[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

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Gives details of number of fishing boats and men engaged in the fishery in 1808.

CALLISTER (Thomas). An Accurate, interesting, and peculiarly entertaining Description of that lucrative Branch of Business The Herring Fishery of the Isle of Man of the superior quality of the Red Herrings manufactured as well as that of the Pickled Herrings A particular and very pleasing Account of the Flourishing Town of Douglas . . . likewise a List of the several Packets and constant Traders . . . to all which is added a very curious descriptive, entertaining and picturesque View of the much-admired Seats and Estates of the Nobility and Gentry in the vicinity of the Town. Douglas. [No printer's name.] Probably Briscoe. 1815. pp. 32. 240x130. 1/6. [2062, B 306]
A very scarce pamphlet. Useful for historical information concerning the Herring Fishery ; descriptions of the old town of Douglas, and the more notable houses in Conchan and Braddan.

STOWELL (Rev. J. L., Vicar of German). An Address to the fishermen of Peel on the reasons for gratitude and thanksgiving to Almighty God for their safe return from a prosperous fishery. Douglas : P. Curphey. 1841. pp. 12. 180x110. [4216, B 306]

The Herring Fishery. In Illustrated London News. Sept. 1847. [3030, L 6]
Woodcut of boats shooting their nets (by E. Duncan).

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Only few references to Man.

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Prize Essay of the Inter. Fisheries Exhib., 1883.

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Prize Essay of the Inter. Fisheries Exhib., 1883.

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Prize Essay of the Inter. Fisheries Exhib., 1883.

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The vol. has many references to the sea around Man.

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Fisheries Act, 1927, and Fishery Act Amendment Act, 1927. [D 200]
Part i, Fisheries Board ; ii, Fresh-water Fisheries iii, Sea Fisheries ; iv, Proceedings.

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See also Townley's Journal, 1791; Robertson's Tour, 1794; Bullock's List. 1816; Mx Soc. xi, 52, 129-32; Train's Hist. ii, 287-332; and the early Guide Books.

Official Reports.

Act of Tynwald, June 23. 1610, for regulating the Herring Fishing: Liber Scccari, 1610. In Appendix to Mill's Statutes, 1821. pp. 501-504. [6216, D 200]

Correspondence relating to a Memorial to the Admiralty from the Herring Curers, Merchants, and Traders of the Isle of Man praying to be exempt- from the Impress Service. Douglas : G. Jefferson, Printer. 1807. p. 1.310x185. [1904, B 306]
Attached is a MS. dated 15th Sept., 1807, expressing the thank:; of the boatmasters of Kirk Arbory, signed by Richd. Corrin, Admiral of the Fleet, John Taubman, William Qualtrough, Henry Corrin, Wm. Costain, Rich. Harrison, Wm. Cubbon, Charles Clague.

Report of the Committee of Legislature relating to the Herring Fishery on the Coasts of . Man, dated 1827. Douglas. Fo. pp. 4. [B 306] Not in Library.

The Report of the Commissioners connected with the Isle Of Man Herring Fishery. Dated 1827. Douglas. Fo. pp. 1. [B 306]Not in Library.

Report of a Committee of the Tynwald Court appointed in 1847 to inquire into a Bill for the Preservation of Spawn and Fry of Fish, 1849. With Minutes of Evidence. Douglas. 8vo. pp. 12. . [B 306]

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Report of the Sea Fisheries Committee, 1903, pp. 2. [B306]

Report (first) of the Fish Hatchery Committee, 1902. In Debates xix. [ B306]

Second Annual Report of the Fish Hatchery Committee. B. & S. 6th July, 1903. pp. 6. 330x200. [B 306]
Contains a report by the Hon. Director, Prof. Herdetan.

Third Arm. Rep. of the Fish Hatchery Committee, July 5, 1904. B. & S. pp. 14. 330x200. [B 306]

Report of a Committee of Tynwald appointed to report on Manx Road and Fisheries' Development, with minutes of evidence. B. & S. Dec. 20. 1912. pp. 17. 330x200. [B 306]
The Report recommends the use of steam drifters and motor boats.

SCOTT (A.). On Pelagic Fish Eggs collected off southwest of I. Man. In Report for 1912 of the Lane. Sea Fisheries Lab. at Univ. L'pool. pp. 233-253. Liverpool Tinling. [5054, B306]

HERDMAN (W. A.), SCOTT (A.), and LEWIS (H. M.). Intensive Study of Manx Plankton. In the Report for 1913 of the Lanc. Sea Fisheries Lab. Tinling. 1914. pp. 279-296 &c. [5054, B306]
This subject runs through several Reports from 1911 to 1922.

RIDDELL (W., M.A.). Herring Investigations (with description of a new fish-measuring board). In Report for 1913 on the Lanc. Sea Fisheries Lab. Tinling. 1914. pp. 235 249. [5054, B 3061

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Trawling: Rep. of the Fishery Board on permitting Trawling within Territorial waters by means of Motor Boats, with minutes of evidence. Undated. [Jan. 1918.] B. & S.1918. pp. 21. 330x210. [6132, D 152]

JONSTONE (James, D.Sc.). The Dietetic value of the Herring (with special reference to the Manx summer fishery). In Report for 1917 on the Lanc. Sea Fisheries Lab. Tinling. 1918. pp. 13-59. [5054, B 306]
A very useful essay on methods ; analytical results ; composition of the flesh of fresh herrings, cured herrings and sprats ; food value of Mans herrings ; effects of cooking and curing methods ; composition of cured herrings ; the herring as a national food asset ; the analytical data of the composition of fish flesh ; some physiological questions.

