[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

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JEFFERYS (Nathaniel). A Descriptive Account of the Isle of Man; etc. To which is added a map with the roads described and every information necessary to the convenience of the pleasurable and commercial 'traveller. Newcastle upon Tyne. Printed for the author. N.D. [ 1808] pp. 200. 168x100. [2367, F 65]
A second edition in 1809 without the author's name. It is believed that the real author of the work was a Mr. Bell of Gateshead, Jeffery merely adding the preface of xix pp.

Topographical and Statistical Description of the British Isles, by George Alexander Cooke. Man pp. 77-101. N.D. [ 1809]. [2615, F 65]

HULBERT (C.). Stranger's Friend, or A Guide to the Isle of Man, Halton, Runcorn, etc. Shrewsbury. Printed by the Author. N.D. [c. 1820] pp. xii,92. 158x94. 2/-. [2633, G.W.W. Coll. F67]
The author visited Man in 1820.

HAINING (Rev. Samuel). A / Historical Sketch / and / Descriptive View / of the / Isle of Man; / designed as / a Companion / to those who / visit and make the Tour of it. / By Samuel Haining, / Embellished with Copper-Plate Engravings. / Douglas: Printed by G. Jefferson. Sold also by Lane & Son, Wellington News Room, Pier, and J. Townsend, Ramsey. 1822. pp. viii,l92. 160x90. Eng. map, T. Breckell, scalp.; views of Castle Rushen and Peel Castle. 4/- in extra boards.[2625, G.W.W. Coll.]
This is the first Manx guide book ; is well written and beautifully printed. Many other guides were produced on its model. Copy 2624 has a differently set-up letterpress title on cover.
__Second edition. Liverpool: Printed by Harris & Co. for the author; and sold by Charles Gray, Paradise-street; and by Lane & Son, Cambrian Place, Douglas. 1824. pp. v,136. 170x100. 2/6 in extra boards. [947, G.F.C. Coll.]
An impression of the 1824 edition was used for the 1830 edition, with the shortened title : 'The Visiter's Guide to the Isle of Man'; and also sold by J. Quiggin, bookseller, North-quay.
__Third edition. J. Quiggin. pp. iii,143. 160x93. Eng. map pub. by Pigot & Son; engraved views of Castle Rushen, Peel Castle and Mallett's Castle Mona Hotel, and a few woodcuts. [948, G.F.C. Coll.] The third edition appeared in 1832, and was printed in Douglas by J. Quiggin. In 1835 the title page was slightly altered ; it has a map 'published May 1833,' T. Breckell scalp. The fourth edition was issued in 1839 by the same printer ; the number of pages being increased to 201.

JEFFERSON'S : The Geographical and Topographical Guide. Embellished with a beautiful view of Douglas. Douglas: Printed and sold by G. Jefferson. 1823. pp. viii,79. 151.x98. [3344, G.W.W. Coll. F67] The engraving is from a sketch by G. W. Carrington, J. Shury scalp. This is Jefferson's 1st edn.
__Second edition. 1824. pp. 96. 156x93.[3419 G.W.W. Coll.]
__ Third edition. 1831. pp. 125.
__Fourth edition. 1834. pp. 169. 158x97.[1221, G.F.C. Coll.]
__ Fifth edition. 1840. Twelfth thousand. pp. vi,132. 166x98. [2635, G.W.W. Coll.] This has an excellent map, and 3 copper plate views, viz., Douglas, Ramsey, and Bird's-Eye View of Woodville, which is unique There is also a Directory of the Professional and Tradespeople. The third and subsequent editions had the title 'Isle of Man New Guide.'

OSWALD (Dr. Henry Robert, F.A.S.). The / Geographical / and / Topographical / Guide / to the / Isle of Man. / embellished with / A beautiful view of Douglas./ 1st edn. Douglas: Printed and sold by G. Jefferson. 1823. pp. 79. Engraved map and view of Douglas, by G. W. Carrington ; eng. by J. Shury. 158x100.[2653, 3345, 2654, 976, 978]
The second edition was published in 1824, and contained 94 pp. with Appendix. The third edition published in 1831 contained 126 pp. and has many interesting woodcuts, including one of the Lancastrian School in Athol- street. In this edition appear five lithographs from drawings by the architect J. Welch, viz., King William's Coll., Peel Castle, Castle Rushen, and Bishopscourt and Castle Mona. The fourth edition, pub. in 1834, consisted of 169 pp. and an engraved map. G.W.W. & G.F.C. Coll., F 67.

