[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


Form of Wine Licence issued at Castle Rushen, 1820, and signed by C. Smelt, Lieut.-Governor. 75x210.[5126, D 36]

Form of Ale-house Licence issued at Castle Rushen, 1820, and signed by C. Smelt, Lieut.-Governor. 110x210.[ 5126, D 36]

Form of Spirit Licence issued at Castle Rushen, 1820, and signed by C. Smelt, Lieut.-Governor. 82x205. [5126, D 36]

Form of "Recognizance" signed before a High-Bailiff by Ale-house Keepers on getting their licence. Broadside. 1833. 300x190. [5126, D 36]

Revised Rules of the Isle of Man Temperance Society. Douglas: Walls & Fargher, Herald Office. N.D. [c. 1836.] pp. 4. 195x122. [5614, H 301 W. Sayle's Coll ]
This leaflet is probably the only one known.

Cornwall Tee-total Journal of the County Association for 1839-40, with a striking likeness of Mr. [James] Teare and other engravings. Falmouth: J. O. Harris. 1839-40. pp. 104, 88. 250x190. [123, D 36]
Contains references to the work of James Teare, the Manx apostle of Temperance, in England.

STEVENSON (Rev. H. J.). Total Abstinence a Sermon . . . at the Mariners' Church, Douglas. Sm 8vo. pp. 23. Not in Library.

History of the Wine Question and defence of Ultra Teetotalism, by F. R. Lees. 1841. Printed in Douglas (Advocate's Office). 8vo. pp. 24.

A Letter to the Members of the Manx Legislature on the subject of the Petitions praying for the enactment of a Law to reduce the number of Public Houses and to close them on the Sabbath. Douglas: Penrice & Wallace. 1845. pp. 18. 215x135. [4885, 1916, D36]
A printed circular is attached to one copy of this Letter requesting subscriptions to pay the debt of the Douglas Temperance Committee which organised the movement and issued 500 copies of the Letter.

TEARE (James). Letters from James Teare, temperance reformer. In The National Temperance Advocate, 1848 (pp. 45, 59, 103, 119, 141). [D 36]

The History of the Origin and Success of the Advocacy of the Principles of Total Abstinence from all Intoxicating Liquors, by James Teare, one of the originators of the Total Abstinence System. [ Vide prospectus in The National Temperance Journal, May 1847.] London: G. Gilpin. 1849. 6d. [D 36] No copy of this in Museum Library.
James Teare was born at Cronk Shoggell, Kirk Andreas.

Memorial to the Lieut.-Governor (Hon. Charles Hope) of the Douglas Temperance Committee on the Bill before the Legislature, entitled " A Bill to provide for the better regulation of Taverns," dated 3rd Aug., 1849. and signed by Nicholas S. Moore, the chairman. M. A. Quiggin; broadside. 385x240. [1242, D 36]

Petition to the Legislature from the Clergymen of the Diocese of Sodor and Man, respecting the Closing of Public-houses on Sunday. Douglas: M. A. Quiggin. 1849. p. 1. 380x235. [1242, D 36]

A Temperance tract in rhyme. Universal Lamentation with Universal Starvation. "Alas where is the money gone? Cries every heart and every tongue.." (Ornamental border.) Douglas: M. A. Quiggin. Fo. broadside. N.D. Not in Library.

GARRETT (Thomas, Junr.). Letter to the Lieut.Governor, his Council and Keys, on the proposed Bill for Regulating Taverns, etc. (Reprinted from Mona's Herald of December 19.) Douglas: Robert Fargher. 1849. pp. 8. 160x100. [4217, D 36]

PAGE (Rev. G. A.). An Appeal to British Christians against the Drinking System of Great Britain. 1852. Douglas. Not in Library.
The author was a minister resident in Castletown.

