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Return or List of Strangers or Persons not born in this Island, now residing in the Parish of [Kirk Marown]. 1798. 200x330. [4716 Dio. Reg Papers]
It would appear that this printed form was sent out to every Captain of the Parish to record the names of those who had come from Ireland in the troublous times of the 1798 rebellion. This unique example was filled up by William Cubbon, Captain of Kirk Marown, and included three Irish families, viz., Parks, McKerry, and Thompson. He describes the 'Marown Muster' which took place on 25th June, 1798.

KENNISH (William, Carpenter, R.N.). A Method for Concentrating the Fire of a Broadside of a Ship of War, with an Appendix, containing several important subjects connected with the Naval Service, illustrated by nineteen explanatory plates. London: John Bradley. 1837. pp. 48. 275x205. 21/-. [1779, 2537, B 114]
The author was the well-known Manx poet, a native of Kirk Maughold. The engraved plates are well done one of them exhibits the 'Marine Theodolite' invented by Kennish in 1829. See pp. 118-121 'Manx Worthies.

Tracts relating to Military Proceedings in Lancashire, by George Ormerod. Chatham Soc. ii. 1844. Isle of Man repeatedly referred to. Not in Library.

Javelin Men, their last appearance at an execution at Hango, 1818. In Train's Hist. i, 10-11. 1845.

A Manx Recruit. In Chambers Jnl. Aug. 1855. [3030, L 6]

The Defence of Castle Rushen and Castle Peel, 1610. Chaloner in Mx Soc. x, 113-6. 1863.

Douglas Fort and Ballachurry Fort, 1656. Chaloner, Mx Soc. x, 118. 1863.

The Fort of Douglas. In Blundell (c. 1680), Mx Soc. xxvii, 47-8; also Mx Soc. xi, 122-3. 1864.

Of the Castles and Fortresses, and of the Continual Watch, and the Customary Laws concerning the same. In Blunden (c. 1680), Mx Soc. xxv, 88-98. 1876.

The Military Forces and Arms in Man at the time of the Illiam Dhone Insurrection, 1651. In Mx Soc. xxvi, 73-6. 1877.

Watch and Ward : four men charged with leaving the watch, and forfeiting body and goods, 1720. In Mx Soc. xxxi, 213-240. 1882.

Commission of Matthias Taggart, as Constable and Captain of the Garrison of Castle Rushen. 1764. In Mx Soc. xxxi, 244-5. 1882.

Commission of John Taubman to be Steward of the Houses, Garrisons and Demesnes, 1764. In Mx Soc. xxxi, 246-7. 1882.

The Militia, 1765. In Mx Soc. xxxi, 57 et seq. 1882.

A Commission in the Manx Gentlemen and Yeomanry, 1799. In Mx N.B. ii, 142. 1886. [L 6]

MOORE (A. W., F.R.H.S.). Military Organisation of the Isle of Man from the earliest records. In Y.L.M. i, 141-153. 1894. [2048, A 363]

Return showing details of the Charge on account of the Isle of Man Volunteers for 1897-98. G.O., 6th July, 1899. 330x205. [6104, P 114]

Official Programme Manx War Fund Parade. [ In connection with the Boer War,] 1899. Not in Library.

Watch and Ward and Military Service in 17th and 18th c. See A.W.M. Hist. pp. 327-335; 449-460; 636-644. 1900.

Mustering by sending Forth the Cross. See Trains Hist. i, 72-3, 381, 1845; Mx Soc. xxvi, 14 et seq; A.W.M. Hist. 237, 1900.

CHRISTIAN (Lieut. Edward, of Lewaigue), the Letters of, 1804-1809. Ed. by A. W. Moore, M.A. c. 1900. [5995, G 88]

FREEMAN (Lieut. B. F. M., R.N.). Historical Records of the Manx Yeomanry Cavalry, 1643, 1793-1825. Douglas Cubbon & Lightfoot. 1905. pp. 8. 330x200. [4629, B 114]
Records of the old troops of Cavalry, Manx Horse Militia or Parochial Horse. There were only ten copies printed, and three are in the Museum Library.

Inventory of Articles in the Castles and Forts, 1702. In A.W.M. Notes & Docs. 51-55. [758]

The Military System. See also A.W.M. Hist. 27, 62, 244, 263, 267, 327, 339, 449, 459, 636-644; in A.W.M. Notes & Docs. 60-4; also in Eng. Parl. Papers, relating to military works and barracks, sec. F.70/1.

The Muster Roll of the Peel Volunteers 1805-9, by George Goodwin. c. 1905. [5647]

The Northern Manks and the Southern Manx Volunteers, 1803, by A. W. Moore. In Y.L.M. iv, 96-110. 1910. [4055, A 363]
continuation of the author's paper on ' The Military Organisation of the Isle of Man.'

The Royal Manks Fencibles 1795-1802, by A. W. Moore. In Y.L.M. iv, 162-167. 19]0. [A 363]

Camping in the Isle of Man at Ramsey, Ballahot, Knockaloe, Castletown, and Peel Battery . . . with map showing localities (Bacon & Co., London), with the compliments of Rooth & Co., meat contractors, Douglas, Isle of Man. London : Office of Meat Trades Journal. 1911. pp. 14. Illus. 290x210. [B 114]

McKERLIE (Miss E. Marianne H.). Two Sons of Galloway, 1796-1804. Dunfries : Robert Dinwiddie. N.D. [1929] pp. xii,140. 238x176. 21/- [5987, G 88]
Contains the Reminiscences and Journal of Robert M'Kerlie (born 1778, died 1855) from 1796 to 1804, during a part of which period he was an ensign in the corps of Manks Fencibles called the Royal Manx Regiment, which ' was raised in Man by Lord Henry Murray, brother of the Duke of Atholl. This is the only detailed record of the Fencibles when they were stationed in Ireland.

Manx Prisoners in the Napoleonic Wars. In Ry Courier, 6th March, 1925. [4567, B 114].

CUBBON (William). Watch and Ward in A.D. 1627. In Proc. iii, 258-265, 1930. [5784, A 363]
Gives the places for the day watch and the ports for the night watch, and the Masters of the Watch for each Parish ; also the first recorded list of Parish Captains.

The Battle of Santwat, by Charles H. Cowley. In Proc. iii, 222-9, 1930. [A 363]

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