[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


Section I

(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Act Dissolving the Monasteries, 1535-6. [4018, D 200]
A reprint. (Not dated.)

Archdeacons, list of, from c. 1249 to 1723. In Brown Willis's Survey of the Cathedrals, 1727.

The Charter of the Bishop of Sodor, confirmation by Thomas Earl of Derby, 1505, from The Monasticon i, 718. In Brown Willis's Survey, 1727.

WILLIS (Browne). A Survey of the Cathedrals of York, Durham, Carlisle, Chester, Man, etc. 2 vols. London. 1727-33. [2519, F22 G.W.W. Coll.]

WEST (Thomas). The Antiquities of Furness, illustrated with engravings, by Thomas West. A new edition With additions by William Close. Ulverston. 1805. pp. xvi,426, with vi pp. index. Plates.
There are several references to the Monastery of Rushen.

MILLS (M. A.). Observations applicable to the existing system of Tithes in the Isle of Man. Douglas. Sm. 8vo. 1817.

WARD (Rev. William Percival, M.A.). Isle of Mann and Diocese of Sodor and Mann: ancient and authentic records and Documents relating to the Civil and Ecclesiastical History and Constitution. Collected and arranged by the Rev. Wm. Percival Ward, M.A., Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Sodor and Mann. London: Rivington. 1837. pp. 185. Cloth. 188x108. [2346, F 22]
This interesting account was published with a view to oppose the proposal of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to annex the See of Sodor and Mann to that of Carlisle. The Memorial of Bishop Ward is given in full on pp. 157167, and the texts of other petitions are also given, as well as the speech of the Earl of Ripon in the House of Lords against the proposal.
The work was re-issued in 1838 or 1839, with a new title page with the imprint : ' Douglas, William Cannell, Duke-street, and Parliament-street, Ramsey.' At the end is a printed ' Note' of 2 pp. urging members of Parliament to ' reconsider and amend their Act of last session, so far as regards the Bishopric of Sodor and Mann.' [2348]

WARD (William, Bishop of Sodor and Mann, 1827-1838). Memorial / of the / Bishop of Sodor and Mann / to / His Majesty's Commissioners / appointed / to consider the state / of the / Established Church / With reference to / Ecclesiastical Duties / and / Revenues. / Colchester:/ Printed by John Taylor, junior. / 1837. pp. 19. 140x104. Not in Library.
The only copy known was found by Miss Edith C. Wilson, a grand-daughter of the Bishop, in the Bodleian Library. She is of the opinion that the pamphlet had come from the library of Dr. Pusey. It has 19 pp. and contains about 4,500 words.

Impropriate Fund, History of. Vide Ward's Diocese of Sodor and Mann and Isle of Man Charities.

Church Commission: Memorials and Communications from the Cathedral and Collegiate Churches in England and Wales: With an Appendix relative to the Bishopric of Sodor and Man. Printed from Returns made to the House of Commons, 1837. London: Rivington. 1838. pp. viii,176. [3465, F 22]
The memorials and communications relative to the Diocese of Sodor and Man are contained on pp. 155-176. See Rev. W. Percival Ward's Diocese of Sodor and Man.

Tithe : A Bill intituled An Act for the Commutation of Tithes. [. Quiggin. N.D. (c. 1838) pp. 11. 380x250.- [6465, D 134]
The Tithe Commutation Act was passed in 1839.

Charter of the Bishopric. In Train's Hist. i, 384-5. 1845.

NEALE (J. M., of Sackville College). Ecclesiological Notes on the Isle of Man, Ross, Sutherland, and the Orkneys; or, a Summer Pilgrimage to S. Maughold and S. Magnus. Illus. London : Jos. Masters. 1848. pp. vi, 118. 170x100. [5279, F 22]

Saint Molua. In Trans. Kilkenny Arch. Soc. 1852. pp. 47-63. [L 61

CUMMINGS (Rev. Joseph George). A brief notice of Manx Civil and Ecclesiastical History. In Archĉologia Cambrensis iii, pp. 45-54. 1857.

MACKENZIE (Rev. William). A Lecture on Reformation in the Isle of Man, now and before Luther. Douglas W. Kneale, Duke-street, and printed by Robert Fargher, 9 Mona-terrace. 1859. pp. 16. 215x135. [4152, F 22]
The author was secretary of the Manx Soc.

