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Natural Science


(Arranged in order of date of publication.)

FORBES (Professor Edward, F.R.S.). Literary Papers by the late Professor Edward Forbes, F.R.S. Selected from his writings in The Literary Gazette. London: Reeve. 1855. xvi,300. Portrait. 176 x 102. [2823, A 10]
The preface and biographical sketch are by Lovell Reeve.

_The Literary Papers of Edward Forbes. Review in The Scottish Review, x, 1855. pp. 170-175. [3581, A 10]

_Programme of the Edward Forbes Centenary Commemoration, 1915, organised by the London Manx Society. Douglas: G. & L. Johnson. 1915. pp. 4. 300 x 225. [A 10]

_The Edward Forbes Centenary, 1915. Addresses and Appreciations by Sir A. Geikie, O.M., K.C.B., F.R.S., Prof. Edw. Hull, LL.D., F.R.S., Dr. Smith Woodward, F.R.S., Dr. A. Strahan, F.R.S., Prof. Bottomley, Ph.D., F.L.S., Prof. McIntosh, F.R.S., Prof. Boyd Dawkins, F.R.S., Prof. W. A. Herdman, F.R.S., W. Whitaker, F.R.S., J. W. Evans, D.Sc., LL.B., and others. Douglas B. & S. 1915. pp. 45. Etched portrait by W. J. Radcliffe, 243 x 185, 1/-, [A 10]

FORBES and SPRATT (Lieut. T. A. B., R.N., F.G.S.). Travels in Lycia, Milyas, and the Gibyratis, in company with the late Rev. E. T. Daniell. 2 vols. London: Van Voorst. 1847. pp. xxiv,302; viii,317. Illus. 215 x 138. [5148, A 10]

HERDMAN (Prof. W. A. F.R.S.). Remarks on Science, Industry and Education. In Proc. i (pt 9), 1914. pp. 597-604. [1399, A 10]

__Periodic Changes in Nature. In Proc. ii, 1923. pp. 119-129. [4634, A 10]
Presidential address given in April 1914. Publications of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society.

Transactions of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society.

Vol. i, 1879-1884. Manx Sun. 1888. pp. 178. 180 x 120. [2046, A 363]
This is the first publication of the Society. It is followed by the Society's periodical Yn Lioar Manninagh, the first number of which was published in January 1889, ed by P. M. C. Kermode.

Report of the monthly meeting of the N.H.A.S. held in the School of Art, Douglas, on 11th Oct., 1888. Ramsey : John Craine. 1888. p. 1. 500 x 365. [2047, A 363]

Yn Lioar Manninagh. Vol. i. [Covering the period 1880-1892.] P. M. C. Kermode, editor. Ramsey : J. Craine ; Douglas: B. & S. Part i, 156 pp.; Part ii, 442 pp. 5 plates. 220 x 140. [2048, A 363]

Yn Lioar Manninagh. Vol. ii. [Covering the period 1892-1895]. P. M. C. Kermode, editor. B. & S. pp. xvi, 292. 220 x 140. [2049, A 363]

Yn Lioar Manninagh. Vol. iii. [Covering the period 1895-1900.] P. M. C. Kermode, editor. B. & S. pp. xx,652. 4 plates. 220 x 140. [2050, A 363]

Yn Lioar Manninagh. Vol. iv. (and last). [Covering the period 1901-1905]. P. M. C. Kermode, editor. B. & S. pp. 234, 16, x index. 220 x 140. [4055, A 363]
This is the last vol. under this title. The Society's publication was subsequently entitled Proceedings and Transactions of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society.

Proceedings and Transactions of The Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society. New Series. Vol. i. [Covering the period 1906-1912.] Pts. i and ii ed. by J. Kewley, M.A.; pt. iii by P. G. Ralfe; pts. iv and v by Armitage Rigby ; pts. vi-ix and index by P. M. C. Kermode. B. & S. pp. xxiiii,656. 220 x 140. [1399, A 363]

Proceedings of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society. New Series. Vol. ii. [Covering the period 1912-1925.]. Pts. i and ii ed. by P. M. C. Kermode ; pts. iii and iv ed. by P. G. Ralfe, M.B.O. U. B. & S. pp. 538. Illus. 225 x 145. [4634, A 363]

Proceedings of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society. New Series. Vol. iii. [Covering the period 1925-1930] Ed. by P. G. Ralfe, M.B.O.U. Illus. [A 363]
In course of publication.

