[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]



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See also In Mx Soc. xii, pp. 65-74; also 164-188, which gives in extenso the Act of Parliament confirming the Agreement between the Duke of Athol, the Earl of Derby and the Bishop and Clergy [1811].

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Special Forms of Prayer and Service. A Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty God to be used on Sunday, 17th Oct., 1847, being the day appointed for a General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the late Abundant Harvest. Reprinted for J. Mylrea, bookseller, by G. J. Cudd, printer, Thomas-street. 1847. pp. 8. 187x120. (4236, E 205]

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Refers to the See of Sodor and Mann.

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The form of service used at the consecration of the Chapel of K.W.C., Jan. 28th, 1879. B. & S. pp. 12. 169A20 [4932, E 205]

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This was the first occason on which prayers for the Governor and Legislature were authorized for use in the public services of the Church.

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Contains a sermon by the Rev. F. B. Walters, M.A., on Founders' Day of the School, 1891.

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Report of Tynwald Court Committee on whether or not the Church of England Assembly (Powers) Act, 1919, applies to the Isle of Man. In Debates 39. B. & S. 1922

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GELL (Sir James). Imperial and Insular Legislation affecting the Diocese of Sodor and Man. Douglas: Brown. 8vo. pp. 28.

See also under Bishop Wilson (E 50) and the Manx Language (H 140).

See also the Church Magazine.


References to Bishops Barrow, Bridgman, and Lake. In Hist. MS. Com. 14th Rep. pt. iv, 1894. [5898]

Items under Bishop Thomas Wilson will be found on pp. 335-351.

Seal of Bishop Henry Bridgman. In Mx Note Book, i, p. 28.

MOORE (A. W., M.fl., SJIX.). Church Discipline in Man before Bishop Wilson's Days. In Mx Church Mag., April, May, June, 1891.
The author's notes are valuable.

__The Discipline of the Manx Church after Bishop Wilson. 1755-1825. In Mx Church Mag., April, May, I June, 1892.
Contains a great amount of interesting information.

See also Mx Soc. vols. iv, vii, ix (Oliver's 'Monumenta'), xiv, xviii, xix, xxix ('Church Notes').
The last named, a very useful volume, contains a list of the Bishops as well as of beneficed Clergy to the date of publication, 1879.
Also, Thwaite's Hist., Jones' Old Church Plate, Rev. T. Talbot's pamphlets, and Eccles. Hist., section E22.

Mark Hildesley, 1755-1773.

[Usual signature, Mark Sodor and Man.]

BUTLER (Rev. Weeden). Memoirs of Marl: Hildesley, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, . . . under whose auspices the Holy Scriptures were translated into the Manks Language. [The Bishop's arms.] London Printed by J. Nichols, 1799. pp. xii,691. 208x125. [2798, G 88]
This is the standard Life of Bishop Hildesley. There is recorded an account of the various publications in the Manx language which the Bishop issued during his lifetime. He died at Bishopscourt, 7th Dec., 1772, and was buried close to the Wilson tomb at Kirk Michael. For further reference to Bishop Hildesley see under Biography G88.

There is in the Library a bundle of sermons, with an inscribed cover : ' Sermons of Bishop Hildesley given me by Miss Wilks, Aug. 1846: W. Gill.'
The bundle is presented to the Library by Archdeacon Kewley.

The Lives of the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D., and the Right Rev. Mark Hildesley, D.D., Bishops of Sodor and Man. S.P.C.K. pp. 64.

MOORE (A. W.). The Letters of Bishop Hildesley, 1755 to 1772. Ed. by A. W. Moore, M.A., S.H.K. Published by Cubbon & Lightfoot, Mx Sun, 1906. pp. 110. 330x210. [5766, G 100]

There were only 25 copies printed. For other particulars of the Bishop, see under History and Biography, the Mx Soc. works, the Manx Language H140, and Eccles. Hist. F 22.

Richard Richmond, 1773-80.

[Usual sig. R. Sodor and Man]

No publications of Manx interest from his pen. Before coming to the See he had published : ' Sermons and Discourses of several Subjects and Occasions by Richard Richmond, LL.D., Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Atholl, and Vicar of Walton, Lancashire.' 1764. pp. xxi,178. Plate of the Atholl Coat of Arms.

George Mason, 1780-84.

[G. Sodor and Mann.]

He lies buried at Kirk Michael. See A.W.M. Hist. of the Diocese, and Mx Soc. xxix.

Claudius Crigan, 1784-1813.

[C. Sodor and Man.]

He was nominated by the Dowager Duchess of Atholl during the minority of her son, who in 1813 followed in the See.

See AW.M. Hist. of the Diocese, and Mx Soc. xxix, and 'Our Centenarian Grandfather.'

George Murray, 1814-27.

[G. Sodor and Man.]

Consecrated in St. George's Church, Douglas. Translated to Rochester 1827.
See A.W.M. Hist. of the Diocese and Mx Soc. xxix.

William Ward, D.D., 1827-1838.

[W. Sodor and Mann.]

An appeal in behalf of the Poor Churches in the diocese of Sodor and Mann. (Views of old churches on the reverse.) N.D. [c. 1830] Liverpool. Broadside.