The Petition (in Chancery) of Euphemia Connal, of the Parish of Rushen, Brewer, carrying on business under the style and firm of Connal & Co. . . an insolvent debtor ...Statement on oath of all the debts owing by her, and the names of the creditors. April 10, 1854. 570x455. [5126, D 36]

LEES (Dr. F. R., F.S.A. Edin.). Lectures in the Wellington Hall, Douglas, including the discussion on the Wine Question with Church, with the Rev J. Gray, incumbent of St Barnabas' Church, Douglas. HR Robert , Fagher 1862 pp. 40. 170x110. [3078, 1405, D 36]

An Act to provide for the better regulation of Taverns and Tavern Keepers, and for other purposes. H. Curphey, 1862. pp. 20. 245x155. [113, D36]

Report of the Douglas Temperance Society's Annual Meeting. Manx Sun. 1866. pp. 13. 230x170. [5068, D 36]

STOWELL (Flaxney, of Castletown). Four Dialogues Scenes from the Past, in a series of Facts from Life; personality avoided. Composed for the Band of Hope, Manchester: S. M. Strong. 1868. pp. 32. 180x120. 4d. [4842, D 36]

Indep. Order of Good Templar Lodges, 1873. In Jeffer son's Almk, 1873, 1874 et seq. [L9]

Petition to House of Keys against " a measure introduced into the House of Keys by William Callister, Esq., for the purpose of altering the Taverns Act, 1857, by which public houses are closed from 10 o'clock on Saturday until 6 on Monday morning." Douglas. [No printer's name.] N.D. [c. 1875.] p. l. Broadside. 220x140. [4885]

The New Licensing Bill. Report of a public meeting in Douglas. Re-printed from I.M. Times, 13th Nov., 1875. [3030, L 6]

STOWELL [Flaxney]. Temperance Tract. " Higher and Higher." "My Temperance friend thy journey pursue." Castletown : Backwell. 8vo leaflet, 36 lines. Not in Library.

McCAMMON [George A., H.M. C.S.]. The Manx Spirit Traders' Assistant, showing by a simple arrangement the water required to be added to reduce spirits from any strength, commencing at 42 overproof to the strength required for safety under the Manx Adulteration Act. Liverpool : Matthews Bros. 1876. pp. 24. 210x130. 1/6. [3471, D 36]

INGLIS (Rev. David, B.A.). What is our Duty? Temperance Sermon preached in Finch Hill Congregational Church, 9th Nov., 1879. S. K. B. 1879. pp. 12. 180x120[6324, D 36]

Published by the Manx Union for the promotion of temperance.

Local Option in the Isle of Man: Debate in the House of Keys, 9th and 10th February, 1882. Published by the Manx Union for the Promotion of Temperance. B. & S. 1882. pp. 72. 165x105. [4977, D 36]

COWIN [James]. Temperance in the Isle of Man: a Retrospect and Prospect. Paper read at a Conference of the Manx Temperance Union, Ist January, 1884. S. K. B. 1884. pp. 16. 180x120. [3960, D 36]

" John Brown the Printer, O!" A song based on " Rob Roy Macgregor, O!" Douglas. [No printer's name.] N.D. [c. 1885.] Broadside. 250x190. [1526, D 36]

A. N. Laughton's Bill to Consolidate and Amend the Licensing Acts. B. & S. 1889. pp. 29. 214x145. [4360, D 36]

The Manx Licensing Question: The Dhoon Glen Case. Decision of Staff of Government. B. & S. 1890. pp. 23. 210x138. [6323, D 36]

CRELLIN (Thomas) and HOLMES (A.). I.O.G.T. How to Increase our Members. Two Essays to which were awarded the Prizes offered by the West Cumberland District Lodge. Cockermouth : Brash Bros. 1890. pp. 8. 180x120. [311, D 36]

Licensing Laws: Minutes of Evidence taken by a Committee of Tynwald appointed 27th Oct., 1891, to consider what Amendments are required in the Laws regulating the Sale of Liquors. B. & S. 1892. pp. 18. 330x210. [6124, D 152]

GOLDSMITH (Thomas). Sketch of Temperance Reform in Man. In Temperance in all Nations, ed. by J. N. Stearns. New York. 1893. Vol. i,357-360. 8vo. Not in Library.

Licensing Laws: Report of Committee of Tynwald. Undated. Presented to Tynwald, 16th March, 1894. B. & S. 1894. pp. 7. 330x210. [6124, D 152]

The Liquor Traffic in the Isle of Man: Report of a Committee of the Manx Nonconformist Council framed by Rev. G, J. Ayre. Douglas: C. & F. 1894. pp. 16. 205x130. 2d.
Contains notes on legislation before and after 1876, and the Manx drink bill for 1893.

