[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


An Account of the Mutinous Seizure of the 'Bounty,' with the succeeding hardships of the crew, to which are added Secret Anecdotes of the Otaheitean Females. 8vo. c. 1788. [B 158] Not in Library.

BLIGH (Lieutenant William). A / Narrative / of the / Mutiny, / on board / His Majesty's Ship 'Bounty'; / and the / subsequent voyage of part of the crew / in the Ship's Boat, / From Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, / To Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies, / written by Lieutenant William Bligh, / Illustrated with charts. London: Printed for George Nicol, bookseller to His Majesty, Pall - Mall. 1790. pp. iv,88. 291x225. [2573 & 1714]
Chart i, Track of the 'Bounty's' launch from Tofoa to Timor, 1789.
ii, A copy of the draught from which the ' Bounty's' launch was built.
iii, Chart of Bligh's islands discovered by Lt. Wm. Bligh.
iv, North-east coast of New Holland.
This copy, which is rare, is bound in original half calf. A companion to this vol. was published in 1792, entitled ' A Voyage to the South Sea.' Bligh's story was pub. in Paris in the same year.

__Relation de L'Enlevement du navire Le Bounty. Paris, 1790. 8vo. [B 158] Not in Library.

__A / Voyage / to the / South Sea / undertaken by command of / His Majesty / for the purpose of / conveying the Bread Fruit Tree / to the West Indies / in His Majesty's Ship the ' Bounty' / commanded by / Lieut. William Bligh / including an Account of the / Mutiny on Board the said ship / and the / subsequent Voyage of part of the crew, in the ship's boat / from Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands / to Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies. / The whole illustrated with Charts, &c. / Published by permission of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, London. London: Printed for George Nicol, bookseller to His Majesty, Pall - Mall. 1792. pp. x,264. 7 plates, portrait of Bligh missing. 300x234. [2574, G 88]
A companion to Bligh's narrative of the Mutiny of the ' Bounty' published in 1790.

HAMILTON (George). Voyage round the World in the 'Pandora' (to bring home the Mutineers of the 'Bounty.') Berwick, 1793. 8vo. Not in Library.

BARNEY (Stephen). Minutes / of the / Proceedings / of the / Court-Martial held at Portsmouth, / August 12, 1792, / on / Ten Persons charged with Mutiny on Board / His Majesty's Ship the ` Bounty' / With an / Appendix / containing / A full Account of the real Causes and Circumstances of that unhappy / Transaction, the most material of which have hitherto been / withheld from the Public. . . London: Printed for J. Deighton, opposite Gray's Inn, Holborn. 1794. pp. iv,79. 300x240. [2572, G 88] An Appendix, covering 19 pp. favourable to Fletcher Christian, was added to the volume above the signature of Edward Christian, brother of Fletcher. The writer was Professor of Law at Cambridge Univ., and he writes from Gray's Inn Square, London, under date May 15th, 1794. Edward Christian's views evoked a reply from Bligh, which is bound up in this very rare volume. It is stated by Owen Rutter, in his postscript to ` Cain's Birthday' (1930), that there exists a MS. narrative of the mutiny by John Fryer, the master of `The Bounty.'

BLIGH (Captain William). An / Answer / to / certain Assertions / contained in / The Appendix: to a Pamphlet, / entitled / Minutes of the Proceedings on the Court-Martial held at Portsmouth, August / 12th, 1792, on Ten Persons charged with Mutiny on Board / His Majesty's Ship the 'Bounty' / by Captain William Bligh. London: Printed for G. Nicol, bookseller to His Majesty, Pall-Mall. 1794. pp. 31. 300x240. [15, G 88]
This is Bligh's description of Fletcher Christian : aged 24, 5ft. 9in., blackish or very dark brown complexion, dark brown hair, strong made, a star tatooed on his breast... Peter Heywood : midshipman, aged 17, 5ft. 7in., fair complexion, light brown hair, well-proportioned, very much tatooed, on the right leg is tatooed the three legs of Man as it is upon that coin . . speaks with the Manks accent.
This vol. is very rare.

JOHNSTON (Lt. Col. George). Proceedings at a Court Martial on a Charge of Mutiny exhibited against him for Deposing Governor Bligh. 1811. 8vo. [B 158] Not in Library.

BYRON (Lord). The Island, or Christian and his Comrades. 1823. 8vo. [G 88] Not in Library.