BENNET (William). Sketches of the Isle of Man, by a Tourist. London: Simpkins & Marshall. 1829. pp. xii,130. 150x87. [2608, F 67]

HOWARD (Thomas). Vade Mecum, or Tourists' Companion from Manchester by the Railway to Liverpool, and thence to the Isle of Man; together with a map. Dedicated to Sir George Drinkwater, Knt. Liverpool: Worrall & Taylor. 1830. 680x405. 2/6. [3044, G.W.W. Coll. N.]
The text and illustrations are printed on a folding sheet 27 in. x 16 in., mounted on linen, in case. A map from Quiggin's Guide 1830. The railway between Manchester and Liverpool was opened in 1830 (15th Sept.), and this publication, which is very rare, quaintly describes the journey from Manchester to the Island in that year.

QUIGGIN'S / Illustrated Guide / and / Visitors' Companion / through / the Isle of Man; / to which are added / A Directory for Douglas; / and / A Mona Souvenir. / By A Resident. 1st edn. Douglas: Printed and published by J. Quiggin, North-quay. 1836. pp. 124. Pigot's engraved map. 158x95. [2657, 979] The engravings are excellent. The frontispiece, Douglas, is engraved by Pigot & Son, from a drawing by W. J. Bowden. The same artist is responsible for the drawings from which the other engravings are made ; the subjects are Douglas Bay, Castle Mona, Castletown, K.W. Coll., Peel, Ramsey, and Glen Meay : all are engraved by the well-known W. H. Lizars of Edinburgh. The engraved map is by Pigot, Manchester. There is a short Directory of Tradesmen, and at the end the 'Mona Souvenir,' consisting of poems by Rev. Robert Brown, Miss E. S. Craven, and G. H. Wood,
The second edition (fifth thousand) was issued in 1839 it was enriched by an account of the natural history by Edward Forbes, who was then only 24 years of age. The Rev. Charles Radcliffe was also a contributor ; the woodcuts are interesting. 130 pp.
The second edition covered 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1845, as shown by various title pages. The imprint on the 1845 issue is for the first time M. A. Quiggin, who was the widow of John Quiggin.
The third edition, published in 1847, was entirely re-set, and has a double rule around each page, and an illuminated frontispiece-title with the Tower of Refuge lithographed in the centre. Slater's coloured engraved map with Peel Castle in the left-hand corner is used. There are several engravings by Lizars not in the second edition, including Kirk Braddan Church and the Tower of Refuge. 149 pp, with an Appendix and a Directory for Douglas and general information. The third edition covered 1848 also.
The fourth edition published in 1852 was re-written and set in new type, with added woodcuts. 169 pp. with an Appendix giving Tradesmen's Directory of Douglas, etc. 2/6.
The fifth edition, which appeared in 1856, was also re-set, and consisted of 204 pp.
The sixth and last edition was issued in 1858. It has a new coloured map by Philip & Son. 200 pp. In the issue of this edition in 1862, there are references (in an Appendix xiii pp.) to the progress of Douglas as a holiday resort and a record of Governor Pigott going into residence at Villa Marina,

WELCH (John). A six days' Tour through the Isle of Man. By a Stranger. Douglas. 1836. pp. 183.
Dedicated to Sir William Hillary. The author was John Welch, one of the best architects who has ever practised here. He designed the Tower of Refuge, the Smelt Memorial at Castletown, Woodville, and some of the early 19th century houses at the north end of the town. There are a map and five excellent lithographed illustrations from his own sketches.

DILLON's : The Isle of Man Guide for 1839, containing an Historical Sketch, and Descriptive Views of the Island. Fifth thousand. [This was written by the Rev. Samuel Haining. See Haining.] Douglas: Published and sold by William Dillon, North-quay. 1839. pp. iii,201. Map and 9 lithographed plates of great beauty. 158x97. [949, F 67]
The same guide with altered titles appeared in 1841. The iuide was re-written in 1842 by James Brotherston Laughton Printed by the 'Manx Sun' Office. (184 pp.) It has a large frontispiece of a view of Douglas by Jas. Gordon, junr. Another issue in 1845 and 1846.