Circular announcing a Proposal to Build a Cathedral Chapel as a Centenary -Memorial to Bishop Wilson. Castletown : BackWell. N.D. [c. 1864] pp. 2. 330x210. [F 22]

The Martyrology of Donegal : a Calendar of the Saints of Ireland. Trans. from the original Irish by John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.R.L.I., Professor of Celtic Literature; ed., With the Irish text, by William Reeves, D.D., M.R.I.A. Dublin : Irish Arch. & Celtic Soc. 1864. pp. 1v,566. 230x150. [5925, F 22]
References to many Irish Saints connected with Man.

A. H. The Ecclesiology of the Isle of Man. In The Ecclesiologist (London), xxvi, Feb. 1865. Illus. pp. 279-285. [2344, F 22]
Two plates : i, S. Maughold's Church ; ii, Font and Three Legs, at Kirk Malew, Windows of Chapel, Castle Rushen and Kirk Bride, etc.

BARNWELL (E. L.). Church Furniture in Malew Church. In Arch. Camb. xii, 1866. Illus. 472-6. [2333, F 22]

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OLIVER (J. R., M.D.). Keeills and Treen Churches. In Arch. Camb. xii, 1866. Illus. 261-275. [2333, F22]

ANDERSON (Robert). Scheme for an extensive Reparation of the Ruins of Peel Castle and St. German's Cathedral, proposed to be carried out under the authority of Henry Brougham Loch, C.B., Lieut.-Governor; to which is added a Preliminary Report, explanatory of the contemplated repairs, by Robert Anderson of Edinburgh. Douglas : B. & S. 1877. pp. 21. 211x130. [4360, F 22] Tlte frontispiece is a photograph of Peel Castle ; there is also a litho. (reduced) of E. Frissell's plan of 1859.

Kirk Arbory. Lithographed facsimile of the inscription on oak in the church. In First [and only] Report of the Arch. Commrs, 1878. [3707, F 7]

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). The Age of the Manx Bishopric. Herald Office. 1878. pp. 8. 185x120. [3567, F 22]

St. German, first Bishop of Man (c. 447-474). In Loca Patriciana, by Shearman. 1879. 168-171, etc. Not in Library.

St. Mac Cuil, or Maccaldus [Maughold], Bishop of Man (died 554). In Loca Patriciana, by Shearman, 1879. 204-6.
Other saints associated with Man dealt with besides St Patrick, are St. Sanctan, St. Cairpre, St. Ninian. St. Finran, St. Ciaran, St. Brendan, St. German. St. Brigit, St. Lonan, St. Molua, St. Ronan. Not in Library.

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). The Extinct Priory or Nunnery of Douglas : the alleged ruins and relics, founder and first occupants. In Mx Sun, 3rd Sept., 1881. [4142, F 22]

GELL (Sir James, Attorney-General). Evidence before the Ecclesiastical Courts Commission, 1881-3. i, 317. filis is stated by F. H. L. Errington, C.13., D.C.L., to be a good snntmaL7o of tite situation of the Church in Man. i\ot in Library.

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). Exposure of the Fictitious History of Peel and the adjacent Islet; especially of Peel's 'Pride' and ' former proud distinction.' Peter Curphey. 1882. pp. 14. 210x130. [3735, F 22]

Remarkable Days as expressed in the Manks Language. In Jeff. Almk., 1883.

The Spoliation of Peel Cathedral. Copy of letter from Bishop Wilson, 1773. In Mx Note Book, i, p. 150. 1885.

ATKINSON (Rev. J. C., editor). The Coucher Book of Furness Abbey, printed from the original preserved in the Record Office, London. Chetham Soc. 1886-7. [5530, F 22]
Contains the bull of Pope Eugenius III, dated 1152, taking the Convent under his personal protection, and quoting several Manx place-names, e.g., Carnaclet, Sancti Leoc, villam Thore filii Asser, Narwe Stainredale Fagerwl. Also a Confirmation by Pope Celestine III relating to the election of the Bishops of Man and the Isles ; etc.

TAUBMAN (Leigh Goldie.) St. Bridget's Chapel in the Nunnery. In Mx Note Book iii, pp. 92-3. 1887.

The Story of St. Patrick and Macc-Cuill (St. Maughold). In Tripartite Life of Patrick, by Stokes. 1887. i, pp. 221-3. Not in Library.

HOBSON (Rev. William T., D1.A.). St. Patrick the Apostle of Ireland, and his supposed connection with Rome and the Isle of Man. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1889] pp. 56. 163x105. 3d. [4208, F 22]

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MOORE (A. W.). Copy of a Bull of Pope Gregory ix to the Bishop of Sodor (Simon). In Etg. Hist. Rev. No. 17. Jan. 1890.

