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Works by P. M. C. Kermode, M.A.

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This copy contains a review from 'Arch. Camb.' 5th series, No. 17, and one from ' Zeitschrift fiir deutches Alterthum, xxii, the latter by Dr. Karl Lentzner, Univ. of Breslau.

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The edition was followed in 1907 by the author's great work on the crosses.

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Contains geol. map, etc.; plan of the sea round the South of the Island.

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With this is the print of an address on the subject of the Maughold Crosses, delivered at the dedication of the Cross-house in 1906.

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A second and enlarged edition was published by the Liverpool Univ. Press in 1914.

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The standard work on this subject : sumptuously illustrated from drawings of the crosses specially prepared by the author, founded upon rubbings, besides numerous figures in outline. Coloured map on the scale of 2 miles to one inch, showing the distribution of the monuments. The work is divided as follows : preface, etc.. xxii pp.; introduction, 11 pp.; art of the crosses, pp. 12-70 ; inscriptions, pp. 71-95 ; description of the monuments, pp. 96-218.

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Parish of Kirk German ; illustrating Keeill Woirrey, Keeill Pherick y Dromma, Ballahimmin, Earey-moar, Cronkbreck, St. Patrick's Chapel (Peel).

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Parishes of Kirk Michael, Ballaugh, Jurby, Kirk Andreas, Kirk Bride, and Kirk: Christ Lezayre : illustrating Cabbal Pherick, Ballacrenane-beg Keeill, West Nappin Keeill, Knoc y Dooney Keeill, Ballavarkish Keeill.

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The cross-slab is now in the Manx Museum.

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A second edition was published in 1920 [1582].

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A record of the analysis of 22 examples of ase-heads, swords, etc., in the Museum is added to the account. Keeill Vael, Balladoole. In Proc. ii.

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This cross has the figure of the Viking ship.

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The lists, which were made for exhibition in each parish churchyard, give a brief description of each slab.

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The cost of the publication was borne equally by the N.H.A.S. and Camb. Arch. Ass'n, the author being president of both societies in the year of its publication.

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