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(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Standing Orders of the Court of Tynwald With regard to Railway Bills. 1845. Douglas. 4to. pp. 12. [B 192] Not in Library.

Report of the Committee of the Tynwald Court with reference to the revision of the Standing Orders in respect to Railway Bills. B. & S. 1871. pp. 18. 245x155. [6047, B 192]

Isle of Man Railway Co. Ltd. Reference Book to Plan Douglas and Peel Railway. James Brown. N.D. [c.1872.] pp. 24. 202x330. [6059, B 192]
Gives a list of the owners of property over which the railway was intended to run.

Opening of the I.M. Railway, With seven Woodcuts. In Ill. Lon. News, July 1873. [3030, L 6]

The Account of the Opening of the Isle of Man Railway,July 1, 1873. In I.M. Times, July 5, 1873. [B 192]

Minute by Governor Loch on the connection between the Isle of Man Railway and Ramsey, dated June 12, 1876. No printer's name. 1876. pp. 3. 330x210. [6122, D 152]
The Governor suggested the purchase of the existing railway.

Report of a Committee of Tynwald on the subject of railway accommodation between Douglas and Ramsey. Undated. B. & S. [ 1876.] pp. 3. 330x210. [6122, D 152]
The document is undated ; public documents, unfortunately, frequently are. The report appears to have been made in response to the Governor's minute of Oct. 17, 1876.
The Committee suggests that a Government guarantee be given to the [Manx Northern] Railway Co.

Minute [Second] on the question of extending the Railway system to Ramsey, dated Oct. 17, 1876. B. & S. 1876. pp. 6. 330x210. [6122, D 152]
The Governor states there are two plans for the line to Ramsey, one prepared by Mr. Vignoles for a coast line [which was carried out], and the other by Mr. Lewis for a line via Glen Helen.

Northern Railway: Report of Committee of Tynwald on the Line proposed by the Manx Northern Railway Co. [with minutes of evidence taken July 30, 1877]. Undated. J. C. Faragher, Herald Office. 1877. pp. 8. 330x210. [6122, D 152]
An alternative line of railway from Ballaugh through Jurby and Andreas was also considered, but was reported impracticable.

Manxland : A Tourist's Elysium [issued by I.M. Railway Co.]. B. & S. N.D. [c. 1880.] pp. 16. Illus. 200x125. [ B 192]
Contains several lithographed views.

Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Manx Northern Railway Co., Limited, adopted by special resolution of December 13, 1880. B. & S. 1880. pp. 45. 240x155. [4967, B 192]

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Company formed to construct a 3ft. guage Railway from the Quarter Bridge, Douglas, to Laxey and Ramsey. No beginning to construct the line was made. Douglas, Laxey and Snaefell Railway Co. Ltd.: Minutes of Evidence and Committee's Report. Undated. B. & S. [1888.] pp. vii, 58. 330x210. [6123, D 152]

The sittings were held in November and December, 1838. I.M. Railway Time Table, Regulations, &c., 1889 onwards. B. & S. 1889. pp. 28. 212x130. [4360, B 192]

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Report of Committee of Tynwald re Douglas and Ramsey Tramway - deviation of Line. Dated Aug. 7, 1897, B. & S. 1897. pp. 4. 330x210. [6125, D 152]

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Many illus. by D M. Robertson and F. B. Ward.

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List of Hotels, Lodging, Boarding and Furnished Houses, in the neighbourhood of Stations on the Railway Company's System, 1901. ]3. & S. pp. 24. 125x80. [B 192]

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Isle of Man Railways. In A. W. M. Hist. 727.

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