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(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Orders relating to Wandering Beggars; to be whipped back to their own parishes; 1641. In Mx Soc. vol. xxxi, p. 232.

Mercurius Academieus. Contains " Account of the murder of Lord Digbye's servant in the Isle of Man with the speechmade on the gallows by this Manks Murderer." 1645. Not in Library.

Vagrants, 1740. In Hist. MS. Com.; 14th Rep., pt. iv. 1894. pp. 270, 470.[5898, H 378]

Hugh Christian of Ballachree (suicide of and verdict of Ve Blebbin"), In New Lady's Mag. March, 1789. 163-4. Post folio. ' [L 6]

Thomas Whittam, Chief Constable of the Town and District of Douglas; evidence as to his duties, 1791. Its Mx Soc., vol. xxxi, pp. 260-1.

Castle Rushen as a Gaol: experience of James Nield in the Debtors Prison. In Gent. Mag., Ap., Aug., Nov., 1811. [3030, L 6]

A Faithful Account of The Execution and last Declaration of Robert Kewley, of Ballacrink, Kirk Braddan, who suffered at Castletown, on Friday, 5th of June, 1818, in the 52nd year of his age, for Sheep Stealing,. taken from the Isle of Man Weekly Gazette . . . with a few additional particulars. Isle of Man Weekly Gazette office. 1818. Broadside. 550x220. [4917]
Unique broadside. Kewley had been a soldier in the 2nd battalion of Manx Fencibles, and had done duty in Ireland during the Rebellion of '98. There were, it is stated, 6,000 persons assembled to witness the execution, which took place at the Claddagh, Castletown.

A Warning to All Young Lovers: being the Last Dying Speech and Confession of these two unhappy Lovers, John Camaish and Catherine Kinrade, who were executed on Friday, 18th April last, for the cruel and inhuman Murder of Mrs. Camaish . . . Glasgow: John Muir. 1816. Broadside. 300x200. [4232] Unique broadside.

Report on Castle Rushen as a Gaol. In Train's Hist. ii, pp. 379-381, 1845.

Rules and Regulations for the Gaol of Castle Rushen. Harriet Curphey. 1863. pp. 20. 245x145. [3641, D 66]

Regulations for Common Lodging Houses. H. Curphey. 1865. pp. 8. 240x155. [113, D 66]

An Act for the well-ordering of Common Lodging Houses. H. Curphey. 1865. pp. 12. 240x155. [113, D 66]

The Trial of Doctor John W. Hughes for the murder of Miss Tainzen Parsons, with a sketch of his life as related by himself. A record of love, bigamy, and murder unparalleled in the annals of crime. Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.: John W. Stether & Co. 1866. Not in Library.
It appears that the John W. Hughes was the son or the grandson of a John Hughes of Ballamona-moar, Ballaugh, a member of the House of Keys in 1815.

Tramps and Beggars in 1878. In Report of House of Keys Committee, 1879. [281, D 50]

Correspondence between the Governor [Walpole] and the Secretary of State on the subject of Prison accommodation. Issued April, 1886. B. & S. pp. 12. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

Further Correspondence on the subject of Prison accommodation, dated May, 1887. pp. 10. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

RIBTON - TURNER (C. J.) A History of Vagrants and Vagrancy and Beggars and Begging. London: Chap man &Hall. 1887. pp. 28. 230x170. [5336, D 66]
MS. copy of the references to the Isle of Man.

The Cooper Murder in Douglas. (Illus.) In D. Graphic, 17th Nov., 1892. [3031, L 6]

COWIN (James). Gambling at Bazaars : whether by Lottery, " Art Union" Raffling, Lucky Bags, or any other Game of Chance, Illegal and Immoral. A Criticism and Condemnation. C. & F. 1897. pp. 24. 210x135. [D66]

Rep. of Com. of Tynwald as to Site for Police Station at Castletown, 15th March, 1899. B. & S. pp. 3. 330x210. [6126, D 152]
The report gives some facts relative to the old Police Station within the Castle walls.

The Police. In A. W. M. Hist. 568-570. 1900. Alleged Outrages and Depredations at Dalby : Rep. of the Commission appointed by the Deputy-Governor [Sir James Gell] to inquire into certain alleged outrages and depredations at Dalby. B. & S. April, 1903. pp. 10. 330x205. [D 66]
A statement of the expenses incurred in the inquiry is attached ; it totals 165.

