. N.D. [1801] pp. 47. 180x110. [2759, G.W.W. Coll.]

__Another copy. 746. G.F.C. Coll.

SEACOME (John). The History of the House of Stanley, etc. 6th edn. Liverpool : J. Nuttall. N.D. [1801] pp. ii,614. 180x110. [2759, G.W.W. Coll.]
has the bookplate of John Lord Sheffield. Also a copy bound up with it of ' A Brief Account of the Travels of Sir Wm. Stanley, son of the Fourth Earl of Derby.'

THOMSON (Richard). A Faithful Account of the Pro cessions and Ceremonies observed in the Coronation of the Kings and Queens of England; exemplified in that of . . King George the Third and Queen Charlotte. London John Major. 1820. pp. viii,99. 228x140. Isle of Man p. 19. [2771, G.W.W. Coll.]

SEA c o M E (John). The History of the House of Stanley from the Conquest to the death of the Right Honourable Edward late Earl of Derby in 1776 . . . to which is added a complete History of the Isle of Man, &c. 7th edn. Manchester: J. Gleave. 1821. pp. 265. Portrait of the 7th Earl. 208x128. [747, G.F.C. Coll.]

__Another copy. 210x130. 2760. G.W.W. Coll.

A Journal of the Siege of Lathom House, in Lancashire, defended by Charlotte de la Tremouille, Countess of Derby, against Sir Thomas Fairfax, Kt., and other Parliamentarian Officers, 1644. London: Harding, Mavor & Lepard. 1823. pp. 78. 194x117. [2770, G.W.W. Coll.]
Rare. The journal is claimed to have been written by Col. Chisenliall at a time contemporary with the siege.

Charlotte de la Tremouille, Countess of Derby. N.D. [c. 1830] pp. 7. 270x190. [275, W.C. Coll. F 69]
No date or publisher. Apparently written by a partisan.

MuRRAY (Alexander). Précis Historique de La Vie de Jacques, Septième Comte de Derby, et de sa femme la Comtesse de Derby; cette Dame distingitee était la Princesse Charlotte de la Tremouille, &c. 1837. pp. 19. 392x340. [2538, G.W.W. Coll. F 69]
Privately printed : rare.

Collections relative to Claims at the Coronations of several of the Kings of England, beginning with King Richard 11. London: J. B. Nichols & Son. 1838. pp. viii,96. 220x134. [2772, G.W.W. Coll. F69]
Isle of Man pp. 4, 60, 87, 92.

Thomas Stanley, First Earl of Derby. N.D. [c. 1840] pp. 6. 270x185. [275, W.C. Coll. F 69]
In same cover as ' Charlotte, Countess of Derby.'

COLLIER (J. Payne, F.S.A., ed.). The Egerton Papers. A collection of Public and Private Documents, chiefly illustrative of the Times of Elizabeth and James 1, from the original Manuscripts, the property of the Rt. Hon. Lord Francis Egerton, M.P. London: Printed for the Camden Soc. 1840. pp. viii,509. 217x170. [2774, G.W.W. Coll. F 69]
pp. 133-4, copy of a pardon granted by Henry Earl of Derby as 'Lord of Man and the Isles' to a felon named Robert Mark Neven. It was probably used as evidence during the contest which arose subsequent to 1594 between William Earl of Derby and his three nieces, daughters of Ferdinando. A photostat of the original document is in the Museum Library. pp. 281-2, a letter from Sir John Popham to Lord Ellesmere in reference to the claim of Earl William.

SEACOM E (John). The History of the Noble House of Stanley, etc. 8th edn. Manchester: William Willis.1840. pp. 320. 122x80. [749, G.F.C. Coll.]
Contains a Genealogical Tree.

__Another copy. 2768. G.W.W. Coll. Has the arms of the families associated with the Stanleys.

ORMEROD (George, D.C.L., F.R.S., ed.). Tracts relating to Military Proceedings in Lancashire during the great Civil War, commencing with the removal, by Parliament, of James Lord Strange, afterwards Earl of Derby, from the Lieutenancy of Lancashire, and terminating with hisExecution at Bolton. Printed for the Chetham Soc. 1844. pp. xxix,371. 220x170. [2775, G.W.W. Coll.]
Isle of Man Tracts 280-5 : Lord Derby's proceedings in Man, 1643-1651.

