[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]

Social Science.

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See Haining's Guide, 1822 (first edition), p. 172.

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Table 18 gives number of Manx speakers.

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The first, second and third Reports are lacking in the Library. Samuel Harris was the Registrar-General in 1881, and Claude Cannell followed in 1884. Vaccinations are included. In 1884, A. W. Moore commenced the publication of his Weather Summary.

__11th to 20th. [6342, D 34]
Claude Cannell, who had been Registrar since 1884, died in 1895 and Herbert Story succeeded. The Meteorological summaries are continued.

__21st to 30th. [6343, D 34]
The Meteorological summaries are continued.

__31st to 40th. S. K. 11. pp. 72. [6344, D 34]
The list of churches and chapels licensed for the solemnization of marriages are given in the Reports for 1911 and succeeding years. B. L. Sargeaunt succeeded Herbert Story as Registrar-General in 1909.

__41st to 53rd. Victoria Press. pp. 67. [6345, D 34]

The Registrar-General's Reports are also to be found in the Debates of the Legislature,

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