A Form of Prayer, to be used in all Churches and Chapels on Wednesday, the 21st day of March, 1832, being the day appointed . . for a General Fast and Humiliation . . . Douglas: Printed and sold by J. Quiggin, Quay. 1832. pp. 8. 182x118. [6289, E 200]
Very rare : possibly unique.

Memorial of the Lay Inhabitants of the Isle of Man to the Ecclesiastical Commission of England and Wales against the incorporation of the See with that of Carlisle. 1836. Broadside.

A Letter addressed to the Clergy of the Isle of Mann, in November, 1837, by the Right Rev. William Ward, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann. 1837. pp. 7. 258x195. [1692, E 203]

Diocese of Sodor and Mann: Petition of Inhabitants of the Isle of Man for the continuation of ; with letter forwarding same signed by Wm. Hillary, Bart. pp. 4. Folio 1837. Not in Library.

Speech of the Earl of Ripon in the House of Lords, Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 1837, on the proposed annexation of the Diocese with Carlisle. Colchester: Taylor. 1837. pp. 11. 178x108. [1587, F22]

WARD (Rev. W. H. Percival). Isle of Man and Diocese of Sodor and Man. Ancient and authentic records and documents. London. 1837. 8vo. pp. 185.

Memorial of the Bishop of Sodor and Mann to His Majesty's Commissioners appointed to consider the State of the Established Church. With reference to Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues, to which are added the Petitions of the Manx Clergy, the Members of the Manx Bar, and Inhabitants of the Isle of Mann for the Preservation of the See of Sodor and Mann. Colchester : John Taylor, junr. 1838. pp. 20. 176x111. [1693, F 22]

WARD (Miss C.). Sixty Years Ago : an eventful Episcopate. How the Diocese of Sodor and Man was Saved. London: Skiffington. 1896. pp. 8. 190x127. [6347, E 205]
Miiss Ward was the only surviving daughter of Bishop William Ward, whose efforts in 1837-38 preserved the integrity of the See.

WARD (Mliss Edith Caroline). An Island Bishop, 1762-1838. Memorials of William Ward, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Mann 1828-1838. Compiled by his granddaughter, Edith Caroline Wilson. London Soc. for Prom. Christian Knowledge, 1931. pp. 222. 9 illus. 182x120. [G 88]
The ilustrations include two portraits of the Bishop, Mrs. Ward, the Rev. Edward Wilson, M.A., the Rev. W. H. Percival Ward, and of Miss Caroline Ward ; of Bishopcourt in 1839, and King William's College at the same date. The churches built during the Bishop's episcopate are : Dalby, Michael, Ballaugh, Lezayre, Lonan, Baldwin, St. Barnabas, Mariners' Chapel, Douglas, and K.W.C.

James Bowstead, 1838-40.

[James Sodor and Man.]

He was the first nominee of the British Crown. Installed in St. Mary's, Castletown. Translated to Lichfield 1840.
See A.W.M. Hist. of the Diocese, and Mx Soc. xxix.

Henry Pepys, 1840-41.

[H. Sodor and Mann.] Installed at St. Mary's, Castletown, 8th May, 1840. Translated to Worcester 1841.

Thomas Vowler Short, 1841-47.

[Thomas V, Sodor and Mann.]

Installed at Castletown 25th July, 1841. Translated to St. Asaph, 1847.

The form of consecration of Churches and Chapels. Douglas : G. Jefferson. N.D. [c. 1841] pp. 8. 232x190. [D 200]

See A.W.M. Hist. of the Diocese, and Mx Soc. xxix.

Charge delivered by Bishop Vowler Short to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1842. Mx Sun Office. 1842. pp. 15. 199x129. [4162, E 205]
Contains reference to the Parochial schools.

Parochialia; consisting of papers printed for the use of the Parish of St. Georges, Bloomsbury, 1834-41, by Bishop Thomas Vowler Short. London: John W. Parker. 1842. pp. 212. 170x100. [2224]
' Parochialia' is a title borrowed from one of Bishop Wilson's works pub. in 1788. This Bishop Short acknowledges in his preface.

What is Christianity? By Bishop Thomas Vowler Short. London: J. Davy & Sons. 1843. pp. vii,150. 175x105. ' Not published.' [2220]

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1843. Robert Fargher. 1843. pp. 36. 220x140.[4900, E 205]

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1844. Douglas : William Dillon. 1844. pp. 39. 215x138. [4901, E 205]

Charge delivered to the Convocation. An Appendix on the Management of Sunday Schools. Douglas. 1844. 8vo. pp. 39.

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1845. Douglas : Peter Curphey. 1845. pp. 24. 229x142. [4165, E 205]

The Protestantism of the Church of England; or a New "Tract for the Times," in reply to the Charge of the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, to His Clergy; with an Appendix. By a Lover of All Good Men. Mylrea, J.