__The Origin of the Name of the Diocese of Sodor and Man. In ill x Church Mag. Jan. 1891. [4408, L 6]

__Sodor and Man. In Mx Church Mag. Church Discipline in Man before and after Bishop Wilson. 1891 and 1892.

__Sodor and Man. London : S.P.C.K. 1893. pp. 276. 165x104. [2342, F 22]
This history of the Manx Church is the standard one there is an excellent coloured map, showing the Abbey Lands, the Bishops Barony, etc.

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). On Accounts of Early Christianity in Man, and their critics. In Mx .Sun, 29th April, 1893, et seq. [4455]

__Roll of Accounts in English. Public Records re Dissolution of Rushen. In Mx Sun, Nov. 1894.

WARD (Miss C.). How the Diocese of Sodor and Man Was Saved. In Ramsey Ch. Mag., May 1896. [1-6]

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STOKES (Whitley). Cuimmin's Poem on the Saints of Ireland. In Zeitschrift fiir Celtische Philologie, i Band. pp. 59-73. Halle a. S. Max Niemeyer. 1897. [2552]
Contains references to Saints to whom Churches are dedicated in Mann.

HARRISON (Rev. Stephen N.). Rallure Chapel; and a Letter of Bishop Levinz. In Ramsey Ch. 11-lag., July, Aug.. Sept. 1897. Also Oct. 1899. [L 6]

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__The Priory of Whithern (Candida Casa) and its Lands and Churches in Mann. Douglas: W. Newby. N.D. [Oct. 1900] pp. 30. 237x147. [4444, F22]
The copy in G. W. Wood's coll. is endorsed, 'with the writer's kind regards.' There are also two A.L.S., one from the author to S. Holme, of the Bridgewater Trust, and one from Holme to the author, respecting the original documents on which the pamphlet is based.

The Minor Friars of Bemacan. In A. W. M. Hist. p. 203. 1900.

Bishop Phillips' Case: ' A Book containing the Answere of the Officers, Deemsters, Viccars-Generall, and 24 Keyes, to certain Articles objected by John, Lord Bishop of this Isle, against John Ireland, Esq., Lievetenante and Captain of the Isle of Man.' In Ramsey Ch. Mag., April, May, June, 1901. [L 6]

Tithe Rent Charge, 1841-1906. In Examiner Almk. 1908. p. 79.

QUINE (Rev. Canon John, M.A.). St. German's Church, Peel: historical account of the Church and Parish. S. K. B. & Co. for Peel Church Bazaar Committee. 1908. pp. 20. 160x100. 3d. Illus. [1662, F 22]

The Parish of Kirk German: Historical Account. In Mx Quar. No. 7, 1909.

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Church Matters. In A. W. M. Notes & Docs. 17-29, 77-97. [758]

The Struggle of Bishop Wilson and the Keys against Lord Derby and his Officers. In A. W. M. Notes & Docs. 83-97.

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A replica of the shrine is in the Manx Museum.

WILSON (John). Chorley Church: the story of the Old Parish Church of Chorley in Lancashire. Ballantyne Press. 1914. pp. 246. Illus. Isle of Man, pp. 41, 197. Not in Library.

The Register of the Priory of St. Bees. Surtees Soc, 1915. pp. 661. 218x130. [4923, F 22]
Containing, among many other references
i. Charter of Guthred K. of the Isles concerning Eschedale.
ii. Charter of Ragnald K. of the Isles concerning the half part of Ormeshar.
iii. Charter of Clave K. of the Isles concerning f license for buying 60 Oxen in Man, etc.
iv. Charter of the Abbot and Chapter of the Abbey of Ruschyn concerning Asmundertoft in Man.
v. Charter of Ranulf E. of Moray concerning half of the land of Hormeshor and Asmundertoft, etc.
vi. Confirmation of the Lord Antony, Patriarch, concerning Asmundertoft and other places.
vii. Insular Instruments pertaining to St. Bega.

PITT s (Rev. Herbert, of St. Matthew's). Our Lady of Rushen. In Mx Quar. No. 16, 1916.

__The Cross of St. Maughold. In Mx Quar. No. 17, 1916.

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HARRISON (Rev. Mark W., M.A.). Ballure Church a paper read to the N.H.A.S. In Proc. ii, pp. 453-459, 1924.
This valuable paper was issued in pamphlet form by ' Ramsey Courier' Office.