Charter of the Isle to Sir John Stanley. In Train's Hist. i, pp. 179-181.

An Acte for the Assuringe and Establishing of the Isle of Man in the Name and Blude of William, Earl of Derbie, A.D. 1610. In Train's Hist. i, pp. 183-6.

ROSS (David). Sketch of the House of Stanley, and the House of Sefton. London: W. S. Orr & Co. 1848. pp. 61, with App. xviii-vi. 61x12; App. xviii-vi. 170x100. [2763, G.W.W. Coll. F 69]

HEYWOOD (Thomas, F.S.A., ed.). The Earls of Derby and the Verse Writers and Poets of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Part I of the Stanley Papers. xxix of the Chetham Soc. 1853. pp. 63. 220x170. [2776, G.W.W. Coll. F69]
References to licensed companies of players attached to the Derby family.

R.AINES (Rev. F. R., M.A., F.S.A., ed.). The Derby Household Books; comprising an account of the House hold Regulations and Expenses of Edward and Henry, Third and Fourth Earls of Derby; together with a Diary containing the names of the Guests who visited the latter Earl at his Houses in Lancashire; by William Ffarington, Esq., the Comptroller. Part 11 of the Stanley Papers, vol. 31 of the Chetham Soc. 1853. pp. xcviii, 247. 222x170.
Five plates. [2777, G.W.W. Coll. F 69] There are many references to Manx personages.

DERBY (7th Earl). Summary of the Acts of James Stanley, Seventh Earl of Derby. In Mx Soc. v, pp. 103 118. 1860.

BEAUMONT (William, ed.). A Discourse of the Warr in Lancashire: A Trew and Impartial Relation of that vnhappie Intestine Warre that was betweene King Charles and the Parliament, &c. Vol. 62 of the Chetham Soc. 1864. pp. xxxiv,164. 220x170. [2778, G.W.W. Coll.] Frontis.: Portrait of James 7th .Earl of Derby, from a painting by Robert Walker. This gives the most complete account of the 7th Earl of Derby's '300 Manck Souldiers' and their arrival in Lancashire.

DRAPER (Peter). The House of Stanley; including the Siege of Lathom House, With Notices of Relative and Cotemporary Incidents, &c. By Peter Draper, of the Ormskirk Advertiser. Ormskirk : T. Hutton. 1864. pp. 342. 220x134. [2761, G.W.W. Coll.]
Contains four steel engravings, representing Old Lathom House, Burscough Priory, and portraits of James the Seventh Earl and his Countess (both from Vandyke) ; with other illus. Contains material relating to the Derbys not met with elsewhere.

CUMMING (Rev. J. G., M.A., F.G.S.). The Great Stanley; or James VIIth Earl of Derby, and his noble Countess Charlotte de la Tremouille, in their land of Man. A narrative of the xviith century. Interspersed with Notices of Manx Manners, Customs, Laws, Legends, and Fairy Tales. Copiously illus. from Manx Scenery and Antiquities, by Alfred D. Lemon and J. T. Blight: London William Macintosh. 1867. pp. viii,279. 180x108. [2765, G.F.C. Coll.]

RAINES (Rev. F. R., M.A., F.S.A., ed.). Private Devo tions and Miscellanies of James, Seventh Earl of Derby, K.G., with a Prefatory Memoir and an Appendix of Documents. Vol. 1 of Part III of the Stanley Papers. Vol. 66 of the Chetham Soc. [Vol. i.] 1867. pp. ccviii. Four plates. 220x170. [2779, G.W.W. Coll. F 69]
Prefaced by a Memoir of Earl James. Portrait of James 7th Earl ; and view of Knowsley.