CANNELL and GILL. The Stranger's Guide, describing the Scenery and Antiquities, Public Buildings, and Gentlemen's Seats, with all other objects of interest to the Visitor. Douglas: Published by William Cannel[l] and John Gill, Duke-street. Printed by R. M'Gowan, Liverpool. 1841. pp. 74 [Incomplete copy.] 130x80. 1/-. [2614] A rare and novel guide.

CANNELL (William). A New Guide and Visitor's Companion. Douglas: William Cannell. 1843. pp. vi,132. Map and 4 litho. plates from Jefferson. 166x100. [2634]
This appears to be a copy of an early Jefferson.

LAUGHTON (James Brotherston). A New Historical, Topographical, and Parochial Guide to the Isle of Man. 1st edn. Douglas: William Dillon. 1842. pp. 184. Map and plate.
The second edition, 1846, was also printed by Dillon. Not in Library.

MYLREA's New Guide to the Isle of Man . . . Douglas John Mylrea, Duke-street. 1843. pp. 124. 180x105. [973, 2650]
Mylrea's Guide of 1843 was really Jefferson's fifth edition, to which he attached a fresh title page.
His Guide of 1849 is the same as Backwell's 1849, with an altered title.
Mylrea's Guide of 1853, 1854 and 1858 are the same as Samuel Johnson's Guide of 1854, with an altered title.

JOHNSON (R. H.). Isle of Man / New Guide / and / Visitors' Companion. Douglas: R. H. Johnson, 2 Great Nelson-street. 1845. pp. iv, 124. 175x95. [953] On p. 71 is a critical description of the policies of the four local newspapers.

A Hand Book for Visitors / to the / Isle of Man, / being / A Pictorial Guide / to the / Picturesque Scenery / and / Beauties of 'Mona.' / Douglas: Sold by R. H. Johnson, Great Nelson-street. 1849. pp. 148. Litho. plates of Tower of Refuge, Kirk Braddan, Castletown and Peel, by Lizars. 167x100. [954]

O'BRIEN (J. B.). Travellers' Guide to the Isle of Man, Douglas, 1847. 12mo. pp. 32, Not in Library.

LAUGHTON (James Brotherston). Johnson's Historical, Topographical, and Parochial Illustrated Guide, and Visitors' Companion through the Isle of Mann. 3rd edn. Douglas: Printed and Published by Samuel Johnson, Duke-street. 1847. pp. viii,200. Eng. map in colours 220x265. 160x98. [957, 958, 2639]
Note alterations in title. There are seven engravings by Lizars. Dedicated to Edward Forbes, F.R.S. Contribtitions by Mrs. Craven Green, D. MacAskill, and G. H. 'Wood. This issue is printed upon good quality paper, and each page has a red fancy border. A popular edition published at same date, size 130 x 77, was printed without the border.
The 1848 edition (the fourth) has a blue border, but the text is the same as that of 1847.
__ Fourth edition, 1848. 959.
__ Fifth edition, 1850. 130x77. 961.
__ Sixth edition, 1851. 160x98. Blue border. This edition has views of all the churches and chapels. 5629.
__ Seventh edition, 1853. This has J. Mylrea's imprint.
__ Eighth edition, 1854. 168x100. 2642.
__ Ninth edition, 1858. pp. viii,192. 158x98. 2643. Samuel Johnson published many local views and was one of the first, if not the first, photographer in Douglas. The 7th, 8th and 9th editions were, according to the titlepages, also published by John Mylrea, Duke-street.

Adams's Illus. Descriptive Guide to the Watering Places of England. By E. L. Blanchard. Man pp. 103-125. London. 1848. [991]
A second edition 1849, and a third 1859.

KENT and RICHARDS . A Handbook for Visitors to the Isle of Man, being A Pictorial Guide to the Picturesque Scenery and Beauties of 'Mona.' [Afterwards Backwell's.]London : Kent and Richards. 1848. pp. iv,148, app. viii. 170x100. 2/6. [6220, F 67]
There is an excellent coloured map, engraved by W H. Lizars, engraver and lithographer, Edinburgh. Therere also six engravings by Lizars, viz., Douglas, Kirk Braddan, Tower of Refuge, Castletown, Peel Castle, Ramsey, all from drawings by W. Banks. The text of the Guide appears to be that written by Samuel Haining.

