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Radcliffe, Constance

Ramsey 1600-1800


Shining by the Sea (Ramsey ongoing)


Radcliffe, W.T. (William) (Rev)

Ellan Vannin: Sketches of the History, the People, the Language, and Scenery of the Isle of Man. Dedicated to the Manx People by their fellow-countryman the author
London: C.H. Kelly 1895
pp. vii,159 180x115

F64    10369.b.45  

Radcliffe, W.T.

The Isle of Man
London:Methuen & Co. 1925
pp.xiv.208 [4](23illus,3 maps, 2 plates) 150x90
one of "The Little Guides"; preface by Sir Hall Caine Author of several books on numerical puzzles etc

F64  942.79  010348.de.26 F67/R1  

Radcliffe, William & Radcliffe, Constance

A History of Kirk Maughold
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1979
[4],378p,[22]p of plates ill 1facsim, 2 maps, 1plan, ports 22cm

  942.79    B80-25000

Kirk Bride - A Miscellany
Douglas: ? 1982


Maughold and Ramsey Place-Names
(Douglas): Yn Cheshaght Printed by Bookmag, Henderson Road Inverness 1978
164 (+ 2 maps)


Ralfe, P.G. (Pilcher George)

Manx Wild Flowers: An Introduction to the Flora of the Isle of Man ...With a List of Manx Plant Names by S.Morrison
Peel: W.K.Palmer 1911 [sic 1908]
pp28 180x120

A196    Ac.8130.c/3(1)  

Parish Church of St. Mary Castletown
Douglas:M.J.Backwell 1926
pp53 illus 217x140


Report on Bird Migration in the Isle of Man,1925 [Manx Museum Pamphlet No. 1]
Douglas: Manx Museum 1926

A106    7286.ppp.7  

Report on Bird Migration in the Isle of Man,1925 [Manx Museum Pamphlet No. 3]
Douglas: Manx Museum 1928

A106    7286.ppp.7  

Sixty years of Banking, 1865-1925; A Short History of the Isle of Man Banking Company, Ltd. Compiled by Pilcher G. Ralfe, late agent I.M. Banking Co. Ltd Castletown
Douglas: Louis G. Meyer 1926
pp60 illus, ports facsims 220x140

D384    08225.c.25  

Supplementary Notes to The Birds of the Isle of Man
Edinburgh: David Douglas 1923
pp40 215x145

A106    7285.bb.21  

The Birds of the Isle of Man
Edinburgh: David Douglas 1905
lv,pp321 maps + illus 220x145

A106    7285.bb.21  

Rhys, John

Celtic Folklore, Welsh and Manx 2vols
Oxford: Clarendon Press 1901
Manx folklore vol i


Richards, Mareen Costain

Manx Crosses - Illuminated
Port St. Mary: Croshag 1988 0-9513416-0-x
Port St. Mary: Croshag 1988 pbk 0-9513416-1-8

  736.5    B94-11620

Ballabrara Arts
Port St. mary: Croshag [1994]
16p pbk

  736.5    B94-52751

Rigby, A. (Armitage)

Castle Rushen: a historical and descriptive account.
Douglas: Victoria Press. 1927
pp79 255x202


Robertson, David

A Tour through the Isle of Man :
to which is subjoined a Review of the Manks History.

London: E. Hodson 1794
pp. xii,235 248x160
July 7th 1794 by Payne Egerton.

F64  914.279  184.b.16.010370.dd.1  

Tour through the Isle of Man ed Rollinson William
Newcastle upon Tyne:F. Graham 1970 Facsimile reprint 0-900409-34-7
[20]235p illus 23cm

F65  914.279'0473    B70-10932

Robinson V. & McCarroll D.

The Isle of Man Celebrating a Sense of Place
Liverpool: University Press 1990 0-85323-296-2 0-85323-036-6

F65  942.79    B90-17264

Rodgers, Kate

Our Heritage - Recipes from the past, spiced with words of wisdom
? ?1990


Rodgers, Kate (compiler)

Our Heritage - did you know?


Rodwell, Mary Martha

The Geography of The British Isles ... illustrated with separate blank maps and explanatory keys; showing the relative situations, boundaries, principle towns, rivers&c. of each county. For the use of young persons and schools by...
London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown,Green and Longman, Paternoster Row 1834

F68    796.b.10  

Roeder, Charles

Introduction and sketch of old Cregneish
in skealyn Aesop Edward Faragher Cregneish 1901

F75    012305.f.41  

Manx Notes and Queries. With an account of Francois Thurot and his naval engagement off the Isle of Man. Reprinted from IoM Examiner. Edited by C.Roeder
Douglas: S.K.Broadbent [1904]
pp155 198x162

E244    X.809/673.  

Roeder, Charles ed Stephen Miller

Skeealyn cheeil-chiollee: Manx folk tales
Onchan: Chiollagh 1993 1-89861-308-8
38p 21cm

  398.2094279    B94-65571

Rogers, Henry Montagu

The birds of the Isle of Man: a list with notes
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1956


The birds of the Isle of Man: a list with notes
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1962 2nd (revised)

A106  598.2'94279    B62-15499

Rogers, Henry Montagu. (revised by Cullen, James Patrick and D.J. Slinn)

The birds of the Isle of Man: a list with notes
Douglas: Manx Museum and National Trust 1975 3rd (revised) ed. by J.P. Cullen and D.J. Slinn 0-901106-15-1
41p,[4]p of plates illsd 21cm
Bibliography: p.41. - Includes index prev 1962

A106  598.2'94279    B75-27815

Rolls, Henry (Mrs)

Legends of the North
London: Simpkin & Marshall 1825
pp.35-70 The Bridal of Bertha;pp.163-189 The Milk White Hound 

J8    1164.k.21  

Rolt, Richard

The History of the Isle of Man; from the earliest Accounts to the present time.
Compiled from the public Archives and other Authentic materials. By the late Mr. Rolt

London: W.Nicholl 1773
pp. iv,152 225x142

F64    287.b.5  

Rosser, James

The History of Wesleyan Methodism in the Isle of Man: wth some account of the Island, aand of the life and labours of Bishop Wilson; in a series of letters
Douglas: 1849


Rothwell, Catherine

Glimpses of the Isle of Man
Chorley: Countryside Publications c1986 0-86157-199-1
48p ill ports 20cm

  942.79    B90-08729

Rowsell, M.C.(Mary Catherine)

The Life Story of Charlotte de Tremoille, Countess of Derby
London: Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co 1905
pp.vii,189 8vo

F69  923.14279  10827.df.5  

Rydings, Egbert

Manx Tales...introductory preface by T.E.Brown
Manchester: J.Heywood [1895]


Ryley, S.W. (Samuel William)

The Itinerant, or Memoirs of an Actor. 9 vols
London: Taylor & Hessey 1808
another ed Oldham:Chronicle Offce 1880 pp128 11794..6
Visit to Douglas/Peel: pp219/89 vol iii

F65    12613.e.15  


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