Private Devotions, &c. Vol. 2 of Part III of the Stanley Papers. Vol. 67 of the Chetham Soc. 1867. pp. ccix - cccxcv. 220x170. [2780, G.W.W. Coll. F69]
Frontispiece, Charlotte de la Treinouille, widow of the 7th Earl. Copious notes by the editor regarding the personages of the time.

Private Devotions, &c. Vol. 3 (and conclusion) of Part III of the Stanley Papers. Vol. 70 of the Chetham Soc. 1867. pp. 65. 220x170. [2781, G.W.W. Coll. F69]

The History and Antiquities of the Isle of Man by James 7th Earl of Derby, added with notes by Francis Peck.

The Great Stanley, by A. E. Bleby. In Book Journal iv. N.D. [c. 1867] [3030, L6 G.W.W. Coll.]

DE WITT (Madame Guizot). The Lady of Latham; being the Life and Original Letters of Charlotte de la Trémouille, Countess of Derby. London: Smith, Elder. 1869. pp. vii,299. 218x140. [2832, G.W.W. Coll]
Portrait from a painting- in the Knowsley Collection, eng. by C. H. feens.

__Another copy. 751. G.F.C. Coll.

POLLARD (William). The Stanleys of Knowsley : a History of that Noble Family, including A Sketch of the Political and Public Lives of the late Right Hon. the Earl of Derby, K.G., and of the present Earl. London: F. Warne & Co. 1871. pp. x,240. 195x120.

Diary of James V.IIth Earl of Derby. [Mx Soc. xx, . 1871 1] .

ASPDEN (Thomas). Historical Sketches of the House of Stanley, and Biography of Edward Geoffrey, 14th Earl of Derby, &c. Preston: Herald Office. N.D. [ 1873] pp. 114. 242x180. [2566]

Commission from the Earl of Derby to his Countess to act for him during his absence from the Island. (From the Rolls Office.) In Mx Soc. xxvi, pp. 105-6, 1876.

DOWSON (Thomas). Sir John Stanley of Knowsley and his successors, in heroic Verse. Birkenhead: H. C. Robin son. N.D. [c. 1888] pp. vi,120. 180x120. 1/-. [3573, G.W.W. Coll. F69]

TOLLER (T. Northcote, M.A., ed.). Correspondence of Edward, Third Earl of Derby, during the years 24 to 31 Henry VIII. Preserved in a MS. in the possession of Miss Ffarington, of Worden Hall. Vol. 19 of the Chetham Soc. Manchester. 1890. [861, G.F.C. Coll.]
Contains many references to Manx incidents and to local families.

STRUNING (J. H., M.A.). The Royalist Composition Papers 1643-1660. From Public Record Office. Vol. ii, C - F refer to Seventh Earl and Countess of Derby and their Goods in Rushen and Peel Castles, 1892.

The Earl of Derby to the Commissioners of Customs, 1681-2. [it Hist. AVIS. Com. 14th Rep., pt. iv, 1894; pp. 135-6, 252-5, 258-266. [5898, H 378]

LESLI E (F. J.). James, Seventh Earl of Derby, K.G., and First Mayor of ' Free Liverpool,' 1625. Liverpool G. G. Walmsley. 1896. pp. 36. 225-146. 1/-. [4798]
Engraved portraits of the Earl, Countess and daughter from painting by Vandyke.

ROWSELL (Mary C.). The Life-Story of Charlotte de la Trémoille Countess of Derby. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trúbner & Co. 1905. pp. viii, 189. 223x133. [5543]
Portrait from painting by Vandyke.

WOOD (G. W.). The Great Stanley, Lord of Man. Translated from the French. In Mx Quar. April 1915.

The Contents of Castle Rushen and Castle Peel in 1650. In Examiner, 23rd Oct., 1920. [1864]

Book intended for `Memoirs of the House of Derby and other Branches of the Stanley Family,' with printed title and engravings, consisting of portraits of the Stanleys. Views of Knowsley, etc. Morocco; gilt; brass clasp, with Arms of the Stanley Family engraved. Heraldic Book plate of Charles Stanley. Stamped on title ` C. T. Stanley.' [2575, G.W.W. Coll.]

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