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(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

KENNISH (William), Carpenter, R.N. A Method / for / Concentrating the Fire of a Broadside / of / A Ship of War, / with an / Appendix / containing several important subjects connected with the / Naval Service. / Illustrated by nineteen explanatory plates. / By Willianr Kennish, Carpenter, R.N. / April 1832. London: Printedand published by John Bradley. 1837. pp. 48. 21/- 284x215. [2537, B 144]
The author was a native of Kirk Maughold, and in 1844 published a volume of excellent poems entitled ` Mona's Isle.' The volume of 1837, which is very rare, had been in the possession of Miss Wilks, sister of Sir Mark Wilks, [G.W,W. Coll.]

An Account of Capt. Quilliam, R.N., and his part in the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805. In The Official Publications of the Isle of Man International Exhibition, 1892. Manchester: Emmison Bros, 6d, [2070, G,98]

EDWARDES (T. E. E.). Captain John Quilliam, R.N.:Did he Steer the Victory at Trafalgar? In The Tourist. Nos. 16, 17. [L 6]

Captain John Quilliam, R.N., and Trafalgar. Newspaper cuttings. 1926. [5516, L 6]

Thurot and Elliot Naval Battle off Jurby.

DURAND (Rev. John Francis). Genuine and Curious / Memoirs / of the Famous / Captain Thurot. / Written by the Revd. / John Francis Durand. / With some of Monsieur Thurot's Original / Letters to that Gentleman now in England. / To which is added / a much more faithful and particular Account / than has hitherto been published, of his / Proceedings since his sailing from the / Coast of France, Oct. 18, 1759./ London: F. Burd. 1760. pp. 48. 1/-. 199x123. [2820, G 88] Rare ; reprinted by the Percy Society in 1845 : referred to in `The Gentleman's Mag.' for March 1760, p. 110.

Various songs written on Captain Thurot are printed in the 21st vol. of the Manx Society Series, pp. 73-88. Two small cannon from ship's long-boats taken from Thurot are at Bishopscourt. The action is the subject of the following rare engravings
i, 23½ x 14½ by R. Wright of Liverpool, eng. by J. Miller, 1760.
ii, 23½ x 14½ by R. Wright, eng. by J. Goldar, 1760.
iii, 17½ x 11½ by F. Swain, eng. P. C. Canot, 1761.
iv, 10½ x 6 by F. Swain, eng. by J. Smith, 1761. Thurot, François. In Gent. Mag. xxx, pp. 107-112, 101, 145, 148. 1760. [2831 & 764, G 88]

The Naval Battle between Thurot and Elliot, 28th Feb., 1760. In. Gent. Mag. March, 1760. [3030, L 6]

Has an engraved ' correct chart of the Irish Sea, exhibiting a view of the several Islands and Bays lately touch'd at at by M. Thurot in his attempt upon Ireland.'

An Account of Captain Thurot's Expedition from his first landing in Ireland to his defeat. In Univ. Mag., March 1760, [3030, L 6]

A Journal of M. Thurot's Expedition f rom his leaving Dunkirk to his being taken by the brave Commodore Elliot off the Isle of Man.. In Royal Mag., March 1760. [3030, L 6]

Captain Thurot : a memoir. In Mx Soc. xxi. 1873. pp. 66-88.

ROEDE R (Charles). François Thurot (1727-1760) and his Naval Engagement off Man. In Manx Notes and Queries, 1904. S. K. B. [3933, L6]
The author, who spent many holidays at Cregneash, has collated all he could of the contemporary records of Thurot.

Thurot and Elliot. In Train's Hist. it. 1845. pp. 326-8.
See also i, Frazer's Mag. for Jan. 1878, by J. K. Laughton.
ii, journal historique du Capitaine Thurot dans su croisère sur les cites d'Ecosse et Irlande. Dunkerque 1760 (Frazer).
iii, Vie due Capitaine Thurot par M. . . Paris, 1791.
French Biog. Dic. says Thurot was born at Nuits, Burgundy in 1727.


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

Account of Ports in the Isle of ;Man. In Univ. Mag. August 1757. [3030, L 6]

Means of Communication from the surrounding Ports. 1798.