The / Dangerous Voyage / performed by / Captain Bligh, / with a part of the crew of / His Majesty's Ship 'Bounty' / in an open boat,/over twelve hundred leagues of the ocean; / in the year / 1789, to Which is added / an Account of the Sufferings and Fate of the / remainder of the crew of said ship. Dublin: Printed by R. Napper, 140 Capel-street. 1824. pp. 175. 136x83. [5988, G 88] Has engraved frontispiece of Bligh's open boat.
Very rare vol, bound in leather.

BARROW (Sir John, Secretary of the Admiralty). The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S. Bounty: its Cause and Consequences. Illustrated. First edn. London: John Murray. 1831. pp. xi,356. Illus. by 6 etchings from original drawings by Lieut.-Col. Batty. 155x100. [5276, G 88]
One of the series of `The Family Library.'

TAGART (Edward). A Memoir of the late Captain Peter Heywood, R.N., with Extracts from his Diaries and Correspondence. London: Effingham Wilson. 1832. pp. 332. 215x132. [858, G 88]
Peter Heywood was the son of Deemster Heywood of The Nunnery, and was midshipman on board 'The Bounty' at the time of the mutiny. This copy has a photographic portrait of Heywood, the original of which was in the possession of the family of Senhouse Wilson.

A Description of Pitcairn's Island and its Inhabitants, with an Authentic Account of the Mutiny of the Ship ` Bounty,' and of the Subsequent Fortunes of the Mutineers. New York: J. J. Harper. (Harper's stereotype edn.) 1832.pp. xii,303. 144x90. [2847, G 88]
Plates : i, Creek in Matavai Bay, Otaheite, and
ii, Residence of John Adams, Pitcairn Island.

BARROW (Sir John, Secretary of the Admiralty). The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of H.M.S. Bounty : its Cause and Consequences. Illustrated. 3rd edn. London: John Murray & Thomas Tegg. 1839. pp. xi,356. 153x100. [2849, G 88]

BRODIE (Walter). Pitcairn's Island and the Islanders in 1850, together with Extracts from his Private journal and a few hints upon California; also the Reports of all the Commanders of H.M. Ships that have touched at the above Island since 1800. 2nd edn. London: Whittaker & Co. 1851. pp. 260. Portrait of the author. 195x122. [2846, G 88]

BLIGH (Lieut. W.). Narrative of the Mutiny of the `Bounty' on a Voyage to the South Seas; to which are added some additional particulars of the subsequent fate of the mutineers and of the settlement in Pitcairn's Island. Edinburgh: Maclachlan & Stewart : In 'Standard Library' series. 1851. pp. 72. 230x150. [5539, G 88]

MURRAY (Rev. Thos. Boyles, M.A., F.S.A.) Pitcairn the Island, the People, and the Pastor. To which is added a Short Notice of the Original Settlement and present condition of Norfolk Island. Illus. 4th edn. London

S.P.C.K. 1854. pp. 304. 162x113. [845, G 88]
Several illustrations, including Christian's house, Pitcairn.

McGILCHRIST (John, M.D.). The Mutineers: a poem. Edinburgh: Sutherland & Knox. 1859. pp. xi,207. 185x115. (6232, G 88]
The poem is descriptive of the Mutiny of the'Bounty' in 1789, the subsequent wanderings of the mutineers, their settlement in Pitcairn and their ultimate fate. It is founded on Sir John Barrow's story, pub. 1835. Lord Byron has also partially treated the subject in his 'Island.'

MURRAY (Rev. Thos. Boyles, M.A., F.S.A.). Pitcairn the Island, the People, and the Pastor. To which is added a Short Notice of the Original Settlement and present con dition of Norfolk Island. Illus. 12th edn. London S.P.C.K. 1860. pp. 414. 159x100. [1215 & 2848, G 88]
18 illustrations, including portrait of Thursday October Christian. The 12th edn. also published in New York by Pott, Young & Co.

Narrative of the Mutiny of the 'Bounty.' N.D. [c. 1860.] pp. 32. 170x108. [5445, G 88]
This is an abridgement of the story of Captain Bligh, and entitled Tract No. 122.'

BELCHER (Lady). The Mutineers of the `Bounty' and their Descendants m Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands. Illus. London: John Murray. 1870. pp. 420. 189x125. [2850, G 88]
Title page missing.

