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STEAM SHIP COMPANIES (other than I.M.S.P. Co.)

Advertisement of Isle of Man, Liverpool and Greenock Steam Packets. Advt. in The Douglas Reflector, Feb. 1821. [H 398-1

Prospectus of the Ramsey Steam Packet Company. 1853. Broadside. 310x205. [B 159]

Share Scrip of the Ramsey Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.1854. [B 159]

Statement of [ S.S.] 'Manx Fairy's' Earnings from 1st Jan. to Ist July, 1857, compared with the corresponding six months last year. Ramsey : F. Leech. 1857. pp. 4. 255x190. [5220, B 159]
The ' Manx: Fairy' was a short-lived Ramsey enterprise.

Illustrated Guide to the Isle of Man and the Lake District issued by the Barrow Steam Navig. Co. and the Midland Railway, 1896 to 1905. Derby: Bemrose & Son. pp. 112. Illus. 130x75. [3430, B 160]

Isle of Man via Heysham. Programme of Tourist Arrangements of the Midland Railway, 1905, 1906. Derby Bemrose & Son. 1905. pp. 32. Illus. 180x100. [4821, B 160]

Through Lakeland via Barrow to the Isle of Man, 1906 and 1908. Barrow: J. Milner. pp. 8. 140x85. [3331, 13 160]

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The New Route to the Isle of Man via Heysham. Illus. Derby. 1906. 12mo. pp. 34. [F 67]

See also A. W. Moore's 'Historical Account of the I.M.S.P. Co., 1830-1904.'
T. E. Edwardes 'Seventy Years Ago : a Souvenir of the I.M.S.P. Co,' 1900.
'The Centenary of the I.M.S.P. Co. Ltd.,' 1930, and the old files of the newspapers.


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Deed of Association of the I.M. Steam Packet Company, passed 31 July, 1838, with list of Shareholders. 1st. edn. Douglas: G. Jefferson. 1838. pp. 16. 190x125. [519, B 160]

Deed of Association I.M.S.P. Co., passed 31 July, 1838, with list of Shareholders in 1844. 2nd edn. Douglas William Dillon. 1844. pp. 16. 210x140. [1503, B 160]

Deed of Association of the I.M.S.P. Co., passed July 31, 1838. 3rd edn. Douglas: Matthew Glover. N.D. pp. 12. 200x135. [4929, B 160]

Time Bills of the I.M.S.P. Co. for 1854, and subsequent dates. [1503, B 160]

Lists of Shareholders in I.M.S.P. Co. for 1855, and subsequent years. [1503, B 160]

Two Nights at Sea : a description of the Shareholders' Trip on the s.s. 'Tynwald' to Kingstown [in 1846]. In The Douglas Middle School Magazine, March 1860. [5750, L 6]

JOHNSON (Colonel). A Sketch of the Isle of Man: an unrivalled watering Place. Liverpool: Harris & Co., Drury Lane. 1862. pp. 32. Map. 120x75. [2000, B 160]
50,000 copies of this pamphlet were issued in 1851 by the I.M.S.P.Co.

The I.M.S.P. Co.'s steamer 'Tynwald,' With Woodcut. In Ill. London News, 18th Aug., 1866. [3030, L 6]

'Little Alice,' or a narrative relating to the origin of the MAL Steam-packet Company, by A Widow Lady in her 75th year. 11. & S. 1881. pp. 20. 140x105. 6d. [3529, B 160]

Rules and Regulations adopted at a Special General Meeting of Shareholders held on Tuesday, March 25, 1884, at the Offices of the Company, Douglas. B. & S. 1884. pp. 40. 240x150. [4915, B 160]

Manxland - A Tourist's Elysium. B. & S. 1884. pp. 24. 175x130. [3530, B 160]
Lithographed cover with views in colours, and 9 woodcuts of scenery.

Tours in the Isle of Man. B. & S. 1885. pp. 24. Illus. 170x130. [4832, B 160]

Official Guide to the Isle of Man. 1st edn. London Doherty & Co. 1885. pp. xlv, 178. Map and woodcut illus. 160x100. [3531, B 160]
Gives the routes and fares for tourist return tickets from all parts of the British Isles to Douglas.

' The second edition was printed by the same firm and consisted of pp. 212.

Manxland - A Tourist's Elysium. B. & S. 1887. pp. 16. 215x140. [B 160]
This booklet was printed on a lithograph machine by Brown's workmen. There are 15 illustrations, one, dated 1880, being reproduced from a drawing by J. M. Nicholson,

Manxland - A Tourist's Elysium. 2nd edn. Nottingham: T. Forman & Sons. N.D. [c. 1888.] pp. 16. Illus. 220x130. [4817, B 160]

BURGESS (Mrs. ne Emma Shimmin of Douglas), A Week's Holiday in the Isle of Man and how to spend it; being the Essay awarded a Premium of 15 by the I.M.S.P. Co. Ltd. as the best one sent in, in open competition. Ist edn. Manchester: Emmison Brothers. 1889. pp. 68. Map. 185x120. [3532, 13 160]
Lithographed coloured cover; 15 illustrations in halftone process, then in its infancy, from photographs by G. A. Dean. Republished in 1890 and 1891.