Presidents' Retiring Addresses.

BIRCHAL L (E., F.L.S.). 1880. In Trans. i, 1879-1884. pp. 1-4. [2046, A 363]

HARRISON (Rev. S. N.). 1884. In Trans. i. 1879-84. pp. 131-136. [2046, A 363]
The author recommends the establishment of a Museum.

KERMODE (Rev. W.). 1885. In Trans. i, 1879-84.pp. 172-175. [2046, A 363]
The author suggests the formation of a National Library and Museum.

KE:RMODE (P. M. C.). 1886. In Y.L.M. i, pt, i. pp. 6677.[2048, A 363]


SAVAGE (Rev. E. B., M.A., F.S.A.). 1887. In Y.L.M. i.pp. 100-103, pt. 1. [2048, A 363]

GILL (J. Fred. Deemster). 1888. Y.L.M. i, pt. 1. pp. 140-142. [2048, A 363]

JEFFCOTT (John M.). 1889-90. In Y.L.M. i, pt. 2.pp. 56-59 and pp. 153-158. [2048, A 363]

CRELLIN (John C., M.A., H.K.). 1891. In Y.L.M. i, pt. 2. 1894. pp. 270-273. [2048, A 363]
The Address deals chiefly with Ornithology.

MOORE (A. W., S.H.K.). 1893. In Y.L.M. ii. pp. 78-81. [2049, A 363]

TELLET (Dr. F. S., F.E.G.S.). 1894. In Y.L.M. ii. pp. 210-216.[2049, A 363]

HARRISON (Rev. S. N.), 1895. In Y.L.M. iii, pt. 1.pp. 27-32. [2050, A 363]

QUINE (Rev. J., M.A.). 1896. In Y.L.M. iii, pt. 3, pp. l13-115. [2050, A 363]

GILL (Deemster J. Fred). 1897. In Y.L.M. iii, pt. 6. pp. 268-274.[2050, A 363]
Contains a plea for the establishment of a National Museum.

CLINCH (J. W.). 1898. In Y.L.M. iii, pt. 8. pp. 369-372. [2050, A 363]

CLARKE (H. S., F.E.S.). 1899. In Y.L.M. iii, pt. 10.1902. pp. 474-477. [2050, A 363]

KERMODE (Rev. S. A. P., M.A.). 1900. In Y.L.M. iii, pt. 12. 1902. pp. 604-607. [2050, A 363]

RICHARDSON (Dr.). 1901. In Y.L.M. iv. pp. 28-30. [4055, A 363]

STEAVENSON (J., B.A.). 1902. pp. 88-89.[4055, A 363]

LEECE (Rev. C. H.). 1903. In Y.L.M. iv. pp. 129-131. [4055, A 363]

KERMODE (P. M. C.). 1904. In Y.L.M. iv. pp. 183-190. [4055, A 363]

RAL F E (P. G., M.B.O.U.). 1905. In Y.L.M. iv.pp. 222-228. [4055, A 363]

CASSAL (Dr.). 1906. In Proc. i, pt. 1. pp. 11-12. [1399, A 363]

KERMODE (P. M. C.). 1907-8. In Proc. i, pt. 4.pp. 81-90 and 147-153. [1399, A 363]

RIGBY (Armitage, F.R.I.B.A.). 1909. In Proc. i, pt. 6.pp. 205-209. [1399, A 363]

RAGLAN (Lord, Lieut.-Governor). 1910. In Proc. i. pt. 7. pp. 367-382. [A 363]
The subject of the address is, "The Movements of the Population of the British Islands."

CALLOW (Deemster C. T. C.). 1911-1912. In Proc. i, pt. 9. pp. 537-545 and 649-652. [1399, A363]

HERDMAN (Professor W. A., F.R.S.). 1913. In Proc. ii,pt. 2. pp. 119-129. [4634, A 363]

QUAYLE (Rev. D. F., M.A.). 1919-20. In Proc. ii, pt. 3. pp. 273-280 and 313-321. [4634, A 363]

QUINE (Rev. Canon John, M.A.). 1922., pt. 3. pp. 326-330. [4634, A 363]

CLUCAS (G. F., S.H.K.). 1923. In Proc. ii, pt. 3. pp. 330-334. [4634, A 363]

STENNING (Rev. E. H.). 1925. In Proc. ii. pp. 519-525. [4634, A 363]

CUBBON (William). 1926. In Proc. iii, pt. 1. pp. 106-129. [A 363]

CUBBON (William Christian). 1927. In Proc. iii, pt. 2. pp. 181-192. [2046, A 363]

British Association.