(Printed by P. Curphey, North Quay.) 1845. pp. 36. 204x122. [6424, E 205]

Family prayer : being an Address to the inhabitants of the I. Man. London: J. Davy & Sons. 1846. pp. 11. 180x109. [4506, D 200]

Letter from Thomas Vowler [Short], St. Asaph, to the Archdeacon of Man, granting, the sum of £1,000 to be used " for the charity of the widows and orphans of clergy who have . . . officiated in the Island . . . to be called ' Mrs. Short's Money.' " Ramsey : F. Leech. 1853. Broadside. [D 50, W. C. Coll.]
The circular was 'printed for private circulation' and addressed to Archdeacon Moore. This is a rare item ; it records the institution of ' Mrs. Short's Money.'

See A.W.M. Hist. of the Diocese.

Walter Augustus Shirley, 1847.

[W. A. Sodor and Man.]

He was installed at Castletown, 1st Feb., 1847. He died at Bishopscourt on 21st April, after an episcopate of three months. A work relating to him is : Letters and Memoir of the late Walter Augustus Shirley, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. Ed. by Thomas Hill, Archdeacon of Derby. London: J. Hatchard 1849. Portrait.

Robert John Eden (Lord Auckland), 1847-1854.

[R. J. Sodor and Mann.]

No publication of consequence issued by him.

A new edition of the following tract, said to have been first Printed by Bishop Ward, was issued, viz.:-Form of Prayer and ceremonies used at the consecration of Churches, Chapels and Churchyards in the Diocese of Sodor and Mann. New edn. R. H. Johnson. 1853. pp. 15.

Horatio Powys, 1854-1877.

[Horace or Horatio, Sodor and Man.]

An Act to confirm certain agreements entered into by the Right Hon. Lord Auckland, the late Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, with William Trainer for the surrender of his lease of certain houses, etc., and with George Todd for a lease of the said houses, lands, etc., of the said Bishoprick, and for the future leasing of the Bishop's Glebe Lands, Peter Curphey. 1855. pp. 7. 250x159. [113, E205]

Form of Prayer, 26th April, 1854, for General Humiliation and Prayer. Douglas: R. H. Johnson, 2 Gt. Nelson-street. 1854. pp. 12. 176x105. [6328, E 200]

Circular Letter of Bishop Powys to the Clergy, enclosing a Form of Prayer ordered to be used in the Diocese for a General Fast. 1855. p. l. 320x195. [4932, E 205]

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1856. Douglas: M. P. Backwell, 74 Atholl-street. 1856. pp. 25. 212x138. [1409, E 205]

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court; 1857. M. P. Backwell. 1857. pp. 31. 212x138. [4221, E 205]

A Letter in lieu of the annual Charge to his Clergy. M. P. Backwell. ]858. pp. 27. 212x135. [1569, E 205]

Special forms of prayer and service. Form of consecration for the Memorial Chapel at Bishop's Court, intended hereafter to be used as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese. Aug. 26th, 1858. M. P. Backwell. pp. 10. 211x138. [4932, E 205]

A Convocation at Bishop's Court, 28th May, and by adjournment at St. John's, 6th July, 1863, for restoring the ancient custom of the Manx Church in praying for the Legislature of the Island. Not in Library.

A Letter from the Bishop of Sodor and Mann to the Rev. the Vicar of Braddan, in reference to questions on Church matters which have recently arisen in the town of Douglas. M, P. Backwell. 1859. pp. 8. 212x135. [4878, E 205]
Deals with the two Chapels of Ease, St. Matthew's and St. George's, and the two Proprietory Chapels, St. Barnabas, St. Thomas, and their relation to Kirk Braddan.

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1859. M. P. Backwell. pp. 27. 211x138. [4215, E 205]
Contains a report of the state of the Parochial schools and the Sunday-schools.

Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop's Court, 1860. Liverpool: Adam Holden. pp. 30. 215x139. [4189, E 205]

Special forms of prayer and service to be used on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of the Chapel of St. Olave, in the parish of Lezayre, 8th July, 1861. Ramsey : J. Hampton. pp. 4. 218x135. [4932, E 205]

A Letter to His Excellency Francis Pigott, Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Man, and a Defence in reply of certain Charges made by the Bishop of Sodor and Man, by Rev. J. H. Gray, M.A., Incumbent of St. Barnabas. Robert H. Johnson. 1861. pp. 24. 210x140. [4879, E 705]

A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, in reply to a Protest of certain of the Clergy. By the Rev. James B. Kelly, M.A. Liverpool: Adam Holden. 1861. pp. 20. 162x102. [4169, E 205]

The Religious Life of the Island by Mrs. Phoebe Palmer. In Chr. Adv. and Journ., 21st Aug., 1862.

Alfred N. Laughton, appellant, and The Right Honourable and Right Rev. Horatio Powys, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann respondent. Record of proceedings in the Privy Council, on appeal from the Court of Common Law in the Isle of' Man. [No printer's name.] 1869. pp. 91. 445x285. [94, E 205]
The plaintiff sought by his action to recover damages from the defendant for a libel alleged to be contained in a charge delivered by the defendant to the clergy of the diocese at a Convocation held at Bishopscourt on 4th June, 1869.

The Manx Lawyers and the Bishop: A. N. Laughton v,, Bishop Powys. Mx ,Sun. 1872. pp. 22. 230x170. [4453, E 2053

News cutting. 'Mx Sun' report of this case before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, November, 1872.