CUBBON (William). The Story of the Diocese: supplement to I.M.T., 20th Dec., 1924.

Chronica Regum Manniĉ et Insularum. The Chronicle of Man and the Isles : a facsimile of the Manuscript Codex Julius A. VII in the British Museum. Published at the Museum at Douglas. Oxford: University Press, 1924. pp. x1,48. 255x200.
A facsimile in photogravure, of which only fifty copies have been printed. Introd. and Bibliography by W. Cubbon.

LAWLOE (H. C., M.A.). The Monastery of Saint Mochaoi of Nendrum. Belfast: Nat. Hist. & Phil. Soc. 1925. pp. xxviii,187. 223x140. [5552]
Nendrum was associated with Man. John de Courcy, son-in-law of the King of Man, gives a grant to St. Bees of two-thirds of the island of Nendrum, etc.

BIGGER (Francis Joseph). The Lady Affreca and Gray Abbey. Illus. In Belfast News-Letter, 3rd Sept., 1926. [5589]
Has a figure of the effigy of the Lady Affreca, daughter of the King of Mann and the 1sles and wife of John de Courcy.

CUBBON (William Christian). Rushen Abbey, a brief sketch. B. & S. 1927. pp. 14. 185x120. [5183, F22]
Illustrations of the finds made in excavations of 1927. Arms of the Abbey on cover.

History of the Nunnery Mill. In I.M. Exr., 7th Jan. 1927. [5532]

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KERMODE (Rev. Canon R. D.). Some Saints connected with the Isle of Man: St. Ninian, St. Germanus, St. Patrick, St. Maughold, St. Bridget, St. Brendan. In Mx Church Mag. Jan.-Oct. 1927. [L 6]

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__The Lands of the Monks of Myrosco. In Proc. iii, pp. 147-151 (with map).

The Monastic Orders of Rushen Abbey (Savignian and Cistercian) by A. Glen Taylor, F.R.A.I. In Proc. iii, 250-7.

CRADOCK (Rev. H. C., M.A.). The Pre-Reformation Bishops of Sodor. In Proc. iii, pp. 321-346, 1931.
This is the most exhaustive list yet published. He begins with Roolwer, before the time of King Godred Crovan (1079), and buried at Maughold, down to Thomas Stanley in 1555.

Many of the following are not in the Library.

Monasticon Anglicanum, a History of the Abbeys and other Monastries, etc., by Sir W. Dugdale and R. Dodsworth. Plates by Hollar and King. 3 vols. London. Fo. 1655, 61-73.

LEIBNITZ (Gottfried Wilhelm von). Codex juris Gentium Diplomaticus. Contains Act of Surrender by Reginald to See of Rome, 10th Oct. 1219. / 1693. Hanoverw. Fo. Another edition: Guelferbyti. 1749. 2 vols. Not in Library.

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LEA (John Walter). Bishops of Man in the sixteenth century. In Antiquary, iv, 82, 1881.

See also Tripartite Life of St. Patrick.

See also Stubbs' Acta Archiep. Eboracen, p. 1217. Wimund ordained Bishop of Man by Archbishop Thomas of York, before 1114.

See also Richardson, Edition de Pracsulibus, p. 743. (Bishop Godwin on Anthony Beck).

See also Registrum Sacrum Anglicanum - concerning Wymund.

See also Browne (Willis). Mitred Abbies. Man. ii, p. 320. See also Surtees' History of Durham. Account of Anthony de Beck.

See also A. W. M. Idist. pp. 63-81, 163-180, 199-208, 341372, 461-523, 652-674, 842-867. Keble's Life of Bishop Wilson; Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley.

Section II. Eccles. Hist. Items in Manx Society's Works.

Manx Soc. vol. i, 1859.

The Title of the Diocese, by Rev. J. G. Cumming. pp. 175-6.

Manx Soc. vol. iv, 1860.

Jocelin of Furness, 1112. pp. 15-17.
Abbots of Furness. From the Chartulary, Duchy of Lancaster Office. p. 124.

Manx Soc. vol v.

Keeills. p. 197.

Manx Soc. vol. vii, 1861.