KERMODE (P. M. C.) On the Foot of Birds and on the Use of the Serrated Claw. In Brit. Ass. Rep. 1881. York. pp. 670-1.[A 364]
The original paper was published in the Isle of Man Times, Sept. 17th, 1881. and others. On the Migration of Birds at Lighthouses and Lightships. In Brit. Ass. Rep. 1882. pp. 283-288 and 1883, pp. 229-233. [A 364]

British Association Manchester Meeting Prospectus. 1887. Manchester: Palmer & Howe. pp. 8. 1 plate. 165x100. [1004, A 364]
Contains prospectus of Excursion to Man.

British Association sectional Visit to the Isle of Man, 1887. Douglas: James B. & S. 1887. pp. 68. 7 photographs. 215 x 135. [2047, A 364]
Reprinted from the Isle of Man Times of 17th Sept., 1887.

HEADMAN (W. A., F.R.S.), ed. British Association Handbook for the Liverpool Meeting, 1896. Liverpool:Philip, Son & Nephew. 1896. pp. vii,192. 5 maps. 165 x 110. [1349, A 364]
Contains as Appendix : " History and Antiquities of the Isle of Man" by P. M. C. Kermode ; "Geology," by G. W. Lamplugh ; and "Biology" by W. A. Herdman. British Association Excursion to the Isle of Man in 1896, Report of. B. & S. 1902. pp. 204-245, pt. 5. 220x140. [2050, A 364]
The date of the Excursion was 24th to 29th September, 1896, and visits were made to several places of archaeological interest.

Programme relative to the visit of a section of the British Association, 1923. [A 364]

BRUCE (J. R.). Physical Features of the Sandy Beach.

In Brit. Ass. Rep. 1927. pp. 331. [2046, A 364]

LEwis (Herbert P.). The Zoning of the Avonian Rocks in the south of the Isle of Man. In Brit. Ass. Rep. 1927. p. 322. [2046, A 364]

Publications relating to the Manx Museum.

Museum at Bishopscourt. In Bishop Hildesley's Letters. pp. 16. [A365]

WALLACE (J. R.). A Brief Synopsis of the contents of J. R. Wallace's Museum, Douglas. Douglas: J. Quiggin, Manx Sun Office. 1835. pp. 36. 180 x 110. [550, A 365]
Few of the items in the Museum were of Manx interest. Wallace announced the early publication of a further Catalogue, but no copy is known to exist. The Museum closed on 5th February, 1842. Extract from " Manx Liberal," 2nd January, 1842 : "Whether want of success is to be attributed to the poverty of the collection, containing as it does only 7,000 specimens, or to the state of information and intellectual culture in the Island, he presumes not to judge." Wallace brought the greater part of his collection to Distington. See also " Manx Liberal," 12th December, 1840.

CUMMING (Rev. J. G.) Proposal for an Insular Museum. Douglas: Mylrea. 1852. 1 p. circular. 196 x 125. [6091, A 365, P. M. C. K. Coll.]
Cumming, who was Vice-Principal of King William's College from 1841 to 1855, suggested the formation of a Manx Museum in the College. As a commencement he offered his " cabinets of rocks, minerals and fossils collected by him during his eleven years' residence here, consisting of about 3,000 specimens, contained in 92 drawers, geologically arranged and labelled." Accompanying this printed circular is an autograph letter signed by Cumming, and addressed to the Rev. William Kermode (father of P. M. C. Kermode), asking for his interest in the project.