Diocese of Sodor and Mann. Documents relating to the Proposed Amalgamation of that Diocese with Carlisle in 1836, and with Liverpool in 1874. London: Hatchards. 1875. pp. 126. 210x136. [3923 & 703]
Contains : Memorial to the Bishop of Sodor and Mann, Petitions of Manx Clergy, Manx Bar and of the Inhabi tants of the Isle of Man. Petition of the Clergy to the Tynwald Court, Public Meetings at Douglas, Meeting of the Legislative Body. Speeches of Mr. Dumbell, Archdeacon Moore, and Mr. Sherwood. Report of the Manx Committee. Bishop of Sodor and Mann's Address to his Clergy, A.D. 1875.

Certain Considerations in reference to the Union of part of Chester Diocese with the Diocese of Sodor and Man. N.D. [ c. 1875] pp. 3. 236x192. [6148, E 205]
This was the second attempt to annex Sodor and Man to an English Diocese. The first was in 1836, when by an Act of Parliament it was to be united with that of Carlisle. Both proposals met with strong opposition and were consequently negatived.

Governor's Statement in reference to the proposed amalgamation of the Diocese of Sodor and Man with part of the Diocese of Chester, laid before the Tynwald Court, Jan. 26, 1875. Douglas. pp. 3. Not in Library.

Rowley Hill, D.D., 1877-87.

[R. Sodor and Man.]

Enthroned at Castletown, 20th Aug. 1877A Primary Charge delivered to the Clergy at Bishop's Court, 1878, by Bishop Rowley Hill, D.D. B. & S. 1878. pp. 19. 210x140. [4166, E 2051

An Address delivered to the Clergy at Bishopscourt on the occasion of Convocation, 1879. B. & S. pp. 23. 140x218. [1572, E205]

An Address delivered to the Clergy at Bishopscourt on the occasion of Convocation, 1881. B. & S. pp. 19. 218x140. [4222, E 205]

An Address delivered to the Clergy at Bishopscourt on the occasion of their Annual Convocation, 1883. B. & S. pp. 16. 210x135. [1574, E205]

St. Paul's Church, Ramsey. The Right Rev. Rowley Hill, Lord Bishop v. Her Majesty the Queen, and others. Answer of Attorney-General on behalf of Her Majesty. B. & S. 1882. pp. 12. 336x210. [6424, E 205]

An Address delivered to the Clergy at Bishopscourt on the occasion of their Annual Convocation, 1884. B. & S. pp. 16. 215x138. [1575, E 205]

Bishop Hill Memorial Fund : An appeal for subscriptions to clear off the debt on the Peel New Church. - B. & S. N.D. [c. 1887] pp. 2. 330x210. [6148, E 205]

John Wareing Bardsley, M.A., 1887-1892.

[John W. Sodor and Man.]

Installed 20th Sept., 1887, at Castletown. Translated to Carlisle, 1892.

Circular Letter from the Bishop (Bardsley) re Convocation, 1888. Johnson, Prospect Hill. 1888. pp. 4. 210x168. [6424, E 205]

An Address delivered to the Clergy at Bishopscourt, Isle of Man, on the occasion of their Annual Convocation, 1888, by Bishop Bardsley. B. & S. 1888. pp. 16. 210x134. [4585, E 205]

Bishop's Charge at Convocation. In Mx Church Mag., July 1891.

Norman Dumenil John Straton, 1892-1907.

[N. Soder and Man.]

Installed at Castletown, 28th May, 1892. It is stated that there were in the See during Bishop Straton's episcopate 31 benefices, 14 curates, and 17.210 church sittings. He was translated to Newcastle in June, 1907.

Installation of Bishop Straton. In Mx Church Mag., July 1892.

Church Life in Manxland; by Bishop Straton. (Illus.) In Quiver, July 1896, [3031, L 6]

The Acts of Uniformity and the unique position of the Diocese of Sodor and Man . . an Address to the Manx Diocesan Conference, 3rd Nov., 1898. By Bishop Straton, D.D. Mx Sun. 1898. pp. 19. 160x100. [6332, E 205]

STRATON (Bishop). Lawlessness in the Church of England: a speech delivered in the Upper House of York Convocation, 8th June, 1898. Abergavenny : Sargeant Bros. 1898. pp. 8. 220x140. [6330, E 200]

Thomas Wortley Drury, D.D., 1907-1911.

[T. W. Sodor and Man.]

A Manxman, son of Parson William Drury of Kirk Braddan. Translated to Ripon, 9th Nov., 1911.

A Prayer to be used until a new Bishop enters upon the administration of the Diocese. 9th July, 1907. Broad side. 210x168. [6331, E 205]

Order of ceremony for the installation and enthronement of the Right Reverend Thomas Wortley Drury, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. B. & S. 1908. pp. 4. 282x225. [ 1696, E 205]

The Revision of Rubrics. A Paper read at the Church Congress, Manchester, October 1908. By the Right Rev. T. W. Drury, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Man. 1908. pp. 6. 216x138. [6424, E 205]

James Denton Thompson, D.D., 1912-1924.

[J. D. Sodor and Man ; later, J. Sodor and Man.]