Charter of King Olave I, 1134. pp. 1-3.
Clave I to Archbishop of York, 1134. pp. 4-6.
Bull of Pope Eugenius III to Furness Abbey, 1153. pp. 8-12.
Charter of Godred, 1154. pp. 13-14.
Bull of Pope Urban III to Furness Abbey, 1186. pp. 15-16.
Charter of Reginald, 1188. pp. 17-18.
Charter of Nicholas, Bishop of the Isles, 1193. pp. 19-20.
Bull of Pope Celestine III to Furness Abbey, 1194. pp. 21-24.
Charter of Reginald, King, 1212. pp. 31-2.
Bishop Nicholas' Letter to Furness, 1193. pp. 38-9.
Letter of the King of the Islands to Chapter of York, 1193. pp. 49-51.
Letters to the Pope by Reginald, 1219. pp. 53-7.
Letters of Pope Honorius to Reginald, 1220, 1223. pp. 62-6.
Charter of Harold, 1245, 1246. pp. 77-81.
Two seals are attached to the latter charter. See front. v. (Oswald's Vestigia.)
Charter of Magnus to the Bishops of Mann and the Isles, 1257. Pp. 89-92.
Anthony Beek, Bishop of Durham, 1283. pp. 103-5.
Letter of Marc, Bishop of Sodor, 1299. pp. 133-4.
Charter of Aufrica de Connaught, 1305. pp. 137-8.
For Luke MacQuyn, Scholar, 1403. pp. 225-6.
Declaration of the Bishop, Abbot, and Clergy against the Claim of Sir Stephen Lestrop, 1408. pp. 247-250.
This document contains the earliest list of the ' Twentyfour.'

Manx Soc. vol. ix, 1862.

John de Stanley confirms Charter of Magnus to the Church of Seder, 1423. pp. 13-18.
Bull of Pope Calistus uniting the Church of Sodor to York, 1458. pp. 20-3.
Indenture between W. Park and John Darse, 1503. pp. 25-26.
This relates to an engagement on the part of Park to teach Darse to ' synge prykkyt song,' etc., in view of his services at Rushen Abbey.
Charter of the Bishopric of Man, 1505. pp. 27-31.
This important document, containing many early forms of place-names, is from ' Monasticum Anglicanum,' p. 718, vol. i.
Respecting the Gift of the Bishopric of Man, 1546. pp. 38-41.
Significavit for the Bishop [Man] of Man, 1546, and Concessions for Henry [Man] Bishop of Man. pp. 42-50.
Significavit for the Bishop of Man [Salusburye], 1570. pp. 53-7.
Royal Assent for the Bishop [Mericke] of Man, 1575, and Upon the Presentation of the Bishopric, 1576. pp. 58-66.
Grant to Thomas Preston of the Rectorie of St. Michael and St. Maughold, 1585. pp. 36, 67, 86, 145.
Grant to Robert Salusburye [regarding the Churches of Kirke Christ in the Ayre and Kirk Marron], 1587. pp. 70-3.
Letter of Bishop Meryck, 1590. pp. 74-5.
Lease of the Monastery of Rushen and Priory of Douglas to Sir Thomas Leigh Knightly and Thomas Spencer, 1606. pp. 87 and 133-4.
Oaths taken by the Bishop of Man, 1608. pp. 97-8.
Letter of Bishop Phillips to the Earl of Salisbury, 1610. pp. 126-7.
Bishop Foster, 1633. pp. 135-9.See also account of Bishop Foster's Visitation, 1634, in 'Journal of the Manx Museum,' 1931-2.
Royal Assent for Richard Parre, Bishop, 1635. pp. 142-4.
Order respecting Dilapidations at St. German's Cathedral, Bishopscourt and Kirk Braddan, 1684. pp. 153-4.
Repairs at St. German's Cathedral, the Earl of Derby's Orders respecting same, 1684-86-91. pp. 155-159. See also x, 124-6.
' Ye Schoolmaster att Ramsy & ye Preacher & Schoolmr att Duglasse,' Salaries of, 1688. p. 157.
The Academic Fund and Library at Castletown, &c. Letter of Governor Sacheverell, 1693. pp. 160-1.
Mandate for Installment of Bishop Wilson, 1697. pp. 162-8.
Barony of St. Trinions, Claim of John Quayle to, 1770. pp. 169171.
The Canons of Bishops Simon, Mark and Russell. pp. 176-210. See Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum and vol. ix, pp. 176-210, M. Soc. Series.
Rushen Abbey : Compotus of the Demesne Lands, 1539. pp. 224-6.

Manx Soc. vol. x, 1863.

Struggle between York and Drontheim regarding the See of Seder and Man. n. 57.
The title of 'Sir' for Ministers. p. 71.
Bangor, Sabal, and St. Trinian's. p. 112.
The Ecclesiastical Prison on Peel Castle. pp. 115-6 ; xi 40, 90, 113.
See also Keble's ' Bishop Wilson,' p. 310.