First Report of the Archaeological Commissioners on the Pre-historic Monuments and other Antiquities of the Isle of Man. James B. & S. 1878. pp. 43. 236 x 150. [3662, A 365, G. F. C. Coll.]
Contains (i) a coloured frontispiece of the Billown circle, etc.; (ii) lithographed figures of Bridle-stone at Surby, Kists at Orrysdale ; (iii) Cross-slab at Ballelby, Cross-slab at Bradda ; (iv) Bronze Axe-heads, Braust and Surby, Stone Axe-head Balladoole ; (v) Inscription on wood, Kirk Arbory. The Commission was appointed by Governor Loch. The Report, which was the only one issued, was signed by J. M. Jeffcott (chairman), John F. Crellin, William Kermode, William Harrison, Robt. J. Moore, John Goldsmith, Wm. Kneale, Wm. Baring Stevenson. The Commission held meetings in several parts of the Island, reports of which were at that time recorded in The Manx Sun and other newspapers.

Report of the Committee of the Tynwald Court appointed to confer with the Lieutenant-Governor with reference to the establishment of a Museum in connection with the School of Art. B. & S. 1882. pp. 8. 248 x 152. [5651, A 365] Governor Loch had, in his last year of office, set aside 1,000 to build a Museum in Kensington Road, Douglas. The Museum and Ancient Monuments Act, 1886. B. & S. 1886. pp. 77-87. 243 x 150. [A 365]

KERMODE (P. M. C., M.A.). A Museum for the Isle of Man. In Ramsey Church Mag., Nov., Dec., 1896. [A 365]

__Manx Museum Catalogue. In Y.L.M. iii, vol. iii. pt. 4, p. 10, and pt. 6, pp. 276, 375-9. B. & S. 1902. [5085, A 365]
The items catalogued were housed in Government Office, Castles Rushen and Peel.

__Catalogue of the Manx Museum (Antiquities), Castle Rushen, 1905. B. & S. 1905. pp. 31. 210x135. 3d. [6179, A 365] This catalogue was compiled by P. M. C. Kermode, who in the preface, dated 15th July, 1905; records that a Museum had at last been established in Castle Rushen. The Trustees at this time were the Speaker A. W. Moore (chairman), the Lord Bishop, Attorney-General G. A. Ring, Rev. Canon Savage, Rev. Canon Kewley, J. C. Crellin, M.H.K., with P. M. C. Kermode (secretary).

The Manx Museum, Library, and Art Gallery Act, 1922. B. & S. 1922. pp. 587-593. 270 x 182. 3d. [A 365]

Report of Committee of Tynwald on Disfigurement of Ancient Monuments, etc., by advertisement hoardings. B. & S. 1923. pp. 4. 255 x 190. [A 365]

Catalogue of the Manx Museum. Pre-historic and Historic Collections. (pt. 1.) B. & S. 1924.. pp. 44. 210 x 135. 3d. [A 365]

Catalogue of the Loan Exhibition. Old Silver Plate from Manx Churches and private Collections. Douglas : L. G. Meyer. 1924. pp. 16. 215 x 140. [A 365] 6 pp. are devoted to the Manx Church Plate, the oldest piece being the Jurby Chalice, 1521-2.

The Manx Museum Library and Art Gallery Act, 1925. B. & S. 1925. pp. 1047-1051. 270 x 185. 2d. [A 365]

Catalogue of the Manx Museum. (Part ii) : Historic and Recent. L. & S. 1925. pp. 45-128. 3d. [A 365]

Catalogue of the Loan Exhibition of Old Pottery and Porcelain, 1925. Herald Office. 1925. pp. 24. 230 x 145. [5180, A 365]

The Manx Museum Library and Art Gallery Act, 1925. B. & S. 1925. pp. 1047-1051. 270 x 182. 2d. [A 365]

Catalogue of the Loan Exhibition of Old Clocks and Watches from private collectors in the Isle of Man. 1927-8. Victoria Press. 1927. pp. 8. 228 x 142. [A 365]

Catalogue of Famous Foreign Masterpieces : Exhibition of Colour facsimiles on loan from the Art Exhibitions Bureau, London. 1927. pp. 8. 185 x 122. [A 365]

Conference of The Museums Association in the Isle of Man. In Museums Journal, Sept. 1927. [A 365]
Has a view of the Manx Museum, and of Tynwald Hill in 1774 ; also a paper on Tynwald by P. M. C. Kermode.