KERRUISH (H. & D.). A Hand Book for Visitors. Douglas: H. & D. Kerruish. 1849. pp. 148 and appendix. The third edition is edited by Thomas Booth.

BACKWELL (M. P.). Backwell's Guide. A Handbook for Visitors . . . being a Pictorial Guide to the Pic turesque Scenery and Beauties of Mona. Douglas : Sold by M. P. Blackwell [Backwell]. 1849. pp. iv,148, app.viii. Coloured map eng. by Lizars; five eng. plates. 170x100. [2602]
The same Guide was issued in 1854, with additions. Backwell's Historical, Topographical, and Parochial Illustrated Guide, and Visitor's Companion, by James Brotherston Laughton, B.A. 7th edn. Douglas: Printed and published by M. P. Backwell, Athol-street and Strand street. 1853. pp. viii,198, index ii. Coloured map published by Samuel Johnson; 18 eng. plates, many by Lizars.161x97. [2603] Backwell's Illustrated Guide to the Isle of Man, descriptive of its Towns and Villages, Scenery, Botany, Antiquities, and other peculiarities, forming a complete key to the Island. The engravings are from photographic pictures made expressly for the proprietor of this work. Douglas : M. P. Backwell, Athol- street; Castletown : M. J. Backwell. N.D. [1858] Coloured map by Philips, 13 eng. plates. [2604] Backwell is said to have come to the Island as letterpress, copper-plate and lithographic printer and bookbinder ; some of the plates in this volume may have been done by him. There is an appendix giving a list of the flowering plants. Other editions were published in 1861. The 1858 text was re-written.
Backwell's Handbook for Visitors, comprising its History, etc. . . . A new edition, edited and revised by James Burman, Esq., F.R.A.S. There are now appended for the first time about 24 pages of Scraps and Anecdotes. Douglas: M. P. Backwell ; Castletown : M. J. Backwell. N.D. [1861] pp. vi,186. Coloured map and 7 eng. plates. 177x97. [924] An impression was made in 1864 of the same text.

CAIN'S. A Handbook for Visitors . . . being a Pictorial Guide to the Picturesque Scenery and Beauties of Mona. Douglas: Sold by John Cain, bookseller. 1851. pp. iv,148, app. viii. 163x97. [2613]
This appears to be copied from Haining, and similar to the early editions of Backwell. Several eng. plates by Lizars.

JOHNSON (Colonel). A / Brief Sketch / of the / Isle of Man; / showing its / Advantages as a Retreat to Visitors, / and a / Place of Residence to Strangers. / By Col. Johnson. [Woodcut Three-legs.] Douglas: Printed by R. Fargher, Mona's Herald Office. N.D. [c. 1851] pp. 32. Map. 114x83. [999]
Another edition. Printed by P. Curphey, Sun Office, Douglas. N.D. [c. 1853] pp. 32. 113x81.
Another edition. Printed by Harris & Co., Drury Lane, Liverpool. 1862. pp. 30. Small eng. map. 117x73. [997]

BOOTH (Thomas). Kerruish's New Illustrated Guide to the Isle of Man; its History, Scenery, Antiquities, etc. First impression of five thousand. Douglas: Kerruish & Kneale, 38 Duke-street. N.D. [c. 1853] pp. 210xxxxii. Directory and advertisements; coloured map. 168x90. [965]
The second edition was pub. in (?) 1856, the third edition (16th thousand) in 1858.

KNEALE (William). Kneale's Guide to the Isle of Man, comprising an Account of the Island, Historical, Physical, ArchŠological, and Topographical . . . to which is added a collection of Entertaining Legends. 1st edn. Douglas: W. Kneale, 37 Duke-street. N.D. [c. 1860] pp. 224. Illus. and coloured map. 163x100. [2646]
This is one of the best guide books, the author being a sound antiquary. There are photographic reproductions of portraits of William de Montagu and his Countess, and there are excellent engravings of scenery, etc., by Lizars, Isaac, and others.
Second edition. N.D. [c. 1866] pp. 218, with 4 pp. index. 156x96. [2647]
Third edition. N.D. [c. 1871] pp. 220, with 4 pp. index. [970]

CUMMING [Rev. Joseph George, M.A., F.G.S.] A Guide to the Isle of Man with the means of access thereto and an Introduction to its Scenery, etc. London : Edward Stanford. 1861. pp. xvi,230. Map by Stanford. 163x98. [932]
A reliable and original work.