List of passenger and trading vessels, Douglas and Ramsey. In Feltham's Tour. Mx Soc. vi, 106-8. [B 158]

The story of the loss of the brig ' Racehorse' on Langness. 1822. In Mx Soc. xxi, 134-5.

Underwriter's Form of Insurance used by H. B. Noble, of Douglas. N.D. [c. 1830.] p. 1. 250x200. [B 158]

ROSS (Sir John). Narrative of a second voyage in search of a north-west Passage. 1835. London. 4to. [B 158]

The brig 'Lily' Explosion at the Calf, with woodcut. In Ill. Lon. News. Dec. 1852. [3030, L 6]

'Lily' (brig). Explosion of gunpowder and great loss of life in the Isle of Man. Appeal for subscriptions for the widows and orphans, 1852. [B 158]

PAGE (Rev. G regory A.). A Memorial of the Kitterland Disaster, containing a full and circumstantial account of the wreck and explosion of the brig `Lily,' 1853. Douglas. 12mo. pp. 36. [B 158]

DIXON (Rev. R. D. D.). Appeal on behalf of twenty two widows and seventy-five orphans. Substance of an address delivered . . 4th January. Explosion of thirty tons of gunpowder, 1853. [B 158] Not in Library.

CUBBIN (Thomas). The hurricane wreck of the ship 'Serica.' A personal narrative of peril and adventure by her Captain, Thomas Cubbin. Douglas : Mylrea & Allen. 1870. pp. îv,212. 179x119. [2813, G88]
A very stirring story of wonderful heroism. Captain Cubbin and hia wife went to live at Rose Hill, Braddan, on his retirement from the sea.
Only one copy of this book is known.

BRI DSON (Maggie). Nautical Questions. Illustrationsby Florence Nightingale. pp. 12. N.D. [c. 1875.] Douglas. Sm. 4to. [B 158]

Sailing Directions for the West Coast of England, including the Isle of Man. By Captain E. J. Bedford, R.N. London: Hydrographic Dept. Admiralty. 1876. pp. 238 260. 4/6. 235x150. [2056, B 158]

Number of Manx Vessels and Vessels built in the Isle of Man and their tonnage, 1880-1895. In A.W.M. Hist. 727. [B 158]

The Manksmen of Greater Britain come home to build ships and their daughters christen them. Herald Office. 1890. Broadside. 300x2]0. [4449, L 6]

`The Tourist,' May 1897 to Sept. 1900. (All published.) Numerous articles of nautical interest. Leeds. 8vo. [L 6]

WILLIAMS (Gomer). History of the Liverpool Privateers, 1897. London. 8vo. pp. 718. [B 158] Not in Library.

HUDSON (William). Recollections of an old Manxmen being passages in the life of William Hudson, the Manx exploring fisherman, quaintly detailing his adventures by sea and land. Douglas: B. & S. c. 1900. pp. 93. 181x120. [547, 2787, 895, 2814, G88]
The author was a fisherman of Rushen parish. His stories of the life in the south of the Island, and of the fishing there, are interesting.

Ramsey Sailors' Rest. In 56th, 57th & 58th Annual Reports of the Seamen's Christian Friend Society, 1902-4. London: G. Reynolds. [B 158]

EDWARDES (T. E.). The Adventures of the 'Vixen.' How Manxmen went to the Goldfields. Journal of Commerce, Sept. 18th, 1915. [B 158] Not in Library.

The Story of the schooner 'Vixen,' of Peel. In Mx Quar. xvi. 1916. [L 6]

ROTHWELL (A. E.). Shipbuilding in the Isle of Man. Mx Quar., July 1920. [L 6]

KERMODE (J. J., M.I. Mech. E.). The Use of Liquid Fuel for Navigation and its consequences. In Report of XIIIth International Congress of Navigation, London, 1923. Brussels : Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses, Brussels. pp. 17-36. 236x158. [6073, B 158]

The British Navy, its History and Developments. B. & S. N.D. [1923.] pp. 19. 216x140. [6072, B 158]

The Wreck of the brig `Lily' in 1852. S. K. B. 1925. pp. 10. 200x160. [4995, B 158]

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