Catalogue of the Manx Museum. (Part iii) : Natural History. B. & S. 1927. pp. 129-197. 3d. [A 365] Has a chart showing former connection of Man with the English coast as represented by the present 20 fathom line.

The Journal of the Manx Museum. Vol: 1, 1924-30. Manx Museum. pp. 194. 258 x 206. [6087, A 365] Contains brief reports of the lectures given in the Museum and descriptions of some of the exhibits in the galleries. The vol. is indexed by the editor, B. E. Sargeaunt.

Memorandum on proposed Extension of the Manx Museum by B. E. Sargeaunt, Governntient Secretary. 8th Oct., 1930. 11. & S. pp. 4. 250x190. [6098, A 365]


Report of the Manx Museum and Ancient Monuments Trustees to December 31st, 1905, With Appendices. B. & S. 1906. pp. 23. 325x205. [4430, A 365]

First annual Report, for the year ended 31st December, 1905, with additions to the Museum. Illus. Douglas G. & L. Johnson. 1906. pp. 27. 223 x 140. [4626, A 365]
This Report gives a brief history of the Trust from its inception to 1905. The Trustees were appointed under the Manx Museum and Ancient Monuments Act, 1886. Under section 3, the body of Trustees consisted of the Lord Bishop, the Attorney-General, and the Speaker, and four other persons appointed by the Governor for periods of five years. The first members of the Trust were Bishop Hill, Sir James Gell, J. S. Goldie-Taubman, with A. W. Moore, W. Kneale, Capt. Kitto, and Rev. E. B. Savage. P. M. C. Kermode joined the Trust in 1896. This Report has an Appendix, giving a scheme for the better preservation of the Crosses in each parish.

All 4626, A365]

Second An. Rep. to 31st December, 1906.[ pp. 24. 223 x 140.

Third An. Rep. to 31st December, 1907. 1908. pp. 28. 223 x 140.

Fourth An. Rep. to 31st March, 1909. pp. 20. 223x140.

Fifth An. Rep. 1910. pp. 16. 223x140.

Sixth An. Rep. 19]1. pp. 36. 223x140.

Seventh An. Rep. 1912. pp. 22. 223x140.

Eighth An. Rep. 1913. pp. 21. 223x140.

Ninth An. Rep. 1914. pp. 15. 223x140.

Tenth An. Rep. 1915. pp. 20. 223x140.

Eleventh An. Rep. 1916. pp. 12. 223x140.

Twelfth An. Rep. 1917. pp. 20. 223x140.

Thirteenth An. Rep. 1918. pp. 16. 223x140.

Fourteenth An. Rep. 1919. pp. 15. 223x140.

Fifteenth An. Rep. 1920. pp. 16. 223x140.

Sixteenth An. Rep. 1921. pp. 16. 223x140.

Seventeenth An. Rep. 1922. pp. 13. 223x140.
This Report states that Tynwald had this year granted a sum of 5,000 to adapt Noble's Hospital for the purposes of a Manx Museum, together with 400 for expenses during the year. A nev,, Museum Act had been passed enlarging the body of Trustees and to make it more representative.

Eighteenth An. Rep. 1923. Douglas: L. G. Meyer Ltd. Pp. 24. 262x204.
This Report commences a new series, under the Museum Act of 1922, and records the establishment of the Manx Museum in Noble's Hospital building, which was adapted for the purpose, and formally opened in November 1922, with a staff of officials, including Curator, Secretary and Librarian, attendant and assistant.

Nineteenth An. Rep. 1924. L. G. Meyer Ltd. pp. 24. 262x204. [4626, A 365]

Interim Rep. for the six months ended 30th Sept., 1925. Douglas: Vic. Press. pp. 4. 235 x 170. [5078, A 365]

Twentieth An. Rep. 1925. L. G. Meyer Ltd. pp. 26. 262x204. [4626, A 365]

Twenty-first An. Rep. 1926. pp. 28. 262x204. [4626, A 365]

Twenty-second An. Rep. 1927. pp. 20. 262x204. [4626 A 365]

Twenty-third An. Rep. 1928. pp. 20. 262x 204. [4626, A 365]

Twenty-fourth An. Rep. 1929. pp. 20. L. G. M. 262x204. [4626, A 365]

Twenty-fifth An. Rep. 1930. pp. 20. L.G.M. 262x204. [4626, A 365]

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