LEECH's New Illustrated Tourists' Guide. Ramsey : F. Leech, printer, 15 Parliament-street. N.D. [c. 1861] pp. 160. G. Philips' coloured map. 160x100. [4989]
It would appear that the first edition appeared in 1859. Among the many excellent engraved plates are two worthy of special note : (i) Lezayre Church and Vicarage and (ii) Ballakillingan, the latter from a photograph by H. Myers, watchmaker and photographer, Ramsey, engraved by Banks of Edinburgh. Leech's printing business seems to have been taken over in 1862 by John Hampton of the Post Office, Ramsey.

GLOVER'S Illustrated Guide. Douglas: Matthew Glover, 52 North-quay. N.D. [1862] pp. viii,215. Coloured map by Philips; 14 eng. plates, several by Lizars. 162x101. [2620]
This appears to be a reprint of Quiggin's. Other impressions in 1866, 1868, 1870, 1873, 1875, 1878.
The illustrations in the 1868 and succeeding years are lithographed and are not so pleasing as the earlier ones. A final edition in 1878.

PEACOCK (William F.). Everybody's New Guide, Companion and Associate (for both Summer and Winter) to the Isle of Man. Manchester: John Heywood. N.D. [1863] pp. 72. 180x116. 6d. [1014, 3381, 2656]
Not reliable as a guide ; but interesting from the follelore side. Dedicated to William Milner.

NELSON's The Isle of Man. Edinburgh: T. Nelson & Sons. N.D. [c. 1868] pp. 48. 100x165. [3434]
Has an engraved view of Ramsey from the sea, and one of Kirk Braddan.

BRIERLEY (Benjamin). Ab o' th 'Yate at the Isle of Man. Manchester. 1870. pp. 39.

The Tourists' Picturesque Guide. 1st edn. London: The Graphotyping Co. 1871. pp. viii,200. Illustrated by wood engravings; map. 161x100. [940] The third impression was published in 1873. The illustrations were more highly coloured., The text appears to have been written by one Shaw, whose name appears on the cover of the later editions.

Sharpe & Kellet's Tourists' Complete Guide. Liverpool. N.D. [1871] pp. 74. Illus. 136x88. [3377]

SHAW. The Tourists' Picturesque Guide, etc. London Norton & Shaw. 1871 - 1877. pp. viii,200. Illus. 160x100. [988]
The first issue was in 1871, the second in 1874, the third in 1875, the fourth in 1877. The second and fourth issues have Tod's account of Trout-Fishing.

ROGERS & TIBBIT'S . Tourists' Complete Guide. Douglas: Printed by Matthew Glover. N.D. [ 1872] pp. 66. Illus. 138x85. 2d. [998]

Barrow Printing Co.'s Illus. Penny Guide. Barrow Printing Co. N.D. [ 1873] pp. 19. 165x90. [3369]

JENKINSON (Henry Irwin). Jenkinson's Practical Guide. London: Edward Stanford. 1874. pp. lxxxiii,266. Map by Stanford in pocket. 166x100. [955] An original and excellent guide. The second edition was published in 1878.

Abel Heywood's Penny Guide, by Joseph Johnson. Manchester: Abel Heywood & Son. N.D. [1875] pp. 16. Illus. and map by Bartholomew. 180x98. [4805]
Many editions followed, viz., in 1867, 1869, 1875, 1880, etc.

Abel Heywood's Sixpenny Illustrated Guide, History, and Companion. By Joseph Johnson. Manchester: Abel Heywood N.D. [1875] pp 80 182x118. Map and illus. [3927]
Editions, some with and without the author's name, appeared in 1884, 1888, 1894, etc. The woodcuts are interesting.

Findlow's Guide. Warwick: A. Findlow. N.D. [ 1876] pp. 36. 120x90. [4038]

SHAW'S Tourists' Picturesque Guide. London. N.D. [1877] pp. 206.

BRADBURY (Dr. J.). Third Prize Essay on the Attractions of the Isle of Man. Douglas, 1878.