The Bishop was enthroned at St. George's, Douglas, on 18th April, 1912. He died on 31st Oct., 1924.

Order of Service of the Enthronement and Installation of James Denton Thompson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. 18th April, 1912. B. & S. pp. 12. 215x135. [6333, E 205]

Second annual Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese delivered on Whit Thursdav, 19]3, in the Cathedral Chapel, Bishopscourt. B. & S. 1913. pp. 20. 211x139. [4223, E 205]

St. Matthew's. Eucharistic Vestments, Unauthorised Ornaments, and Non-Anglican Teaching. Being a Statement to the Convocation of Clergy in St. Georges, Douglas, April 26th, 1917, by the Lord Bishop [ Denton-Thompson ]. $, & S. 1917. pp. 16. 215x139. [6424, x:205]

Charge (being the seventh) delivered to the Clergy at the Whitsuntide Convocation, 1918. B. & S. pp. 16. 211x140. [4224, E 205]

Diocesan Conference, 1920. Presidential Address With a welcome to the Lieut.-Governor, and His Excellency's Reply. B. & S. 1920. pp. 13. 184x124. [6424, E 205]

Charge to the Clergy at the annual Convocation on Thursday in Whitsun Week, 1921. B. & S. pp. 22. 182x123. [4147, E 205]

Charge delivered to the Clergy at the Whitsuntide Convocation, 1922. B. & S. pp. 18. 215x138. [1988, E203]

Charles Leonard Thornton-Duesbery, D.D., 1925-1928.

[Charles Sodor and Man.]

A native of the Isle of Man. Enthroned at St. George's, Douglas, 12th March, 1925. In his early days had been a layworker in connection with St. George's. He died on 11th Mar., 1928.

Order of Service : Installation and Enthronement of the Right Rev. Father in God, Charles Leonard ThorntonDuesbery, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Plan, 12th Mar. 1925. B. & S. pp. 12. 213x140. [5976, E 205]

Order of Service at the Funeral of Charles Leonard Thornton-Duesbery, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man 1925-1928, seventy-second Bishop of the Diocese. St. George's Church, Douglas. B. & S. 4 pp.[5976, E 205]

William Stanton Jones, D.D., 1928.

[William Sodor and Man.]

Enthroned 3rd July, 1928. He was Archdeacon of Bradford. Order and Service of the Installation and Enthronement of the Right Rev. Father in God, William Stanton Jones, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, 3rd July, 1928.

JONES (Bishop Stanton). Diocesan Endowment Bill,. address upon, made at the Diocesan Conference, 13th Dec., 1928. Broadside. 265x210. [6212, E 205]

Convocation of the Clergy, 1931. In I.M. Times, June 1931. [6284, E 205] E 205


Copies of Convocation Agendas from 1889 to 1924.

Annual Convocations of the Clergy. In Mx Church Mag. from 1891.

Diocesan Conferences.

Dioc. Conference. Agenda, 1880.

Diocesan Conference. Report of Proceedings. Sessions 1880-1-2. B. & S. 1882. pp. 198. 212x145. [2296, E205]
Contains addresses by Bishop Rowley Hill and others. Agenda, containing First Report on Church Finance, dated 5th Jan., 1885.

__Agenda, 1886.

Report of meeting, Nov. 1893. Mx Sun Office. pp. 137. 161x103. 3d. [145, E205]
Contains Bishop Straton's Presidential Address ; Speech by Governor Walpole ; Address by Attorney-General, Sir Jas. Gell, on the Impropriate Fund.

Report of meeting, Oct. 1895. Mx Sun office. pp. 107. 161x103. 6d. [ 146, E 205]
Contains Presidential Address by Bishop Straton and a Paper by Major Stephen on 'Churchwardens and their responsibilities.'

Report of meeting, Nov. 1898. Mx Sun Office. pp. 116. 161x103. 6d. [147, E 205]
Contains Bishop Straton's Presidential Address.

Report of meeting, 1899. Mx Sun Office. pp. 96. 161x103. 6d. [1327, E 205]
Contains Bishop Straton's Presidential Address.

Report of meeting, Nov. 1901. Cubbon & Light foot. pp. 63. 161x103. 6d. [1,48, E 205]
Contains Bishop Straton's Presidential Address.

Agenda for meeting, 9th Nov. 1905. Cubbon & Lightfoot, Mx Sun. pp. 4. 204x130. [6212, E 205]

Constitution as revised at a meeting of Confer ence held 9th November, 1905. pp. 4. 208x130. [6212, E 205]
Amended 28th November, 1918.

Agenda for meeting held in Castletown, 15th Nov. 1906. Cubbon & Lightfoot, Mx Sun. pp. 4. 202x128. [6212, E 205]

Report of Clergy Pensions Committee, dated May 26, 1908. F'scap fol.

Report of meeting, Nov. 1909. B. & S. pp. 68. 161x103. 6d. [303, E 205]
Contains Bishop Drury's Presidential Address. In 1907 and 1908 no Conference took place.

