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Islands / Landnamabok. / Hoc est: / Liber / Originum / Islandiae. /) i Versione Latina, Lectionibus Variantibus, et / Rerum, Personarum, Locorum, nec non Vocum / Rarissimarum, Indicibus Illustratus. / Ex Manuscriptis Legati Magnacani. / Havniae, 1774. / Typis Augusti

Frederici Steinii. 1774. pp. xx,510. 210x175. [5520] Printed in the original Icelandic with Latin translation. The work is useful for comparison between Icelandic and Manx place-names and personal names.

JOHNSTONE (Rev. James). Anecdotes / of / Olave the Black, / King of Man, / and / The Hebridean Princes of the / Somerled Family, / to Which are added / xviii Eulogies / on / Haco King of Norway, / by / Snorro Sturlson / Poet to that Monarch. / Now first published / in the Original Islandic from / the Flateyan and other / Manuscripts; with literal / version and notes. / By the / Reva James Johnstone, A.M., Chaplain / to His Britannic Majesty's Envoy / Extraordinary at the Court of / Denmark. Printed for the Author. 1780. pp. vii,48. 167x93. [20202 Bishopscourt Coll.] Very rare.

__Idem. 154x92. 2359 R.J.M. Coll.

Antiquitates / Celto - Scandicae; / sive / Series Rerum Gestarum / inter / Nationes Britannicarum Insularum / ex / Gentes Septrionales. / ex / Snorrone; Land-nama-boc ; Egilli Scallagrimi - saga; Niåla-saga ; / O: Triggvasonar-saga ; Orkneyinga-saga ; Hriggiar stikki ; Knytlinga-saga ; Speculo regali, &c. Havrùæ. Augusti Friderici Stemii. 1781. pp. ii,296. 246x183. [2528, G.W.W. Coll, F64]

A / Fragment / of / Antient / History. [A rare print of an extract from one of the Sagas relating to King Haco, under the heading ' Negociations,' 1264. In Icelandic with English trans.] N.D. [c. 1782] pp. 12. 132x73. [2359, R.J.M. Coll. F66]

JOHNSToN E (Rev. James, A.M.). Lodbrokar - Quida;/ or / The Death Song / of / Lodbroc ; / now first correctly printed from various Manuscripts, / with a free English translation. / To which are added, / the various readings; a literal Latin ver-/sion; an Islando - Latino glossary; and / explanatory notes. / By / The Rev. James Johnstone, A.M. . . Printed for the Author, 1782. pp. iv, I11.168x100. [2360, G.W.W. Coll. F64]
Only 25 copies printed.

Story of Gisli the Outlaw by G. W. Dasent. 1866. Not in Library.

Viga Glum's Saga. The Story of Viga-Glum, trans. from the Icelandic with notes, etc., by Sir Edmund Head, K.C.B. Williams & Norgate, 1866. Not in Library.

The Orkneyinga Saga, trans. from the Icelandic by Jon A. Hjaltalin and Gilbert Goudie. Ed. with notes and introduction by Joseph Anderson, Keeper of the Nat. Mus. cf the Antiq. of Scot. Edinburgh: Edmonston & Douglas. 1873. pp. cxxxvi,227. 220x130. [4998]

Corpus Poeticum Boreale. 1883. Not in Library.

Asgard and the Gods: the Tales and Traditions of our Northern Ancestors : a complete Manual of Norse Mythology. Adapted from the work of Dr. W. Wagner by W. W. Macdowall, ed. by W. S. W. Anson, 1889. Not in Library.

DuC x n ILL U (Paul B.). The Viking Age: the Early History, Manners, and Customs of the Ancestors of the English-speaking Nations, illustrated from the Antiquities discovered in Mounds, Cairns, and Bogs, as well as from the ancient Sagas and Eddas. 2 vols. London: John Murray. 1889. 366 illus. and map. 220x136. [4418]

Eyrbyggja Saga: The Story of the Ere Dwellers. Trans. by Morris & Magnusson. 1892. Not in Library.

STURLU SON (Snorri). The Heimskringla. Done into Eng. out of the Icelandic by Wm. Morris and Eirikr Magnusson. 4 vols. 1893.

The Story of Egil Skallagrimsson, by W. C. Green. 1893. Færeyinga Saga, by F. York Powell, 1896.

Sverrissaga : The Saga of King Sverri of Norway; trans. by J. Sephton, M.A. 8 maps. Nutt, 1899. Not in Library.

Saga of Burnt Njal, by G. W. Dasent. 1900.

The Story of Grettir the Strong, by Morris & Magnusson. 1901.

Origines Islandicæ : a collection of the more important Sagas and other native writings relating to the Settlement and Early History of Iceland. Ed. and trans. by Gudbrand Vigfusson and F. York Powell. 2 vols. Oxford Clarendon Press. 1905. vol. i, pp. xvi,728 ; vol. ii, vii,787. 220x143. [5001, F 66]
The book makes accessible to the English reader all the important texts relating to the colonization and early history of Iceland. The chief pieces recorded are Landnama-book, Cristne Saga, Thorlaks Saga, Pols Saga, loans Saga, Hardar Saga, Eyrbyggia Saga, Laxdæla Saga, Gisla Saga, Cormac Saga, Viga Glums Saga, Hrafnkels Saga, Helganna Saga, The Wineland Voyages, or the Story of Eric the Red in the Flatey Book. The Story of Leif Ericson is told on p. 614 (vol. ii), how that Leif, sailing from Greenland, drifted to the Sudreys, where he met ' Thorgunna, a woman of high lineage. It is believed that ' the Sudreys' in this case was Man.

Saemund's Edda (the Elder or Poetic Edda). Ed. and trans. by Olive Bray. Illus. by W. G. Collingwood. Viking Club. 1908. Not in Library.

The Sagas of Olaf Tryggvason and of Harald the Tyrant (Harald Haardraade). Williams & Norgate. 1911. Not in Library.

HOFFMAN (Alice S.). The Book of The Sagas. London: Ernest Nister. pp. 320. Illus. by Gordon Browne, R.I. 208x150. [F 66]

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