Douglas Prison : Report by H.M. Inspector of Prisons, dated 8th Aug., 1903. B. & S. pp. 7. 330x210. [6127, D 152]

Chief Constable's Instructions for Detached Constables. G. & L. Johnson. 1904. pp. 4. 170x105. [1523, D 66]

Isle of Man Gaol : Report of H.M. Inspector of Prisons, 1903. In Debates, vol. 21,

Isle of Man Constabulary : Constable's Reference and Note Book. 1905. pp. 40. 160x95. [D 66]

Chief Constable's Instructions to Special Constables Motor Car Race. 1905. B. & S. 260x130. [1523, D66]

History of the Manx Police. In Mx Quar. v, 1908. [L 6]

Extracts from a MS. Minute book of a voluntary Committee which organised a police service in Douglas in 1833.

Statistics of Crimes and Offences for 1912. June 20, 1913.B. & S. pp. 3. 330x210. [6131, D 152]
Also in Debates, vol. 30, pp. 518-9.

Probation of Offenders Act, 1913: Letter from Government Office, 8th July, 1913. 330x210. [6131, D 152]

Reports on Crime, etc., for 1913 to 1919. B. & S. Folio. 330x205. [D 66]
Also in Debates, vol. 31, pp. 569-570.
__ 1914. In Debates, vol. 32, p. 423.
__ 1915. In Debates, vol. 33, pp. 597-599.
__ 1916. In Debates, vol. 34, pp. 283-4.
__ 1917. In Debates, vol. 35, pp. 578-580.
__ 1920 to date. B. & S. 4to. pp. 8. 246x186. [D 66]

Report of Committee appointed by Tynwald to consider the pay, conditions, etc., of the Police. B. & S. 1921. pp. 16. 242x182. [6033, D 66]
Also in Debates, vol. 38, pp. 1013-27.

Report of the Departmental Committee on the Isle of Man Constabulary. L. G. Meyer. N.D. [c. 1922] pp. 7. 330x205 [312, D 66]
A Tynwald Court Committee was appointed in June, 1922, to consider this report, and it reported on Oct. 20, 1922.

Report of the Committee of Tynwald on Administration, Pay, etc., of the Police. L. G. Meyer. 20th Oct. 1922. pp. 12. 255x190. [D 66]
The undated Departmental Report [1922] is the subject of this report.

Report on Crimes and Offences, 1922. In Debates, vol. 40, pp. 7. '
__ 1923. In Debates, vol. 41, pp. 7.
__1924. In Debates, vol. 42, pp. 7.
__ 1925. In Debates, vol. 43, pp. 7.

Report of the Commission appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor on Betting, With minutes of evidence and appendices. B. & S. Feb. 1928. pp. 98. 242x185. [D 66]

Report on Crime for 1928. (To Tyn.) In Debates xlvi, pp. 7. [5949]

Report on Crime . . . for year to 31st Dec. 1929. In Legis. Deb. xlvii. pp. 7. [6194, D 152]

LAURENCE (John). The Murder of the Lonely Widow of Douglas. In " Seaside Crimes," pp. 197-208. 1931. [6274, D 66]

See also Class D 36: Temperance. [D 66]


Order of Bucks: Anniversary in Buck Room, 27th Aug., 1806. In advt. Manx Advertiser, 26th Aug., 1806. [L8]

Rules and Regulations of the Ellan Vannin Club, Douglas opened 7th January, 1893. B. & S. 1893. pp. 16. 160x100. [4488, D 126]

Freemasonry and Friendly Societies. In Brown's Directory 1882, 1894; pp. 256-9. [L 10]

Circular announcing the annual meeting of the Grand Provincial Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the Isle of Man. B. & S. 1889. pp. 4. 265x210.[170, D 86]

Masonic Ceremony: Lord Lathom laying the Foundation Stone of proposed Approach Tower to Douglas Head Suspension Bridge. (Illus.) In Daily Graphic, 27 Oct., 1890. [3031, L 6]

Reports of the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Isle of Man, 1902, and of the special meeting with respect to the death of Lord Henniker P.G.M.; also the Rules of the Heron and Taubman memorial funds. B. & S. 1902. pp. 54. 165x102. [5390, D 86]

BROWN (John A.). Bicentenary of the Grand Lodge of England, 1717-1917. B. & S. 1917. pp. 16. 220x130. [4666, D 86]

The New Masonic Temple in Douglas. In I.M. Ex. and I.M.T 2nd Jan., 1925. [4558, D 86]

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