RIPPON (Rev. Thomas). The Morals of Douglas What is the Remedy? Two addresses delivered at Victoria Street Wesleyan Church, Douglas. C. & F. 1894. pp. 32. 210x135. 2d. [4836]
This booklet was withdrawn from circulation at the suggestion of certain residents of Douglas.

First, Second and Third Reports of the Douglas Temperance Confederation. S. K. ]3. 1894-97. p. 1. 270x210. [5068, D 36]

Programme of the Conference of temperance workers on the occasion of the visit of W. S. Caine, J.P., of London. S. K. 13. 1896. pp. 4. 210x135. [128, D 36]

COWIN (James). The Permit System : a criticism. S. K. B. 1897. pp. 14. 180x120. Id. [4834, D 36]

CUBBON (William). The Liquor Question in the Isle of Man. In The Prohibition Movement, ed. by Guy Hayler, 1897. pp. 124-8. Not in Library.

Return of number of convictions for drunkenness Return of number of Permits to Boarding Houses in Douglas for the sale of beer . . . and Return of the number of Licences in 1897. pp. 3. 330x210. [6125, D 152]

KERMODE (William James). A Sketch of the BoardingHouse or Permit System. In Mx Wes. Meth. Rec, vol. v, p. 2. 1897. [L6]

Return of the number of Convictions during year ended 12th May, 1897, for drunkenness, etc., and number of Permit-holders in Douglas. B. & . S. 1897. pp. 4. 330x210. [D 36]

Amalgamation of Breweries and Hotels: "The Big Scheme of John A. Brown." 1899. In The Manxman [Hartley], 8th April, 1899, et sequa. [L 6]
Charges regarding an abortive proposal to amalgamate a number of breweries and hotels.

Return to an Order of Tynwald of the number of Occasional Licences granted in Ramsev during certain months in 1900-1902, inclusive. B. & S. Nov. 1902. 330x210.[D 36]

Occasional Licences : Return of the Number of Occasional Licences, etc. B. & S. 1902. pp. 2. 330x210. [6127, D 152]

Copy of letter, with enclosure, from Privy Council office to the Lieut.-Governor relating to the Licensing Act, 1903. Laid before Tynwald. B. & S. 1903. pp. 7. 330x210. [D 36]
The "enclosure" suggested that the Royal Assent should be withheld from the Bill.

MOORE (Lieut.-Col. Geo., M.H.K.). The Practical Solution of the Licensing Question : some facts and arguments in support of the public control of the Liquor Traffic. 1908. pp. 22. 220x95. [1506, D 36]

Jubilee of Sunday Closing of Public-houses. In Mx Quar. iv, 1908. [L 6]

The Children Bill: Rep. of Committee of House of Keys on The Children Bill, 1909. Undated. B. & S. 1909. pp. 3. 330x210. [6130, D36]

The Liquor Traffic (Local Control) Bill: Rep. of Committee appointed by the House of Keys to consider and report on the granting of Compensation to persons deprived of their Licences, and as to what form such compensation should take; together with minutes of evidence. B. & S. Oct. 1918. 330x210. [D 36]

The Liquor Traffic (Local Control) Bill, as amended by the House of Keys, May, 1919. B. & S. pp. 12. 330x210. [D 36]

Report of the Licensing Commission appointed by the Lient.-Governor to consider what legislation should be introduced in regard to the days and hours during which licensed premises should be open, etc. Majority and Minority reports. S. K. B. March, 1922. pp. 4. 255x190. [315, D 36]

Report of the Committee of the House of Keys on the " Sweets" Licence, with evidence, etc. B. & S. Jan. 1926. pp. 29. 243x180. [D 36] Also in Debates xliii.

Report of the Committee appointed by the Legislative. Council to consider the Local Government (licensing of singing rooms) Bill, 1925. C. & F. Feb. 1926. 255x180[D 36]

Report of the Committee appointed by the House of Keys with respect to the Local Government (licensing of singing rooms) Bill, 1926. Dec. 1926. pp. 4. 255x180. [D 36]

Report of the Committee appointed by the Legislative Council to consider the Registration of Clubs Bill, 1928, with minutes of evidence. B. & S. April, 1928. Pp. 16. 245x185. [D 36]

Manx Temp. Federation: Report_ and accounts for 1928. S. K. B. pp. 4. 265x210. [D 36]

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