Agenda for meeting, 18th/19th November, 1909. B. & S. pp. 4. 208x130. [6212, E 205]

Agenda for meeting, 7th/8th December, 1910. B. & S. pp. 4. 200x124. [6212, E 205]

Agenda for meeting, 5th Nov. 1912. pp. 4. 209x130. [6212, E 205]

Three Memoranda as to who are the members of Convocation. Mems. Nos. 1 and 2 undated; Mem. No. 3 dated 1st May, 1913. [6212, E 205]

Convocation 1918. Report of Church Property Committee.

__Agenda for meeting, 28th Nov. 1918. B. & S. 210x135. 3. 208x165. [6212, E 205]

RING (G. A.). The Election to the House of Laymen. Letter to the Members of the Diocesan Conf. 1919. pp. 4. [6424, E 205]

Agenda for Conference, Wednesday, 25th Feb., 1920. B. & S. 1920. pp. 4. 207x168. [6424, E 205]

Constitution of the Conference, 21st May, 1920, B. & S. pp. 4. 209x130. [6212, E 205]

Report of meeting, 1926. In I.M.T. [5379]

Standing Orders adopted at the first Diocesan Conference held on 2nd Dec., 1926. B. & S. pp. 6. 200x128. [6212, E 205]

__Agenda for meeting, 20th Sept. 1927. B. & S. p. 1. 208x130. [6212, E 205]

Report of meeting, 1927. In I.M.T. [5655]

Agenda for meeting on 13th Dec. 1928. B. & S. pp. 4. 265x208. [6212, E 205]

Report of meeting, 1928. In I.M.T., 22nd Dec. 1928. [ 5854]

Agenda for meeting, 31st Oct. 1929. B. & S. pp. 3. 335x215. [6212, E 205]

Agenda for meeting, 12th Dec. 1929. B. & S. pp. 3. 335x215.[6212, E 205]

Agenda for meeting, 5th Dec. 1930. B. & S. pp. 3. 340x218. [6212, E 205]

Agenda for meeting, 20th March, 1931. B. & S. pp. 4. 304x218. [6212, E 205]

Agendas for meetings, 2nd Dec. 1931, and 9th March, 1932. B. & S. pp. 4. 304x218.

Clergy Association.

In 1808 a 'Clergy Association' was formed to 'promote mutual improvement and edification, to cultivate brotherly love and to encourage each other in the vigorous performance of their pastoral duties,' etc. It continued from 1808 to 1831. The chief members roere the Revs. Hugh Stowell, John Nelson, Joseph Qualtrough, and Thomas Howard.


[All 6425, E205]

A Statement of the nature and objects of the Isle of Man Diocesan Association. J. Quiggin, North-quay. Aug. 22, 1839. pp. 16. 219x130.
The Revs. T. Howard and W. Carpenter were the secretaries. The 'statement' is of more than ordinary interest.

The First and succeeding Reports of the Isle of Man Diocesan Association. 1839-1866. pp. 8. 215x140.

For thirteen years, 1840-1853, the Rev. J. Cannell„ the Chaplain of St. Matthew's, was granted a sum of £30 ' for holding services in the Manx language.' One of the objects was declared to be ' to supply and maintain resident chaplains and curates in parishes requiring them, and to erect dwellings for them where necessary. Reports are lacking for 1841, 1850, 1852.

Queries adopted by the Association to be put to Chaplains and Curates in each parish. R. H. Johnson, Weekly Advtr. r 1858. pp. 4. 305x210.

Appeal by Bishop Powys for aaauional funds for the Dioc. Assoc. An account of the income and expenditure sine 1839 to 1861 is given. 1861. pp. 4. 305x210.

Report of the Dioc. Assoc. annual meeting, Aug. 1862. In Mx Sun. Aug. 1862.

Circular addressed to the supporters of the Dioc. Association calling a meeting to decide (1) whether the association will adopt new rules, or (2) whether it should be dissolved. Harriet Curphey. Aug. 31, 1866. pp. 4. 330x208.
It is evident that the meeting decided to dissolve the association. There is also printed on the same sheet extracts from the Bishop's (Powys) Charge for 1866.

Notice of adjourned meeting of Committee of the Association, held in St. James' Hall, Douglas, on 6th Nov., 1866. PP. 1. 330x208.
At this meeting the Diocesan Association was dissolved, and it was decided to transfer its contributions to the Additional Curates' Society.
In the last few years of the existence of the Diocesan Association, the income became much reduced. Several meetings of subscribers were held. A public meeting was held in the Town Hall I Cxstletow-n, ou 13th Februar 1865, and reported in the Mx Sun.' The Rev. W. Gill gave the history of the association, and explained the position. Eight 'missionary ministers,' he stated,. were receiving grants at Laxey, Sulby, Foxdale, Baldwin, Port St. Mary, Cronk-y-Voddy, Grenaby, and Christ Church. Maughold. On the 12th June, 1866, the association was dissolved and it was agreed to transfer the contributions to the Additional. Curates' Society. The Minute Book of the Association is in the Museum Library.

BARDSLEY (Bishop J. W.). The founding of the Isle of Man Diocesan Association. In Mx Church Mag., Oct. 1891.

Curates' Aid Society.