The Three Prize Essays on the Attractions of the Isle of Man. N.D. [ ? 1878]
The first prize went to Thomas Grindley, the second to M. G. Kayll, the third to Dr. Bradbury, the fourth to Mrs. Burgess (nee Emma Shimmin).

The Holiday Annual: A handbook . . . for the use of Banking and Mercantile Communities. Edited by A.B.C. Man pp. 6-13. Kent. N.D. [1878] 8d. [167]

John Heywood's New Penny Pocket Guide to the Isle of Man, by Joseph Johnson. Manchester: John Heywood. N.D. [c. 1879] pp. 34. 141x92. [5086]
Other editions in 1881, 1882, 1891, 1898, 1899.

Holiday Resorts in the Isle of Man, with illustrations on wood. In Pic. World, 9th Aug., 1879. [3030, L 6]

HOULSTON'S : The Tourist's Picturesque Guide. 5th edn. London: Houlston & Son. N.D. [ 1881 ] pp. viii,188. Map; 11 copper plate and many wood engravings. 160x100. [941]

Manxland, by Edward Bradbury ; with woodcuts. In Mag. of Art, 1881. [3030, L 6]

HARRISON (Oscar). The Comic Guide to the Isle of Man, with numerous Humorous Sketches. London Grattan, Marshall & Co. Printed by John Brown & Son. N.D. [? 1881] pp. 119. 213x135. 1/-. [2631]
A second impression in the following year has a note to inform his readers that the writer has been enabled to 'retire on a handsome fortune' and 'to pension all his friends and relatives.'

Broadbent's Visitors' Guide through the Isle of Man. 2nd edn. Douglas: Samuel K. Broadbent. 1881. pp. 122. Coloured map; illus. 178x117. [2611] The first edition was in 1880, and the third edition was in 1885. The guide was written by Joseph Johnson.

DODD (Kate). Descriptive Guide to St. Michael's Island (Fort Island), Derby Haven, Langness, and neighbourhood. Castletown : M. J. Backwell. N.D. [c. 1882] pp. 23. 3 illus. 181x115. [5043, Frowde Coll.] This little guide is Miss Katherine Dodd's first attempt in the domain of literature. Only two copies are now known to exist.

Black's Guide to the Isle of Man. Edinburgh: A. & C. Black. 1883. pp. vi,136. Map; plans of Douglas, Ramsey, Castletown and Peel; view of Douglas. 170x100. 2/6. [2609] Impressions were made in 1888, 1896, and 1909. The maps in the last issue are by Bartholomew, and are a feature.

BORE (Henry). Roundabout Rambles. Birmingham Stone & Wood. 1883. pp. 36. 180x115. [1883]

WARD & L o C K's Illustrated Guide to and Popular History of the Isle of Man. 1st edn. London: Ward, Lock & Co. N.D. [1883] pp. 144. Map by Edwd. Weller, F.R.G.S.; illus. by woodcuts. 160x100. [2667]
It is stated the first edition was written by John Archibald Brown. The second edition seemed to have been issued in 1899, and the third in 1900.

STOKES (E. P.). The Barrow Route to the Isle of Man. Illus. by W. S. Whitworth ; wood engravings by Cheshire. London: Hazell, Watson & Viney. N.D. [ 1883] pp. iv,128. 257X177. [828, G.F.C. Coll.]

JOHNSON (Joseph). Johnson's Guide through the Isle of Man, etc. Published by the author, Douglas. Printed by Butterworth & Co., Manchester. 1884. pp. 55. Illus. and map. 181x118. 2d. [3358]

CANNELL (W. J.). Guide to Port St. Mary, Port Erin, Chasms, Spanish Head, Sound, Calf of Man, etc. Douglas, 1884.

Callow's Premier Guide to Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey. Laxey : J. Callow, Medical Hall. N.D. [c. 1886] pp. 8. Illus. 165x105. [4435]

The ABC Guide to the Isle of Man. Liverpool: 30 Castle-street. N.D. [1887] pp. 82. Tinted map; plan of Douglas; litho. illus. 180x112. 6d. [2599]

The Camp Herald. The Cunningham Young Men's Holiday Camp, Douglas. 1887 onwards. pp. 44. Illus. 130x85.

