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The suggestion was for the coinage of pence, half-pence and farthings in the proportion of fourteen pence to the English shilling. The coinage of 1839 followed.

A Poster issued by John Kelly, High-Bailiff of Castletown, on 'The Ancient Insular Copper Coinage,' and the assimilation of the Manks with the British currency. J. Quiggin. 25th Sept., 1840. 470x320. [6336, F 10]

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Title lacking. Shows many early Eastern figures of the Three Legs symbol.

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The find was made by a labourer at Bradda, and consisted of several hundreds of Anglo-Saxon coins, all of the reign of Ethelred (A.D. 979-1016). A rare pamphlet.

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This copy contains an autographed letter from Mr. T. R. Brown to Mr. Fargher, 27 Atholl-street, Douglas, in which he thanks Mr. and Mrs. Fargher for their hospitality while in the Isle of Man.

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A standard work on the coinage, tokens, and paper and card money.

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Came from Drontheim, Norway. Now in Castle Rushen.

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Refers to John Murrey's Penny, 1668.

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This is the standard work on the subject of the coinage

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The sword has the Three Legs symbol.

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This pamphlet relates to the find of coins and ornaments in Derby-road in 1894. The author is of opinion that the burial of the hoard must have occurred not much later than A.D. 975, and he comes to the conclusion that it may have been the property of one of the retinue of Magnus King of Man, who accompanied him to Chester in the year 973.

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See also Arms of the Stanley and Murray families. In Collins' ' The Peerage of England' and Burke's Peerage, also Moore's Hist.


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