Additional Curates' Society: the Diocese of Sodoor and Mann, affiliated to the Society. Circular asking for support. Harriet Curphey. pp. 2. 260x206. [6425, E 205],
In 1867 the Curates' Aid Society tools over the, responsa bilities of the Diocesan Association.

The First Annual Report of the Affiliated Society for Promoting the Employment of Additional Curates, Diocese of Sodor and Mann. Castletown : M. J. Backwell. 1867, pp. 11. 210x135. [6425, E 205]'
£191 was spent in the half year ended 30th June, 1867 on account of Dhoon, Grenaby, Baldwin, Sulby, Foxdale Ramsey, Laxey, Port St. Mary, Cronk-y-Voddy, anal Dalby.

Report of the Committee of Subscribers; Diocese of Sodor and Mann, 1869, and 1870. M. J. Backwell. 1874. pp. 8. 210x135. [6425, E 205]


Church Commissioners, 1st report under 'The Church Ac4 1880,' dated 20th Jan.., 1882. B.. & S.. pp. 3. 330x210. [6148;. D 205 ; D 1521 Second Report of the Church Commissioners. B. & S 1883'. pp. 8. [6424, E 205]

Rules made by the Church Commissioners under the Eccles. Residences and Dilapidations Acts, dated 30th Nov., 1897. B. & S. 1897. pp.. 3:, 330x210. [,6125, D 152]

Report of Church Commissioners for year' to 31st Dec., 1909. July, 1910. pp. 2. 330x210. [6148, D 205 ; D 152]

Kirk Bride: Report of Committee of Tynwald on the petition of the Church Commissioners for the sale of a portion of the Clerk's Glebe Land to the Wardens of Kirk Bride, to provide additional Burial Ground, 29th Nov., 1921. B. & S. 1921. pp. 4. 255x190. [6172, D 205]

Kirk Christ Lezayre : Petition of Church Commissioners for approval of sale of part of Clerk's Glebe. 14th May, 1928. B. & S. 1928. pp. 2. 255x190. [6172, E 205]


Sodor and Man Diocesan Calendar, 1880. B. & S. Manx portion pp. 65-139. Map. 185x122. 1/6. [1328, E 205]
Contains historical material relating to the Diocese ; lists of clergy and officials, population, patron, income, etc., relating to each parish ; accounts of various funds, trusts, King William's College, Grammar Schools, statutes relating to the Church and Clergy, old Manx observances, i etc.

__ 1881. B. & S. Manx portion pp. 65-158. 180x120. J/_ [1328]
__ 1882. B. & S. pp. 73-177. 1/6. [2293]
__ 1885. 13. & S. pp. 65-190. 1/6. [1329]
__ 1886. B. & S. pp. 65-196. 1/6. [1330]
__ 1887. B. & S. pp. 37-162. 1/-. [1331] Contains an address at Convocation by Bishop Rowley Hill.
__ 1893. F, W. Spencer. pp. xv. 6d. [1981]
__ 1894. B. & S. pp. 41-100. 6d. [49441
__ 1895. B. & S. pp. 41-111. 6d. [1983]
__ 1896. B. & S. pp. 41-104. 6d. [2294]
__ 1897. B. & S. pp. 41-128. 6d. [1985]
__ 1898. B. & S. pp. 65-158. 6d. [49461
__ 1899. B. & S. pp. 65-166. 6d. [19861
__ 1900. B. & S. pp. 65-151. 6d. [134]1
__ 1901. B. & S. pp. 65-153. 6d. [1351
__1904. B. & S. pp. 65-135. 6d. [1987]
__ 1905. B. & S. pp. 65-144. 6d. [2295]
__ 1906. B. & S. pp.65-141. 6d. [136]
__ 1908. B. & S. pp. 65-145. 6d. [4840]
__ 1909. B. & S. pp. 65-145. 6d. [138]
__ 1910. B. & S. pp. 65-161. 6d. [139]
__ 1911. B. & S. pp. 65-164. 6d. [140]
__ 1912. B. & S. pp. 65-169. 6d. [141]
__ 1913. B. & S. pp. 65-170. 6d. [142]
__ 1914. B. & S. pp. 65-169. 6d. [143]
__ 1916. B. & S. Manx portion pp. 65-157. [1328] This was the last issue.


Incomes of the Clergy: Report of Committee appointed by Tynwald on 26th Jan., 1875, to consider the position of the Church in the Diocese in regard to the Incomes of the Clergy, etc., dated 2nd Feb., 1875. B. & S. pp. 4. 330x210. A minority report is added by W. Dalrymple[6148, E 205]

The Clerical Endowment Fand. Return of Moneys paid under Bishop's Temporalities Act, 1877-1882. B. & S. Sept. 1882. pp. 8. 338x210. [6424, E 205]

Episcopal and Clerical Endowment Fund, 1885. Douglas. June 1, 1885. p. 1. 337x211. [6424, E 205] Diocese of Sodor and Man. An Urgent Appeal to

Churchmen. 1894. pp. 4. 266x209. [6424, E 205] Manx Church Sustentation Fund. List of Donations for

Investment. May 12, 1894. p. 1. 340x210. [6424, E 205]

Manx Church Sustentation Fund Objects of. c. 1894. p. 1. 264x219. [6424, E 205]

Manx Church Sustentation Fund, formation of. In Mx Church Mag., April-May, 1894, et seq.

