[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


For Works by Kermode (P.M.C.) see p. 431.

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A list of the 12 rare engravings is given below :
1. Abbey Bridge at Bala Sala, pub. by S. Hooper ; 4th June, 1783,
2. Cathedral Church, St. Germain's, Godfrey Se.; Ist March, 1775.
3. Cathedral Church of St. Germain (plan).
4. St. Patrick's Church and Armoury, Godfrey Sc.; 2nd April, 1775.
5. Peele Castle, by D.L., pub. by Hooper ; 10th April, 1775.
6. Rushin Abbey, Sparrow Sc., pub. by Hooper ; 29th September, 1775.
7. Rushin Castle, pl. 1, Godfrey Sc., pub. by Hooper ; 6th February, 1775.
8. Rushin Castle, pl. 2, by D.L., pub. by Hooper ; 20th May, 1775.
9. St. Trinion's Church, Sparrow Sc., pub. by Hooper ; 15th September, 1785.
10. Map.
11. Tinwald, pl. 1, eng. by J. Newton, pub. by Hooper ; Ist February, 1787.
12. Tinwald, pl. 2, eng. by J. Newton, pub. by Hooper ; 18th January, 1787.

__ Another copy: 285x195, 1189.[1189 G.F.C. Coll.]

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Wood engravings at end headed 'Relics of Antiquity.'

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There are 25 plates in aqua tint, including : i, Peel Castle; ii, Cathedral in Peel Castle ; and iii, Circular Tower in Peel Castle, with 7 pages of descriptive text.

KINNEBROOK (William). Etchings / of the / Runic Monuments / in the / Isle of Man, / with Remarks. / By William Kinnebrook. Dedicated to the Roy. Antiq. Soc. London: Longman & Co. Printed by Penrice & Wallace, 'Liberal' Office, Douglas. 1841. pp. 14 and 26 etched plates. [778 F 7]
Very rare, only 50 copies printed. According to a note on the fly-leaf of copy 778 (G. F. Clucas coll.), written by J. R. Wallace (of the firm of Penrice & Wallace), he (Wallace) printed the etchings, and Kinnebrook was the engraver. Kinnebrook, although not recorded in the Register of King William's College, was the art master there. Three other copies, 1724, 2325, 2326.

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Dedicated to Bishop Powys. The book was published when the author was headmaster of the Grammar School, Lichfield, but his researches were made while he was Vice-Principal of King William's College (1841-1855). The illustrations were taken from 'reduced rubbings,' and the author says that he employed an Italian to make casts in plaster of Paris, which took two years to accomplish.

__Another copy. [2542 G.W.W. Coll.]
Rev. D. Dixon's copy.

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Another copy contains 12 original photographs. The work is rare.

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Coloured illus. of the Hunterston brooch with runes.

__The Old-Northern Runic Monuments. Vol. II, 1867-68, pp. 503-1038, contains description of the Hunterston or Largs brooch with the runes on the brooch and on the Mailbrikti cross of Kirk Michael, pp. 589-599. Vol. III, 1884, pp. 508.

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Scheme for an extensive Reparation of the Ruins of Peel Castle and St. German's Cathedral, proposed to be carried out under the authority of His Excellency H. B. Loch, C.B., Lieut.-Governor; to which is added a Preliminary Report explanatory of the contemplated repairs, by Robert Anderson of Edinburgh. Illus. by a ground plan; front. photo. Peel Castle. Douglas: James Brown & Son. 1877. pp. 21. 215x136. [3792, F 7]

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Catalogue of the Industrial and Loan Exhibition, Castletown, 1883. Douglas: S.K.B. 1883. pp. 50. 152x120. 3d. [119]
Contains a list of antiquarian objects, many of which have since come into the Manx Museum.

Visit of the North Staffordshire Nationalists' Field Club and ArchŠological Society, 1884. Douglas: Brown & Son.pp. 38. 160x100. [3592, F 7]

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The Professor urges the authorities to (1) preserve the existing remains, (2) to record what are now disappearing, and (3) to record the old Manx place-names, and a publication scheme to deal with the records.

JEWITT (Llewellyn, F.S.A.). Passing Notes on some Antiquities seen during a brief visit to the Isle of Man.
50 copies printed for private circ. Illus with many woodcuts. 1884. pp. 40. 220x145. [4773, F 7]
Notes on some of the cross-slabs, stone circles, cashtal yn ard (Maughold), Rushen Abbey tiles, the Ballakaighen bog-oak canoe.

A few words on the Fylfot, and its occurrence on a sculptured stone at Conchan. Mx Note Book, 1885. Antiquarian Discoveries at Kirk Maughold : the Gold Coin of Louis de Debonnaire. In Mx Note Book, vol. i pp. 65-68. 1885. '

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__Do. reprinted as a pamphlet.

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A note on the Ogam inscriptions.

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Published as a separate pamphlet of 16 pp. [4750].

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Deals with the ' Avit Monoment' stone of Kirk Santan

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Contains an extended report of the four excursions.

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With illus. of 27 pieces of old Church plate, including the turby silver pre-Reformation chalice, and the Kirk Malew silver paten.

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Contains an account of 'St. Trinian's' by P. M. C. Kermode and Rev. J. Quine, M.A. ; 'Tynwald' by P. M. C. Kermode and Rev. J Quine, M.A.; 'Castle Rushen' by A. Rigby ; and 'St. German's' by Rev J. Quine, M.A.

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The Sword of State is in the Manx Museum.

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Contains early spellings of the word 'Manx.' [Mannish, etc.]

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4 illus. by E. C. Quayle, with a reproduction of Fane's plan, c. 1745.

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An illustrated description of antiquities of the Viking age now in the Stavanger Museum.

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4 Ilhus. from photos by J. R. Bruce.

BRUCE (J. Ronald, M.Sc.) and CUBBON (William), Cronk yn How: an Early Christian and Viking Site, at Lezayre. Reprinted from ArchŠologia Cambrensis, Dec. 1930. Illus. with 19 plans and figures. pp. 267-308. [6223, F 7]
There are eight appendices to the Report of Bruce and Cubbon, the most important being by P. M. C. Kermode on the ten cross-slabs found ; and by J. J. Kneen on the place-names Alkest and Cronk yn How. The outstanding 'find' is the ' Cronk yn How Stone,' a ' monument of the Bronze Age unique in Britain.'

__Do. In Proc. iii, pp. 282-297. Illus. 1931.

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The author re-reads the Runic inscription upon the Jurby Cross showing figure of Heimdall, Jurby. Kermode's 'Crosses' No. 99.

__Killaloekorset (English summary). In Norsk Tidsskrift for Sprogvidenskap. Band iv, pp. 378-400. Illus. 1930.
The author draws attention to the great number (about 30) of Runic inscriptions in Man, and that in Ireland there is only one. He describes the character of the sculptured Norse cross at Killaloe, Ireland, near the residence of Brian Boruma, a district which was colonised by the Vikings.

CUBBON (William). The Treens of the Isle of Man. Seventeen parish maps 2in. to the mile, coloured, showing the Treens with Celtic and Norse names, and the lands occupied by the monastery of Rushen, Bishops, St. Trinians, St. Bees Baronies, Particles, etc. L.G.M. 1930. 560x300. [D 134]

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