Manx Programme and Entertainment Guide. Liverpool M. H. Cropper, 50 Lord-street. 1888. pp. 19. Illus. 245x 185. l d. [1486]

CALLOW (J. P.). Penny Guide to Mona. Douglas J. P. Callow. 1889. pp. 37. Map and illus. 180x118. [5043, vol. ii]

MOLE (F. Madeley). Picturesque Guide to the Isle of Man. Illus. Birmingham. 1889.

Craine's Illustrated Handbook to Ramsey. John Craine, Courier Office. N.D. [1889] pp. 32. 185x120. [6576, F 67]

LISTER (of Manchester Courier). Holiday Sketches. Reprinted from the Manx Sun. c. 1890. pp. 64.

SUTHERLAND (James Middleton). Popular Guide to Kirk Braddan. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1890] pp. 59. Illus.163x98. 3d. [996]

Peel, its Castle, etc. Broadbent for W. Cashin, Custodian. 1890 onwards.

LYNN (Samuel). Guide to Ramsey. 1890-5.

BRIGNAL (W. A., F. R.G.S.). The Popular Guide to the Isle of Man. Illus. Liverpool, 1891. pp. 22.

HAVILAND (Dr. Alfred). Port St. Mary as a Health Resort. B. & S. 1891. pp. 21. Two plans. 216x140. [3948]

BOOTH (W.). The Isle of Man. Oldham: W. E. Clegg. 1891. pp. xii,82. Map by Philips. 160x97. [4742]
A second edition printed in 1892.

FORSHAW (Chas. F., LL.D.). Memories of Manxland. A Guide to the Isle of Man. London: W. H. Morgan. 1893. pp. 32. 190x125.

McSWEENEY (P.). Jones' (Illustrated) Isle of Man Guide. Liverpool: Wm. Jones & Co. N.D. [c. 1893] pp. 47. 182x120. l d. [4786]

BROWN & SONS . Brown's Penny Guide. 1893. pp. 48. Illus. 160x105. [4763]

__ A Sail Round the Island. N.D. [ 1892] pp. 8 Illus. 185x125. [3665]

__Brown's Popular Guide. 2nd edn. Douglas James Brown & Son. 1876. pp. v,367. 70 engravings and map. 160x94. 1/- [5090, 2612]
T. E. Brown's contribution, entitled 'Seven Days in the Isle of Man,' appeared in the Guide for the first time.
The historical chapter was written by Thomas Grindley.
The third edition appeared in 1877, the twelfth in 1889, and the twenty-first in 1926. Only 12 of Wane's reproductions appear in the last-named edition.

FARRELL (Dr. Richard). Beyond the Silver Streak in Manxland, written and illustrated by R. F. Manchester John Heywood. 1894. pp. iv,72. 180x115. [4810]

Seaside Watering Places. Man pp. 488-497. 7th edn. London: L. Upcott Gill. 1895. [2623]

IZANT (Frederick). Manx Scenery : a description of the Mountains, Glens, Rivers, and Coasts best worth visit ing; arranged in a series of Excursions. 1st edn. London Blades, East & Blades. 1895. pp. iv,41. Front. Rhenass Fall. 201x125. [3677]
The second edition, printed by R. E. Taylor & Son, was issued in 1896. It has a map made by Philips, and 13 excellent engravings in half tone.

STARKEY & PHILLIPS. Isle of Man. Birmingham Lithographic Co. N.D. [ 1895] pp. 93. 105x65. [3424]

LONGLEY (F. E.). Mona's Isle. London: F. E. Longley, 39 Warwick-lane. N.D. [c. 1895] pp. 16. Illus. 184x120. 1d. [4743]

Official Guide of the Board of Advertising. From 1896 onwards. Illus. and map. pp. 80.

GRINDLEY (Thomas). Official Guide to. the Douglas and Laxey Electric Railway and the Snaefell Mountain Electric Railway. Illus. by D. M. Robertson and F. B. Ward. Douglas: Brown & Sons. 1897. pp. 113. Col'd map. 180x105. [4839]

The Coast Trips of Great Britain. London: George Newnes Ltd. 1898. Man p. 149. 180x120. 6d. [3388]

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Contains words of a song, 'A Bolt from the Blue,' by R. F(arrell).

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The sixth edition was published in 1905.

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Issued in the succeeding years.

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The Camp was founded in 1887 by Joseph Cunningham, who died in 1924.

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Contains some artistic illustrations from photos by P. J. Prideaux.

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