Report of Committee on Church Finance, appointed by Diocesan Conference 5th November, 1912, for submission

to Dio. Conf., 3rd Nov., 1914. B. & S. pp. 14. 248x182. [294] Manx Convocation. Report of Committee on Finance.

c. Feb. 1918. pp. 4. 220x143. [6424, E 205]

Sodor and Man Dioc. Conf., Feb. 25th, 1920. Report of

Dioc. Finance Board. B. & S. 1920. pp. 8. 205xl65. [1698, E 205] Sodor and Man Diocesan Conference. Report of the Diocesan Finance Board. B. & S. March, 1923. pp. 2. 210x168. [6424, E 205] [All 6212, E205] Dioc. Board of Finance : Bishop's appeal to the Diocese, 9th Dec., 1923. B. & S. pp. 3. 230x90.

Report for year 31st Dec., 1926. B. & S. pp. 8. 210x130.

Report for year 31st Dec.. 1927. B. & S. 1928. pp. 5. 270x212.

Statement of Accounts for year to 31st Dec., 1928. B. & S. 1929. pp. 2. 270x212.

Regulations for election of, at Conference on 31st Oct., 1929. p. 1. 335x140.

Statement of accounts for year to 31st December, 1929. B. & S. 1930. pp. 2. 270x212.

Reports of the Board of Finance, together with the Treasurer's statement of accounts for years ending 31st Dec., 1930 and 1931. B. & S. pp. 16. 258x202.

- Lord Bishop's appeal for Central Church Fund.u.n. [c. 1931] p. 1. 210x 130.

Touching on a proposed Measure to Repeal the Bishop's Temporalities Act, 1878. [Circular sent to members of the House of Keys on 1st March, 1932. It bears no printer's name and no author's signature, and is undated. It appears in I.M.T., 5th March, 1932.] pp. 4. 8vo.


Sketches of the following Churches will be found in the fourth, fifth and sixth editions of Johnson's Isle of Man Guide, 1848 to 1851:-St. Matthew's, St. George's, St. Barnabas, St. Thomas, Kirk Braddan, St. Mary's (Castletown), Lezayre, Kirk Lonan, Kirk Conchan, Kirk Patrick, Kirk Michael.

LEWIS (John). The Church Catechism explained by way of question and answer. 9th edn. London: H.H. 1718. pp. 81. 138x84. [3582, E 200]
This was translated into the Manx language, and printed by Shepherd of Ramsey in 1769.

CURRAN (J.). Truth No Calumny. G. Jefferson. 1833. pp. 60. 170x110. [4158, D 200]

Church, the, in the Isle of Man. By a member of the Manx Church. Frazer's Mag. xxi, pp. 557-572. London. 8vo.

Fishermen's Service in Peel Castle. Woodcut. In Ill. Lon. News, 2nd Aug., 1856. [3030, L 6]

OLVER (George W., B.A.). The Church of England and Wesleyan Methodism: A letter to the Bishop of Sodor and Mann. Douglas. 1856. 8vo. pp. 33. Not in Library.

KELLY (James B.). A letter to the Bishop of Sodor and Man in reply to a Protest of certain of the Clergy. Liverpool. 1861. 12mo. pp. 20. Not in Library.

GRAY (Rev. J. H.). A letter to Francis Pigott, Lieut.Governor, and a defence of Certain Charges made by the Bishop of Sodor and Man. Douglas. 1861. 8vo. pp. 24. Not in Library.

Burials at Kirk Braddan : Report of Committee of Tynwald upon Fees payable under the Burials Act, 1881, dated 2nd July, 1885. P. Curphey. p. 1. 330x210. [6148, E 200]

STOWELL (Canon). Why I am a Churchman. In Mx Church Hag., April 1891,

Extracts from Old Parish Books: Rushen Parish Church, German Vestry, Braddan, Maughold, Lonan, Conchan,

Lezayre, Andreas, Jurby, Patrick, Marown, and Ballaugh. In Mx Church Mag. 1892-93-94.

TALBOT (Rev. Theophilus). Recent Fudges about Tithes. In Mx Sun, 1894. [3732, E 200]

FARRANT (Reginald D.). Why am I a Churchman? B: & S. N.D. .[c. 1895] pp. 15. 185x125. [249, E 200]

The Services on Douglas Head, by Bishop Straton. Illus. In Ch. Monthly, June 1895. [3031, L 6]

MOORE (A. W.). An account of the Manx Clergy in 1840 - 1897. In Letters of Rev. Philip Moore, 1897-8. Diary and letters of Rev. James Wilks, Vicar-General. In Ramsey Ch. Mag. 1898-9.

Reports of the English Church Union, Douglas Branch. 1923-8 onwards. pp. 4. [5810, E 200]

The Duties of Churchwardens, Parish Clerks and Sumners. In Mx Ch. Mag., Oct. 1903.

The Bridle in Church Discipline. In Mx Soc. xi, pp. 115-6.

The Parish Clerk, his office and duties. In Train's Hist. ii. pp. 8-9; also letter in M. Hld. 16th April, 1834.

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