[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


(Arranged in order of date of publication)

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The palstave has been lost.

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Only 100 copies printed.

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Also in Mx Note Book iii.

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Sir J. Simpson visited Man with the Camb. Arch. Asso. in 1865. He describes the cup and other markings on the great stones of the Kirk Braddan Camp near the new Church. Pl. viii has a sketch of the Ballakelly Circle with its cup holes, and on pl. xxvi there is a figure of a large stone with many cup marks, the sketch being made by his niece, Mrs. Blyth of Glentraugh. This stone has been destroyed.

Archaeologia Cambrensis, the Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Assoc. Vol xii, 1866, contains a number of papers, illustrated, written by members of the Assoc. after their visit to the Isle of Man in 1865, all of which were included in vol. xv of the Manx Society in 1868. [2333, F6]

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Read at a meeting of the Liverpool Biol. Sec. 13th Oct., 1893.

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Quotes from original documents and shows how the remains got to the Edinburgh Museum through the Duke of Athol.

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This is a rare pamphlet. Deals with the Neolithic Cists at Port St. Mary, and the pre-Aryan remains at Glen Wyllin, etc.

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Description of a Bronze age engraved stone at Cronk yn Howe, Lezayre. Now in the Manx Museum.

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See also Ireland in Pre-Celtic Times, by Professor R. A. S. Macalister. 1921.

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