SCOTT (A). Food of Port Erin Mackerel in 1919. In Report for 1919 of the Lanc. Sea Fisheries Lab. Tinling. [5054, B 306]

BIRTWISTLE (W.) and LEWIS (H. Mabel). Biometric Investigations on the Herring. In Report for 1921 on the Lanc. Sea Fisheries Lab. Tinling. [5054, B 306]

JOHNSTON (James), BIRTWISTLE (W.), and SMITH (W. C.). The Plaice Fisheries of the Irish Sea. In Report for 1921 on the Lanc. Sea Fisheries Lab. at the Univ. of L'pool. Tinling. 1922. 37-179. Illus. [5054, B 306]
i, The pre-War period ; ii, the life history of the plaice ; iii, the pre-War and post-War plaice fisheries ; iv, Practical administrative questions.

SMITH (W. C.). The Manx Herring Fishery of 1924. Report of the Curator of the Marine Biol. Station, Port Erin. In Interim Rep. of Fisheries Bel.; also in Debates xlii; 1925, and succeeding years. B. & S. 1925.

__The Manx Herring Fishery of 1925: Report by W. C. Smith. In Interim Report of the Fisheries Board. B. & S. 1926. pp. 30. [5317]

__The Manx Herring Fishery of 1926: Report by W. C. Smith. In Interim Rep. of the Fisheries Board. B. & S. 1927. pp. 15. 250x190. [B 306]

__The Manx Herring Fishery of 1927: Report by C. Smith. B. & S. 1928. pp. 12. 250xl90. [B 306]

__The Manx Herring Fishery of 1928: Report by W. C. Smith. B. & S. 1929. pp. 12. 250x190. [B 306]

Manx Herring Fishery Report for 1929. B. & S. 1930. pp. 12. 242x182.

Manx Herring Fishery Report for 1930 made by W. C. Smith, Curator of the Marine Biological Station, B. & S. 1931. pp. 10. 245x185. [6231, B 306]

Fisheries Board: Twenty-sixth Ann. Rep., dated July 1, 1930. B. & S. 1930. pp. 7. 247x186. [6194, B 306]
Also in Legis. Deb. xlvii.

See also (i) Manx Statutes; (ii) Acts of Parliament relating to Man; (iii) the Parliamentary Papers; and (iv) the Athol Case.

Freshwater Fisheries.

TOD (Suetomus M.). Trout Fishing in the Isle of Man where to go and what baits to use. with a few practical hints on trout fishing in general; illus. with photographs by Lewis, of Douglas. 1st edn. Douglas: M. Glover. N.D. [1864.] pp. v,62. 160x95. [476, 2058, B306]
Has been reprinted at various dates, but without the photographs.

Trout Fishing in the Isle of Man. Revised to date by S. J. Harris, president of the I.M. Angling Association. 2nd edn. B. & S. N.D. [ c. 1880. ] pp. 24. 180x115. [3664, B 306]

The Destruction of Wild Birds and Fresh Water Fish Report of Committee of Tynwald, dated 8th Oct. 1880. B. & S. 1880. pp. 14. 240x150. [6122, D 152] The Fish of the Isle of Man, by J. C. Crellin. In Jefferson's Almk, 1883.

Report of the Inspector under the Fresh-Water Fishery Act, 1882, dated 7th June, 1888. pp. 4. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

Report to the Fishery Board for the Isle of Man by Mr. J. J. Armistead, piscicultural engineer. B. & S. 1893. pp. 9. 325x200. [B 306]

Rep. of the Board of Conservators for the year ending Dec. 31, 1895; inspector's report and accounts for 1895; and for each year up to 1904. Douglas: B. & S. pp. 4-8. 330x200. [B 306]
The Reports also appear in The Debates from vol. xix.

Rep. of Board of Conservators for year 1895, dated May 30, 1896. pp. 4. 330x210. [6125, D 152]

Board of Conservators' Report for year Dec. 31, 1896. Dated 1897. B. & S. pp. 8. 330x210. [6125, D 152]

Board of Conservators' Rep. for year Dec. 31, 1896, dated July 5, 1897. pp. 6. 330x210. [6125, D 152]

CADMAN (Henry), late president of the Yorkshire Anglers' Association. Harry Druidale, fisherman from Manxland to England. London: Macmillan. 1898. pp. xvi,322. 13 illus. of Manx scenery. 205x130. [2057, B 306]
Contains the writer's experience of 20 years' fishing in The Dhoo, Silverburn, Sulby, the Neb, and the Glass rivers.

Angling in the Isle of Man, by Clucas Joughin. In Duncan's Guide, 1900. [F 67]

Report of the Committee appointed by Tynwald to consider and report as to the desirability of amalgamating the Freshwater Fisheries Board, the Sea Fisheries Board, and the Fish Hatchery Committee. B. & S. 1903. pp. 2. 330x200. [B 306]
The Committee reported in favour of amalgamation, and the reports subsequently were merged.

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