The Mutiny of the ` Bounty.' In Mx Soc. xxi. 1873. pp. 264-6.

BARROW (J., F.R.S.). The Mutiny of the `Bounty,' and the Pitcairn Islanders. Introduction by the Rev. Hugh Reginald Haweis, M.A. [In Routledge's World Library.] London : Routledge. 1886. pp. 160. 154x115. [4940, G 88]

HEYWOOD (Nathan). Captain Peter Heywood [midshipman in the `Bounty]. In Trans. Lanc. & Ches. Antiq. Soc., 1891. pp. 135-146. [G 881

FROWDE (John). Peter and Nessy Heywood and the Mutiny of the `Bounty.' In Mx Ch. Mag. March-June 1896.

MOORE (A. W., C.V.O., S.H.K.). Nessy Heywood. Illus. Douglas: B. & S. 1913. pp. 110. 126x190. [5223, G 88]
Portrait of the author, of Nessy Heywood and Peter Heywood, and reproductions of old prints of The Nunnery and Old Douglas. Contains all the published letters of Nessy and Peter Heywood, with several poems written by the former.

BARROW (Sir John). The Mutiny of the `Bounty,' with introduction by Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge. 'World's Classics' Series, Oxford 1914. [G 88]
Photographs of Pitcairn Island and Islanders taken in 1914. [4925, G 88]

WOOD (George W.) The Mutiny of the `Bounty' and the Manxmen concerned therein. In Mx Quar. No. 19, 1918.

LEE (Ida - Mrs. Charles Bruce Marriott). Captain Bligh's Second Voyage to the South Sea. London 1921. Not in Library.

C[AINE] P [HILI P] W. New Light on the 'Bounty' Mutiny. In Mx Quar, No. 26, 1921.

FULLERTON (W. Y.). The Romance of Pitcairn Island. Illus. London: Carey Press. N.D. [c. 1924.] pp. 112. ]87x 122. [1855, G 88]

YOUNG (Rosalind Amelia - a native daughter). Mutiny of the ' Bounty' and Story of Pitcairn Island, 1790-1894. 8th edn. Wellington, New Zealand: Pastor David Nield. 1924. pp. 303. 180x120. [4934, G 88]
36 illustrations, including Fletcher Christian's birthplace, and portrait of Thursday October Christian.

NACKINGTON (M.). With Bligh of the 'Bounty,' or, From Tofoa to Timor. London: Sheldon Press. 1925. pp. 128. 3 illus. 184x120. 2/-. [5144, G88]

BRENDON (J. A., B.A., F.R. Hist. S.). William Bligh of H.M.S. 'Bounty' (1754-1817). In Blue Peter, June 1926. [5377, G 88]
Has a portrait of Bligh, and a reproduction of Dadd's picture of Bligh being cast off. A copy of the original print is in the Print Room of the Museum.

SHAPIRO (H. L., of the American Museum). Robinson Crusoe's Children : A strange story and a strange family in the South Seas. In Natural History, Journal of the American Museum of Nat. Hist., May-June 1928. pp. 290301. [5814, G 88]
The article deals with the story of the nine mutineers of the ' Bounty' who took up their abode with their native Tahitian wives, and gives the life and heredity of the descendants on Pitcairn and Norfolk islands.

LUCAS (Sir Charles, ed.). The Pitcairn Island Register Book. Ed. with an introduction by Sir Charles Lucas, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. London: S.P.C.K. 1929. pp. iv,18]. Illus. 210x133. [5920, G 88]
pp. 165-178 contain a Bibliography of the books and documents relating to Pitcairn island.

SALWEY (Mrs. C. M.). Pitcairn Island of the South Pacific Ocean. The Asiatic Review, London. N.D. [1930.] pp. 15. Illus. 250x153. [6030, G 88]

RUTTER (Owen). Cain's Birthday. London: Hutchinson & Co. N.D. [ 1930.] pp. 288. 186x117. [6066, G 88]
The book is in the form of a novel, and is based upon the facts of the mutiny. The author states he has used a MS. narrative by John Fryer, the master of the 'Bounty.'

FLETCHER (William, F.G.S., Cockermouth). Fletcher Christian and the Mutineers of the ' Bounty.' In Trans. Cumberland Association, ii, 1876-77. pp. 75-106.[ 1644, G 88]
Gives an account of the Cumberland connections of the all Christian family.

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