Manx Soc. vol. xi, 1864.

The Nunnery, Douglas, described by Waldron. pp. 44-6. See also Harrison's Notes, pp. 121-2.
Regarding Purging, or Penance in ancient times. pp. 97-103.
St. German's Cathedral Repairs. p. 103.

Manx Soc. vol. xii, 1866.

Dissolution of Rushen Abbey, the Priory of Douglas, and the Friary of Byinaken. pp. 53-64.

Manx Soc. vol. xv, 1868.

Rushen Abbey (illus.) by Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., pp. 36-55.
Compotus of the Demesne Property of Rushen Abbey, 1540-1. pp. 43-55.
It gives the list of holders of land, cottages, etc., in Kirk Malew, Ballasalla, Kirk German, Holmetowne, Sulbye, Skynscowe; as well as the Limits of Church Lands and The Abbey Turbary.
Ancient Churches of the Isle of Man prior to the Middle Ages (illus.), by J. R. Oliver, M.D. pp. 60-91.
It includes the account in Latin and English of St. Manghold from the Book of Armagh.
Church Furniture in Malew Church (illus.), by Rev. E. L. Barnwell, M.A. pp. 107-110.

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Confirmation of Churches and Lands by Thomas Earl of Derby, to Huan, Bishop of Seder, and his successors, 1505. pp. 70-1.
Limites sive Divisione terrarum Monachorum de Russin a terris Regis, 1541-2 ; and Compotus of the Demesne Lands, 1539. pp. 72-7.
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Ecclesiastical Constitutions of Bishop Wilson, 1703. pp. 193-9. They included the first statute referring to the education of all children.

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The Emerald Vernicle of the Vatican, with a portrait of our Saviour, by C. W. King, M.A. pp. 1-24 b ; also 1-15 c.
The author describes in detail the ancient portrait in oils of our Saviour which is now in St. Matthew's Church, Douglas. It is traditionally reported to have been taken from The Nunnery, and is mentioned in the Will of the Rev. Philip Moore, master of the Douglas Grammar School and Chaplain of St. Matthew's (1733-1765).

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Urban V to John Donegan ; confirming the former grant of the Archdeaconry of Down, 1368. pp. 385-6.
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Henry IV of England to Bishop John (Donegan), etc.; commissioning them to treat with Donald of the Isles, 1405. pp. 412-3.
Pius II to Thomas Stanley ; excommunicating those who molest the Isle of Man, 1459. pp. 414-21.

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Of ye Ecclesiastical Governml of ye Isle. [Blundell c. 1680.] pp. 108-170.
Of ye Abbeys, Priorys, and other Religious Houses (before ye Suppression) in the Isle of Man. [Blundell c. 1680.] pp. 160-5.
Of ye Clergy in ye Isle of Man and of ye Religion now practised there. [Blundell c. 1680.] pp. 166-9.

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The name ' Sodor.' pp. 7-9.
St. German's Cathedral, the decay of. pp. 9-23.
The Ecclesiastical Prison in Peel Islet. (Illus.) pp. 21-23.
The Arms of the Bishopric. p. 23.
Gell (Sir James, Attorney-General). Memorandum on the Isle of Man and Diocese of Sodor and Man. . Also, the opinion of the Attorney-General and Solicitor-General of England on the same. pp. 25-50.
List of the Bishops of Sodor and Man. pp. 53-69.

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Memorial of the Bishop and other Ecclesiastics as to membership of the Council. pp. 160-4.
Rev. John Woods, of Kirk Malew, fined £3 6s. 8d. for contempt in not reading Governor Horne's message in Church, 1721. pp. 215-6.
Copy of the Charge of Governor Horne against Bishop Wilson, and other documents relating to the Imprisonment of the Bishop and his two Vicar's General, 1721. pp. 217-223. Commission of Daniel Lace and Peter John Heywood as Stewards of the Abbey Lands, 1764. p. 248.
Gell (Sir James, Attorney-General). Memorandum respecting the Ecclesiastical Courts, and the Legislation in relation to the Church and the Book of Common Prayer, drawn up for the Commissioners appointed by the Royal Commission of 1881. pp. 293-318.
This memorandum is very valuable as showing the measure of autonomy in Manx Ecclesiastical affairs. There is also attached a copy of the Statute 33 Henry VIII, cap. 31, by which the Diocese of Sodor and Man was annexed to the Province of York.

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