[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


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The agreement was with John Wulff and Edward Forbes, carrying on business under the title of 'The Isle of Man Bank.' There is a list of shareholders, with the number of shares held by each, in MS.

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The Bank had branches in Douglas, Castletown, Ramsey . and Peel.

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Attached is a list of the shareholders in the hank on 3rd January, 1866, signed by J. J. Karran, manager. Contains also a report of an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders.

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An account of the Court proceedings against A. W. Gray, cashier of the hank of Mona, Douglas, for robbery of 8,873 in gold, the property of the Bank. The first issue of the book consisted of 354 pp. The second issue has an Appendix, giving an account of the discovery of the stolen gold, and the ' confessions' of the prisoner.

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See also D. Graphic, 16th June, 1900. [3031, L6]

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Contains views of Douglas, the old and the new bank buildings, portraits of the directors and managers, auditors, etc., and fac-similes of the signatures of the original subscribers.

See also A.W.M. Hist. 587, 589, 728, 733; Clay's Currency, Mx Soc. xvii, 1869; Nelson's Coinage, 1889.

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