CAINE (Hall). The Little Man Island: Scenes and Specimen Days in the Isle of Man. Ist edn. Manchester: Richard Johnson. 1894. Pp. xxxiv,50. Map and plan of Douglas; 14 half-tone illus. from photos. by G. A. Dean, 185x120. [3533, B 160]
This booklet was re-issued in several succeeding years.

Programme of Cook's Tours, 1896. London. pp. 16. 215x140. [B 160]

Sailing Arrangements and Holiday Tours of the I.M.S.P. Co. for 1896 to date. Illus.[3536, B 160]

BROWN (T. E.). Stories of the Early Captains of the Packet Company. In The Tourist, 1897. J [L 6]

Historical Notes of the I.M.S.P. Co.; illustrations of their vessels from the ' Mona's Isle' (1830) onwards. In The Tourist, 1897-1900. [L 6]

Souvenir of the celebrated Manx Fleet and its Captains.Manchester: R. Johnson & Sons. N.D. [ 1898.] pp. 16. 120x150. Illus. [478, B 160]

EDWARDES (T. E.). Seventy years ago: a Souvenir of the I.M.S.P. Co. Hull: Daily News. 1900. pp. 4. Illus. 245x155. [1503, B 160]

List of Shareholders in the I M.S.P, Co, Ltd., 24th Feb.. 1903. B. & S. pp. 20. 250x190, [1503, B 160]

MOORE (A. W., F. R.H.S.). Historical Account of the Isle ot Man Steam Packet Company, Limited, 1830-1904. Manchester: R. Johnson & Sons. 1904. pp. iv,126. Illus. 6d. 180x120. [642, B 160]
Contains illustrations of the Company's steamers and portraits of the ship's captains, etc.

Souvenir of the I.M.S.P. Co.'s Shareholders' Trip to Dunoon. B. & S. 1909. pp. 16. 220x140. [1955, B 160]
The trip was made by the s.s. ' Ben-my-Chree' (built in 1908), 8th July, 1909.

The s.s. ' Ellan Vannin' Disaster. (Illus.) In Mx Quar. . vii, 1909; viii, 1910. [L 6]

Eightieth Anniversary of the I.M.S.P. Co. In Mx Quar. ix, 1910. [L 6]

' Ellan Vannin' Souvenir Programme: Programme of a concert organised by the Manchester Manx Society for the relief of those whose protectors were lost by the destruction of the I." I.S.P. Co.'s mail steamer ' Ellan Vannin' on December 3, 1909. The concert was held in the Free TradeHall, Manchester, January 12, 1910. Issued by Manchester Manx Society. 1910. pp. 16,xvi. Illus. [4134, B 160]
There are portraits of the captain, officers and crew who 16. were lost in the disaster.

Sealed Orders for the Race : Aeroplane v. Steamer. B. & S. 1911. pp. 1. Map and chart. 430x370. [1503, B 160]

EDWARDES (T. E.). Editor. The Manxman : the Three-legged Magazine. Pub. in May, June, July, Aug. and Sept. 1911 to 1914. Plus. Manchester: E. Hulton & Co. for the proprietors. 1911-14. pp. 32. 245x150. [4090, G.W.W. Coll. L 6]
Contains many notes on the history of the I.M.S.P. Co., with illustrations of its ships and portraits of its captains and other officers.
Some of the Contents
How the Steamers Began. Oldest Manx Passengers their quaint Reminiscences. Manx Captains New and Old.
Portraits of Captains Gill, Keig, Reid, Penwill, Quayle, Bridson, Corkhill. Captain Gill, the discoverer of the Victoria Channel, Liverpool.
Portrait of Edward Moore, first Manager, 1830. Illustrations of the old steamers,
Portrait of Thomas Orford. Old Douglas and its Trippers. Ramsey to Whitehaven, and the Three Tynwalds. Manx Yarns. Portraits of James Moore and Captains Crawford, McQueen, nd Ruthven. Old Steampacket Time Bills.
Portraits of Captains Cannell, Coteen, Kermode, Thomas Qualtrough of Port St. Mary, Mrs. Crellin who christened the original 'Mona's Isle,' and R. Napier
The Three 'King Orrys.' The Story of the Royal Mails. Portraits of John Casement, Wm. Thomson, Harry Bridson, Robbie Knox, Capt. Cain, Richard Roney, A Tripper in 1784. The Three Ben-my-Chrees,' etc.

HERBERT (Agnes). The Lil' Islan'. In Sailing Arrangements and Holiday Tours of the I.'M.S.P. Co. for 1912. Manchester: Richard Johnson Ltd. 1912. pp. 43-67. Illus. 180x115. [3551]

The Reconstruction of the Steam Packet Co. In Mx Quar. xx, 1919. [L 6]

BLACKBURN (C. J., Engineer). How the Manx Fleet helped in the Great War : the story of the I.M.S.P. Co.'s Boats on Service. Douglas: L. G. Meyer. 1923. pp. 64. Illus. by F. Leach and A. Kissack. 6d. 180x120.[1581, B 160]

The Centenary of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Ltd. London: Sir Jos. Causton & Sons. 1930. pp. 110. 76 illus. and plans. 246x180. 1/-. [6069, B 160]
Contains a history of the formation of the Company in 1830, a list of all its steamers, etc., with portraits of its managers and officers, based on the history of the Company written in 1904 by A. W. Moore.

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